Raiders expected to sign Matt Leinart


We noted last month that Matt Leinart could become the backup to Carson Palmer in Oakland, and it appears that’s about to happen.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Leinart has a visit scheduled to Oakland and is likely to sign with the Raiders within the next week.

Like Palmer, Leinart is a former Heisman Trophy winner at USC, but unlike Palmer, Leinart has never been a successful NFL quarterback. Leinart was a bust for the Cardinals as the 10th overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and in two seasons with the Texans since Arizona released him, he started just one game and suffered a season-ending collarbone injury in that game.

In his six-year NFL career, Leinart has started 18 games and thrown 15 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions.

65 responses to “Raiders expected to sign Matt Leinart

  1. Don’t care how many times I have to say it, about many different people, but he IS BETTER THAN KYLE BOLLER. Works for me.

  2. Good move by Reggie McKenzie. The Raiders need an experienced back up (not Kyle Boller) and don’t have a lot of money to spend. Leinart is probably the best they can hope for. Pryor will probaly turn into a Wildcat-type player, at least next year. I think Reggie is doing the best he can given the hand he was dealt. I think this will be a transistion year for the Raiders (maybe 6 wins), but next year things will turn. There is FINALLY a light at the end of the tunnel for Raider fans.

  3. King Checkdown himself. Al Davis is going to roll in his grave if King Checkdown gets a chance to play. Nothing vertical everything in the flats.

  4. I was looking to see if Pryor could do anything, but they signed Leinart even before pre-season started…but Pryor will end up no. 2 eventually, since Leinart could injure himself just getting off the bus.

    The irony, is the Raiders could’ve tooken Leinart in the Art Shell year, and it might’ve saved his job…he was actually decent initially, until “Capt. Checkdown” reported for duty.

  5. He is what he is, a backup.

    Unlike Pete Carroll, the Raiders aren’t proclaiming they have the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  6. Note to the whoever has the number 1 pick next year, do not draft Barkely look how bad these usc qbs are

  7. Why people keep throwing money at this worthless party boy continues to amaze me.

    Thanks Raiders … for keeping his lifestyle in high (pun intended) gear. I suggest Jeremy Shockey next. That boy really needs the money. Maybe you can write both their salaries off as charitable deductions. At least that way you’ll cut your losses.

  8. The signing of Leinart should stop the string of nine consecutive seasons w.o a winning record, including an NFL record seven straight seasons w at least eleven losses.

  9. call him a bust if you want but arizona should not count as whisenhunt never wanted him and never gave him a fair chance. he showed promise under denny green but hard to play with a separated shoulder and once he was canned he was doomed under the whiz. as for the texans he was never going to beat out shaub butblew his chance when he broke his collarbone. maybe things will work out for him with the raiders but I am sure he is really hurt by florio’s and pft personal attacks,as laughs all the way to the bank!

  10. “I was looking forward to seeing Pryor play & as backup to Palmer!!!”

    Don’t worry, you will. Pryor will beat Leinart out for the #2 job.

  11. mogul218

    What is Jason Campbell’s health status? Has he signed with another team?

    He signed with the Bears.

  12. Good signing considering what’s out there. He’s a back up folks. Carson Palmer is the starter. If Leinart ever sees siginificant playing time (like most back-ups), then it won’t be a good thing. The guy has starting experince and at least gives us the potential to win some games if the rest of the team is playing very well around him. Again, don’t expect he will see much action.

    As far as Pryor, the kid simply isn’t ready and may never be ready to be an NFL QB. How do I know this? Because if he was Mac and DA wouldn’t need to be singing anonther guy.

    Raiders are making all the right moves. This under the radar team will be right in the mix to win the West this season.

  13. For all the crap Leinart gets, he CAN play. Great accuracy but he cant throw it a mile, he’s like a left handed Pennington with a little more zip on the pass. Good move by the Raiders, this kid is still pretty young, and now he is back in California. Palmer will be much better this year too.

  14. HERE’S A THOUGHT…Put a Quarterback on a team and give him no weapons then call him a bust… THAT’S FAIR… the only shots he got he got injured…

  15. So the Raiders now own two of the top ten picks out of the 2006 draft, Huff and Leinart….

    Maybe in the long run Art Shell really did know what he was doing and knew how to build a team for the future.

  16. Excellent!
    As a Chiefs fan, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Michael David Smith for posting Matt Leinart’s career TD/INT ratio.
    From one overrated & overdrafted USC QB to another, Leinart makes Matt Cassel look positively elite.
    Sometimes, it’s all about perspective.

