Bruce Irvin vows to pay off for the Seahawks

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The draft’s biggest surprise came in the middle of the first round, when the Seahawks after trading down from No. 12 to No. 15 took former West Virginia defensive end Bruce Irvin.

Regarded as a reach by those who didn’t realize multiple teams had Irvin rated among the top 15 available players, Irvin says he’ll justify the Seahawks’ faith in him.

“People say 15 was a reach,” Irvin said, via the Associated Press.  “I don’t think it was a reach.  I didn’t expect to go 15, I’m not going to lie about that, but they felt different and I don’t blame them for it.  I’m going to come in here and it’s going to pay off for them.”

Seahawks fans hope he will, especially since players like Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram were still on the board when the Seahawks selected Irvin.

Apart from his controversial arrival to the NFL, Irvin brings other compelling factors to the NFL table.  He had a rough upbringing, spent two weeks in jail as a teenager, dropped out of high school, and then turned his life completely around, becoming one of the best pass rushers in college football.

As he enters the NFL, Irvin arguably is as much of a project as the 15th overall pick from two years ago.  But things have worked fairly well for Jason Pierre-Paul.

Perhaps the biggest benefit arising from the decision to pick Irvin is that, regardless of the outcome, people beyond the Pacific Northwest will be paying attention to the Seahawks, for reasons other than their new uniforms.

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  1. Good to see you not taking another pointless shot at the new threads.

    Irvin could only play on third downs, but if he gets 10 sacks and helps the secondary get picks, he’ll be a resounding success.

  2. I’m just hoping Irvin can manage to become a starter—something he wasn’t able to do in college.

    Is Carroll the first knucklehead in history to draft a kid who wasn’t even a starter, in the first round?

  3. Give some credit to Pete Carroll. He is thinking outside the realm of college ball. This guy could have tremendous upside. Was it a gamble in the first round ? Yes. The potential is there. When his job is on thin ice this year you have to take your chances. Will it pay off ? Maybe. If it does all the haters will go back under the bridge trolling.

  4. I don’t know if people saw it as much of a reach as more of “Why him over a guy like Ingram?”

    He may have been top 15 on some boards (notice you don’t say whose) but was he HIGHER, all things considered than Ingram, Coples, Perry etc.

    It’s not just about where this kid went but who else was available at the same time.

  5. “people beyond the Pacific Northwest will be paying attention to the Seahawks”

    It’s always nice to see the ignorance come out when people reveal they haven’t been paying attention. Like all the wannabe draftniks and supposed “experts” talking about how he’s not a 4-3 DE or a OLB. They obviously don’t know Seattle really plays a hybrid 4/3-3/4, and have never heard Carroll talk about the LEO position.

    The LEO is what took Chris Clemons from averaging 4 sacks per season over his first five seasons to 11.0 sacks per season in Seattle. Long-term, Irvin will be pegged to develop into Clemons’ replacement, since Clemons is 31 and on the last year of his contract.

    In the meantime, Irvin will immediately be put on the field in passing situations, which are about sixty percent of the plays these days anyway. He’s going to have plenty of opportunity to prove people wrong.

  6. Pete said he’ll be used to rush the passer on third downs, and will one day take over for chris clemons. This is why the hawks took him. To be a Leo defensive end. All the haters are talking trash saying this was a reach, but should realize we got 2 extra picks for moving back. That’s 2 dt’s and one situational pass rusher for the twelfth pick. I say it was a good move.

  7. Pete Carroll thinks he’s the best DE that’s ever played this game and will EVER play.

  8. What an amazing story! Talk about turning right when he easily could have stayed to the left. Always good to hear stories about the road less traveled. The years to come will show how the story ends. He sounds like a guy that has figured it out. For his sake lets hope that’s the case and he continues his successful life turnaround with a successful NFL career.

  9. Its a fact unless you have been to hawks home game u have no clue how important this leo position is and how dominant it can be with the right guy. if bruce even gets 7 or 8 sacks its gona free up clem even more. this was the correct and most needed pick. bruce would not hv made it to pick 43. we have big red bryant so do have picked coples at 15 just doesnt fit the hybrid D period. kiper and the like are focused on thier generic boards. i find it interesting thier lack of study on true team needs as it relates to each city.

  10. You have to remember, Houston was going to take him as their 1st round pick. Pete just beat them to the punch. Nice pick if you ask me.

  11. You don’t get sacks when the offense rushes the ball.

    So…Even if all he does is play passing downs…if he gets 10+ sacks then it is worth it.

    Sea already has a rushing Defense, they needed to get sacks.

  12. Pete Carrol knows exactly what he wants and what he’s getting. He has a special position that fits Bruce Irvin to a T. The off-field issues are in his past and the most recent issue turned out to be nothing. He’s a good kid who has turned his life around in a major way. He’ll be fine there. Also, for those who say he’s a one-trick pony, you’re right. The one trick, though, is sacking the quarterback, which is kind of a big deal. Those comparing him to Quinton Coples…wow. Check out the explosiveness of the two of them side by side. Bruce was done with the 3 cone drill by the time Coples got to the second cone! No comparison there. Ingram is a good one, though. I could see wanting him. I don’t think Seattle will regret this pick as long as they don’t think he’ll stuff the run or cover backs/receivers.

