Chris Johnson falls 87 spots in NFL Top 100 ranking


When NFL Network unveiled its list of the Top 100 players in the NFL last year, as voted on by NFL players themselves, Titans running back Chris Johnson was No. 13. When the new Top 100 list was unveiled on Saturday night, Johnson was still on it. Barely.

This time, Johnson checks in at No. 100, an 87-spot drop.

That’s a steep drop but not surprising, considering that Johnson is coming off his worst NFL season, with 1,047 yards and 4.0 yards a carry. After a long holdout got him a new six-year, $56 million contract, Johnson spent most of the season struggling to get back into his previous form. Johnson had five games of less than 25 rushing yards.

Johnson did not appear on the NFL Network Top 100 show. He may have been too busy counting his money.

29 responses to “Chris Johnson falls 87 spots in NFL Top 100 ranking

  1. Romo in 2010 : 72 on the list, he played six games, worst season of his career…

    Romo in 2011 : 91 on the list after the best season of his career : 31 TD 10 int

    This list is trash

  2. That the life of a N.ot F.or running back… He is too small to take the pounding… He’s a one trick pony if id ever seen one!!

  3. this list will be used to continually ignite the sanchez/tebow qb controversy, as there is no chance sanchez makes the list. if there is any validity to this list (which i dont see, but others will use as fact) there will be endless calls to put the “better” player in.

  4. GMs are insane—if they haven’t figured out by now that investing large heaps of cash in running backs is stupid, they will never learn.

    Rent a RB every 2-3 years. Long term deals are dumb business decisions.

  5. He’s always been overrated! If it weren’t for his speed,the guy would’ve been a 3rd to 4h round pick. He didn’t have a bad season due to a hold out. He had a bad season because defenses realized that once you hit him at the linr he’s not going anywhere. Speed is only good when you hit a hole and get out past a defender. If you can’t break a tackle,you’re worthless.

  6. Ia m not a Tebow fan but if the list is based on what the players did last season I see no reason why Tebow should not be on the list.

  7. Johnson is going to blow back up this year. Reasons for the drop off last year is simple, he wasn’t in camp. He missed all off season work outs due to him wanting a new contract. A new coaching staff with a complete new playbook. The fact that he wasn’t there during that transition hurt him not knowing the new blocking schemes and where the holes to run would be.

  8. I wonder how many Sean Alexander/Larry Johnson/Chris Johnson examples there need to be before GMs realize large & lucrative RB contracts are a terrible gamble.
    There are several that end up failures for every Adrian Peterson that pans out.

  9. The Jets must surely have considered Tebow one of the Top 100.
    I don’t recall ever having seen a team go so far out of their way to trade for- and make considerable changes to a team’s playbook for a player who is alleged by his detractors to be “overrated” & “not a QB”, etc.
    To look at it from a different angle, I’m absolutely positive that most Steelers’ players would rank him in the top 100, as would most other teams that got beat last year by the”overrated non QB”.
    If he’s not that good, what exactly does that say about the teams & players that he got the better of?

  10. He is lucky he made it in the top 100. He was never hurt, just lazy, greedy and not motivated. He got paid and that is all he cares about. Worthless.

    A megacontract for someome that just barely rushed for 1000 yards.


  11. After signing for all that money, he had to hire two additional mouths to put all his new gold teeth in.

  12. At least he is a better player than last year’s #100. THAT GUY’S inclusion let me know what a joke that list is. And convinced me that player vote for pro bowls isn’t what I thought it was either. Some players probably take it seriously and rate guys semi objectively, some vote for their buddies.

  13. He got his money, that’s all that matters right?? With his dismal play last year, I think as long as he’s one of the highest paid that’s all that matters to him. His play last year spoke to that.

  14. I guess this list mimics how players are typically judged in the NFL. A “What have you done for me lately?” league. However, it doesn’t make sense that a guy like Tebow can be on the list and he will be gone the next year and Chris Johnson and Romo can drop like they have. It also doesn’t make sense that Eli, already a Super Bowl winner, was off the list last year and then he won another Super Bowl and he’ll probably be in the top 5 this year.

    The actual talent of the players cannot swing that much from year to year. It’s only their perceived impact on their team’s success that seems to be judged here. It makes the list kind of dumb.

  15. The problem with this list is they don’t give the players voting any criteria. They don’t know if they are voting on what they did last year or in their whole career or what they think they might do in the upcoming year.

  16. Really shocked to see Romo at No. 91. When he’s a top 10 QB, and the QB position is 10x more important than any other on the field, I just don’t get it. Guy had a tremendous 2011 season and he’s lumped in with the likes of Tebow and Kuhn on this list. Kind of silly, really.

  17. What a bum right people? The man holds out for more money, which he didn’t deserve at all. You know, after rushing for 1,228 yds in 2208 (8th overall), 2006 yds in 2009 (1st overall) and 1364 in 2010 (4th overall) all under his cheap (by NFL standards) rookie contract. Who the hell does he think he is?!?! In the NFL you need to prove yourself before you get the big money, am I right people? So I don’t know where CJ gets off thinking he deserved more money before last season.

    He misses ALL of what little training camp there was and most of the preseason last off season holding out for money he clearly didn’t deserve. Re-worked his deal in time for ONE preseason game. Not to mention the teams got all new coaches. Plus the Titans’ O-Line wasn’t exactly know for their superior run blocking ability the year prior under Fisher and they made no moves to improve the O-Line before 2011. Hence the Hutchinson singing this off season. Hint, we’re trying to improve our run blocking, shhh don’t tell anyone. With all those factors CJ still manages to get over 1000 yards to rank 14th overall in rushing in the NFL last year.

    Some people should probably quit with the CJ bashing. It’s making you look extremely stupid. But hey, what is the Internet for if folks can’t anonymously bash people with ignorant comments.

    One last thing, when exactly did running backs become worthless in the NFL when still rushing for over 1000? Just curious.

  18. bigbadal21 says: Apr 29, 2012 8:53 AM

    Ia m not a Tebow fan but if the list is based on what the players did last season I see no reason why Tebow should not be on the list.

    I think Tebow played well last season too. But his inclusion is still ridiculous. A Top 100 comprises roughly 6% of NFL players. Is he really in the top 6% of NFL players? There is no way.

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