Irsay says Freeney won’t be traded


Amid reports that the Colts are shopping defensive end Dwight Freeney, owner Jim Irsay has taken to Twitter (where else?) to declare that Freeney isn’t available.

“The only people hoping for trade with Free#93 are the ones that have to play against us…he’s MAYHEM with plenty of gas left in the tank!” Irsay said.

It’s easy for Irsay to say that now, given that the draft has moved deep into round five without the Colts moving Freeney.  Peter King of reported previously that the Colts would “love to get a good pick” for the veteran defensive end.  Now that all the good picks are gone, the Colts have no choice but to deny the rumors.

Freeney is entering the final year of his contract, with a cap number in excess of $19 million and a base salary of more than $14 million.  He’s moving to outside linbacker in the team’s new 3-4 defense.

14 responses to “Irsay says Freeney won’t be traded

  1. Good, he belongs in Indy. He is one of those guys that should be a Colt for life…of course we see how that worked out for that Manning guy

  2. If the Colts wouldn’t keep Peyton for $28 million, why would they keep Freeney for 1/2 that?
    Anyone not willing to admit Peyton was twice as important as Freeney?

  3. They’ve been trying to move Freeney for a while. And now, we’re supposed to believe they’re choosing to keep him? Don’t think so

  4. It’s a hybrid 3-4 so there is no reason that Freeney can’t stay in his natural DE position…

    ROLB- Jerry Hughes/Harvey
    RDE- Freeney/Moala/Ogbu
    NT – McKinney/Chapman/Johnson
    LDE- Redding/Nevis/Matthews
    LOLB- Mathis/Conner/Edds

    Both Mathis and Hughes are better geared for playing with their hand up. Personally, I think it’s a decent start with the additions of Redding, McKinney, and now Chapman.

  5. Freeney is and was one of the best talents at sacking QBs. Him and Mathias have worked very well across from each other.

    Colts will want to use Josh Chapman at the NT and Redding at one ‘DE’. Then, they can use Mathias and Freeney on opposite sides, either one capable of dropping a hand or lining up to blitz standing. An effective way to manufacture some pass rush (basically beating on Gabbert and Locker) given that they have a lot of holes on that D.

  6. Instead of suck for Luck, this season will be suck with Luck. The Colts are the new Rams. Colts future outlook would be much brighter if they had gotten some young talent for less dough than Freeney will bag this year. It’ll all work out in a few years.

  7. I am VERY tired of hearing Irsay talk because everything he says is either a lie or totally without meaning… He said that letting Peyton go wasn’t “about money” and now that he’s half way through the draft and no one was willing or able to add Freeney to their salary cap numbers he’s talking junk about loyalty etc. He has no loyalty unless it is possibly to a particular brand of scotch.

  8. Doe22us – If Skip Freakin’ Bayless said it, then I would be inclined to believe the exact opposite. That tool could tell me that water is wet and I wouldn’t believe it and you shouldn’t either. Irsay is an odd guy, but he loves the Colts and he loves football. This isn’t just another company for him to make $$ off of or even just a status symbol. I love that he owns my favorite team. At least I know he cares as much as I do.

  9. Shouldn’t Irsay’s GM be doing the talking about the teams players? I’ve had enough of his foolish drunken tweets already.

    Please Mike F. Please spare us from this clown for at least a week, will you?

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