Ireland says Jake Long will be in Miami “a long time”

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The Dolphins’ addition of Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin raised a few eyebrows in South Florida, because Martin very sparingly played on the right side in college.  His arrival resulted in an item from Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel regarding the possibility that Martin will supplant Jake Long on the left side, especially since Long may not fit with the team’s new lighter/quicker approach to offensive linemen.

G.M. Jeff Ireland addressed the Sun-Sentinel report on Saturday night, during an end-of-draft press conference.

“I’d like to clear the air on an article,” Ireland said. “I don’t normally go overboard on media speculation. But [Friday night] I saw an article about Jake Long.  I have plans to keep Jake Long here for a long time. So, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. . . .  We drafted Jonathan Martin to be a tackle on this football team, a right tackle on this football team.  Let’s don’t speculate any further than that.”

Long was the first overall pick in the 2008 draft, even if the signs hanging about the NFL’s merchandise shop near Times Square say otherwise.

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  1. Yeah sure, but we all know 2 years is a long time in the NFL and if Ireland doesn’t improve soon it won’t matter what he says. What will matter the most is what the next coach thinks.

  2. Martin could take over if Long decides to leave. Otherwise, you do whatever you can to keep Long at left tackle. He may be the best LT in the NFL, or at least one of the best.

  3. Anybody on that line could get cut including long if they don’t climb out of 30th place on pass defense…. long wasn’t so hot last year….

  4. It doesn’t matter if he is lying. This is Jake Long and he is only second to Joe Thomas in this league. If Miami cuts him
    then it will be another terrible decision made by a dumpster fire of a franchise. Long will get paid top dollar and go elsewhere in a heart beat. C’mon, this is the same team that drafted Ryan “Second Round” Tannehill 8th overall.

  5. Yes….”A long time….” Until the Redskins can get their post draft debaucle act together and call and pick him up….C’mon Skins! Get this guy!!!

  6. jennifer xxx how do you know playing for the Dolphins for a season is a long time?? Do you play for them in “drag” or something??

  7. Gee, ya think? Nice job, FLORIO, on deflecting to the Sun-Sentinal. In YOUR post last night, you made no mention of another article. So dont sit here with egg on your face today and try to act like you were just some innocent middle-man. The article you wrote last night was about the most irresponsible “reporting” I’ve seen on this site. I would like you to publicly acknowledge how stupid that was.

  8. The scheme change and drafting a very athletic smart college offensive left tackle (Jonathan Martin) to play right tackle is not enough substance to justify writer Mike Berardino speculating that Jake Long’s days are numbered in Miami. It’s uninformed writing and perhaps a lot of ignorance as to the skill set needed for a zone blocking scheme. It’s not rocket science to realize that the athletic talents of Jake Long would also assimilate to the Dolphins new scheme.

    When one considers that the Dolphins lost games to the Patriots, Giants and others because the right side of the line could not keep teams from getting to QB Matt Moore. Getting a solid offensive tackle makes a lot of sense.

  9. I wonder why some of the worst “biased guesses” are aimed at the Miami Dolphins.

    Perhaps, some still sting over our Perfect Season? If so, get over it already.

  10. Can’t understand why everyone is so worried about losing Long. WC offense gets rid of the ball quickly and there is less emphasis on the position. Don’t get me wrong Miami still needs an above average LT but do they really need to spend 65 million on Long? Think if Miami were to use his 12 million per year salary to fill skill positions. Ireland is not lying Martin will stay on the right side but look out for Lydon Murtha. If this guy plays like he did when he replaced Long last year in training camp he will be Long’s replacement.

  11. Once they see that Tannehill is another failed attempt to find a franchise QB, Ireland will ask the coaches to switch him to WR in a desperate attempt to justify that he run a successful draft.

  12. Why so much hate here?

    Fans (no doubt everyone here who’s complaining) were screaming for Columbo’s head, and Ireland rightfully so addressed that issue in the draft.

  13. None this matters if one of the QB’s doesn’t step up & become at least good enough not to be an eyesore. That also won’t be easy with this crappy collection of wideouts. Not much hope for 2012 I’m afraid. 8-8 looks like a dream in this division.

  14. None of this matters if one of the QB’s don’t step up & at least not be an eyesore for 16 games. Not that they have much to throw to either. 8-8 seems like it would be great progress in this division.

  15. It was silly to think Long was on the outs in the first place.

    Good draft by Ireland. Fins didn’t square up every position of need (WR) but since when do you get everything you want in the draft? I know it’s not the popular opinion but I think the guy is going to end up a pretty dang good GM.

  16. Only a writer would say Long doesn’t fit the new system; everyone in football, even the worst GM ever in the NFL, knows that Jake’s athleticism, technique, and intelligence means he can fit in any system.

    Also, any team with Jake Long would also have to be concerned about his cost, injury risk, backing him up (even if he has played through injury), and a long term plan for the possibility of his not playing for you, no matter the reason. Regardless of any near or long-term plan to replace or release him, you have to face these realities.

    Martin does have R/L flexibility (even if he didn’t officially line up at RT in college, there is certainly enough film with him lined up on the right side situationally; he’s willing and happy to play both sides; he was rated as a late 1st, early 2nd as a LT because of strength and toughness). He can start at Right, and he also has elite LT-caliber athleticism, technique, and intelligence to develop as an option. He’s an instant starter on the right side, can learn LT under Jake, back him up, have situational flexibility, and be a long term plan.

    Which is exactly how they were using Lydon Murtha (a much rawer, less-capable player than Martin or Long). So you have: Jake Long, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, (RG still unknown — John Jerry may or may not be a bust, but he seems the OL most of the old regime and unlikely to fit the new scheme), and Jonathan Martin starting — mostly all athletic, flexible, intelligent players (excepting Incognito at times). With Murtha and Martin having LT/RT flexibility, Nate Garner, Ray Feinga, and Cook having interior flexibility, and some younger development projects.

    You may see that the poor statistical performance of the Miami OL was more a product of the play calling, preparation, backfield decision-making, and right side weakness because of Marc “The Statue” Colombo.

  17. Long is in the top 3 of LT’s in the league. Him, Thomas, and Clady. It would be absolutely STUPID to get rid of him. Whoever wrote that article on should start covering another sport.

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