Steelers steal Chris Rainey

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Florida’s Chris Rainey is one of the best athletes in the 2012 NFL draft, and the only player who won three different events at the Scouting Combine. As the 159th overall pick to the Steelers late in the fifth round, he could prove to be a steal.

Rainey was the overall leader at the Combine in the 60-yard shuttle (11.06 seconds), 20-yard shuttle (3.93 seconds) and three-cone drill (6.50 seconds), and although there are questions about his size (5-foot-8 and 180 pounds) and off-field issues (he was arrested in 2010 for stalking an ex-girlfriend), there’s no question that Rainey is an elite athlete who can make plays with the ball in his hands, as a runner, receiver or returner.

At the Combine Rainey compared himself to Darren Sproles as an athlete and said he’d like to have that kind of impact in the league. He also vowed to be a hard worker on special teams, not just as a return man but running down the field covering kicks, and trying to block kicks.

The Steelers’ offense got better early in the draft with offensive linemen David DeCastro and Mike Adams, and now both the offense and the special teams have gotten better on Day Three with Rainey.

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  1. Get ready for Steelers fan proclaiming they had the best draft in 3…2…1…

    Funny thing is nothing will change from last year! The Ravens will sweep again, and win AFCN!

  2. Again the Steelers “steal” this guy. If it were the Bengals it’d be Bengals “stalk” another criminal.
    Double standard.

  3. Sorry ravenator can’t exactly talk about great drafts till a few years after they occur….you must be genuinely worried about it turning out well 😉

    Anyways as a Steelers fan I’m happy that we’ve given ourselves a chance at a good draft. Delighted with deCastro if half the hype is true he’ll be an excellent starter next to pouncey for many years. Adams I’m skeptical about but I trust the coaches to maximise his undoubted talent along with Gilberts for future bookends. Don’t know much about Spence but if he can step in as Farriors replacement in long term I’ll be thrilled, and Sean Spence just sounds like a lb name doesn’t it? Got great value for the nose in the 4th, he should learn from Casey and compete with mcclarron for the starting spot whenever Casey Hampton is done. As for this guy, I’ll take a Darren sproles in round 5 all day long. It will be interesting to see how they actually perform when we look back in future.

  4. Through the 4th round the AFC North Grade average by the NFL Network are:

    Browns – 74.73 (Note 2 1st round picks, 6 overall)
    Bengals – 83.08 (Note: 5 overall)
    Ravens – 75.35 (Note: Traded out of 1st round, 4 overall)
    Steelers – 83.92 (Note 4 overall, traded up in 4th)

    Looks like the Bengals are going to be improving this year and doesn’t seem like the Ravens are going to be taking any steps forward. The Browns will be the Browns BUT the Steeler OL will be VASTLY improved. In Colbert I trust!

  5. ravenator says:
    Apr 28, 2012 3:41 PM
    Get ready for Steelers fan proclaiming they had the best draft in 3…2…1…

    Funny thing is nothing will change from last year! The Ravens will sweep again, and win AFCN!

    Trolling on a 5th rd pick?

    Sounds like somebody’s worried…

    My Advice: Don’t watch Chris Rainey’s highlight package if you want to sleep well tonight.

  6. “The Steelers are OK with criminals. Some teams are not.”

    Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer;

    Enlighten us, which teams are those again?

  7. I am hoping that he can make it as a P/K return guy b/c I don’t really like Brown being our return guy! As a change-up RB maybe but he isn’t going to be much of a blocking back with his size

  8. @ravenator

    What makes you think that y’all are going to sweep? Ya, it happened once, but let’s take a look at the history. We lead the overall series 18-14. And the most important stat, wait for it…3-0 in the playoffs! Dream on!

  9. If Barry Sanders came into the league now, would he be too small? He was 5’8″, 203 lb.

    I recall watching too many games when no-one on the Packers could catch up with Barry.

    After we finally could breath easier when Fran Tarkington retired (we couldn’t ever catch Fran either), then we had to start chasing Barry. It was a decade of frustration.

    I wonder if Reggie White could have shut down Barry Sanders going around Reggie’s end.

  10. Playoffs? Don’t talk about the playoffs?!?! Steelers were Tebow’d, one and done by a backup QB. Please tell me you did not just go there. Talk to me when your team is actually relevant.

  11. Ravenator jealousy is treatable stupidity isn’t. Ratbirds may have beaten us but can’t go very far. Last sb? Close you pie hole dominator

  12. Let’s see, there’s a consistent theme among journalists(loosely used), the Patriots, Steelers,Giants, Packers, Eagles and now include the Broncos in the mix as the teams who occupy time on the talking heads channels, and teams who get love regardless of who they draft.

    This guys going to be a big zero, you can count on it.

    On to New England, a majority of Bellicheks drafts are busts. Every year he is hailed as a draft genius and every year his picks bust.
    Brady has made him into this fantasy coaching guru. Very soon he will be exposed as the mediocre coach he really is.

