Pat Shurmur says no promises were made to Colt McCoy

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The Browns’ decision to draft Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall selection has naturally led to a lot of talk about Colt McCoy.

Coach Pat Shurmur addressed some of those topics, including the report that the team told McCoy that they wouldn’t draft a quarterback in the first round. Shurmur said that report was “absolutely false.”

“For the record, we don’t consult our players about what we’re doing in the draft,” Shurmur said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “I think it’s ridiculous to assume that we would say those things. I just want to be strong about the no.”

Shurmur also said that the team was not shopping McCoy on Friday night and that there has not been a definitive decision about trading McCoy, although he stopped well short of being “strong about the no” when it came to the likelihood that McCoy was heading elsewhere. Cabot reports that a source said the team wants to take a little time to figure out what to do, a decision that will also take into account Seneca Wallace. Wallace has two years left on his deal with salaries of $2.4 million and $2.85 million while McCoy is set to make $540,000 and $575,000 in those seasons.

All of those decisions will likely be about who is backing up Weeden. Shurmur called him “our guy going forward” and you wouldn’t expect anything less after the Browns spent a first round pick to bring him to the team.

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  1. Adam Schefter is a tool, whenever I hear a negative Browns rumor it’s always this dbag to break the “story”. Irresponsible & reckless reporting.

  2. Maybe Colt’s just confused. His ears have still gotta be ringing from that crushing concussion inducing hit in that Steelers game late last year. Seriously.
    Too bad for Colt. Seems like a good team-first kind of guy. He’s beginning to look like the odd man out.

  3. Browns are all in here due to desperate act of desperate men.

    If Weeden flops, adios H&H. On the season ticket holder call they said “6 wins unacceptable.”. I agree 8-8 or terminate.

    Like Weeden but part of me hopes they keep Colt and he wins the nod just to stick it to the front office.

  4. “Shurmur called him “our guy going forward” and you wouldn’t expect anything less after the Browns spent a first round pick to bring him to the team.”

    Colt will be riding the pine this season…….

  5. Well McCoy was drafted in what…the 3rd rd? He was brought in to be a ‘possible starter’. Now he is a solid back-up at an inexpensive price.
    Keep him.

  6. They don’t owe McCoy anything, I’m getting sick of hearing about him. Seems like backup QB’s get so much attention these days. He was just a third round pick who played pretty poorly in parts of two seasons, how much more commitment do they need to show? Weeden has an NFL arm and NFL ability, Browns fans should be happy they don’t have a career backup playing anymore.

  7. McCoy didn’t say that Shurmur consulted him about draft picks. He simply said he had been assured that the Browns wouldn’t pick a qb in the first round. The Browns lied to him. They’ve completely disrespected McCoy, including already announcing that Weeden will be the starter ( after telling McCoy they would stick with him ), despite the fact that Weeden, however good he might appear to be while playing college ball, has never once taken a snap in a NFL game, never once faced the defenses he will see in their division alone, has never once encountered a NFL defensive scheme, has never once had the likes of Harrison or Ray-Ray coming after him, etc.

    I don’t dislike Weeden, and wish him success, but the Browns have dumped on McCoy and for that I would like to see McCoy get traded to a first class organization.

  8. I’ve been a Browns fan for all of my 52 years, and I am sick of their whole damn side show. They are the laughing stock of the league and the front office and owner don’t seem to know it or care if they do know it. Screw ’em. I hope they go winless, they deserve to.

  9. It takes a long time for credibility to be established by any person or any organization. It is an intangible asset that should be protected at any cost as a man’s word is his bond and a team can command a maximum effort as long as the players have respect and trust for the coaches and owners.

    Currently, the Cleveland Browns, their owner, managers and coaches have more holes in their credibility than Sonny Corleone at the toll booth. It appears to be the result of either fear or ignorance. However, it remains to be seen if they are right and the bulk of Browns fans are wrong. So we will see.

    They have only positive results (8 or more wins) to save them from themselves and the fan base. I wish them good luck.

  10. Keep colt as a backup. I honestly doubt weeden will look a whole ton better as a rookie, but has more arm talent than McCoy, so it is a justifiable move. I just feel sorry for Richardson…..Cleveland!!!

  11. It never ceases to amaze me how passionate and ignorant my fellow Browns’ fans are. The Browns are not making promises to Colt, that’s bullcrap. You may think the men running this team are arrogant, but all NFL heads are, it is what puts them where they are compared to where fans are.

    These men know their jobs and how to do it. It is pathetic the way many fans feel that they are owed more than they get from the teams. The only thing teams owe us is every effort to put a winner on the field and Heckert is doing that. Holmgren is the president, not the general manager and he is letting Heckert run the draft. Complain all you want, just remember when the team starts winning that you b!tched and moaned now.