  17. I think Jason Campbell works for Chicago now. The Raiders will win 6 games? Things are not that bad. They were 8-8 the last 2 years and they will be at least 8-8 this year. I can see the raiders winning 10 games if the defense stiffens a bit. What was Hughe Jackson thinking to bring Kyle Boller aboard? Lienart is not being given anything at this point. He and Pryor will be in competition for that #2 spot.

  18. humb0lt says:
    Apr 28, 2012 10:11 AM
    Raiders fans should start thinking Super Bowl.


    Charger fan should prepare for another a%$kicking at Qualcomm, and its basically another home game for us.

  19. sourdough says:
    Apr 28, 2012 10:22 AM
    The signing of Leinart should stop the string of nine consecutive seasons w.o a winning record, including an NFL record seven straight seasons w at least eleven losses.


    Yeah, it will still be Raider gear EVERYWHERE IN CALIFORNIA.

    Get over it , niner fan. California has always been ours, we rule in two different regions, and have always claimed the Central Valley.

    The Raiders are a subculture….the only reason Niner Fan shoots is b/c we take over their stadium, as we do in San Diego or L.A.

    Hard to live up to a legend, despite your late run and CHOKE JOB v. the N.Y. Giants.


  20. Can’t blame him for checking down. I would to of my o-line wanted me dead. He showed some promise with the 4 passes he threw last year.

  21. bettis3636 says:
    Apr 28, 2012 10:32 AM
    HERE’S A THOUGHT…Put a Quarterback on a team and give him no weapons then call him a bust… THAT’S FAIR… the only shots he got he got injured…


    no weapons? fitzgerald and boldin arent weapons?
    warner was able to win a lot of games with the same team.
    he had his chance and he blew it.

  22. I don’t especially like Matt Leinart…..

    But I really don’t think you’re doing him any favors by constantly using that rapey looking picture of him.

    Although….I guess he DID decide to leave his house after sculpting his facial hair in such a manner so maybe he does deserve it.

  23. So what is wrong with Dennis Dixon?

    He pissed someone off in Pittsburgh and no one else has signed him. I believe that he is a better option then Matty Leinart. He is way more athletic, better arm, with a better reputation.

    Hell Dennis Dixon could easily be the modern day Vince Evans.

  24. humb0lt says: Apr 28, 2012 10:11 AM

    Raiders fans should start thinking Super Bowl.

    humb0lt thinks Super Bowl for the Chargers every year. This year it’s the Super Bowl Express. Awesomely optimistic for a team that went from 13 wins to 9 to 8 the past three seasons.

  25. metalhead65 says: Apr 28, 2012 10:25 AM

    call him a bust if you want but arizona should not count as whisenhunt never wanted him and never gave him a fair chance.


    Leinart is a bust, period. He’s been in the league for over half a decade and thrown just 15 TDs.

    And he’s had opportunities every place he’s been.

    Yeah, Whisenhunt pulled Leinart. To put in Kurt Warner, and the Cardinals got to the Super Bowl, and played a couple years of amazing football.

    Believe me, if Leinart was delivering like that, Whisenhunt would have wanted him.

  26. The Raiders already have Dennis Dixon,but bigger, stronger, faster, & with cool tattoos.
    His name is Tyrell Pryor, & there’s no way Leinart should rightfully beat him out for #2.

  27. Anyone who saw him play under green at az knows the kid clda been a good starting qb… He carved the bears up… Yes he did it throwing… Green went conservative with the run after ML was tearing it up. Edgerrin james had nothing in the tank. Bears come back, green melts down, no coach after green gabe ML a fair shake. I would take him over other starting qbs lime kolb and skelton

  28. HERE’S A THOUGHT…Put a Quarterback on a team and give him no weapons then call him a bust… THAT’S FAIR… the only shots he got he got injured
    uh, what??? so Fitzgerald and Boldin arent weapons??? i would like to see what are weapons then. it’s fair to call Leinart a bust. the reason why is because the guy is injury prone and doesnt have a great arm. i can see you losing a job to Warner, understandable, but losing a job to Derek Anderson! if Leinart is healthy, he’s a good backup. as for him being a raider, he’s a different QB than Palmer is.

  29. After careful consideration by Leinart, he has decided to sign with Oakland. He noted a study by his agent, stating that Oakland has the highest number of hot tubs and beer bongs per capita of any of the NFL markets. The number of local bars with “ladies night’s” was also cited as a contributing factor. The actual potential of the football team, however, was never a subject of discussion.

  30. I like the move, give Pryor competition show him nothing is given. Make him work harder than he is working now, and he has been working hard. Now raiders brothers lets pray together that josh campman falls to us lol.