  13. I guess we’re not going to draft a CB…I could have sworn we needed a couple?????

  14. A man who doesn’t understand boundaries and proper behavior when it comes to dealing with women.

    I wouldn’t expect him to land anywhere else.

  15. The Steelers and Bengals have had the best drafts in the AFC North with a slight edge to the Bengals (thanks to the Raiders for the Carson Palmer picks).

    The Ravens so-so, the Browns vomit-laden.

  16. sixburghsteelers says: Apr 28, 2012 4:18 PM

    I guess we’re not going to draft a CB…I could have sworn we needed a couple?????

    We have 4 picks in the 7th. I we are going to pick them there.

  17. Any team would be better with this kid on their team. I hate when people refer to new players with proven players but comparing him to Sproles could be spot on, this kid its fast too, real fast, I was hoping the Bucs had a chance at getting him but we had to many needs to address and we did well addressing them. Now A. Brown won’t need to be a return man with Rainey on board.

  18. ravenator says:
    Talk to me when your team is actually relevant.
    talk to me when your team actually goes to a Super Bowl, let alone wins one.

  19. I love this Rainey pick. Like DeCastro, he dropped into our lap.

    I am not thrilled with Adams but I do like his determination. The Steelers took him of their board and told him what he needed to do to get back on the board. He did what was required. That is determination.

    Spence has excellent knowledge of the game and is able to overcome his lack of physical domination on the field. (Like Ryan Clark)

    Ta’amu was on my wish list and was surprised that we was still on the boards that late. I would not consider him as much of a drop in our lap like DeCastro or Rainey, but we did get good value with him.

    My personal Rankings:

    DeCastro A+ (Immediate Starter)
    Adams B (3rd Year Starter, will see immediate reps)
    Spense B+ (3rd Year Starter, limited action 1st year)
    Ta’amu A (Late 2nd Season/3rd Year Starter, will be a 1st/2nd down player his 1st year)
    Rainey A (Should start off 3rd in the depth chart. Depends on Mendi’s health status. He is a little light for a 3rd down RB, so he might be used as a backfield option on play-actions in his 1st year)

    Overall through 5th round: A-

  20. Ravenator’s comments have that hollow, man-am-I-actually-terrified sound to them, but maybe that’s just me. Keep trying to convince yourself that the false hopes you got from 2011 aren’t going to be exactly the same as the false hopes you got from 2006. Your bi-decade flash in the pan has come and gone. Sorry.

  21. @ ravenator (once again)

    Playoffs? Really? Let’s talk about the playoffs! The only game that the pats won last year against a team above .500 was against your ravens, so don’t bring up the tebow thing because I promise you, we are over it and looking forward! Why don’t you just concentrate on making it out of the AFC!

  22. Okay okay okay..settle down.. Rainey is a name doesnt mean hes a “steal” I like the pick but steal is a bit over blown

  23. Very happy with the Steelers draft so far. They attacked the obvious OL problem, and added some apparent top athletic talent to the team. Great job, as usual!

    Funny how fans of other teams come here instead of paying attention to their home cooking. Ravenator and his team will be looking UP at us in the standings this year, after their “Super Bowl” wins last year. Hope they enjoyed it, it most likely won’t happen again!


  24. Everything you need to know about sixburgh rules: he is basing his opinion on the Bengals getting better and the Ravens going nowhere on draft grades when the draft isn’t even over yet as I type this. IMO, the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals have all had solid drafts, all seem to be getting great value and adressing needs. Even the Browns are getting some solid guys. Save your misinformed opinions for the regular season, or even better a couple of years down the road when you can truly grade a draft.

  25. To those who say Rainey is no Sproles: from 2005 draft:

    ANALYSIS: Lacking the size to be anything other then a role player at the next level, Sproles possesses all the intangibles and abilities needed as a third-down specialist. The versatility to handle the ball on offense coupled with his abilities as a return specialist makes him a justifiable middle-round choice.

    PROJECTION: Early Sixth Round

    Sproles went in the 4th round amoungst a number of long forgotten RBs. Rainey may have a career in the NFL; he probably needs to do some work in the weight room to add 10 or 20#’s just as Sproles did.

  26. sixburgh

    The Steelers feel they got their CB’s in last years draft with Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown. They may grab one if he is best player available in 7, but wouldn’t count on it.

  27. ravenator

    You’re right; the steelers were tebowed.

    The Ravens were Flaccoed.

    Just remember, he couldn’t even put up 300 yards on the worst defense in the NFL and they were putting 8 in the box the whole game.

    Blame the loss on Lee Evans, but the Ravens would have won if Flacco weren’t so average.

  28. Silly Steeler fans taking my comments as if I were “nervous”. Trust me, you need all the Oline help possible. Again, won’t make a difference with Suggs, Ngata, McPhee and now Upshaw playing.

