Caleb King administered alleged beating after being teased

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More details have emerged regarding Saturday’s arrest of Vikings running back Caleb King.  And they’re as troubling as they are ludicrous.

According to a statement from the Anoka County Sheriff, via Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the alleged beating came after the victim teased King “about his resemblance to a celebrity.”  The victim now has 50 stitches in his head, and he may have “very serious brain damage.”

Anyone who would react that violently to being teased already has very serious brain damage.

Meanwhile, the Vikings have yet to summarily release King.  “I was made aware of it today,” G.M. Rick Spielman said, per Fowler.  “I don’t have any further comment on it right now.  We’re still collecting and gathering information.”

They need to gather quickly.  If they don’t, opponents to the proposed stadium bill could use the team’s inaction as ammunition to kill the measure.

59 responses to “Caleb King administered alleged beating after being teased

  1. Wtf?

    He and the Davis’s little brother need to be put in a steel cage death match, for the good of society. The only question is: hammers or bare hands?

  2. damn, 50 stitches and brain damage
    we don’t need guys who would do something like that walking around in everyday life or in the nfl. enjoy your prison time and what are you gonna do when bubba give you crap for looking like beyonce or selena gomez? you got a pretty mouth.

  3. Maybe someone told him he looked like Khloe Kardassian. That would inspire violence in anyone.

    And seriously…..

    “Homeowners took the victim inside and refused to call 911, the report says, but the sheriff’s office tracked the victim’s cellphone location from the attempted call inside the car. The homeowner told a deputy outside of the home
    that there was no problem, the report says.

    The alleged victim is in serious condition at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.

    King, who has not been charged, was arrested on 192nd Avenue, where the party was, and he denies assaulting the man, the report says, saying the man “simply fell to the ground when King was talking to him.” ”

    I hope everyone involved ends up with 50+ stitches and brain damage. What a bunch of idiots.

  4. If you read the linked story – it it even more messed up than the charge of 3rd degree assault would have you believe. I hear ‘3rd degree assault’ and I think shoving match or something similar, not pulling a guy out of the car to punch him in the head a bunch of times before throwing him head-first to the ground.

    And then it got weirder – the guy was pulled to safety by nearby homeowners who then refused to call 911 for him. WTF is that???

    I am thinking King is going to face aggravated assault charges before this is done, maybe even attempted manslaughter. The homeowners could faces charges as well. And should.

  5. Where are all those funny(not), yet oh so classy(not), Vikings fans that were ragging on the Bengals for signing Burfict???

    How does your own back yard look like????

    I believe Minnesota, Denver, Miami, and Tampa have the highest player arrest totals over the last few years.

  6. What!? I thought the NFL was big on the no bullying policy!? I think Caleb was just enforcing it!

    Also…which celeb are we thinking he was called that was worth almost murdering someone??

  7. Why can it not be an “eye for an eye”? Chances are nothing will happen to this guy, it’s a shame someone cannot do the same thing to this guy, it seems fair to me. At least if he does go to jail he will welcomed by many brothers…

  8. They need to gather quickly. If they don’t, opponents to the proposed stadium bill could use the team’s inaction as ammunition to kill the measure

    That makes zero sense. Stop clutching at straws. May as well bring up the Loveboat scandal as well with that thinking.

  9. I don’t think cutting a practice squad RB is a make or break for the new stadium however it also seems silly to hold on to a non-factor guy when it could result in any bad PR.

  10. I really don’t think the 4th string RB getting arrested has anything to do with whether or not the Viking’s stadium bill passes.

  11. It is sad to hear some of the details behind the event. It shows a loss of control. I would object to the use of the word “brain damage” regarding Caleb King’s reaction. It clearly was out of proportion to the event. However, it points to some way of being hurt in past, not being able to deal with and having a lot of anger related to past. What Caleb did hear is in excusable regardless of whatever legal “fanagaling” comes up. It is a sad and tragic event with several lives altered due to some unwise actions on the part of many.

  12. He’s a practice squad running back for God’s sake! Rick……release him, Mike…….stop saying that a player that most Vikings fans haven’t even heard of until today is going to derail the stadium effort. Let’s all get some sleep now, thanks.

  13. Really pushing the angle that this thing could affect the stadium bill, aren’t you? Horse feathers. The stadium fight is way bigger than that.

  14. Damn…who is the referenced celebrity? Richard Simmons…Chaz Bono or worse? He needs to develop a thicker skin against name calling or he’s gonna end up fighting everyday to keep his back door virginity in prison. He may end up doing that anyway. Bummer…

  15. No the chance the stadium bill is getting killed because some knucklhead on the practice squad lost it. If that were the case, opponents of the bill would use the numerous off-field mishaps in Vikings history. Just silly nonsense.

