Ravens agree to terms with 20 undrafted rookies

Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times has a full list of undrafted rookies who have agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens. 20 of them are known.

Here they are:

Kent State center Chris Anzevino, Florida quarterback John Brantley, North Carolina cornerback Charles Brown, Morgan State tight end Lamont Bryant, Mississippi State tackle James Carmon, Illinois guard Jack Cornell, Clemson fullback Chad Diehl, Georgia fullback Bruce Figgins, Slippery rock receiver Devin Goda, Syracuse receiver Dorian Graham, UAB defensive tackle Elliott Henigan, Baylor defensive tackle Nick Jean-Baptiste, Tennessee linebacker Austin Johnson, Kent State defensive tackle Ishmaa’ily Kitchen (pictured), Clemson guard/tackle Antoine McClain, Alabama guard Alfred McCullough, Syracuse tight end Nick Provo, Wake Forest safety Chyl Quarles, Western Kentucky running back Bobby Rainey, Florida receiver Deonte Thompson, and Texas kicker Justin Tucker.

Bryant is a workout freak, while Rainey, Provo, Quarles, and Jean-Baptiste were all fairly well known college players.

Perhaps most intriguing is Kitchen, a 6-foot-1, 334-pound nose tackle prospect. Kent State quietly fielded one of the nation’s top-25 defenses in 2011. Kitchen anchored the unit and is obviously a mammoth of a man.

(Photo credit to KentStateSports.com.)

27 responses to “Ravens agree to terms with 20 undrafted rookies

  1. @ ‘RavensGunnerz’…

    Sure, go ahead and line-up your 20 UDFA’s opening night.

    I suspect you might need them, cuz it looks like you ain’t gettin’ Ray Rice signed up anytime real soon……

    As a Bengal fan I’m hopin’ Rice holds out until right about; errrrrrr week 2.

  2. Ravens, please send North Carolina cornerback Charles “Charlie” Brown to the steelers. I hear he will look really good in the throwback jerseys they will be wearing this year.

  3. Odd, I saw many mocks with Nick Jean-Baptiste going as high as round 3. Glad the ravens picked him up, they are an elite team for a reason and have had success with UDFA’s.

    Oh and LOL at all these idiot bengal fans, beat a real team then talk smack. You lost to every team above .500 you played last season, guess that’s what happens when you have a roster full of convicts.

  4. how can you say the Ravens are getting old when they only have 3 players over 30? they always draft well and this is just a way to prospect new talent.

  5. Wow look at all the bengal and steeler fans commenting on a raven article that has nothing to do with their team? Although I’d be nervous to if my team was owned like that.

    AFCN belongs to the Ravens, the rest of you are just fighting for a wild card spot, only to see your season end with a one and done performance or possibly being Tebow’d by a backup QB.

  6. Ravenator says:

    “Wow look at all the bengal and steeler fans commenting on a raven article that has nothing to do with their team?”

    That’s pretty funny coming from a joker who posts on every Steeler article on this sight.

  7. patriots123456 says:
    Apr 29, 2012 5:43 PM
    The Ravens are getting old, they need some young blood.


    Ah, how I love this fallacy. Do you actually know the average age of the Ravens’ roster? Of the 52 players on their 2011 roster, 7 are over the age of 30, and Vonta Leach is exactly 30 years old. I’d hardly call that an old team.

  8. Urban Meyer really messed up John Brantley but he’s got the skills – and the bloodlines – to be successful. Hopefully some real coaching can help him rise to this new challenge.

  9. Interested to see if the Ravens hang onto Brantley and what they do with him. He’s talented, but first he was behind Tebow, then stuck in Urban’s spread-offense, then forced in his last year to change to a Weis offense and lost a couple of games to injury. The kid’s never had a break.

  10. Average age of the Ravens starting defense before the draft was 27 years old. Drafting Upshaw a certain starter will lower that average. People who say the Ravens defense is old need to do there research. Their record when their
    oldest player Ray Lewis was out injured was 3-0.

  11. Brantley comes from famed HS in Florida Trinity Catholic.

    Don’t sleep on him. Watch his tape in first half vs Alabama. He basically played with no offensive line and no protection. He throws a beautiful ball. With some pro coaching, and real protection, he may do some things.

  12. Let’s not forget the Ravens will trot out two forgotten LBs this year that will reak havoc. Kindle (yes, Kindle has had a monumental off-season workout that will shock most when you see him on the field) and Michael McAdoo. McAdoo has also put on muscle and weight during the off-season. With the addition of Upshaw, someone will be moving on and it may be surprising to see who the Ravens cut when it’s time to get down to 53 (Ayanbadejo & Bynes could be targets).

  13. gotcaughtcheating says:
    Apr 29, 2012 7:42 PM
    Did they sign the two guys Ray Lewis murdered?

    The 2 men with Ray Lewis were tried for murder.
    They were found innocent.

    Do you understand the implication?

    Do you know the meaning of the word “implication”?

    Take your meds and leave the basement.

  14. gotcaughtcheating says:

    Did they sign the two guys Ray Lewis murdered?


    I can see why the censors always post comments like these but found it necessary to remove any reference I made about being excited over Alabama fans being taken by the Ravens and Steelers, and what they bring to the game. God knows you guys want to make sure only the mature, intelligent, football comments actually make it onto the threads.

  15. @ ‘randallflaggs52’…….

    oh by the way…… that ‘team full of convicts’ as you describe them, are 10-8 in the Marvin Lewis era against your team of ‘faultless’ Ravens.

    Your all-world middle linebacker was a smart lawyer away from still being in jail today, and that reciever on your team a year ago; (Stallworth); was a genuine con.

    So, before you start throwing mud at other teams, you ought to make sure your team is as pure as the driven snow first.

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