    Lucky for all you homers, the sweep will be over quick. Get your excuses ready, I’ll be there to say I told you so. Oh and good luck with that cornerback situation. There’s going to be multiple “Tebow’d” moments this season. Can’t wait!!!

  29. Steelers do it again. No matter what team you are a fan of you have to admire their simple effective approach. Many teams including my birds overthink it year after year. Props to the Steelers for a good looking draft.

  30. “Rainey was the overall leader at the Combine in the 60-yard shuttle (11.06 seconds), 20-yard shuttle (3.93 seconds) and three-cone drill (6.50 seconds)…”
    If memory serves me correctly our former Bruce Campbell “won” a lot at the combine too.

    You see how that worked out.

  31. LOL @ravenator.
    Tell me again How many Super Bowls have the Ravens have won? Is it more than 6? Did they win one last year? Sounds to me like beating the Steelers twice in one year is like winning a Super Bowl to Ravens fans. Well, at least you have that. In Pittsburgh we don’t really care about who we sweep or don’t, our expectations are winning Super Bowls.

  32. jenniferxxx says:

    The Steelers are OK with criminals. Some teams are not.

    Aren’t you a Ravens fan? Well, then we know where your team stands, don’t we.

    By the way, XXX, I’m surprised someone in your industry is so judgmental.

  33. Ravenator’s just a troll. Ignore her. The only thing that matters is SB rings. Have all the Gatorade baths you want during the season. Until your team does it the final game of the year, you really should just your pie-hole and worry about your own team.

  34. Just some perspective – Ray Lewis and his posse murdered someone in Buckhead, GA. Put that in your hater pipe and smoke it.

  35. Jenniferxxx. Is that your porn name? I’m picturing you similar to that ugly chick accused of sending those bomb threats to the University of Pittsburgh. Then again, most Raven fans I’ve seen in at Piss-net Stadium don’t look much different than that.

  36. Here’s Rainey’s story: Two years ago he got into a fight with his girlfriend of three years. He left, then her a completely insane text message that said “Time to die, b*tch.” She called the cops and asked them to call him and talk to him. They got her to sign a stalking complaint, which she quickly dropped. No previous indication of abuse, and nothing since that incident.

    Rainey was suspended five games, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and was dropped after he completed his six-month probation. That’s the extent of it–a text message. Yeah, I think that text message deserved a response. A five-game suspension and six-month probation was a pretty serious response. But I don’t think it means no team should ever hire him.

  37. Put him on the field on third down with Wallace, Brown, Sanders and Cottrey. How are they going to cover?

  38. I am amused by all the posts about the past.. this is about the future. Have you all noticed that the Rooney’s basically fired their last OC because he wouldn’t put more stress on the running game? Then they draft two OL guys and a strengthen the running game through the draft. The Rooneys have been around long enough to see that the NFL runs in cycles. Most every playoff caliber team has built a defense to defend the New Englands and New Orleans of the NFL elite offensives. They will not have the personnel on the bench, let alone on the field to combat a pounding, running game with a quarterback that has the skills of Ben.

  39. Hey Ravenator,

    Here’s the truth, you took monster hits in free agency, and your draft was so-so at best. Your team took atleast a step back, while my team took two steps forward. Guess who’s going to win the division this coming season??? Hahahaha

    And the Bengals are coming. The Bengals may be the second best team in the division now. Because we’ve seen the best of Flacco..which is average at best. But Andy Dalton still has a higher ceiling.

    Bye, bye Ravens. Please re-assume your position of being our b**ch again. Hahaha

  40. This new offensive line makes the Steelers very dangerous. Very impressive draft! Go Steelers! In Colbert we trust! Welcome to the Steelers Rainey.

  41. Character issues? Who among us hasn’t sent a dumbass text message sometime? And while burning one before the Combine is extremely stupid, it isn’t exactly a capital offense. While my bias is obvious, from a purely football standpoint, the Steelers did very well. They addressed their needs, expecially offensive line, with quality players. And all they gave up was a 6th round pick to do it. There is a reason that teams like the Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, and Giants are always in the hunt. It is an excellent front office, scouting, and a willingness to avoid the temptation to bankrupt themselves on free agency pickups( a la Redskins). Overall, the entire AFC North had a great draft with the possible exception of the Browns. Surprise surprise there. A 29 yr old QB(when the season starts)….. seriously?

  42. I think I saw Ravenator today.

    He was wearing a t-shirt that said: “My team finally beat the Steelers and all we got out of it was a lower draft pick”

    The big boys in the league still measure a successful season by Lombardi’s, not just making the playoffs.

  43. @tfbuckfutter …

    As usual, we can count on you to show up on a Steelers thread to do a little sh*t-stirring. But the “It’s good to be Chris Rainey” story? Really? The kid was in high school then, dude. High school. He said the local high school fans were always buying him meals and handing him cash, so it was good to be Chris Rainey. That’s probably never happened to a football hero before.

