Big moves in Cleveland

PFT Live, Segment 3: Mike Florio talks with Tony Grossi from about drafting Trent Richardson and with the addition of quarterback Brandon Weeden, is Colt McCoy officially out of Cleveland?

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  1. I give the Browns draft a B-minus. Here is why..

    The drafting/trading up to get Trent Richardson was an excellent move. However, I feel like we could of stayed at 4 and made the pick. But, it was the right move to not take any chances and use 3 of the 13 picks to move up to the 3rd spot to make the selection. Anyone with football knowledge knows that the run game opens up the passing game, as well as the passing game opens up the running game. Go back and pay attention to Trent Richardson’s film. The opposing defense usually stacks the box. What would you do if you were the opposing defense and you had to go up against Richardson? and Guess what this opens up? The passing game. BINGO. Excellent pick

    Drafting Brandon Weeden was a reach. He should of been drafted in the 2nd round. However, when Wright went at NO.20, it was the right move to take Weeden. Its going to spark competition between Weeden and McCoy. Its unbelievable how people(especially the media) are quick to run McCoy out of town after drafting Brandon Weeden. The media sends out good information as well as bad information. What the media should be doing is running Seneca Wallace out of town. Seneca is a cancer/disease and has done nothing to help the browns. In-fact, blame him partially for running Hillis out of town. Not to mention McCoy is inexpensive compared to Wallace 2.4mill contract.

    Yes, we didnt draft as many WR’s as expected, but as mentioned before Trich should help open the passing game.

    With that being said, the Browns have solidified their offensive line, helping both run/pass game.

    Sorry for the “article” I posted. I feel it was much needed because some of you terds need a reality check. I am just as frustrated as any other browns fan out there. But don’t be quick to pull the trigger..

  2. The Weeden pick was purely political. They wanted him to start right away and they knew Cleveland wouldn’t support it, and it wouldn’t show confidence in him letting him fall to his true value. The truth is no one was going to take him in the first or 2nd round because he is going to be 29 this year. All the qb needy teams go their guy in FA or the draft before Cleveland picked. No one was going to take him as a qb of the future either. And no one drafts a back up qb in the first or second round. Cleveland could have had him much later with more value, but it was political to take him in the first. It shows that they are done with McCoy and confident that Weeden can come in and start and if anyone argues with it, they know they spent a first so the fans have to support it.

  3. As a Raiders fan (living in NE Ohio with cable) I have seen more Browns games than I would like to. But, you guys don’t seem to see what I see. I said McCoy would never amount to anything during his Rookie year. I said Hillis would suck this year. I said the Browns would fail to address the true needs again and continue to “rebuild.” The reason Oakland got shafted was the Rookie wage scale and Jamarcus Russell among other first round busts. Luckily, if the Weeden and Richardson picks don’t work out Cleveland won’t be hurt against the cap like those picks used to hurt teams.

    But the main problem in Cleveland is… they don’t have any name value. No player wants to be a Cleveland Brown. Most of the current players are too young to remember Cleveland winning that last playoff game in 1994. No one wants to come here and put on an ugly orange helmet and call themselves a “brown.” Brown is the worst name for the team because at best it is a color and at worst it is the last name of the man who betrayed the team and started the Bengals. It has no market value outside of Ohio. The Raiders are one of the most popular teams in the United States, Europe, Asia, etc. Players want to be Raiders and our proud to put on the silver and black.

    Cleveland never should have returned to the league as the Browns. They should have gone all the way with the whole dawg pound scheme and been the Cleveland Bull Dogs and wear brown helmets.

  4. What kind of a Raiders fan calls himself Warren Moon?

    The kind that thinks the orange helmets are ugly but browns helmets would somehow be better.

    “Cleveland Browns” has no name value? But a spin on an 80s era nickname, and renaming the team that, and then losing all those game… somehow THAT would have name value?

    You know what name sounds good to me? L.A. Raiders.

  5. warrenmoon….I AGREE WITH YOU! 100%!
    Have been a Browns fan for nearly six decades. But, as I look at it, the Browns and Paul Brown divorced. He and his family went to Cincy. He and his family wanted and still want to “pound” the Browns into the mud. Paul Brown’s name is on the stadium in Cincy. Due to circumstances, Paul Brown came to HATE Cleveland! He washed his hands of Cleveland! I think it’s stupid we still keep his team colors and “his” name on “OUR” stadium and team!
    We missed the boat in 1999 by not starting fresh with new everything! And, I will say, as much as I LOVE Cleveland, our brown uniforms suck! They haven’t even tried to bring them into the 21st century. The uniforms are consistently voted the “worst” in the NFL. That’s not being unique and old school….that’s being rediculosly stubborn. If you’re going to wear poop-colored uniforms then you had best not be a loser and play like poop!
    I guess being a “BROWNS” fan means you can at least do your “business” on the throne in TEAM COLORS!
    They are OLD SCHOOL in LOSING too! At the very least get rid of the brown!
    I still wish the Cleveland Bulldogs would replace the Cleveland Browns!

  6. I really love when ppl (warrenmoon?) come on and make baldass remarks without any facts. The real Warren Moon has more class in his little finger than this guy can ever hope to muster

  7. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth is called, ‘tough love.” What (warrenmoon) said about the Browns is unfortunately, true.
    I’m not sure why a Raiders fan would go into so much depth about the Browns. However, I cannot disagree with some of what he said.
    We “do know” that players around the league don’t want to come to Cleveland. We “do know” that Paul Brown left and set up enemy camp in Cincy. We “do know” that the Browns uniform is consistently voted the worst in the NFL. We “do know” that you just don’t have many uniform options when you wear poop brown. We “do know” that the Browns have played worse than the color of their uniforms look.
    We can hate the enemy. We can dislike what they have to say. But, we “do know” it hurts when it’s the truth.
    Paul Brown hates Cleveland even from the grave. His family hates Cleveland. Cincy has built a memorial stadium to Paul Brown. Paul Brown washed his hands of Cleveland.
    Despite “ancient” history, Cleveland should wash their hands of Paul Brown and the poop brown uniforms he created.
    The truth hurts. But, if recognized can be a path to new and better success.
    Cleveland needs wholesale change.

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