Tannehill didn’t know Miami was targeting him

It was widely believed that the Dolphins would take quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth pick in the draft.

But Tannehill still didn’t know that the Dolphins had planned to take him.

That’s what Tannehill said last night after being picked by the Dolphins, backstage at the draft.

For his precise words, we’ll defer to the video.

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32 responses to “Tannehill didn’t know Miami was targeting him

  1. “Tannehill didn’t know Miami was targeting him”

    If he is that stupid then Miami just made a huge, huge mistake.

  2. I wasn’t sold on Tannehill but I cannot help but be excited. I know Ireland is the devil in Miami but he is regarded as a top notch talent evaluator around the league. If it is true that he had Tannehill on his radar last draft I am optimistic that this could be a good thing.

    Forget all the sit for a year garbage. He is running the same system he ran in college with some slight variations. Sit him for the first 4-8 weeks and depending on Miami’s record, throw him out there.

  3. Based on the last 10 years of Dolphins management history and this sound byte, it sure sounds to me that Tannehill and the Dolphins deserve one another…

  4. So, he had no idea that Miami was interested in him, despite all of the pre-draft buzz and his college coach being there. And if you believe Miami from the other day, they hadn’t even discussed who they were picking.

    Sounds like they are a perfect match of cluelessness.

  5. Tannehill will be fine for Miami IF they let him get acclimated to the league. I know he’s a top ten pick, but this guy isn’t ready to start right away. He’ll need at least one season behind a vet like Garrard.

  6. we already knew miami was 100 % hush hush…. tannehill said all along he had not heard from sherman once. This isnt news. Just another format for these morons to take a shot at humor. If at first you dont succeed, just keep on suckin !

  7. Nobody knows if he’s 1st round talent, so until you know keep quiet. Everyone knows everything on this page, it’s amazing.

  8. Enjoy your one year as Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, and remember to thank Mike Sherman for putting you out on the street.

  9. I hope Matt Moore gets a fair chance during training camp and the pre-season. I’d hate to see Moore get screwed again the way he was in Carolina.

    I continue to think Moore can be a solid (and potentially elite) QB if given enough time and backing to fully develop his talents.

    God knows he’s had the character to get up off his ass enough times without complaining after being treated by coaches and management like a wanna-be instead of the talented player he is.

  10. Come on, Ryan. The 1st round is over and you don’t need to obey Goodell’s “gag order” on announcing picks anymore. Miami picking Tannehill was the worst kept secret of the draft.

  11. He was the only one who didn’t know Miami was considering him. That makes him either stupid … or he can’t read.

  12. “Tannehill didn’t know Miami was targeting him”

    So the only guy in America who didn’t know Miami was targeting him was…….him?

  13. i love these comments.. hes not a 1st round talent? you guyes havent even seen him run the offense yet.. gurantee he has more success in his carrer then rg3..keep hating and doubting

  14. This has to be one of the most ridiculous discussions I’ve ever seen.

    Somebody explain to me what difference does it make whether or not Miami was targeting him?

    How many td passes is that worth?

  15. annes22
    Totally agree with you, some people on here are from the future I guess and know it all.

  16. I read somewhere that aggies WR dropped 70 passes last year. If that’s true, it kinda makes me feel better about the pick. I am just excited that we a young QB and with the new rookie wage scale I think a gamble like this won’t set franchises back as far like it would in years past. So screw it – Go Tannehill, Finsfans are behind you 100%!!!!

  17. i will give him this……he does have a hot girlfriend that was sitting at the table with him!!!

  18. I find the Jets fans on here so funny. It’s been longer since their last superbowl than it has for Miami but that is Jets fans just running at the mouth like verbal diarrhea. Secondly, you Tannehill bashers do realize the guy was majoring in medicine in school and just so you know that requires a lot of intelligence. It is so funny to see how many people are all knowing on here. I hope Tannehill has a great career not just because he is now a Dolphin but to also shut all these people up who keep running their mouth about a guy who hasn’t started one game in his career yet. Brady wasn’t highly touted coming out of Michigan and that worked out ok. Point i’m making is that with quarterbacks you never know how they will turn out. I don’t know, these “draft experts” don’t know its all a crap shoot.

  19. Perhaps the Dolphins didn’t want to tell him, and perhaps he didn’t listen to all the sources ruining there mouth, perhaps he is smarter then most of the fools on this site pretending to know everything. Bill

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