    Yeah, let’s have an investigation. 🙄

  44. Threatening someone’s life is not the same as sending a ‘dumbass’ text message. Who among us hasn’t done it? Most sane people. Never ceases to amaze me how steeler fans are willing to defend criminals because they’re on the football team you root for. Sad.

  45. @

    tfbuckfutter says:
    Apr 28, 2012 8:07 PM

    For the record….this isn’t the first time the guy found himself in hot water because he’s stupid.

    It was, however, dropped when no one would corroborate his statements.


    Please tell me you have more understanding of people and human nature than your post indicates.

    Check out the date – 2006!!! The kid must have been all of 14 or 15 and perhaps from an underprivileged home/school life.

    Please tell me YOU want to be remembered for your own actions as a 15 year old…

  46. Deb, First….don’t refer to it as “the” story because you never heard about it until I posted it. Because you’d have no reason to be aware of it.

    Second….I post in a lot of articles. It just seems like I’m always bagging on the Steelers because you spend all your time in threads on that topic defending vainly their actions and character.

    Today alone I have made fun of Curtis Painter, Jeff Fisher, and Matt Leinart.

  47. .

    @Gary 15217

    “while burning one before the combine is extremely stupid”

    Does that apply to fans too ? I don’t think I could watch otherwise.

    Re steelers draft: Steelers fans believe that all their draft choices go to canton prior to rookie minicamp.

    And so what? A little optimism never hurts.



  48. Funny how the ravens finally have one successful year against the steelers and now all of a sudden they think they can play big boy football. Ravens fans want history to start and stop when it’s convenient for them…You have the wins from last year but what about the decade before that? How about you 0 wins against us in the playoffs? How about our 6 super bowl rings To your 1?There’s a reason why the steelers are an elite franchise and the ravens are only an after thought to the steelers.

  49. Special teams is a blast. The NFL needs to allow NO running starts by the kickoff teams (standing starts will lower acceleration after the ball is kicked) and move the kickoff line back.
    The young man could be a real stud.
    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Dog.

  50. tfbuckfutter says: Apr 28, 2012 10:08 PM

    Deb, First….don’t refer to it as “the” story because you never heard about it until I posted it. Because you’d have no reason to be aware of it.

    Second….I post in a lot of articles. It just seems like I’m always bagging on the Steelers because you spend all your time in threads on that topic defending vainly their actions and character.

    Today alone I have made fun of Curtis Painter, Jeff Fisher, and Matt Leinart.

    Sounds like you need to get a life?

  51. @tfbuckfutter …

    Actually, I’m a CFT regular and fan of a rival to Rainey’s college team. So I’m quite familiar with this particular lil newsmaker. Just hoping now that he’s a Steeler, he’ll leave the knuckleheaded comments to our QB and the other running back. And I comment regularly on teams throughout the league, but unlike you, I typically focus on the game.

    As for defending the players’ character, you need to brush up on your reading skills. I’d like to hope they have good character, but my only real concern is that they do their jobs and represent the team well. Some do a better job of that than others. Otherwise, you’ve seen me argue the evidence in legal cases or my position on game fouls and penalties. Nothing more. And I’ve argued just as vehemently for players on other teams as for ours.

  52. He doesn’t have Sproles’ wiggle, but he is just as fast.

    For a 5th rounder, the Steelers are getting a return man who can contribute on punt block & FG block teams as well. The preseason will determine if they want to give him 2-4 touches a game on offense.

    Good, if not very good, value.

  53. Rainey is a good kid. He made a stupid mistake. He paid for it and learned a lesson. In high school he lived with the Pouncey family for awhile and this reunification will be good for the Steelers who just a got more dangerous on offense and special teams.

  54. frenchy121212 says:Apr 28, 2012 7:15 PM

    “steal guy” is funny. 29 other teams didn’t think he was worth being picked sooner. There are no steals.


    That shows you how little you know …. try 31 teams not 29.

    A lot of players get looked over because of TEAM NEEDS. Just because a player gets skipped, does not mean they are not a good player. Teams are literally looking at hundreds of players.

    I guess Tom Brady was not a steal (6th Round) nor Donald Driver (7th Round).

  55. Once again, Ravens fans show that they can’t be objective and just want to spew trash talk and be immature.
    Ozzie Newsome has been a very effective draft guru for the organization, that I don’t deny. But it’s irritating when because of 1 season that the Ravens beat the Steelers home and away, the Ravens fans act like they own the league. If you have to focus that hard on beating us and then are inconsistent and not focused when playing other teams, you get your just desserts when you flame out in the most important game of the playoffs that springs you into the Super Bowl.
    That’s the difference between the Steelers organization re: front office, coaching staff, the players, and the Steelers fans vs. the Ravens counterparts. Steelers look forward to the Ravens games, and relish the opportunity to keep ahead in the rivalry. But they won’t sacrifice the ultimate prize for each and every season just to have verbal bashing rights, and the ultimate prize is to compete for the Super Bowl and win the damn thing. Baltimore gets so jazzed up for playing Pittsburgh, and then when they didn’t have the injuries the Steelers had against less talented teams this past season, they played like crap. Pittsburgh maintained their focus even if they didn’t win, & were more consistent.
    Ben’s now played in 3 Super Bowls with a winning record. Flacco hasn’t even been in one Super Bowl, and yet he keeps on pouting that the national and local media aren’t falling over themselves to pronounce him King of all the QB Land. Good luck with that, Raven ‘Nation’.