  16. The NFL is chalked full of turds like this guy.

    People rag on Goodell for being too heavy handed, but he’s trying to keep some kind of control of these idiots before all hell breaks loose.

  17. maybe that person and now others will think twice before teasing someone now.maybe Caleb had issues with being bullied when a kid?? you don’t know.

  18. Violent aggressive behavior on the field is acceptable; it is part of the sport. Off the field is a totally different matter. His on/off switch is broken and he deserves whatever he gets along with his new teammates (cell mates) in prison where he belongs. Admittedly, we do not know the facts surrounding this terrible incident but it appears pretty damming…

  19. “MAY have very serious brain damage”. I think we need to clear up that “MAY” before we make a final judgment here. Granted, it still sounds like aggravated assault, but it could also be a guy fishing for a civil suit.

  20. His attorney says someone compared him to Eddie Murphy at a party. Would hate to see what happened to the guy if he’d compared him to Flavor Flav… The lawyer also says his client “threw no punches” which is intriguing…

  21. bigtrav425 says: Apr 29, 2012 6:55 AM

    maybe that person and now others will think twice before teasing someone now.maybe Caleb had issues with being bullied when a kid?? you don’t know.
    Ah, the ole “he’s a victim” card.

    Thank the Lord people who think like you aren’t in the majority.

  22. “You know….You kind of remind me of that dude from the movie…Mask…You know, the Elephant Man?”

    Followed by a major beatdown!

  23. Maybe he should have pleaded self-defense. It seems to work quite well for some folks with mental issues in this country.

    Oh wait a minute, Caleb is black..Self-defense won’t work..


  24. If any of this is true, this guy should be serving a lengthy prison sentence. Is he a psychopath?

    And if he got bent out of shape with being teased about looking like a celebrity, imagine the teasing he’ll get when the other inmates find out he used to play for the VIKINGS (and wasn’t goof enough to even get on the field with them).

  25. lameasish says:
    Apr 29, 2012 1:00 AM

    Why can it not be an “eye for an eye”? Chances are nothing will happen to this guy, it’s a shame someone cannot do the same thing to this guy, it seems fair to me. At least if he does go to jail he will welcomed by many brothers…


    “An eye for an eye?”

    Ah — Sharia law makes an appearance.

    Why not cut off his hands!?

    Or stone him!

    The ayatolas of Minnesota would applaud.

  26. Where was Gregg Williams when this occured???

    I’m still trying to figure out how bad his breath must have been, I mean, you hear that he claims the guy just “fell while talking to him.” You’re either a boring as hell conversationalist, or your breath is STANK.

  27. I’d be okay if he quit after punching him once. The follow up is the problem.

    The taunters and hecklers of the world, sometimes you pick the wrong guy. Own it.

  28. @Justin says:
    Apr 29, 2012 12:33 AM
    I do wish Spielman would have just said, “Yeah I heard it and I am on my way to cut him after this press conference.”


    as right as you are and I agree…. any GM has to allow all the information to come in before they make a cut / decision, otherwise if for some reason the player is innocent, could be a PR nitemare.

    No doubt he will be getting cut, but you can’t do it within the first 5 minnutes.

    It is amazing how 20% of a workforce are criminals. Like someone said yesterday, imagine if this the way it is at your work. Unreal!

    and people think an Education and proper parenting are overrated. LOL. Silly rabbit

  29. He’s a really good running back, who was he callee that he went that psycho?!?? He probably wud a made the 53 man roster before this. What a Shame…. On another note, SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!

  30. Skinsphantom,
    Um, not sure what you are reacting to. Just explaining what could take place. It is very unfortunate what happened. Mr. King should have sought help and sadly he made really choices. There is a great deal of angry men out there who do not seek help or medicate with substances. There is a great deal of folks who do not seek help. So this is a really sad story. Action is inexcusable. Also granted we only have what is reported and not always accurate. Regardless, Mr. King should be let go and likely to face jail time. And if by chance does not, he needs help. Oh, but I guess we can just go on and on about how evil Mr. King is, it gives PFW lots of hits, so there is that.

  31. Florio is always erasing my post but we have to see that guy write vikqueef everyday. Go F yourself Florio, you look like Eddie Munsters effeminate twin.

  32. The kid is 5 foot 6 130 lbs and said he thought King resembled Eddie Murphy which was most likely a complement. Yeah King, u r a real tough guy, not.

  33. Typical. We should of cut Cook as well. I hate this gm and coaching staff. Bring back Tice please.

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