Giants say all options open on Osi Umenyiora

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The draft is over and Osi Umenyiora is still a Giant.

There was talk that the Giants would trade Umenyiora, who is entering the final year of his contract and has consistently been hankering for a new deal from the team. They handed a three-year extension to linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka before the draft, but they haven’t had any progress with Umenyiora on that front. General Manager Jerry Reese was asked about Umenyiora’s future with the team after the draft wound up on Saturday.

“Our first choice with respect to Osi is that he will play for the Giants and retire as a Giant,” Reese said, via the Associated Press. “That is what we would like to happen. Osi has been offered an extension two years in a row now. So we would still like to make it work. Hopefully it will work out. But all of our options are always open.”

Reese said the Giants have offered Umenyiora extensions over the last two years, but they’ve been rebuffed. No numbers of those offers were revealed, but Umenyiora has been quite vocal about his displeasure at being a backup to Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck and he’s likely looking for a contract that pays him like a starter.

All of which means, for all the sound and fury of the last few years, the likeliest outcome is still Umenyiora playing out the final year of his deal with the Giants. That works out well for the Giants, who will pay $3.975 million for a good pass rusher, but it almost certainly doesn’t sit well with Umenyiora.

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  1. $4 million a year for a guy who has missed so many games but has also earned the money and fame 2 Super Bowls bring AND he will be a free agent next year? Time for Osi to shut up and go out and play his best football. He’ll get the money bigtime next year.

  2. Reality is that he’s a great 3rd down pass rusher. Those guys get paid a lot of money. But they don’t get the mega-contracts like ‘every down’, Hall of Fame defensive ends. Unfortunately that’s exactly what Osi thinks he is … and he’s not.

  3. Osi is great. When he’s healthy. 9 regular season starts and 9 sacks. Problem is he can’t stay healthy all season, so doesn’t deserve to be paid like an regular, full time player.

  4. If the guy wants to start, then go out there and earn it! Giants get another year out of him (not a full one, he will get hurt) and then some team will grossly overpay for an injury prone DE on the downside of his career. Maybe then Osi will look up Steve Smith, Aaron Ross, and Kevin Boss, get together, and talk about the good old days when they were relevant and had a chance to go to the Super Bowl. I have to wonder about how some players will do anything for the ring and others, once they get one, think about nothing but money. If your hunger to be a champion is gone, good riddance. Move on and let a guy who wants to be the best fill your spot.

  5. Just QUIETLY have a solid season and you will get the money next year.Either a 1 year franchise salary with the Giants, or a multi year deal with more needy team.

  6. Ya but what people don’t get is that not only do they not wanna pay Osi as a starter now but they also want compensation for him like a starter in a trade?! This is why Osi has become so frustrated!

  7. He can do what he wants but he might want to take into account that his team generates pass rushers like rabbits generate offspring (like they do productive WRs). They’re not going to cave to him. Best for him to play a whole year, stay healthy (part of being an elite player is durability which he does not have)then walk in FA (betting NYG won’t tag him) to try to get that pot of gold he feels he deserves.

  8. Osi is only worth a 6th or 7th round pick. Look around, Assante Samuel for a 7th & Demeco Ryans for a 5th (younger). Old age with only 1 year left on a contract is not what teams are looking for, so not much trade value.

  9. Ever since Osi blew out his knee his fear of getting hurt has made him become a one dimensional DE. All he does now is try for a strip sack and doesn’t play the run at all. He takes himself right out of the play.

    That’s why Reese re-upped Kiwanuka first. Mathias is a more complete DE and lets face it, a much better team player with no drama

  10. Well, I think he’s still a very good player, but the Giants can’t afford (under the salary cap) to pay him like a super-star when he doesn’t even start. I think he could be be a great starter for many teams, but he’s gonna have to move. The Giants are already paying Justin Tuck and JPP to be DEs…

  11. Can you imagine having Osi in your lineup as a freaking BACKUP? The opener against Dallas is going to be a real beaut!

  12. Hey, Osi, stop letting RB run wight past you on 1st down and then we can talk contract. JPP had 18 tackes in the 2nd Dallas game last year. I’d rather give him a raise.

  13. Osi is a great pass rusher who willingly signed. 6 year, $41 million extension. He was one of the highest paid ends at the time and got a lot of money up front. You got paid…now shut up and go sack.

  14. buckeyeluvn says: Apr 29, 2012 11:07 AM

    I would love to see him in a Browns uniform! Plus it would help fill a need. Mccoy to the Giants with some draft pics for him?

    Are you insane? The Giants have two QBs currently on their roster better than McCoy is right now. Yes, David Carr is better than McCoy, at least to the Giants since he knows the offense like the back of his hand.

  15. Osi is such a biatch. I’m so sick of him. I’d love to knee cap him and then jam and tennis ball in his mouth when he screams just to shut him up.

  16. Have not seen much of Osi on the field in the days since SB 42 due to injuries etc.

    Lots of other play through pain and get the job done.

    Time to show up, shut up this year – and tackle.

    Then we can pay you more big bucks or you can go get it as a free agent.

    For now you need to honor your contract or sign one of the multiple extensions offered by Reese.

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