Harbaugh adds Stanford wideout Owusu

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The risks of concussions haven’t kept any former college football players from the NFL, including former college football players with a history of concussions.

Stanford receiver Chris Owusu agreed to terms with the 49ers shortly after the draft ended, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

Owusu, who played for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, missed the balance of his final season after suffering a concussion on November 5 and being taken to a hospital via ambulance.  He also suffered a concussion during the 2010 season.

“Chris wasn’t wiped off our board,” 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke told the media on Saturday.  “You’ve got to remember, he was cleared to play by the same group of doctors that work with us on a regular basis.  He certainly was not off our board.”

Still, no one invested a draft pick on Owusu.  Even though he has been fully cleared to play, concerns regarding the impact of his next concussion could have contributed to the slide.

17 responses to “Harbaugh adds Stanford wideout Owusu

  1. I think this is Harbaugh giving his guy a chance. Maybe if he makes a couple big grabs during the preseason he can make another team’s roster (assuming there will not be much room for WRs on the 49ers roster).

  2. Health issues aside, the 49ers will have to carry six WR’s for Owusu to have a shot to crack the 53 man. Crabtree, Manningham and Jenkins are locks. That leaves Randy Moss, Kyle Williams, Tedd Ginn, Owusu and five others competing for 2 or 3 roster spots. If Moss has anything left in the tank Owusu is likely destined for the practice squad.

  3. Can’t hurt to give the guy a shot and see if he can add some depth, especially if Randy Moss plays like he did the last time he was with a Bay Area team.

  4. Harbaugh is reminded of the fact that he should have made this move the same time last with a former reciever name DOUG BALDWIN. who knows, maybe the outcome would have been different had have a consistence reciever in th NFC title game.

  5. Is it really a favor? In 5 years when this guys wheelchair bound and drooling into a dribble cup you might want to revisit this. If you’re so knocked out you need to go by ambulance to the hospital, and it’s the second time you’ve got you brain scrambled, you should think about a carrer path without getting whacked in the head. You’re brain is YELLING at you to STOP!! What do you think those severe concussions mean?

  6. Catquick- so what are you saying? The Niners shouldn’t have given him offer to protect him from himself? That the kid that has probably dreamed of playing in the NFL since he was a kid should just tell the Niners to keep their money and he’s going to go work in a cubicle somewhere? This kid can play. Unfortunately the QB there can’t throw the ball downfield and will probably hang him out to dry, it’s a fantastic no risk signing. And I hate the Niners.

  7. Anybody who had any doubt raise their hands and I am sure that there will be very few raised hands.

    Harbaugh is cool peoples. One of those rare coaches that you got to war with for more than it is “your job”. Very few teams would sign a player with his medical red flags but I have a greater understanding why the 49’ers went 13-3 and a game short of the Super Bowl last year.

    Few captains have the respect of the entire ship. As a Navy man I know this. Respect to Capt. Prothero, USS Estocin as being one of those men as well. I owe my career to you, sir.

  8. Owusu is low risk, high reward for the 49ers. If he doesn’t make the active roster he can be kept on the practice squad in case of need. At which time they activate one fast nifty receiver who already knows the offense. The doc is recognized in his field and says no particular additional risk. Owusu cost them nearly nothing. What’s not to like?

  9. If Owusu makes the team, he’ll take Kyle Williams’ spot this year and replace Ted Ginn jr. next year.

  10. all of sudden, the niners, who only had 3 healthy receivers for the nfc title game vs the giants last year, are deep at WR at least 11 on the roster now, and possibly a couple more to come, fighting for five positions.

    the WR’s

    Randy Moss
    Mario Manningham
    Micheal Crabtree
    Ted Ginn Jr
    Kyle Williams
    Brett Swain
    AJ Jenkins-1st rd pick this yr
    Chris Owusu-FA signee
    Kyle Matthews
    Joe Hastings-FA signee
    John Matthews

    another deep position for the niners will be at RB…seven rbs on the roster right now

  11. After what happened with Doug Baldwin, Harbaugh wasn’t about to let another Stanford UDFA WR slip through his grasp.

  12. good size & speed, as well as a very good deep threat!! hate to be homer but, we just loaded up on offensive threats this off season, NO EXCUSES ALEX GO 9ERS

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