Redskins add Kirk Cousins to crowded quarterback depth chart

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On Saturday morning, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer suggested that quarterback Kirk Cousins will be a starter within a few years.  Dilfer may want to revise that prediction now.

The Redskins picked Cousins with the 102nd pick in the 2012 draft, exactly 100 selections after Washington picked Robert Griffin III.  The move comes 18 years after the Redskins selected Heath Shuler with the third overall pick, and Gus Frerotte at 197.

Actually, if history repeats itself in the place from which most American history emanates, maybe Cousins will be the starter.  After all, Frerotte ended up supplanting an ineffective Shuler.

Yes, it’s highly unlikely that it will happen with Cousins and Griffin.  But not as unlikely as it would have seemed in 1994, when Shuler was the can’t-miss prospect and Frerotte was the seventh-round afterthought.

In the short term, the decision to add Cousins is bad news for John Beck, who’ll almost certainly be cut.  It also makes the ground under Rex Grossman’s feet a bit shakier.

74 responses to “Redskins add Kirk Cousins to crowded quarterback depth chart

  1. Just when you think Shanahan might be able to resurrect his reputation, he does this. This is a terrible situation for both QBs and a franchise that appears rudderless.

  2. As soon as I saw this pick I thought Shuler-Frerotte…thing is, Cousins will be able to learn the offense w/o any real pressure. I dont think this will be a potential issue until maybe 3 yrs down the line when/if RG3 is injured or ineffective. Nobody with any sense will be calling for Cousins before then. The skins are just getting some insurance, though I wouldve been happier with an insurance pick in the 7th round rather than the 4th when they couldve still added a player competing for a starting job

  3. If it gives them the confidence to send Grossman and Beck far far away then it is a great move. Start RGIII and groom Cousins for back up duty, it could be a bit rough for a while but that was probably going to happen anyway.

    Bye Beck! Bye Grossman! Nobody will miss either of you.

  4. And this why people call the Redskins the Oakland Raiders on the east coast. Let’s not draft for other needs, no instead let’s get another QB. RGIII WHO!!!

  5. The drafted a backup QB everybody relax. Lord knows with our line and QB injury history RG3 won’t make it through every game and every season. Just means this is Rex’s last year here, and cousins could be trade bait.

  6. xsfmed says: Apr 28, 2012 12:37 PM

    Not a ringing endorsement for RG3…..
    Not at all. It’s simply a ringing endorsement for taking the best player available, a draft strategy that is usually very effective. Mike Shanahan is not the quarterback wheeler-and-dealer that Andy Reid is, but two years with Cutler were enough to allow the next regime in Denver to flip him for two first rounders and Kyle Orton.
    thestewman3 says: Apr 28, 2012 12:38 PM

    I don’t like this pick. If RGIII struggles than fans may be calling for Cousins.
    Similarly, not at all. The region has an obsessive crush on RGIII, comparing Griffin’s charisma to Cousins’ is like comparing Magic Johnson’s to Steve Blake’s. Griff would have to start playing like John Beck and sending out Mendenhall style tweets on 9/11 before Redskins fans would ask for his benching.

  7. Awesome move to continue unpredictability at the QB position in DC. The rat is such a genius by using history to predict the future. RG3 will play the role of heath shuler and cousins stars as the next GUS FEROTTE! Nothing like a Qb controversy to get your franchise qb off on the wrong foot!

  8. Wow.
    Skins gave up what? 3 1st round picks + a 2nd rounder for the right to move up & select RGIII, only to set him up for failure by also drafting Cousins.
    RGIII’s development now has a considerably increased probability of being stunted, &/or slowed since it can be difficult for a QB to grow when he is constantly looking over his shoulder everytime he has a subpar performance or practice.
    With this draft selection of Cousins, Mike Shanahan has in all likelihood singlehandedly turned up the burner on his own hotseat.
    If the Skins were that impressed with Kirk Cousins, think of all the good they could have done with all those draft picks building the offense around him.

  9. Cousins will be a starter next season after the redskins realize they blew it on another first round qb. At least they found talent in the 4th round.

  10. xsfmed says:
    Apr 28, 2012 12:37 PM
    Not a ringing endorsement for RG3…..


