Raiders donating large chunk of season-ticket sales to local schools

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The Oakland Raiders have had some creative programs in the past couple of years.  During the lockout, for example, the Raiders didn’t lay off employees or cut their pay.  Instead, the Raiders required the employees to attempt to use their down time to sell season tickets.

This year, the Raiders have unveiled a new plan for keeping the Black Hole full.  The team announced Saturday that, for all season tickets sold from May 1 to June 30, 10 percent of the gross purchase price will be donated to the Oakland Unified School District.

“We are thrilled to announce our newest youth and community based initiative and we are delighted to assist the Oakland Unified School District,” Raiders Chiefs Executive Amy Trask said in a press release.

The fact that it’s 10 percent of the gross is significant — it maximizes the donation and it means there won’t be any accounting devices used to chop the number down.  A full 10 cents of every season-ticket dollar will be going to the school system.  To make that happen, the tickets need to be purchased between May 1 and June 30.

45 responses to “Raiders donating large chunk of season-ticket sales to local schools

  1. Hopefully they will ensure the $$ goes directly to student programs and not just more pay for staff or the hiring of more overpaid administrators who will be retired by age 56.

  2. Everybody wants to talk sh** about the raiders but things like this go un heard of. they do it all the time you know if you live here it just finally made it to national media thanks to the internet/twitter age.


  3. Awesome. Schools need funding and this could lead to other teams considering to do the same for their local schools. Al would have been proud to see his team doing something good like this.

  4. The Kansas City Chiefs bought each season account holder a new jersey. That is MUCH more money the K.C. organization doled out compared to what the Raiders will pay out.

  5. Seeing how Goodell loves to take draft picks away, it would nice to see him award a extra third rounder to the top five teams who give back the most to the community. Class move by Oakland. Let’s hope the other 31 teams jump on board. I hope this offer gets a huge response from Oakland fans and they sellout every game.

  6. This is a classy move by the Raiders. Public schools in California are so poorly funded they need all the help they can get. San Francisco fans salute you from across the Bay!

  7. The Apocalypse must be coming soon. The Raiders? doing high-class things?!? Kudos! Now, take cover!!

  8. The next thing you know, the Chargers will take a first round draft pick that you’ve actually heard of … No… Wait…?

  9. i absolutely agree with East96. i think every team should have to do this. every states lottery claims to input billions into the school system, yet schools are understaffed and the teachers are DISGUSTINGLY UNDER PAID.

  10. Amy Trask has been doing shrewd moves like this for years. Love love love love love her. NFL needs more women in power.

    One Nation, Raider Nation.

  11. @kathyisintheroom-
    how do you compare the chiefs doling out customized jerseys for the very yuppies that purchased ST to cutting a check of sales to public school system?

    You must be confused.

    A sports team providing their season ticket holders with customized jerseys is hardly an “original” idea. It’s about as customary as the renewal call at the end of the season.

  12. kathyisintheroom says: Apr 29, 2012 6:45 PM

    The Kansas City Chiefs bought each season account holder a new jersey. That is MUCH more money the K.C. organization doled out compared to what the Raiders will pay out.

    Maybe if the Chiefs sent that money to schools instead, you wouldn’t be so stupid.

  13. kathyisintheroom says:
    Apr 29, 2012 6:45 PM
    The Kansas City Chiefs bought each season account holder a new jersey. That is MUCH more money the K.C. organization doled out compared to what the Raiders will pay out.
    Ha! Well crafted kathy! I am a big fan of sarcasm and that was a good one. The RAIDERS giving back to the local schools is a commendable act. I wonder if Kraft, Jones, Snyder or the Hunts have similar programs in place. It sure beats passing out hideous bright red uniforms…

  14. They are just trying to weed out the nerds by educating them and having them move to San Fransisco.

    Leave more room for the meatheads.

  15. Kathyisintheroom: Both your comments make you out to be a complete loser. The Raiders are doing something positive for the community and you put a negative spin on it with your worthless coments. NFL jerseys are worth about $25-$30 bu the way. If you think the Chiefs pay the $180 they cost the average joe to give them out you are nuts. Based on average ticket prices the Raiders are most likely donating $60-$70 per ticket holder to the schools. Much more than those jerseys cost the Chiefs.

  16. Football doesn’t exist with community support. From peewee to pro its the parents and fans that make this thing happen.

    Props to the Raiders for giving back. Class move.

  17. Not a raider fan by any means, but PROPS to the Raider Organization for doing this!

  18. Good move by the Raiders. Respect given in a time when people are getting screwed over for a dollar neglecting what is right it is good to hear of someone doing something positive like this.

  19. Everyone calls this a (class act). This is a business people. By doing this the Raiders insure they keep up their fanbase and insure sellouts which in turn means no blackouts so their games will always be televised locally while making them look ‘classy’ at the same time. Smart plan. It’s more about money and less about class than some of you people realize, but believe what you will.

  20. @fcs34-seems like you need to finish middle school to help you form a sentence.
    @super1978-are you selling insurance or what? I believe what you meant to write was “ensure”.
    Both of these clowns could benefit from what the Raider Organization is trying to do for Oakland City Schools.

  21. Unbelievable! Even when the most hated team in the NFL does something good for the people, the haters gotta hate. SMH.

    Keep on hating, haters.. Stay classy.

  22. I for one would give The Raiders or the school district a dirty nickel.

    Both are losers that produce poor results. If Ther Raiders were genuine, they would relieve all of the Alameda County residents who continue to pay for the ridiculous agreement reached when they came back.

    As for the school district any smart person would send their kids to either a private school or push for more charter schools. Oakland Unified School District is way way way beyond hope.

    If fact if you could level the whole area you would be hard pressed to do any worse that the current circumstances.

  23. @supert1978: Right on brother. So what you’re saying is, not only is this a good thing for the Oakland schools, but also a shrewd business decision by the RAIDERS? Good point, I’m glad you mentioned it.

  24. supert1978 – Why does any business doing anything? Of course it’s to make money, but don’t be such a sourpuss about it.

    It’s a great move by the Raiders and about time some business/sporting team took the lead on improving things in their communities that support them.

  25. @duncanthecat: You are a kook of the highest order. Please refrain from any further ramblings concerning the great RAIDERS organization. Shoo fly, don’t bother me…

  26. “… Oakland Unified School District,” Raiders Chiefs Executive Amy Trask said.”

    “Chiefs Executive”??? Surely a typo..please… otherwise she’d only be handing out ugly red jerseys.

  27. dasmol says: Apr 30, 2012 2:57 PM

    That’s one way to raise the collective IQ of raiDUH fans.

    raiDUH?. That is fresh smack, Charger fan. Feel free to use “Faders” and “Rai ers”, as well. It will make you appear to be witty, clever, and original.

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