Jets compare Stephen Hill to Calvin Johnson, sort of


I’ve already climbed onto the soapbox this morning (I could have used a couple of them when interviewing Matt Kalil on Thursday night) regarding the habit of comparing completely unproven players to men who have found a way to stand out in the NFL.  Since I’ve complained about comparisons made by Rams receivers coach Ray Sherman between receiver Brian Quick and Terrell Owens, I now in the interests of equal time must complain about comparisons made by the Jets between their newest wideout and another well-established NFL commodity.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Jets V.P. of college scouting Joey Clinkscales compared Stephen Hill to Calvin Johnson.  Sort of.

“He’s unique,” Clinkscales said. “He’s a 6-4 kid that’s 215 [pounds] and runs a 4.32. He’s a unique athlete, he really is.  I mean . . . Calvin Johnson maybe.  I’m not going to put that label on him but from a height, weight, speed [standpoint] . . . .  He’s just a unique athlete.”

It’s obvious to compare Hill to Johnson at a superficial level, given that both players attended Georgia Tech, both players are tall, both players are fast, and both players play receiver.

But Hill had 49 catches in three years.  Johnson, in contrast, had 48.  As a freshman.

Then, Johnson caught 54 as a sophomore and 76 as a junior, capping his career with a dominant performance against West Virginia in the Gator Bowl, which became disrupted only after the Mountaineers figured out how to get to the quarterback before he could throw the ball in Johnson’s general vicinity.

Of course, Hill possibly could have done the same thing, if the Yellow Jackets had dialed him up more often.  But if he truly has the same skills as Johnson, wouldn’t they have found a way to get the ball in his hands?

Hill could, in theory, end up being as good or better than Johnson in the NFL.  We just don’t know — and we won’t know — until Hill puts on his Jets helmet and faces NFL-caliber competition.

The good news for Jets fans is that Hill at least is accustomed to playing in a run-based offense, which is what the Jets aspire to be.  So while Santonio Holmes may be complaining (again) about not getting the ball, Hill based on his college days should be happy to average one catch or so per game.

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  1. As a Jets fan, love the pick. Kid has all the tools to be stud. Sure, everyone would’ve liked more productivity in college, but I’ll blame that more on the offense and poor qb play than on him. I think he’s going to be a stud.

    Also loved seeing how excited he was to get picked. He genuinely looked like the happiest person so far in the draft. I love that enthusiasm.

  2. He’s a very unique player, just like Johnson. In related news, it does not take a genius to be an NFL coach.

  3. The Jets entire culture is predicated on never knowing when something they say is going to sound stupid.

    Here’s a tip for everyone in the organization…’s right before you open your mouth about anything.

  4. I’ll believe it when Hill catches a game winning td in triple coverage, or single handily beats the raiders

  5. Basically the Jets need to stop talking and start letting their play speak for itself. They just yammer or month after month and haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1968. So just shut up and do something first, and trim the bluster down to nothing.

  6. I think after he ran the 40 with his height it entered all of our minds…..then we remembered Calvin Johnson weighs 245 lbs and has already dominated on the NFL field, so we dismissed the silly comparison before mentioning it. The Jets, as a franchise, are completely lacking in discretion, and instead of dismissing the momentary lapse of reason, went public with it. Are we surprised?

  7. It seems to me that Pro Football Talk is more interested in creating animosity towards teams like the Jets than in reporting actual news. Someone compared a rookie player to an established NFL star? You don’t say? Why, that’s NEVER happened before!! Oh wait, it happens all the time! But, because Rex Ryan is the coach, it’s absolutely absurd of them to do what every other team does. I hate defending the Jets because I’m not a fan, but PFT is making a big deal of nothing.

  8. Why do they have to keep making stupid statements, before they have any clue? He might be a “bust”. Hope the locker room is not in disarray too, although Tebow will be able to pray if that happens.

  9. You can’t compare Megatron’s college career to Hill’s. Hill played under Paul Johnson’s triple option type offense that just never throws the ball.