  56. tedmurph says:

    Threatening someone’s life is not the same as sending a ‘dumbass’ text message. Who among us hasn’t done it? Most sane people. Never ceases to amaze me how steeler fans are willing to defend criminals because they’re on the football team you root for. Sad.

    When Rainey sent his threatening text message, he was playing for Florida and I’m a diehard Alabama fan. My comment on CFT at the time, was basically To heck with suspending him–get that kid some anger-management counseling. It’s not a football issue. I did take the situation very seriously. But I was capable of seeing the difference between someone with no history of abuse making a threatening comment in anger, and someone getting physical. Stop playing holier than thou. My opinion now that he’s a Steeler is the same as when he was playing for my team’s rival.

  57. It absolutely IS a FB issue. As a representative of the team, a player is expected to conduct himself in a certain way off the field. Just seems to me some steeler fans(yourself being one of the worst offenders), jump thru hoops defending and making every excuse in the book for theswe miscreants so you can root for your laundry. It’s never there fault or it’s not as bad as it seems.

    I have no interest in what you thought yrs ago as an alabama fan, but I’ll give you an example of ‘holier than thou’ i think it’s reprehensible the Pats drafted Dennard, just because he was a value pick in the 7th round. He ‘alledgedly’ punched a cop. A steeler fan would be making excuses for him:, ‘noi big deal’ , ‘first offense’, cop put his face in a bad positon’, no witnesses coming forward etc. Th

  58. @tedmurph …

    You have no interest in what I posted about him when he was playing for Florida because it doesn’t fit your theme that I’m defending him because he’s been drafted by the Steelers. Your mission, should you prove intellectually capable of accepting it–which seems doubtful at the moment–is to wrap your mind around that fact that I made the argument that it wasn’t a football issue when he had nothing to do with the Steelers and was a rival to my team. Therefore obviously I’m not bending over backward to defend him because he’s a Steeler and have never done that with our players.

    Last season, I called for James Harrison to be suspended for his off-season comments to Men’s Journal. I supported Roethlisberger’s suspension for his outrageous behavior, even though the evidence supported his innocence of the rape allegation. I disagreed with Mendenhall’s comments about 9/11 and said he needs to learn that free speech has consequences and Champion has a right to remove him as its spokesperson (unless something in his contract with the company indicates otherwise). So you’re just making it up as you go.

    And the difference is that you’ve created your own narrative in your head rather than painting a realistic portait of my behavior.

  59. Your continued implication that Roethlisberger is an innocent victim despite his pattern of behavior going back to college is laughable and naive. Just because they couldn’t successfully prosecute him doesn’t indicate innocence. Guess you forget about going to the mat for Hines Ward after his DUI. Boy you really let Mendenhall have it, scolding him like a child, even though free speech is not supposed to garner financial punishment in this country. Good for going after Harrison, even the most ardent steeler fan couldn’t support him. There’s your realistic portrait.

  60. “Steelers steal Chris Rainey”


    Not a surprise.

    Not only are they known to “steal” but
    they also known for playing dirty…

  61. @tedmurph …

    Actually, I do support Harrison. He’s an interesting, intelligent man who’s risen above an extremely difficult history. But he has trouble reining himself in and sometimes that is a problem.

    As a rape survivor myself, I’m sure I take those issues far more seriously than a loudmouth on a blog just trying to slam a rival team. But when a woman texts people in the days following her one-night stand that she can’t wait to see a man again, then a year later sues him in civil court for $3 million claiming rape, I don’t see a rape victim. When another woman’s medical exam shows she never had intercourse with anyone that night, I know she was telling the truth when she initially insisted they didn’t even have sex–a story she later changed to fit a tale spun by the friend Roethlisberger had tossed from the party for ragging him about the Vegas lawsuit. Other than the stuff you guys have posted on the blogs, there hasn’t been any other sex assault accusation against him. The only credible knock against him is that he’s an egomaniac and kind of an ass. I’ve never denied that and am a vocal critic on that score.

    I was extremely disappointed that Hines Ward was driving under the influence. Where did I defend that behavior? I said we should wait to see if it’s true, then if so, let the law take its course. What did you expect me to do? Call for him to be flogged? I haven’t called for players from any other teams to be flogged when they’ve been arrested for DUI. In fact, I don’t even comment on that. I’m not their mother. Nor am I their judge. Nor do I believe they should lose their jobs for a DUI first offense anymore than I’d demand the manager of my local supermarket lose his. I don’t expect football players to be saints whether they play for my team or yours, and find it ridiculous that people like you get on blogs and act as though you’re judge, jury, and executioner. Mostly I just think guys like you are full of crap.

