Alshon Jeffery has the best hands in the draft, Bears say


Six wide receivers went off the board before Chicago drafted Alshon Jeffery in the middle of the second round, but the Bears believe they got the bet pass catcher of the bunch.

We feel Alshon has the best hands in the draft,” Bears General Manager Phil Emery said. “We feel he is the best at adjusting to the ball. We feel he is the best sideline and end zone catcher in the draft. He’s dynamic with the ball in his hands. He’s a big man, he’s strong, he’s tough. He doesn’t go down easy. He’s a good route runner for the routes they put him in. I was at his pro day workout, which was outstanding.”

Entering the 2011 college football season, plenty of people would have agreed with Emery that Jeffery was going to be the best receiver in the 2012 draft. But Jeffery had a disappointing season, with his production dropping from 88 catches for 1,517 yards in 2010 to 49 catches for 762 yards in 2011. As a result, Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, A.J. Jenkins, Brian Quick and Stephen Hill all ended up going ahead of him in the draft.

But Jeffery said his statistical decline was misleading.

“We found that teams were going to double-, triple-team us and give us the run, so we were going to run the ball a lot more,” Jeffery said. “It was just one of those things. We won 11 games, we broke school records, so it worked out for us.”

If Jeffery is as good as Emery thinks he is, this pick will work out for the Bears in a big way.

43 responses to “Alshon Jeffery has the best hands in the draft, Bears say

  1. They also think Shea McClellin will be the next Clay Matthews, HAH maybe he’ll be 1/2 of what Clay Matthews is (Brian Urlacher)

  2. Too funny… Brandon Marshall doesn’t think so and will demand he gets the ball on almost every play… Just ask the Broncos and the Dolphins. Enjoy the huddle arguments and general lockerroom disruption.

  3. Weird how my post keeps getting deleted (rolls eyes)

    Look up Mahamed Sanu if you wanna see some great hands, shame that kid went to Cincy though it’ll probably ruin his career.

  4. Last year, the Bears also said they had five #1 WRs.

    Lesson learned? Don’t trust anything the Bears say, especially when it comes to their opinions on WRs.

  5. A.J. Jenkins was the second-biggest mistake of the first round outside of the Browns taking Weeden.

  6. He goes up for the ball and gets it better than any WR in the draft, but Blackmon without question, has the best hands in the draft….if Alshon keeps his weight in check, he has a ton of potential

  7. Urlacher is half the player Clay Matthews is? Sounds like happy hour started a bit early in Green Bay. Keep dreaming buddy

  8. Happy hour never ends in GBay, just take a look at the women, who would marry them without a buzz on?

  9. Shea won’t be half the player matthews is? Don’t think a 6 sack, 50 tackle season is something a player should shoot for. Pucker fans seem nervous!!


  10. alshon jeffery does have some great hands but i think Reuben Randle has the better hands.. both can be great players in nfl

  11. These packers fans are hilarious… Urlacher is a first ballot hall of famer, a leader and a perennial pro bowler…still playing at a very high level… Comparing them to a guy who is only a couple years removed from an overrated PAC10 or 12 or whatever whose coming off a so-so year. Clay Matthews is a beast. I’m not going to make myself look ignorrant in disputing that, which is why I would never say he’s twice as good as a guy with 500% more nfl experience with a resume longer than pacmans rap sheet. Looks like them boys are getting nervous in queen bay!!!

  12. I liked Jeffrey’s coming out of the pass happy sec I wish the jets had picked him ova hill. but on the other. hand Jeffrey has a hard time keeping weight off and that’s not a good thing for a NFL.WR.

  13. Honestly of the love the pick by the Bears and I think that he is gonna be a great fit with Jay Cutler. As a Packer fan this pick has me a bit worried but c’mon guys what do you expect the Bears to say.

  14. At first I was disappointed the bears got outflanked by the get hill..

    But always liked Jeffrey..he had a ton of production in the SEC…especially 2010… I remeber the Bama game and he abused Kirkpatrick… Like everyone else has said if he keeps the weight in check he can be really good.. especially with Marshall he is going to be getting singled all the time… He needs to lift a little too since even at only 215 he looks pretty soft.. All in all I really like what Emery has done with free agency and the draft..

  15. Q: What do you call a Packer fan with a sheep under his arm?
    A: A pimp.

    Q: Why does Lambeau Field have the new hybrid turf?
    A: To keep the fans from grazing during the game.

    Q: What do you call a sober Packer fan?
    A: A liar.

  16. Lot’s of big time corners in the SEC got burned by him. Alshon is being kind. USC has QB troubles and could not get him the ball. He can catch anything near him and will be a GREAT addition to da’ Bears!

  17. ah to think year ago we were all complaining about not having any football. (lockout) as a packers fan i like the pick for the bears. because there other wideout’s were a bunch of 3rd and 4th wideouts for other teams. not (marshal), but listen the bears are back and let the trash talking continue, cuz the pack is still gonna beat your arse’s.

  18. randallflagg52 says:
    Apr 28, 2012 5:38 PM
    Chip Caray’s Eyebrows says:
    Apr 28, 2012 5:46 PM

    — not so kind words about A.J.Jenkins —–

    We shall see. I have more faith in Harbaugh and Baalke than your opinions anyway.

  19. me thinks Phil Emery found Jerry angelo’s one hitter in the top drawer of the desk. good ShZ** man….i drafted WHO?

  20. alshon does have great hands….so soft that he doesnt smash that big mac….ha ha ha….Aj jenkins will prove u doubters wrongs…thats why jerry rice was the one to tell them to draft him number 1 baby……go niners

  21. socalboy08 says:
    Apr 28, 2012 11:29 PM
    alshon does have great hands….so soft that he doesnt smash that big mac….ha ha ha….Aj jenkins will prove u doubters wrongs…thats why jerry rice was the one to tell them to draft him number 1 baby……go niners


    Being from the west coast you obviously didn’t see any Illinois games. AJ Jenkins disappeared against the better defenses and feasted on the weak defenses. Most importantly, who’s going to get AJ Jenkins the ball?

    Alex Smith? Pleeeeezzzzze!! Don’t make us laugh.

  22. It’s funny how the Packer fans come on here and make fun of the Bears grabbing Shea, when in reality, it’s been known that had the Bears NOT GOTTEN him, Green Bay WOULD HAVE! That’s like a guy trying to ask a girl to prom and before he gets a chance to, another guy jumps in and does it. The first guy’s response: I didnt wanna go with her anyway, she’s too fat!

  23. Do any of you, that are criticizing his weight, even watch football or follow off season stories orr do you just hear one story on ESPN or a comment from Todd McShay about teams not trusting his weight? Because, if you were to be following his story than you would understand he is 6’3″ 216 lbs (Brandon Marshall is 6’4″ 230 lbs) and ran a 4.51 40 (Brandon Marshall runs a 4.52 40) and has 3 dropped balls in 3 years (7 if you include drops after contact). Justin Blackmon had 7 drops (16 if you include drops after contact). So, Phil Emery is right on point. I suggest more of you do your homework instead of blindly making assessments you heard about him 3 months ago.

    Not to mention, he was asked to be at that weight limit because they thought he could be more productive in run blocking and would be better off shielding defenders on jump balls in the red zone.

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