    Do you work at espn or something?? What more of an endorsement do you want then giving up the next two 1st round picks?

    MAN florio where do you find these people??!

  11. So many other holes!!! Maybe trade bait if the staff can develop him but we needed more line help on either side of the ball.

  12. Gross man should retire he is one of the worst qbs to ever step on a football field when he throws you say wow thats gross-man .beck another over rated qb that was praised ore draft and now will hit the free agency just like cousins in few years .only few are chosen to succeed in this league at QB position the rest are all below average replaceables

  13. A lot of negative comments on here. Do any of you guys really think Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan would ship away (2) future first round picks and a 2nd round pick to draft RGIII, just to create a QB controversy (100) picks later. Even I believe Shanahan is not the coach he once may have been, but this is clearly short sided thinking by a lot of the posters on here. Shanahan took the best prospect on the board. There will be no QB controversy and Cousins WILL be traded within (3) years. Remember this is a QB centered league. There WILL be a team in a year or three that would love to send the Skins a couple of draft picks for Cousins; especially if Cousins can prove he has some talent in the preseason and / or with the playing time he might get behind RGIII (injury, blowout etc). Too many quick twitch reactions around these parts.

  14. Just cut Grossmann!!!!

    He was never as accurate as Cousins was and will always make you cringe!!!!

  15. I do agree that we do have more pressing needs but if you don’t believe that the picks that are left on the board fit your scheme then you don’t just pick them to say you drafted a need. You draft the highest player on your board. I have been pleased with Shanahan’s and Allen’s past two drafts and will not question this one. All this tells me is that after the draft we will continue to look though free agency.

  16. What about SS, FS, OLB, RT, CB??? ANYONE???

    Beck just heard the sound of a moving truck drive right by his house….And it will be back soon John….Soon

  17. Perception is reality… Why the hell would you do this?? There are NUMEROUS veterans you could have picked up to fill this role!!! You just undermined your #2 pick!

  18. So it turns out there is an alternative to building your OL. You get a replacement QB to fill in instead. That way you only have to get one player, not an entire OL, which, let’s face it, means lots more personnel decisions, which is really hard. Brilliant.

    Has anybody checked whether Vinny is still on staff?

  19. Hey exhibitsman, go to an English class or two before you post to a site where words are used…someone might take your comments seriously if you weren’t a moron.

  20. It’s laughable that Washington made this pick so they can cash in on draft picks in two or three years. Cousins isn’t really any good. If he were, somebody else would have been drafted a hell of a lot higher than the fourth round. He’s got career backup written all over him…

  21. Lot of knee-jerk reactions here. This could work out very well as trade bait down the road for the skins… and provide an insurance policy if RG3 is injured. Either way, it is way better than having Grossman and Beck as the only options at backup QB… can’t argue with that.

  22. Even the rat knows that RGLeaf will get hurt, and hurt often in this league. But the skins needs so many more positions filled before drafting another QB, even at Best Player Available. What happens on the next pick if the Best Player Available is another QB?

  23. @exibitsman says: Apr 28, 2012 12:47 PM

    cousin’s. will be the starting. QB in 2013. rg3 is the most overated. QB sense Vince young the media created this dreaded. fool.
    Every comment you make is hateful toward one group of players. When 75% of the league is made up of thos players it must make life very enjoyable for a measurable person.

  24. show him off for 2 years and when somebody gets hurt and a team needs a qb you trade him for a 2. skins are doing what the eagles like to do

  25. Now sign McNabb as your 3rd string QB and the skins will be all set for years to come.

  26. hoopsvader says:Apr 28, 2012 12:48 PM

    Beck and Grossman should be bagging groceries at the Publix.
    They don’t have Publix supermarkets in the DC area.

    Giant and Safeway are hiring, though!

  27. Typical dick move by Shanahan. He just couldn’t help himself. Now that he’s made his mark by screwing the Redskins for the next decade, maybe he’ll get the hell out of the league for good.

  28. The only positive I can think of from past history is Aikman and Walsh. Jimmy J didn’t. care about entitlement to #1 pick Aikman. A year later, the Saints jumped in with, I think, a 1 and 3 for Walsh. Hopefully, this works out as well. Griffin will have the needed sense of urgency and lose the celebrity status pretty quickly if he had it.

