Roethlisberger gives thumbs-up to Steelers’ offensive line picks

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was sacked 40 times last season, and if Pittsburgh spending first, second and seventh-round picks on offensive linemen can change that, he’s going to be very happy.

Roethlisberger said he knew before the draft that the Steelers’ brass liked first-round pick David DeCastro and second-round pick Mike Adams.

I had an idea,” Roethlisberger told the Altoona Mirror. “They kept me in the loop a little bit. When DeCastro was there, you got to take him. Some are saying he’s one of the best guards in college since Alan Faneca. We hope he can live up to the hype.”

The Steelers also grabbed SMU offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum in the seventh round, and three potential late-round targets for Roethlisberger in Florida running back Chris Rainey, Colorado receiver Toney Clemons and Oregon tight end David Paulson. Roethlisberger likes what he sees.

“I’m excited,” Roethlisberger said. “You know, at least on paper, it looks awesome. But, you never know until you take the field and the bullets start flying. I’m really excited. We got some good guys on offense and defense to help add to a team that was good already.”

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  1. With a rebuilt Oline and a good offensive coordinator, Ben could have a fantastic season.

  2. Why does Reothlisberger have to weigh in on all the Steelers front office decisions? I don’t know any other QB who has so much to say about how their team is run.

  3. Steelers are quietly having the best off-season.

    They get Todd Haley, who will turn thier offense into beast mode with Big Ben, who I think will be one of the top 3 in fantasy this year. Keeping Wallace furthers that notion for me.

    Steelers had an awesome draft, addressing OL for Ben which is key. A LOT of people don’t realize that if Ben hasn’;t had offensive lins like Drew Brees, Brady and Manning has.

    To me Ben is the most dangerous Qb in the NFL, and would take him over anyone to start a team. Ben is so much better than people give him credit for. That OL he had to play with against GB may have been the worst OL to play in a Superbowl.

    Todd Haley + Improved OL + Big Ben = A lot of damn points people. I don’t even like the Steelers, but it’s hard not to recognize that they’re doing a tremendous job this off-season.

  4. @Gordon you hate Big Ben and accuse him of being Guilty only because your Sick and Tired of Him beating the Hell out of your Team!!!! thats Stupid!!!!!$ you Jag off lol

  5. It’s always a crapshoot but on paper the Steelers did a good job of taking care of needs. They usually do though. Ravens and Bengals also did well on paper – gonna’ hold my tongue on the Browns -and so this means AFC North division games will be fun to watch like always.
    The football factories of the NCAA do a better job of churning out product every year it seems. Too bad university players don’t get to share in that enormous pool of money the NCAA and universities rake in.

  6. @ademell1

    “That OL he had to play with against GB may have been the worst OL to play in a Superbowl.”

    Tru dat. And the 2008 Steeler OL is probably the worst to ever win a Superbowl.

    Ben doesn’t get near enough credit for all the deficiencies of the Steelers offense he has to cover for. One tough SOB.

  7. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer;

    “They kept me in the loop a little”

    That offends you? He had a speaking engagement and you didn’t expect he might say a word or two about the Steelers’ draft? What did you expect him to talk about? global warming? Iran’s nuclear program? All he basically said was ‘looks great but we’ll have to see how things shake out in games.’ Fairly inoffensive stuff.

    I would expect every team’s leading players to be “in the loop” in the sense of knowing what players the FO likes and what positions they think are critical and so on. I’m sure the likes of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed could be in the loop a little with the Ravens if they wanted to. It doesn’t mean they have a vote in who to pick or anything – it’s just good management to keep your key employees in the loop on key decisions.

  8. Jeniferxxx says:

    Why does Reothlisberger have to weigh in on all the Steelers front office decisions? I don’t know any other QB who has so much to say about how their team is run.


    This story was in the Altoona Mirror. Ben was asked some questions by a newspaper reporter and he answered them.

    You make it sound like he called a press conference to give his blessing.

  9. Everyone beats on the Steelers but they had a good draft in addressing the line. My team can’t put people in the stands and they draft a KICKER in the third. how do say hello West Coast?

  10. Steelers had a great draft! The oldest guy on their O line is going to be 24 years old! Chris Rainey is a Darren sproles type RB that can break open a big play at any time. Got a big DT to plug up the middle and stuff the run. Excited to see what they all will bring to the table.

  11. Once upon a time, the Steelers were known for their fierce offensive lines. We got away from that–especially with Zierlein as the o-line coach and after Hartings retired. Now with Sean Kugler coaching that line and Pouncey, DeCastro, and Adams, this could be an entirely different offense. Best of all, we have a real offensive coordinator who understands the word balance. Ben still has some good years left, if he’ll stay in shape and let Haley do most of the talking.

  12. Zierlein was too busy sending porn emails to coach anyone :D.

    They definitely used to have killer OLs back in the day though. Even though I was a young’ un I could still name a few of their OL which in the pre internet and Sunday Ticket days means they were pretty well known.

  13. Hey jenxxx, you have to understand the first 2 draft picks affect Ben directly. Of course reporters are going ask him questions about the picks and yes Ben is going to give them an answer. This offensive line has been most talked about for years now. Has to be expected so comment on the great picks, don’t make comments that don’t belong here.

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