Jags dump their pre-Anger punters

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Jaguars punter Nick Harris signed a new contract with the team in March.  On Saturday, the team ripped it up and cut him loose, one day after using a third-round pick on Cal punter Bryan Anger.

Harris and Spencer Lanning both were cut on Saturday, according to the Florida Times-Union.

“The plan is to work Bryan, but we will let [Lanning and Harris] go to . . .  give them a chance to get picked up somewhere because teams will be looking pretty hard there,” coach Mike Mularkey said.

With the offseason roster limit now at 90, it’s a bit surprising that the Jags didn’t keep at least one guy around.  Then again, punter is one of the truly interchangeable parts in the NFL.  If Anger should tear an ACL or, say, drown while swimming drunk in an Indianapolis canal, the Jaguars will be able to find a replacement, quickly.

Of course, that reality makes the decision to use a third-round pick on a punter even more curious.  But if Anger is good enough to tilt the field-position battle in Jacksonville’s direction, it ultimately will make plenty of sense.

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  1. No. It will never make sense because they had far more pressing needs. Even if he turns out to be the greatest punter in history, he would have been there in the sixth round. Just stupid to go that high for a punter. Plus, if they addressed more pressing needs, maybe they wouldn’t need a punter so badly. The less you use your punter, the better.

  2. Field position wins many of games. Jags lost two games because of bad punting last season. If they win two this season because of punting, it’s a winner in my opinion.

  3. This guy was rated a 3 to 4th round pick by quite a few GMs.

    Matt Turk lost the Jags two games last season.

    Don’t be a fool and believe what people say who don’t actually watch the jaguars play.

  4. east96st: Maybe they know something that you don’t know. WOW. And that wouldn’t be surprising based on your comments. Have you ever played the game or even held a football? Moron.

  5. As a Jaguars fan I hated hearing this pick in the third round. The media outcry was deafening. However, I keep hearing that football is a game of inches…and balance is needed in all three aspects of the game. Time will tell, but have fun out there calling out the Jags for this pick.

  6. Go to youtube. This is the first time I can say I have ever gotten the slightest bit excited watching highlights of a punter. He will be top 5 at the position for the next decade. Consistent hang time and distance. Hate all you want. If you can neutralize the top punt returners in the NFL, you have a weapon.

  7. Punter is the most overlooked, underrated position on the field. Other than the QB, he is the only player on the field who can potentially “flip the field” every time he touches the ball. If your offense is not very good, the guy can save your team by some well-placed punts and also give your offense time to rest.

    Put it this way: how would your team do if punting were not an option on fourth down?

  8. At least the Jags are walking the walk of this year’s slogan. Dumping Harris and Lanning, they are now ALLIN with the new punter.

    As a Jags fan, I don’t hate the pick… I just hate where it was done. That said, I’ve tried to put some common sense on it and ask myself would I be ok with them giving up a 3rd (instead of a 4th) in the Blackmon deal and then used a 4th on the punter – and I’m kinda ok with that. So, I’m not as disgusted as others are.

  9. Jeff Tedford, his coach at CAL, once called Anger his most important recruit coming out of high school. Clearly you could see him booming the kicks from the beginning. Unfortunately Anger had really crappy special teams coaches and he was forced to angle his kicks for short yardage rather than for distance or had to kick rugby style. His stats weren’t great but even other coaches and scouts could clearly see his talent.

  10. The Raiders have had an All-Pro punter and kicker the last decade.

    You tell me how much that helps you win games.

  11. Well… if Anger *were* to fall into the White River in Indy while intoxicated, the crap in the river he’d ingest alone would kill him. Hoooooooooly cow… what a polluted stretch of water.

  12. Wait, someone thinks this guy should have gone top 5….a punter going top 5 in the draft. Yea, I’m sure that will ever happen.

  13. 3rd Round seemed a bit high, but ANY Giants fan can attest to the difference a solid punter can make in a season. Steve Weatherford? Helped win many games for the Giants with solid, deep, directional kicking. Matt Dodge? Consistently LOST games with ridiculous booming line drive kicks.

  14. So can we stop talking about JAX’s punters? Or how about the team all together? Awful draft, awful team, and awful program…. There I said it….FL is a college football state. You could ask Miami if you don’t believe me….Beside the Dolphin stadium sits the ugliest J-Lo statue and within the stadium walls is a huge Latino Disctecque, that plays soccer and Rave music all night long…This is JAX’s roots!