  62. It’s not the rival team I’m trying to slam here. Roethlisberger has beaten the rap 3 times, yet you continue to defend him. I guess the whole world is lying and the leader of the team your rooting for is telling the truth. There’s and old expression: ‘If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… The medical reports were inconclusive because they could only recover an inadequate amount of DNA. The victim asked that the charges be dropped because she didn’t want to face public scrutiny and BB’s army of lawyers. The DA couldnt go forward becaude he had a drunk victim that didn’t want to testify in a charge that is always hard to prove under the best of circumstances. Doesn’t mean he’s innocent. What did this girl have to gain?

    Yes, you wanted to wait for the facts on Hines Ward. This was after he had hit a curb @2:30 AM, reeked of alchohol, had glassy eyes and blew the breathalyser. Yeah, gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. I have no prob w/1rst timers pleaing on chgs. It’s your blind defense of these people because they’re steelers I have a problem with.

  63. @tedmurph …

    No, Roethlisberger has been accused twice. The nonexistent third accusation was a guy popping off on the radio; he later retracted his comment. If you were more involved in sexual assault issues, maybe you would have devoted the time I did to studying the evidence rather than the gossip sites.

    The first woman had a one-night stand with him, texted people afterward that she couldn’t wait to see him again, waited a year, then filed a civil suit for $3 million. I downloaded her complaint and read all the texts and e-mails that were released. The police in that jurisdiction said they had no evidence any crime had been committed and had no intention of ever opening a case.

    The woman in Milledgeville was alone with Roethelisberger less than 10 minutes. Her medical exam showed she had no intercourse with anyone that evening, with or without a condom. That’s why no charges were filed and no arrest was made. There was no rap to beat. The DA said he didn’t have probable cause to believe a crime had even occurred. I read every official document on that case and haven’t defended Roethlisberger; I’ve argued the evidence.

    When I said we needed to wait for the evidence on Hines, all we knew was that he’d been arrested. I did not know then that he reeked of alcohol and had hit a curb–and I believe he also failed a breathalyzer. That was the evidence I was waiting for. I never defended Hines once that evidence came out. Again, you’re creating your own false narrative.

    I’ve criticized Hines many times, including for that DUI. Ben is a terrific QB, although he could be better if he worked harder. But I’m not a fan of him personally since learning so much about him the last three years. However, the evidence says he didn’t rape anyone–in fact, it suggests the first false accusation, coupled with his idiotic behavior, fueled the second false accusation. If you followed the issue, you’d know women making false rape accusations is not uncommon. My persistence on this issue has a lot more to do with women screwing up the system for real victims than with Roethlisberger. Meanwhile, are you as concerned with Perrish Cox, L.T., and Nate Webster as you are with Ben?

  64. I’m highly dubious you were able to download court documents and read e-mails contained within. Even if you did, if those emails say what you said they did the judge THROWS HER CASE OUT. Even if THAT didn’t happen, despite the way things are sometimes done, BB had a choice: Settle for about .5mil or pay the court costs to clear his name if he was so clearly innocent(meaning he wouldn’t have to pay 3mil). If I had BB’s means and it was a sex offense, I know what I’d do. His name gets dragged thru the mud more cause he settled than if he didn’t. Just doesn’t pass the smell test. Obviously there was no criminal complaint because she waited a yr. Many women never report it at all.

    As for the Ga. women, 10 min is plenty of time. Use some common sense. What do you think happened in that bathroom with his body guard keeping watch. The medical exam catagorically shows NO intercouse occurred. You made that up. There’s no test for that(I have a backround in the medical field, don’t even bother). The exam showed superficial lacerations, bruising and slight bleeding in the genital area. There was no semen and not enough DNA to test(which puzzled many DNA experts). There was no evidence of sexual assault or trauma. This DOES NOT MEAN they didn’t have non-concentual sex. The girl said she didn’t resist because she was drunk and afraid of him. The DA did not have enough evidence to convict or a plausibe(sober) witness. He couldn’t go forward with the case. You seem to think this is some sort of exoneration of BB. It isn’t. The demeanor of the DA and the Judge indicate what they thought. Only a handful of people in the country(all steeler fans) would try to defend this guy. He must be really unlucky to have it happen to him 3 times, while it doesn’t happen to nearly all of the other currently playing rich, famous players. Can’t be his fault.

    Yes, you continued to defend Ward with statements such as ‘it could happen to most people’, amougst others. One of the most pathetic excuses for DUI there is.

    Finally, yes, I’m concerned about all perpetrators of sexual abuse. Also concerned about people that deny, make excuses and enable them. Esp for the sake of a spectator sport.

  65. Isn’t this about Chris Rainey? If you ladies want to talk about court cases, feel free to jump on myspace and argue there. You’re not even discussing Football at this point.

