League says Hummel’s departure has “no bearing” on Saints investigation

Getty Images

Earlier in the day, we reported that NFL director of investigations Joe Hummel submitted a letter of resignation on Friday, the second day of the 2012 draft.  We characterized Hummel as the person leading the ongoing investigation regarding the Saints’ bounty system.  The NFL characterizes the situation differently, notwithstanding Hummel’s title.  “Joe reports to Jeff [Miller],” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said regarding the relationship between Hummel and the league’s chief security officer.

Aiello explained via email that Hummel will continue to be involved with the investigation until he leaves the employment of the league.  “Joe Hummel accepted a senior security position at a large company but delayed his departure until the Saints matter is completed,” Aiello said.  “He is not leaving until June.  The company held the position open for him so that he could complete his work on the Saints matter. It is a big career opportunity for Joe (who is a former FBI agent, by the way) and has no bearing whatsoever on the Saints matter.”

So that’s the rest of the story, from the league’s perspective.