  15. No…. there is no way to sugarcoat the move. It was stupid and wasteful, like so many of the moves of Missing Gene Smith. Anger wasn’t even the top rated punter in many eyes. Powell had a FOUR YARD HIGHER AVERAGE, per punt last season. You fail again Smith.

    For the second year in a row, the Jags MOVE UP to draft a top 10 pick they never bothered to interview or workout in person. What the hell are they doing, consulting a psychic when they get on the board? Completely dysfunctional management down there. Blackmon is a toad as well. They will pay this year for their idiocy.

  16. I mean let’s be serious for a second here… if you draft a punter in the 3rd rd there shouldn’t be any real competition because… what if he gets beaten out by a UDFA?

  17. “east96st: Maybe they know something that you don’t know. WOW.”

    Yeah, like how Jack Del Rio would make a great HC? Or like how Matt Jones was worth a first round pick? Wow, that guy really lit up the League, didn’t he? Assclown. Another victim of the Florida educational system. Enjoy your tarps.

  18. “3rd Round seemed a bit high, but ANY Giants fan can attest to the difference a solid punter can make in a season.”

    Yeah, NY DRAFTED Dodge. They SIGNED the NFL proven Weatherford. Classic example of why you don’t waste a pick on a punter. At least, the Giants only wasted a seventh round pick. Imagine how you would have felt if they used a third on Dodge.

  19. I’m sure this guy is such an “exciting” punter that fans will come out in droves to see how many times the Jag’s punt each game! Why they might even have to take the tarps off a few seats in the stadium there will be so many fans so excited!

  20. Field position wins many of games. Jags lost two games because of bad punting last season. If they win two this season because of punting, it’s a winner in my opinion.


    That’s a great argument for having a nice punter on your team.

    Now the argument why you spent a 3rd round pick on something most teams can do through free agency? Special teams are important, but if your logic is “when we inevitably get to a 4th down, we’ll be sure to pin you deep!” Not exactly a winning battle cry.

  21. Not a bad Pick. The St. Louis Rams were said to be going to draft him at the top of the 4th. A certain game changer. We did not have a 4th as we moved up to get Blackmon. He will cause turnovers with that hang time and can pin teams as well as flip the field. Solid Pick. Would have liked to have traded down and got our 4th pick back but no takers at that point. I beleive Tenn traded from 71 to 69 to get in front of us for TJ Graham???

  22. east96st:

    We have more tarps than you have fans. And our stadium is still bigger than most. Memo to file: Sell more pretzels and you might be able to afford a ticket to the game someday.

    And by the way, Smith didn’t draft snorting Matt Jones or reffer Reggie Williams. He also didn’t hire pretty boy JDR. But of course, you knew that, right… Moron. Talk about the educational system…your comments are embarrassing to even yourself. Ever think about running for political office? Maybe as as democrat?

    And ass clown is two words….not one! Look it up. Moron.

  23. This was a great bargain pick….Typically Kickers and punters are WAY GONE in round 2…To catch him in round 3, well, that is just pure luck!

    GO JAX!

  24. @waltdawg You do realize Miami and Jax are two completely different places right? That was an awful assessment of the state and the teams that play in it.

  25. So the Raiders have an All-Pro Punter and, according to an earlier poster, it has not helped them.

    As that poster was obviously a whiz-bang total football knowledgeable person I am sure they are right….except.

    1) Let’s be honest. Al Davis was one of the most innovative and knowledge minds in football…until about 7 or 8 years ago. He slipped then. He got old. However, would the Raiders have made their last playoff appearance without their punter and kicker. NO.

    2) Long before that they also had an All-Pro punter. AKA…a Hall of Fame punter. Of course he was not drafted in the 3rd Round…he was drafted in the 1st Round. Did he help? If you answer no then it shows that the shallowness of your football knowledge is only matched by the shortness of your……

    3) As for the comments that they need this punter because of Gabbert. Do you know who the Oakland Raiders qb was when Ray Guy was drafted in the First Round? Hint…he was not a slouch. Ask your mama who he was if you do not know. I am sure she knows.

    So have yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and marvel at beauty of your (single) parent’s basement. And keep strengthening your right hand while keeping your mind clear of thought and analysis.

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