Mr. Irrelevant is Chandler Harnish, Andrew Luck’s future backup

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Mr. Irrelevant’s identity has been revealed, and the 2012 NFL draft has come to an end.

With the 253rd and final pick in the draft, the Indianapolis Colts have selected Chandler Harnish, a quarterback from Northern Illinois. Harnish set 30 Northern Illinois passing, rushing and total offense records in four years as the Huskies’ starting quarterback, and was a two-time first-team All-MAC selection. He will receive the Lowsman Trophy, which looks like the Heisman Trophy statue just fumbled.

For Harnish, the best-case scenario is probably to be a long-term backup to Andrew Luck, the first pick in the draft. (No matter how hard we’d like to try, we can’t muster any talk that the Colts’ selection of Harnish could lead to a quarterback controversy, as some suggested when the Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round after selecting Robert Griffin III second overall.)

With Harnish’s name called, it’s time for football fans to relax a little bit after a long three days. But you’ll also want news and analysis on the teams that met their needs and the teams that still have needs to fill, the top undrafted free agents and much more. PFT will have you covered for all of that, because what the draft really reminds us is that in the NFL, there is no offseason.

30 responses to “Mr. Irrelevant is Chandler Harnish, Andrew Luck’s future backup

  1. Thanks PFT for your relentless pursuit of NFL news and keeping us posted. I spend more time on your site than any other. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ok so now that Mr. Irrelevant has been established…is he gonna throw a shot into that Breanne chick who was offering herself up to the last pick in the draft?

  3. The most interesting part is that he was drafted higher than Curtis Painter would be today.

  4. Bears knock out Luck in Week 1, Harnish steps in and becomes the QB for the next decade. Hey, it could happen. Good luck in Indy Chandler. Will miss you in DeKalb.

  5. You’d think that after all the Ryan Leafesque 1st round QB busts that have come and gone, and after the success of a certain 199th overall pick, the media would be more hesitant to declare later picks “irrelevant”…..

  6. to the “which Mr irrelevant has been more than a footnote” question… the only one I know of in the last couple years that has had a real impact was succop from scarolina… a kicker. there may be others but succop is a great kicker and had an immediate impact. obviously not a skill position player or QB like this year but he puts points on the board

  7. ALL HAIL TO THE COLTS, all others are inferior we are superior, bow down and kiss the dynasty rings, ALL HAIL TO THE MIGHTY COLTS, the royal rings is clean yr Highness ……thank u!!!!

  8. quizguy66 says:
    Apr 28, 2012 8:31 PM
    Nice symmetry with the Colts starting and ending the draft with a QB


    Any man who posts their initials or post “lol” please turn in your man card.

  9. Even if Luck has great success and Harnish only lasts a few seasons and fades into layman-hood, it was REAL jackass move by MDS to label him ”Mr. Irrelevant.”

    I mean ALL of these kids work their tails off to make it to this point, and that’s someone’s son your talking about there Mike.

    Have some respect, atleast for this one night so the kid and his family can enjoy their achievement.

  10. Painter did yield us Andrew Luck, so he did do something right, now he’s a Raven, ravens fan better hope Flacco has no injuries, or u guys will be in the running for Barf For Barkley next year!!!

  11. I wish Chandler all the best at the Colts. I hate the term Mr Irrelevant with a passion. How many of us we were in the same position as him??

  12. reed20fence says: Apr 29, 2012 2:53 AM

    Even if Luck has great success and Harnish only lasts a few seasons and fades into layman-hood, it was REAL jackass move by MDS to label him ”Mr. Irrelevant.”


    “Irrelevant Week” arose in 1976, when former Southern California and NFL receiver Paul Salata founded the week in Newport Beach, California. He continues to announce the final pick of the NFL draft to this day. During the summer after the draft, the new Mr. Irrelevant and his family are invited to spend a week in Newport Beach, California, where they enjoy a golf tournament, a regatta, a roast giving advice to the new draftee, and a ceremony awarding him the Lowsman Trophy. The trophy mimics the Heisman, but depicts a player fumbling a football. -Wiki

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