  31. I still think Bomar has huge upside….

    Day 3 is what it is all about for raiders…a lot of guys moved up but some are falling…love the value the steelers just got w/ the DT from u of washington

    radrntn says:
    Apr 26, 2012 6:38 PM
    RADRNTN NFL DRAFT 2012 (in order if on Board)
    3rd Rd- pick # 95
    FS – Iloka / Boise State
    TE – Orson Charles – Georgia
    CB- Ron Brooks- LSU
    WR – Eric Page- Toledo
    4th Rd- pick # 129
    Bobby Wagner – LB- Utah State
    Hicks – DT – Canada
    Rober Turbin – Utah State- RB
    WR – Brian Quick- Appalachian St
    5th rd pick -#148
    James Hannah – TE Oaklahoma
    OT – Tom Compton –South Dakota
    G- Joe Looney –wake forest

    5th rd pick -#168
    OC – Blake – Baylor
    S – Justin Bethel – Presbytirian
    LB – Travis Lewis – Oaklahoma
    LB- Tank Carder –TCU
    WR -Junior Hemingway – Michigan
    6th rd pick -#189
    S – Jazen Jackson –McNeese St
    ILB- Shawn Loiseau -Merrimeck
    G- Ryan Miller – Colorado
    QB- Kellen Moore – Boise St.
    ( trade for 7th) – Jeff Demps – Florida,
    Guys to sign who go undrafted.-Terrance Gannaway RB Baylor, Matt McCants UAB OT, William Vlachos C Alabama, CB’s Mike Harris Fl State, and JJ Jones

  32. I remember being pisssed that Leinart snubbed the 49ers in 2005 and decided to stay in college rather then get taken by us #1.

    Well I’m here to say thank you because I’d take Alex Smith over your busted ass any day of the week. I mean the dude couldn’t complete a pass longer then 15 yards and that’s when he had Fitz and Boldin on the team, pathetic. Ultimately couldn’t beat out a washed up HoF QB and once benched his cry baby attitude basically ended any chance of him ever being a starter not that he has the talent anyway.

  33. Raider fans getting excited about Matt Leinart they mus be pretty desperate or maybe just bored with the draft because they traded away all their good picks.

  34. Calm down everyone. Just someone with knowledge of Greg Knapps system to help Terrell Pryor learn it since he wont get many if any practice snaps. Welcome to The Dark Side Matt, you bringing the chicks from the hottub with you?


  35. I remember Matts draft. There was an interview where he laughed at the thought of being selected or dopping to the Raiders at number 18. Funny how things come back at you sometimes.

  36. A smart pick up for a variety of reasons. Matty looked good
    last pre season and in his one start, before getting hurt, so he’s obviously comfortable in Knapp’s system.
    He’ll get both Carson and TP to speed.
    I’m one of many who still believe he was never given a fair shake in AZ, and he didn’t see much pt behind Schaub, so he’s still an unknown commodity.

  37. If only Al Davis didn’t listen to Art Shell … just imagine if Al drafted Leinart the following year Al would have taken Megatron instead of JaMarcus … ouch.

  38. It’s funny all these arm chair QBs here … don’t you think McKenzie and the coaches know what Pryor can do. McFadden can take snaps at QB if they need a RB playing the QB position seriously if a team keeps Boller as a backup QB how bad is your backup backup QB. This reminds me all the the brain trusts on here saying that JaMarcus was the next Peyton Manning.

  39. As we all know, RM loves depth in every position. Im sure RM knows what hes doing! No way Pryor takes a backseat to Matt L. HE will play as back up to Palmer yes but 3rd string and just after Pryor is all….They are just looking for some depth….Just Win Baby!!!

  40. sourdough says:
    Apr 28, 2012 10:22 AM
    The signing of Leinart should stop the string of nine consecutive seasons w.o a winning record, including an NFL record seven straight seasons w at least eleven losses.
    @sourdough: Listen, simpleton. The past ten years does not erase the success of the previous forty. The Raiders have been horrible but they remain the only team in the division to represent in a SB and they won more playoff games than the division darling chargers during the same space of time. Only a handful of franchises in the history of the NFL have experienced the success of the RAIDERS. These are facts, can not dipute them.

  41. This is why this team is such a joke they trade last year a 3rd for Prior a 1st & 2nd for Palmer & now they want to bring in this bust……..whats the point of giving up your 3rd round pick for Prior if u are just going to drop him down on the depth chart……………Raiders will continue to be bottom feeders for a very long time……….I LOVE IT

  42. Did I really just scroll through two pages of Raider fan comments and only see one reference to Leinart’s porn-starrish facial hair. Come on Raider Nation, I thought y’all had a reputation to up hold. To be fair, I’ve never been to the West Coast, so I’m not exactly sure what that reputation is: I just figured it would involve more jokes about Matty’s sleazy soul patch/stache combo and what it implies about how he’s been making a living this offseason.

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