    I do not suffer blind faith, so save that eventual garbage. The men running this team are smarter than we are when it comes to running a football team, otherwise we wouldn’t be commenting on boards. We would be working today at the draft.

  12. Think about this from an NFL free agent standpoint:

    -Browns are unable to get Rogers, Winslow, or Edwards to stick around (not bad decisions on Cleveland’s part, but not like they gave a damn).
    -Cribbs had a nasty contract spat.
    -Staph infections were a little too common.
    -McCoy goes back into a game with a concussion while your doctors claim they didn’t know.

    Not that its all bad or Cleveland’s fault, but at some point you might want to think about your image to other players.

  13. James, you are incorrect to argue that they are better than the average joe at drafting. If that were the case, you would not have as many misses as you do in all teams drafts. The problem is that the fans know our needs, and QB really was not that high on the list. If we don’t have a OL, WR’s and a RB, then the QB can’t do much, regardless of who is back there. THe other problem is that Weedon most likely would have been available at round 2. We had much bigger needs that could have been filled with the second 1st round choice than another QB. Also our other later picks like the DL and much later WR are not that great of picks to be honest. Everyone is scratching their heads on those picks and you are drinking the kool-aid if you can’t be objective and have some serious questions about this draft!

  14. This whole McCoy situation shows exactly why the Clowns are the laughing stock of the league.

    Currently their only rivals in ineptitude are the FickleFins.

    Best thing for McCoy is a trade. And who in the heck is his agent? All that abuse for that money?

  15. Stupid move when they could have gotten an effective weapon for Colt. He’d be better off catching on somewhere else and let these idiots continue to stay in last place in the division.

  16. The NFl is a cut-throat business, and anyone involved in it at any level knows it.

    Sure, a veteran star like Peyton Manning is shown respect. But a Colt McCoy? No team in a QB hungry league even wanted him for 2 rounds. The Browns gave him a golden opportunity and like Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn before him, he messed up more far more then he did good (and where have Anderson and Quinn bee starring the past 3 years).

    No doubt in my mind that all these “Colt was promised this” crap got leaked directly by Colt’s father who thinks a high-school coach with a son in the NFL has the sort of pull he had in college football. Sorry, this is play for pay league, and those that don’t produce are shown the door… know, like in every other business other then government.

  17. Lets be clear about something. No team promises a 3rd round draft choice with 5th round talent that they are going to keep their job.

    The Browns have not been a model organization, since Modell started running out of money in the late 80s and since Al Lerner passed away. But to lump all the errors of prior GMs on Heckert’s lap is just foolish.

    Finally we have a GM that has a plan and sticks to it. Last year the team went all in on Defense and it worked. This year, its all in on Offense we will see if it works.

    The Browns have too many holes to fill them in one or two holes. But Holmgren and Heckertt developed a plan and are sticking to it.

    Everyone take a deep breath–Changing GMs and Coaches every two years didnt work before, lets where they are in five years.

  18. Colt’s daddy is a BIG problem living vicarlously thru his son ,songs,book deals etc. before the kid did anything in the BIG LEAGUE,to small to weak of a arm looking at the dump off before the ball is snapped etc.He was a third round pick it didn’t workout for what ever the reason trade him or cut him it’s time to move on!

  19. Players are lied to all the time. Circumstances change. You’re in one day and out the next. That’s the business, and starting quarterback is the most tenuous position of them all. I don’t get how anyone that calls themselves a football fan doesn’t understand this.

  20. To uutts. Funny post. Don’t feel to bad for making 500,000 a year.
    Please realize that it is a tough business and this happens

  21. Another example of today’s sports media trying to get the story first..accepting any source, especially those “unnamed anonymous” sources..never relying on two sources and never confirmed by the team being reported on.

    Is it up to the Browns to go around putting out the fires the sports media starts?…NO !

    Just how did this story get started?…

    Per PFT..Posted by Mike Florio on April 27, 2012, 9:41 AM EDT

    “It happened in Cleveland on Thursday, when according to Adam Schefter of ESPN the Browns told quarterback Colt McCoy they wouldn’t draft a quarterback in round one.”

    Hey Mike, did you ask Schefter who his source was for this story?

    Don’t believe everything you hear, even from what you thought were legitimate sources in the sports media.

    Someone owes Colt McCoy and the Browns an apology.

  22. If they can afford to but the salaries aside, McCoy has to go. Weeden needs a clear vote of confidence. No quarterback is comfortable having to look over their shoulder for the hook.
    Plus, getting rid of McCoy helps quit the stubborn fans that liked McCoy despite his weaknesses.
    Weeden is the QB and the staff and fans both need to support him 100%!

