Rams receivers coach compares Brian Quick to T.O.

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With the first pick of the second day of the 2012 NFL draft, the Rams took a guy who could give ESPN an endless supply of obvious puns for the next decade.  And the puns will be flowing frequently, if the assessment of Rams receivers coach Ray Sherman is accurate.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, who spent Thursday and Friday parked in the team’s war room, writes that Sherman sees in Brian Quick similarities to another small-school wideout who had a huge impact in the NFL.  “I see a lot of similarities to Terrell Owens,” Sherman, who coached Owens in Dallas, told Silver.  “The way the kid goes and gets the ball, the physicality, the desire . . . he has a chance to be special, no doubt.”

Coach Jeff Fisher agreed, without comparing Quick to one of the best receivers — and biggest headaches — in league history.  “He’s a tall, athletic, talented receiver,” Fisher said of Quick. “He’s got great speed and impressive ball skills. He might not be a big name, but we believe he’ll do some big things for us.”

The Rams secretly worked out Quick last week, along with four other receivers.  The names of the other four leaked, with Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch initially reporting that the Rams had applied the eleventh-hour eyeballs to Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, and Kendall Wright.  In hindsight, it’s hard not to wonder whether the Rams leaked those three names in the hopes of keeping the other two under wraps.

As to A.J. Jenkins, it didn’t work.  As to Brian Quick, it did.

And now that the Rams have Quick and not Blackmon or Jenkins, they’re describing the glass as more-than-half full, explaining to Silver that the decision to get only a second-round pick to slide from No. 6 to No. 14 in round one after the Jags jumped the Rams to take Blackmon was easier to make because they thought they’d get Quick at the top of round two.  (This doesn’t change the objective reality that the Rams got hosed on the trade, especially when considering what the Browns got for the sixth overall pick a year ago.)

It also remains impossible to know how Quick will respond at the NFL level until he’s on the field with NFL-caliber defensive backs.  Though he reportedly blew the Rams’ brass away running routes and catching passes without a helmet or pads or, you know, competition, what if he can’t get off the line of scrimmage when facing press coverage, a la Desmond Howard?  What if Quick develops a case of Todd Pinkston alligator body when a Pro Bowl safety is closing in on Quick’s cranium, 15-yard penalty and fine be damned?

So let’s wait to see what Quick — and every other drafted player — does at the next level before applying comparisons to players who have proven that they can perform.  While it’s important to the annual process of selling hope to endlessly talk these guys up, the truth is that the passing of time will reveal that plenty of the guys simply can’t get it done when graduating from playing football with boys to playing football against men.

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  1. You mean he is a me, me, me guy, that pouts if he doesn’t get the ball? That ruins the chemistry of every team he is on? Getcha popcorn ready!

  2. Yeah I can also say that Riley Reiff is like Tony Boselli or Ryan Broyles is the next Steve smith, doesn’t mean anything

  3. “This doesn’t change the objective reality that the Rams got hosed on the trade, especially when considering what the Browns got for the sixth overall pick a year ago.”


    First of all, the Cowboys jumped up from #14 to #6. That’s 8 spots. The Jets jumped up from #17 to #5. That’s 12 spots.

    Second of all, everyone and their mother knew that the Jets (and other teams) were targeting Mark Sanchez, at the time, a potential franchise QB. When the target of the trade is someone of that caliber, that’s when the price goes up. The Rams would not have received the bounty of picks for the #2 spot of the Redskins were trading up for Trent Richardson, for example – the price was so high because it was RGIII, a potential franchise QB, as Sanchez was thought to be. The Cowboys moving up 8 spots to take a corner, however – that does not and did not warrant ‘equal’ compensation or even comparison to the Cleveland/Jets trade.

    Nice try, though.

  4. He will fit in nicely with the rest of the Rams mediocre WRs. How the Rams didn’t come out of this draft with Blackmon or Floyd absolutely baffles me. Good luck, Sam Bradford.

  5. (This doesn’t change the objective reality that the Rams got hosed on the trade, especially when considering what the Browns got for the sixth overall pick a year ago.)
    That’s not an accurate statement. You have to consider that the Rams traded down to Dallas 8 spots. The Browns last year traded down like 20 spots if I remember correctly. Obviously they will get more for moving down that far.

  6. (This doesn’t change the objective reality that the Rams got hosed on the trade, especially when considering what the Browns got for the sixth overall pick a year ago.)
    I also like how you use the term “objective reality” while conveniently leaving out all the facts to make your case. Embarrasing.

  7. If they really thought he was the next T.O. then they wouldn’t have been so upset when they missed out on Blackmon, because Quick was all but guaranteed to be there at the start of the second.

  8. I had class with him for a year in Walker Hall and he sure acts like T O off the field… and like T O on the field if you have seen how many passes he dropped.

  9. You know which receiver Fisher added in Tennessee that Mayock compared to T.O.???

    Kenny Britt.

  10. Let’s not rain on the Rams’ parade so hard.

    It wouldn’t be a bad thing if their research effort finding Brian Quick in a smaller school turned out to provide a big boost for their team. They could use a few upside surprises. Maybe this one will turn out beautifully, Lord willing.

    Good luck Brian.

  11. When he played against good teams in college, he pretty much disappeared. Not a good sign.

  12. This kid has big time up side and came from a small school. He is a converted basketball player. Had over 3000 yards in college and over 20 tds the last 2 seasons. I’n not saying he is going to be a stud but the comparison to T.O is clear. Both small school players, solid production and great size, good speed and agility. I would have taken Jeffery from South Carolina but maybe they saw something they liked in this kid.

  13. you guys are F’n idiots! Quick has great skills, awesome ability, and the only time you will here his name is when he’s on the field… not in the paper!

    Grow up!!!!!!

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