  29. Really? … Another quarterback?

    After giving up a ton of draft choices to move up to the second spot to grab RGIII?

    They won’t have a full compliment of draft choices for at least two more years – and they waste one on a clipboard holder? What is the logic in this?

    And I’m sure Cousins is elated to begin his pro career as a designated career backup.

    This makes no sense.

    They should not allow liquor in the Redskins draft room.

  30. Fools. Unless you are coming off a Super Bowl and have a perfect roster, your team has NO business spening a 4th on another QB unless his name is Manning. What is Shanahan thinking?

  31. No reason whatsoever for Dilfer to revise prediction.

    If Cousins develops the way Dilfer thinks he will, and Griffin is as good as expected, the Skins will flip Cousins to some QB needy team in two years for a second round pick.

  32. Dumb move unless it’s just for trade bait. A second pick (trading way multiple picks) and then take another QB at 102. They have many other needs. They’re going to pay RG3 $20 million to set behind a fourth rounder makes NO sense.

  33. getsome99 says:Apr 28, 2012 2:55 PM

    “Typical dick move…”
    Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I suppose so if one is a self-loathing male. Or a lesbian. Or Jeff Spicoli (AKA Sean Adopted-Son-of-Hugo-Chavez Penn).

  34. What will Skin fans do if Griffin shows up looking like Heath Shuler and Cousins becomes the next Gus Frerotte?

    Just saying Skin fans, Shuler was a “can’t miss” boom or bust type of player coming out, too. Actually, he had a lot more of a track record from Tennessee to think he’d succeed.

  35. Only Shannahan can f*ck this up. Every other NFL coach would have a solid citizen type backup for RJ to lean on. Shannahan loves to play his mind games. I hate the guy.

  36. This makes no sense on any level.

    Why put any pressure on your rookie QB?
    Why waste a pick on a guy who, in your best case scenario, will be a lifetime backup?

    I don’t think it’s one of those “well if RG doesn’t pan out…” any more than it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

  37. Smart move. RGIII has bust written all over him. They need a backup plan, and this is just being proactive.

  38. KIR says: Apr 28, 2012 2:39 PM

    @exibitsman says: Apr 28, 2012 12:47 PM

    cousin’s. will be the starting. QB in 2013. rg3 is the most overated. QB sense Vince young the media created this dreaded. fool.
    Every comment you make is hateful toward one group of players. When 75% of the league is made up of thos players it must make life very enjoyable for a measurable person.
    KIR, maybe he just hates on anyone more intelligent than he. 😉

  39. I’m surprised Cousins lasted til the 4th round. This kid is as good as any QB in the draft. I know no one will agree with me, but people might discover this in 4 seasons.

    I saw Michigan State’s bowl game and Cousin’s 2nd half performance and was amazed and not how he just how he kept driving down for scores, but I was amazed at his poise, strength, and accuracy when he threw the ball. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to have a nervous bone in his body.

    I think the scouts got it wrong on him. It’s a shame he will have to back up RG3.

  40. @ kir an ckl. exibitsman has the right to express his views I call it as I see it . I guarantee that RG3 is sitting on the bench in his second season and out of the league by his 5 th year it happens all the time with athletic QBs there body’s can’t take the pounding that’s my veiw on it. I have been scouting these drafts since 1979. 32years experience .

  41. When teams line up and come asking for Cousins, we will see. I don’t see the big deal. The Skins have no need for starters other than at QB. They filled their O-line depth needs and ILB depth needs and CB depth needs. They could afford this to ensure a quality backup. They’ve drafted 21 players in the last two drafts. Losing two future picks in 2013 and 2014 is nothing. Shanahan has shown he knows how to trade back and accumulate picks. I would not be surprised if the Skins have 8 or 9 more picks next year. They already have New England’s 5th rounder next year.

  42. @exibitsman

    If you’ve been “scouting these drafts since 1979”, then I can safely assume that you’re in your 40’s, at least, and yet, you gave the grammar of a twittering 15 year old, or Jim Irsay. How about you scount an English class for a few years.

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