  66. @tedmurph …

    Well, tedmurph, maybe you should have invested in a journalism degree and have a brother and sister-in-law who invested in law degrees and have a criminal defense practice. Andrea McNulty’s complaint was available online as a pdf file through Nevada public records when it was initially filed. And because this involved my team and an issue that hits close to home, I wanted to read in her words an account of what she said happened and discuss it with my brother.

    I just pulled it up in my files. It was case no. CV09 02222, Dept. 10, filed Jul 17 2009 at 3:57 p.m., in the second Judical District Court of the State of Nevada in and for the County of Washoe. The complaint was filed by Calvin R. X. Dunlap, Esq. and Monique Laxalt, Esq., listing the plaintiff as Andrea McNulty and the defendants as Ben Roethlisburger; John Koster; Guy Hyder; Dave Monroe; Mike Rosenow; Debbie Neall; Bryan Casuscelli; Stacy Dingman; DOE DEFENDANTS I-XX (individuals who participated in and committed acts alleged herein, individually, or along with or at the direction of other Defendants, and/or conspired with other Defendants to cause the harms alleged herein).

    Since you clearly know nothing about this case, all those people would be her coworkers, about whom she spent more time ranting in this complaint than she spent talking about the guy she claimed raped her. As someone with a lot of experience with rape victims, I can tell you that’s a little odd.

    Don’t call me a liar, jackass. And any Steelers fan on this site can tell you the Milledgeville DA’s office released the entire file of reports and interviews on that case. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted the links to all that material. You were too busy playing vengeful rival fan to do any research.

    What they found in the case was a sample of DNA so small and so degraded it could not be tested using the most sophisticated method of identity testing–PCR–used by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab. That, plus a complete absence of pubic hair, sweat, skin, semen, or any other body fluid indicated the sample had been left from a much earlier encounter and that she’d likely showered afterward. Asked by reporters whether she’d had sex with someone else earlier in the day, the DA said he could not violate her privacy. Again, you’d know this about DNA samples if you’d done the research. In one instance, a rapist filmed himself raping an unconscious woman after he’d carefully put on a condom. Despite the fact that he’d used a prophylactic and she was unable to offer any resistance, examiners still found his semen and and other DNA on her body. But you’re arguing that a sloppy drunk could have forced a woman into sex–with both of them getting undressed and redressed and reappearing to the crowd in less than 10 minutes without leaving one drop of identifiable DNA.

    You are a fool with a vendetta against a football team, and I’m tired of you taking it out on me.

  67. And I DID NOT defend Hines Ward AFTER the details of his arrest were publicized. When it was first announced that he was arrested, I posted this:

    Deb says:
    Jul 9, 2011 12:18 PM
    I was momentarily stunned about Hines … especially given that he made several posts on Facebook yesterday discussing the dangers of texting while driving. But reading the asinine comments here quickly brought me back to reality.

    It’s not that difficult to wind up over the limit, boys–and studies show even one drink can impair your driving reactions. I imagine a lot of guys here are throwing stones from glass houses. Hines has never been one to play the prima donna, and I doubt he will now. He generally owns his screwups.

    After we found out that he was, indeed, drunk-driving, I posted this, among other similar comments:

    Deb says:
    Jul 18, 2011 11:46 AM
    @bensstinkyfingers …

    Hope you’re very young. I’d hate to think of a grown man acting so silly or adopting such a vulgar name. You must not read my posts because I give the same presumption of innocence to all players that I do to Steelers. And I haven’t excused Hines. He failed a field sobriety test and blew .128 on a Breathalyzer. He had no business being behind the wheel, and I’m extremely disappointed in his behavior. But people screw up, dude. They’re people, not saints. Playing football doesn’t make men infallible.

    If you’re determined to try and memorize my posts, get it right. Again, did you want me to suggest flogging? Didn’t do it with Orlando Brown or even Donte Stallworth. Why would I do it with Hines? I don’t generally beat up football players for rival teams–even when I don’t like them–the way you do. Check out my recent comment on Ryan Leaf. Twit.

  68. Journalism degree? Wow. 2yr school or 4? I call you with an B.S. in Biology and raise you an M.S. in computer science. Your old professors must be so proud you need to argue by calling people names like ‘jackass’ and ‘fool’. You continually say you read an email where the woman said she ‘couldn’t wait to see Ben again’. That would be proof against her. Produce a link to that and I’ll apologize for calling you a liar. Otherwise…

    I’m not ‘vengeful’to the steelers, I enjoy the rivalry. It’s not like the steelers have been much of a threat to the Pats. I just can’t stand a small percentage of their nitwit fans.