  10. Hill COULD’VE been the next Calvin Johnson or Demaryius Thomas, but not without a QB that can get the ball within 5 yards of him.

  11. On his highlight reel, I didn’t see one play with him actually running. Every play they ran was him jogging down the field and outleaping an opponent. Looks like he will be able to do what Burress did last season at least. Not sure if he will be able to do much other than go deep or be a red zone threat.

  12. austskate says:Apr 28, 2012 11:39 AM

    As a Jets fan, love the pick. Kid has all the tools to be stud. Sure, everyone would’ve liked more productivity in college, but I’ll blame that more on the offense and poor qb play than on him. I think he’s going to be a stud.

    Also loved seeing how excited he was to get picked. He genuinely looked like the happiest person so far in the draft. I love that enthusiasm.
    Could be the next Goldsten. If Al was still alive he would have taken him with the top pick.

  13. This Calvin Johnson-type receiver will propel the Jets from their current multi-championship dynasty to a new undefeated multi-championship dynasty. The Jets probably won’t lose another game until 2016. San Diego never should have let Rex Ryan go after he won his first Super Bowl there.

  14. It really is amazing that this kid got any notice at all. Paul Johnson’s mindless run-option offense is where all quarterbacks and wide receivers go to die…

    At this point, why would any pro-caliber player go to Georgia Tech?

    High-tech college, 3rd grade football.

  15. More weapons for Tebow !

    Good to see the comparison in NY between Hill and Calvin Johnson has begun. Reminds me of another rookie the Jets drafted a few seasons ago they aptly named Sanchize. Might as well give him the tour displaying the three pre season Lombardi’s Rex guaranteed in Florham Park.

  16. Calvin Johnson has 30 lbs more muscle than Hill and still runs a 4.3 so even the physical comparison is off. Adding that kind of muscle mass will be a huge challenge for a player who needs to learn a pro passing game before becoming a physical force. Maurice Stovall looks a lot like CJ in a Lions uniform, but he’s still 15 lbs lighter and no one confuses their talent. The Jets system is the worst place to try to develop a CJ type WR.

  17. I don’t look for comedy very often on PFT. But when I do, it is in a Jets thread. Stay delusion my friends!

  18. The Jets will compare him to Jerry Rice if they could. Carnival Barkers and Clowns. This season is going to be fun for Jet Haters.

  19. This kid will never get the ball. Sanchez will be so afraid of running afoul of Santurdio that he will never see any other receivers on the field. If the kid actually is really good and Sanchez starts zoning in on him and he has great success, Santurdio will interject his cancer into the dynamic and undermine everything.

    Moral to the story: Santurdio is big problem and the Jets are inescapably chained to him.

  20. Does it really matter if he is Calvin Johnson? With Sanchez throwing the ball does it matter if C. Johnson, Hill, Jerry Rice or Don Knotts is playing WR? Regardless of who he is he is not getting the ball much.

  21. The Vernon Gholston of Wide Receivers. No production in college, but put on a show at the combine. You’d think the jests would have learned their lesson by now.

    Mike Mamula strikes again.

  22. So sick of pft posting these obscure jets stories. A million other comparisons have been made, and he isn’t saying he’s the next cj.

  23. Hahah he looks more like Roy Williams broyels will prove to be the biggest steal in this draft and the best WR in near future. Looks like Jennings and walker kid broke all ncaa records and gets overlooked because of an injury .when Detroit pulls out 4 wide teams won’t know what to do double team cj that leaves 3 deadly Wrs to hit you across the middle deep or outside the deadliest WR CORP IN THE LEAGUE call em the 4 headed snake .boy I can’t wait

  24. I like how the media asks a team to compare a draftee to a current player, then feigns indignation when the teams does so.

  25. You have to remember the offense Ga Tech runs. It’s not just a run based offense, it’s almost exclusively running. Which means Hill is also an outstanding run blocker. How about a faster version of Demaryious Thomas as a comparison?

  26. Calvin Johnson is a unique talent. With that being said it was fun to watch him literally removed from the game against the Jets 2 seasons ago by Revis. 1 catch for 14 yards.

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