Eagles retire Brian Dawkins’ number

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Somewhere, Dan Leone is smiling.

The game-day worker who was fired after complaining profanely on Facebook about the Eagles’ decision to let safety Brian Dawkins leave via free agency likely will be heaping praise on the team today, now that the Eagles have retired Dawkins’ jersey number.

And so 20 will join seven other numbers that have been put on the shelf permanent, unless and until Peyton Manning signs with the team:  15 for Steve Van Buren, 40 for Tom Brookshier, 44 for Pete Retzlaff, 60 for Chuck Bednarik, 70 for Al Wistert, 92 for Reggie White, and 99 for Reggie Brown.

Fans surely wish the move would have come after Dawkins retired after playing his final years with the Eagles instead of the Broncos.  It would be wise for the team to now find a way to get Dawkins involved with the players, so that some of his legendary passion will rub off on them when it’s time to play.

49 responses to “Eagles retire Brian Dawkins’ number

  1. What about Peyton Manning? Just report the news, your attempt at humor makes carlos mencia look like richard pryor

  2. They should have paid him the handful of bucks it would have taken to keep him out of Denver.

  3. one of the greatest defenders, perhaps the best safety to ever wear kelly green. Props to him on a great career, and I’m truly blessed he played for my favorite team.

    Taking a shot in the name of Weapon X tonight for sure.

  4. #99 was Jerome Brown. Let’s not get him confused with the incompetent WR from Georgia, Reggie Brown.
    Thanks for the Memories Dawk!

  5. Hey MIKE-
    I know you’re swamped today but #99 WAS JEROME BROWN!!!

    (reggie brown was a horrid WR that hopefully will be permanently removed from the Eagles’ all-time roster)

  6. Mike, you need to make a very quick correction. 99 was retired in honor of Jerome Brown, a truly great player who died way too you. Reggie Brown (86) was a WR who we kept hearing was about to have a breakout year every year. In the end, Reggie Brown was decent but nothing special. Jerome Brown, however, was a truly special player.

  7. Glad to see him end a great career as an eagle. I agree the team should try to get him involved in the organization in someway. Given his passion and love for the game and fans I could not imagine it being hard if the eagles were interested. Hell I could see him on the sideline getting caught up in the game and try to tackle someone running down the sideline just from pure excitement.

  8. Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.
    Fight Eagles Fight,
    Score A Touchdown 1-2-3.
    Hit ‘Em Low.
    Hit ‘Em High.
    And Watch Our Eagles Fly.
    Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!

    Dawkins to Canton!!!! Dawkins to Canton!!!!

  9. Can’t wait to see B Dawk throw out the 1st pitch tonight at the Phillies game. Being that Blanton is scheduled to pitch tonight, maybe they could just let Dawk pitch instead. Love ya B Dawk!

  10. Why do you have to mess up a good story by trying to say that Payton Manning crap, and mistaking the late great Jerome Brown with that scrub Reggie Brown? Weapon X all day! Forever an Eagle! Bleed Green!

  11. You are and always will be the man BDawk!!!!… Thanks for all the great memories, you were a warrior and a leader on the field, and glad to have you back home…#20 will always be Brian Dawkins in midnight green

  12. Did anyone notice that almost every comment above this one has either 2 or 3 thumbs downs? Who would thumbs down props to B-Dawk? Probably the same 2 or 3 knuckledraggers every time! Ha! Bitter about Dawk layin out your favorite receiver? I do think he will be in Canton, I say he was the prototype safety that everyone looks for today.

  13. If Florio were more petty than he is, he’d be strumming Free Fallin’ as opposed to messing up the name of Jerome Brown.

    You’ve had it in for Manning from day 1. You are such a small man.

    Reggie Brown.. Great mistake….

    RIP 99&92

  14. jerome brown is NOT reggie brown. this is the first and last time those two will ever be confused for each other i think.

  15. This is totally deserved. Great player and person. And, like many other Eagles fans, he was my all time favorite. He was drafted the first year I had season tickets. I graduated hs the same year. He gave me someone to really root for when we had noone else. He represents everything that philly is about. My only wish is that he had gotten that ring in 2004. If McNabb wasn’t a choke artist, he might have had 2 or 3. Thanks for everything Brian.

  16. If every player played with the same effort, heart, and desire, we would be seeing a much better product on the field…..I am not an Eagles fan, but this dude was a beast…..whether you like the Eagles or not, you gotta give this guy his props

  17. That guy who got canned for voicing his love for B-Dawk spoke for every knowledgeable football fan on earth: Weapon X was, and remains, LEGENDARY.

    No Eagle homer either — my team is on the western side of the state. But Dawkins was heart and soul, and would have been a PERFECT Steeler.

    That man BETTER be in the Hall – get Dawk in the Hall on the first ballot.

    Props to Eagle Nation — had a real gem rocking for you all.

  18. Oh Reggie Brown, the only thing, as a dolphins fan, that keeps me from completely hating the AJ Feely trade.

    This is a great move by the Eagles. Even though I’m a Dolphins fan, I grew up watching this guy and no one, and I really mean no one, had the passion for his team that Brian Dawkins did. The word passion gets thrown around a lot and is frankly overused so i tried to come up with another word to describe what Brian Dawkins exudes week-in and week-out, but nothing seemed to fit. He had the same kind of intensity as Ray Lewis, but the love and respect for the game that some of the all-time greats have.

    This is well deserved and he will retire as one of the 3 greatest Eagles of All-Time

  19. As with the other 47 comments, it’s Jerome Brown, the talented inside lineman who was Reggie Whites great friend, see ESPNS incredible story of their friendship. Reggie Brown was a mediocre receiver who dropped off the face of the planet after he left the birds. Can u say draft bust?

  20. Brian Dawkins = Passion
    As a season ticket holder being there for every home game its been a pleasure to watch Brian week in week out play with all his heart .He is truly a fans player because he would bring it each and every Sunday/Monday for this Eagles team.I look at some past teams and guys who I thought were similar to Brian in that they showed up every Sunday- Reggie White,Jerome Brown,Eric Allen,Seth Joyner.At the press conference today it was exactly how I thought It would be with all the emotion pouring out just like every Sunday when Brian was playing.If I live to be 100 years old I will never forget the passion,heart and emotion with which Brian Dawkins played the game !

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