  13. My favorite response in this thread..

    “If Irvin gets 10 sacks…..”

    And if he doesn’t?

    This was a dumb pick. Petey wanted to look smart, and well, he isn’t that smart.

  14. Love this pick, and per the experts and people who actually have 1st hand knowledge of the situation, the Jets, and Texans at least wanted this kid in the 1st also.

    I’m glad all you zombies just trust what Kipper says, because Kipper knows best!

  15. The NFL is a pass every down league and Irvin will get significant playing time from the git go. He might not be the best at run support but the Hawks have significant size and speed in linebackers and defensive backs.

    If you base your judgment on past NFL mantras you’ve got to update your view on how the NFL offense works these days.

  16. Irvin is a total SAVAGE. He’s going to terrorize much like Aldon Smith did last year for SF.

    Had to get a uniforms shot in there? Seattle’s new uniforms are terrific! Especially if you learn the backstory about the tributes to the Pacific Northwestern history and culture, as well as the inclusion of the 12th man in their design.

  17. I’ve lived in West Virginia and been a Mountie fan my whole life. Irvin excelled as a 3rd down specialist 2 years ago when Chris Neild (now with the Redskins and doing well) was clogging up the middle, eating double teams. Last season he was on the field as a starter and his production dropped significantly. Time will tell how he’ll do with NFL caliber players next to him and across from him. I’m a 49ers fan so I kinda have to cheer against him twice a year, but just like Neild, Tandy, and Goode I’ll wish him all the best. He’s a good kid, checkered past, but never a problem in Morgantown.

  18. Who the hell is Kipper?

    And forget what “Kipper” says anyway…

    Tell me how Irvin is better than Ingram?

    Someone, anyone—explain that one.

    And, as I said above—forget “Kipper”, explain how Irvin’s size isn’t going to get him steamrolled? He’s a one down pony.

  19. For people saying he’s undersized, look at Robert Mathis. I think he just might have been pretty successful, and I don’t know about now, but early on in his career he was extremely productive while only weighing between 245-250lbs. He was 235 coming out of college. I also think Irvin is more explosive than Mathis. I hope the best for this kid and I think Carroll is going to do extremely well with utilizing him. Great pick in my opinion.

  20. “Tell me how Irvin is better than Ingram?”

    Ingram isn’t fast enough for the style of defense Carroll is building in Seattle.

    Irvin has DB speed that will allow the Hawks to keep their DBs in pass coverage while throwing a linebacker sized guy into the backfield to put pressure on the quarterback.

    Seattle has a 6’3″ corner, 6’4″ corner and a 6’3″ Strong Safety.

    The Hawks allowed 59.7% pass completion which was better than average however it could have been much better had they been able to put significant pressure on opposing QBs.

    I can’t disagree that Ingram would have been better in years gone by where teams ran the ball a lot more but with the new pass happy NFL, players like Irvin will be coming out of the woodwork.

  21. Irvin will have 10 home sacks in 2012!! This was a specific need pick and he was the best pass rusher in the draft..with a loud and hostile environment like century link field IRVIN IS PERFECT!!! Pete and John are a killer team and with the additions of flynn and Wilson (two very underated, very talented, true leaders!) and signing all their returning players the Seahawks are ready to take back the west!!!! Hate away but soon reckonize because u can’t hide!!

  22. “Ingram isn’t fast enough for the style of defense Carroll is building in Seattle.

    Irvin has DB speed that will allow the Hawks to keep their DBs in pass coverage while throwing a linebacker sized guy into the backfield to put pressure on the quarterback.”
    First of all, I get it. You didn’t watch much college football. Ingram is a freakish athlete, in fact, Spurrier used him on a fake punt to score a td. In the SEC.

    No one is wishing Irvin fails. The argument is where he should have been drafted. Carroll could have traded down, and still landed Irvin. And, when we look back at this, I am willing to wager that Ingram has much more impact to his team than Irvin does for Seattle.

  23. @nagurski, several websites claim “numerous” reports of Jets, Texans, Ravens and 49ers were considering taking Irvin. Rang from CBS Sports, fer instance.

  24. I experienced disappointment each of the last two drafts for the Seahawks only to ultimately be impressed with the players’ talent, fit into Carroll’s scheme and the overall success they have had with those players. I had the same experience with this year’s draft, but now I actually see some rhyme in the reason. I trust that the success will continue.

  25. Compare his size and combine performance to Javon Kearse, they are eerily similar. “The Freak” had a great career in Tennessee before injury slowed him down. He’ll learn under Clem on passing downs this season and be groomed to take over.

    …still couldn’t resist another knock on the uniforms I see.

  26. thepancreas says:
    Apr 29, 2012 8:47 AM
    I’m just hoping Irvin can manage to become a starter—something he wasn’t able to do in college.

    Is Carroll the first knucklehead in history to draft a kid who wasn’t even a starter, in the first round?


    Tyron Smith (kept on the right side by Matt Kalil), Cadillac Williams, Jason Pierre Paul and Felix Jones off the top of my head.

    If you’re going to talk trash at least know what you are talking about.

  27. Bruce did start his senior year. His numbers were down because he had a big target on his back because he was such a good pass rusher the year before. In the NFL its harder to spare a extra guy jus to double team him like college. He can only get stronger and bigger his first season in the NFL will be his 6th year playing organized football.

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