Marvin Lewis says inconsistency led Devon Still to drop

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The Bengals were the team that finally got Penn State defensive lineman Devon Still out of the green room with the 53rd pick in the NFL draft, ending a surprising fall for a player who was regarded by many as a first-round talent. So why did Still fall so far?

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was blunt in his assessment of Still when asked about that during ESPN’s draft broadcast: Lewis said Still needs to take it upon himself to go hard on every play, because NFL scouts didn’t see that from him in college.

“People were questioning the consistency of his play,” Lewis said. “You have to play hard every snap and we’ve got to get that consistency out of him.”

Lewis’s comments echo those of Bengals defensive line coach Jay Hayes, who said he thinks that as a rookie, Still will get about 15 to 20 snaps a game in the defensive line rotation. In college Still averaged 55 snaps a game, and he said playing less in the NFL will help him to have a higher motor when he is on the field.

“That’s a lot of plays; especially at the college level and being in the conference I played in,” Still said. “I actually think playing [fewer] snaps will help my burst out. Help me make more of an impact.”

It’s not exactly the most inspiring comment to hear a player talking about wanting to be on the field for fewer snaps, but every NFL team rotates its defensive line, and if fewer snaps are what it takes to get the best out of Still, that could be a case of getting more with less.

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  1. I made an account just to comment on this comment. Winning the division in 09 with no wr Corp, and making the playoffs last year with a rookie qb completely invalidates your already weak point. Why log on here to bash Marvin? Just bask in yet another great draft and get excited for the future, which will include a super bowl in 3/5 years…mark it down!!

  2. He also had a not very good combine, and it also seemed like his stock started to go down after the Wisconsin game at the end of the year, because he didn’t look very good in that one due to A) Wisconsin having a very good OL, B) he had a toe injury that was getting worse and worse, and C) the whole team was drained from all the crap they had to deal with for the previous three weeks (and just in case any Badger fans take that the wrong way, you guys were the better team, i’m not making excuses for the train-wreck that game was for PSU.

  3. With the Bengals depth he wont be asked to do anything but turn it loose for 20-30 snaps a game. Devon Still next to Geno Atkins could be a dynamic pocket collapsing duo.

  4. Marvin Lewis is a good coach. In 9 years he’s made the playoffs 3 times. For the bengals, that’s heaven. Any Bengal fan doubting Lewis just needs to think back to the 90’s and the Dave Shula era. The future is bright.
    Let’s get back to the glory days of ” you don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati”!

  5. I also heard him on the radio say “with the right coaching he can become a dominant DT” and when asked what he needs to improve on he said ” I have to learn to play hard an every play”. These are some of the worst answers I’ve ever heard come from a prospect. It makes you wonder.

  6. Coach Zimmer is one of the best in the league in coaching up kids. They said the same thing about Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap when they came out too. With the additions in free agency, and the draft. The Bengals D line will be one of the best. WHO DEY !

  7. I must not see things clearly………this team looks awfully dangerous on paper after this draft. Do they really have any weaknesses?

  8. gotta admit this guy could end up a steal if they coach him up enough to play hard on every play. not a Cincinnati fan but damn well done on your draft bengals

  9. This is a win-win for Bengals/Still if they use him the right way: as a pass rushing DT next to Geno Atkins for 12-18 plays a game.

    No use in playing him more than that if he’s not effective (read: tired).

  10. NY Giants fan here, but still sorta follow the Bengals…

    MAN the Bengals have absolutely OWNED the draft these last couple of years! You simply cannot deny that, and I must give credit where credit is due.

    And I just found out they got Burfict!? As an UDFA?? No risk, high reward that’s excellent! Wow… simply amazing.

    If the Bengals keep this up I fully expect to see Andy Dalton vs. Eli Manning in an upcoming Super Bowl!

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