    You continually say in you posts that the medical exam on the GA girl showed no intercourse. Give me a link to where the medical staff said that. I read the Pitts-Gaz articles previously, as well as all the links. Guess was that another embellishment or inference on your part. Whether this girl had sex earlier and took a shower is irrelevant. No testable DNA is unlikely(the experts were puzzed, even a minute amt should have been enough, shower or not), but certainly not unprecedented. Believe me, I’ve forgotten more about the subject of DNA testing than you’ll ever know. There is no evidence non consentual sex didn’t occur, yet you continue to post it. What do you think they did in that bathroom, played e gin rummy? You don’t believe it because you don’t want to believe it, as with all BB’s defenders.

    You absolutely continued to defend Ward. I gave you an example. Another slip of the tongue, I guess. Go back and read your own posts, they’re still there.

  69. @tedmurph …

    Might be impressed if your degrees were relevant to the discussion. They’re not. You said I wouldn’t be able to access that material. Writing and researching for a living is how people learn where to look. That’s why I mentioned it–not because I wanted to play one-upmanship. That’s your schtick. And since you just admitted you, too, have read the documents from Milledgeville, there’s no reason for me to waste my evening sifting back through those documents for that medical information. Clearly no matter how much documentation I provide, you will just continue to deny its existence.

    I did reread my comments on Hines. That’s how I was able to post quotes from them. Would have thought that was obvious, but when people are so neurotically wedded to their own obsessive narratives, guess they can’t see the forest for the trees. Obviously you just intend to ignore reality in favor of your own fictional narrative.

    As for calling you a fool and a twit, you’ve repeatedly called me a liar and claimed to know my thoughts and words better than I do. You’ve accused me of being someone so shallow I’d ignore my own traumatic assault and defend evidence demonstrated was guilty over something as superficial as his football skill. That is worlds beyond calling someone a fool or a twit. But you are too egocentric to grasp it.

    You’ve made abundantly clear that you’ll keep hurling these unfounded and deeply personal insults at me no matter how many of my previous comments I quote or how much evidence I post. So it’s long past time to end this nonsense. Enjoy your fantasy and any last words you want to toss out. I won’t be back to see them.

  70. Also, ask yourself a very simple question. Why would this GA girl accuse him if it wasn’t true? Did it look like she was having fun during the process? The police interregation? Did her family?. Think she was happy to drop out of school? Did she come after his money? Since she made it go away, it wasn’t the notoriety. Take a guess. I’d love to hear it. Some anti- rape advocate. Never seen one stick up for the perps. At least you’re different. Lets get those millions of gold diggers trying to game the system. Forget about all the victims that are too scared to report it. That’s what all the boring advocates do.

  71. @tedmurph …

    Unfortunately, your comment came up the same time as mine. So let me correct this last little bit of misinformation before signing off–although you won’t pay any attention to it.

    She was drunk out of her skull. Witnesses said she’d been following Roethlisberger from club to club, pinching him and trying to attract his attention, and paying for her own liquor before following him into Cap City where he was buying rounds for the table, of which she partook. Witnesses not involved with either the woman or Roethlisberger said she was all over him to the point that he appeared embarrassed, that she told the men in his party her pin said she was “down to f*ck,” and that they were engaging in extreme, mutual sexual dialog before disappearing together for less than 10 minutes.

    At some point in the evening, one of her friends started ragging on Roethlisberger about the Nevada lawsuit and he threw her out of the party. After the accuser left the party and met up with her friend, that woman and another dragged her to a cop and insisted she’d been raped. She repeatedly said she had not and that she didn’t even have sex. She didn’t change that story until later when this same friend took her to the police station. The DA later said he believed the accusation was alcohol-fueled and that he hoped her sorority sisters had learned their lesson. That’s not something seasoned DAs say when they believe a rapist is getting away for lack of evidence. She did not quit school. In fact, she went on a trip with her sorority the following weekend.

    Both Roethlisberger and this woman were behaving like drunken sots, and probably couldn’t tell you their own names. No one would look happy with that hangover the next morning when she was talking to the cops and trying to string together a coherent story to save face with her friends. Don’t talk to me about scared rape victims and how they really act or what they really say or remember. I’ve talked to dozens. I know what they sound like. You don’t know spit.

    Now I’m done.

  72. Documentation you provide? You repeat two main points indicating BB’s innocence. I’ve read
    everything out there on the GA incident. Name one thing I’ve said that’s ‘fiction. Didn’t think so.

    1. Email you supposedly read from court papers. No documentation.

    2. Intercourse didn’t happen in the second situation. Not only is there no documentation, there is no way to prove that.

    Only one conclusion to draw here.

    While I sympathize about whatever happened to you, it’s also a cheap card to play. Trying to charachterise this discussion as hurling deeply and personal insults because you can’t defend your poition is BS. Your concern for cleaning up the system from false accusations is a little troubling.

    ‘ defend evidence demonstrated was guilty over something as superficial as his football skill’ Sorry, that’s exactly what I think.

    Egocentric? Where did that come from? I’m out

  73. She has dropped out of school. She accused a man of rape because she got thrown out of a party? You can’t seriously believe that.

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