League says Hummel’s departure has “no bearing” on Saints investigation

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Earlier in the day, we reported that NFL director of investigations Joe Hummel submitted a letter of resignation on Friday, the second day of the 2012 draft.  We characterized Hummel as the person leading the ongoing investigation regarding the Saints’ bounty system.  The NFL characterizes the situation differently, notwithstanding Hummel’s title.  “Joe reports to Jeff [Miller],” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said regarding the relationship between Hummel and the league’s chief security officer.

Aiello explained via email that Hummel will continue to be involved with the investigation until he leaves the employment of the league.  “Joe Hummel accepted a senior security position at a large company but delayed his departure until the Saints matter is completed,” Aiello said.  “He is not leaving until June.  The company held the position open for him so that he could complete his work on the Saints matter. It is a big career opportunity for Joe (who is a former FBI agent, by the way) and has no bearing whatsoever on the Saints matter.”

So that’s the rest of the story, from the league’s perspective.

12 responses to “League says Hummel’s departure has “no bearing” on Saints investigation

  1. There’s only one possible conclusion … the Saints are completely innocent of any and all wrong doing. It’s all a conspiracy … and the evidence and confessions were faked.

  2. “So that’s the rest of the story, from the league’s perspective.”

    Wait, there was a story? Where was it?

  3. Clearly the Saints are innocent.

    The City of New Orleans can now refrain from being sensitive and defensive to being revitalized and inspired…..much like their post-Superbowl vibe.

  4. craggt says: Apr 30, 2012 6:40 PM

    Sounds like the guy just got a better job. Not everything is a conspiracy people.


    Yeah, and it just so happened that the NFL decided to do this on a Friday afternoon, keeping it out of the news cycle with the distraction of the draft going on so hopefully nobody would notice.

    Guys who lead investigations don’t just resign for no reason….and they don’t leave one of the world’s largest corporations to go sell life insurance.

  5. Jenniferxxx and kronix* what are the teams you root for? Ohhh I understand why you hate the saints. Well envy is a powerful emotion, good luck with that 🙂

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