  23. Anyone that hopes the Browns lose is free to exit the blog. In fact, you are encouraged to leave the blog.
    I’ve been a fan for nearly six decades. I get flaming mad at the Browns and their management but…..I sure as #*II am not going to wish ill will to them! I want the Browns to win ASAP!
    GO BROWNS!!!

  24. tndiver, afraid I am not mistaken. I believe that is on you. Please list the misses that Heckert has had as the Browns’ GM. Feel free to start with McCoy, though until he is cut or traded he can’t be labeled a bust.

    I don’t like kook-aid but appreciate the offer, I am thirsty. Just because I refuse to blast a regime in only its third year doesn’t make me foolish.

    I am tired of watching this franchise change direction every 2-3 years. It takes time to right a ship so far off course as this team was prior to Holmgren/Heckerts arrival. Again, fans are fans. Passion is great but blasting a team just starting year three in a complete rebuild is STUPID. Looking at one piece, seeing a perceived need as a fan doesn’t make it a need to the people that have to make it work. Questioning is fine and as a regular game attendee I agree but the pathetic raging is sad. Savage got one thing correct, the woe-is-me mentality of Browns’ fans is crazy. Again, if any of us were all that smart we would be busy drafting.

  25. Six decades bigdawgy54? Then I’ll bet you a cup of coffee you will leave this world before you’ll ever see the Browns win anything, and I am dead serious. It ain’t gonna happen. I live in a place called real-ville.

  26. I could care less what this management team is saying,…they just had a horrible draft and act like they don’t know what the h3ll they are doing!

    The Richardson pick was a no-brainer. You take the best receiver you can at 22 BECAUSE you have horrible, pathetic receivers currently!!!

    Weeden could’ve been picked up at 37 or NOT at all for all I care.

    Then you take a Tackle at 67 (either Schwartz or Massie). YOU DON’T TRADE DOWN!

    Friggin’ Idiots!

  27. I wonder if anyone in Browns management or coaching staff believe in Karma?

    Pat, someday when the F.O. is bending you over, just remember this day. Karma can be a real booger!

  28. Jamesfield…I like this draft, but lets not be blind mice. They all but admit that Hardesty and McCoy are busts with this draft. In addition, lets not forget Marecic, Lavauo, Larry Asante, Carlton Mitchell and more…

    The fact is Heckert is better than who was in Cleveland before, but lets not anoint him just yet. The sad part he has to hang his hat on Shurmur who has failed miserably as a coach and thats a fact.

    Why is it Shurmur’s integrity keeps getting questioned by the national media? (i.e. during the Hillis saga, the concussion, the draft etc.). Between him and the tubby one, Lerner and heckert lose all credibility.

  29. Not that I think Shumur’s a truth teller, but, really, why would he lie about this? I can see this happening:

    McCOY: Are you going to draft a QB? I need to know.
    SHUMUR: No, you don’t.

  30. theemrsanity, not annointing anyone. Nor am I a blind mouse. Until Colt and Montario are selling real estate, the Browns aren’t admitting bust on either. Neither was a first round pick or declared a franchise saver, a third and end of second rounder respectively. The Browns expressed faith in both of their abilities and still do, though getting better players should always be the goal. I don’t believe any of the others you listed, other than Asanti, can be busts. The majority of draft picks need three years before a true assessment can be made.

    It seems that fans forget that this is only the third offseason for this regime and nothing happens quickly that lasts long. If this draft led into the schedule we had last season, 7 wins or better would be expected. Unfortunately, based on last season’s production our 2012 schedule is the third hardest. Not exactly good for a team possibly starting four rookies and 5 plus second year guys. I am not a six decade fan, only 38, but have bled orange and brown since I was seven. I know I am among the minority who is still willing to be patient. I am no more thrilled about losing than anyone, and I spend plenty to support this team. However, I refuse to believe fandom equates to fandumb. The blathering and resentment aimed at management because they refuse to cow-tow to the fan base is refreshing. We ran Belichek through the wringer because he refused to interact with the media as much as we wanted, and we were proven horribly wrong in our collective assessment of his ability as a coach. You are correct, civil discourse and question should be required of all supporters. However, there is very little civility left in the majority of Browns’ fans. I am willing to put my name on my thoughts because I will not need to regret my views or my statements.

    Go Browns!

  31. I wouldn’t be running my mouth too much if I were Pat Shurmur. The 29th rated head coach in the NFL might not be too far behind him on his way out town.

  32. usmutts says:Apr 28, 2012 2:35 PM

    “Congressman Joe ( You Lie ) Wilson is pond scum.”

    So telling the truth makes a person pond scum? I hope Socialists don’t get involved with sports, too.

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