Packers won’t say if Donald Driver has a future in Green Bay


Packers receiver Donald Driver is willing to take a pay cut to stay in Green Bay, but that doesn’t mean the Packers will bring him back, at any salary.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy and General Manager Ted Thompson both declined to say this weekend whether Driver will be back with the team after his Dancing with the Stars stint is over.

I would never speculate on something like that,” Thompson said. “He’s dancing right now. Doing good, too.”

Added McCarthy, “No reason to speculate on that. I’m just going to follow Ted’s answer to that question.”

Although Driver started 15 games last year, he isn’t a vital part of the offense anymore. His catches have declined for five straight years, and last year he was fifth on the team with 37 catches. After 13 seasons with the Packers and more than 10,000 receiving yards, Driver may have played his last game in GreenBay.

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  1. “He’s dancing right now..” is all you need to know about how the Packers view Driver. Washed up players go on dancing shows.

  2. This is kind of a non-story. Ted Thompson won’t tell you what he had for lunch, or whether he prefers Coke or Pepsi, and Mike McCarthy doesn’t make personnel decisions.

  3. Hell be back at a reduced salary and roll. But he brings leadership and the ability to be a clutch third down receiver when finely is dropping everything.

  4. I’d say they are leaning toward letting him go and continuing to develop those youngsters. The Packers are deep at WR.

    I could see Driver as a Ram or Fin.

  5. Donald Driver is one of the classiest players in the NFL. He will understand that his time is over, there are just too many younger and more talented receivers on this roster. He has had a great career (and a Super Bowl ring), couldn’t ask for anything more.

  6. I wouldn’t bet against Driver on anything he wants to do. He still has the mentality of the seventh round always on the bubble guy that he was. No one works harder or is a better influence. I’d keep him and play him on special teams if nothing else to keep the standard he sets for younger players. Pack has already said goodbye to Clifton and Collins; they would be wise to keep a veteran presence like Driver around for another year.

  7. People are making a big deal out of nothing. Its not even the off season yet. They wont speculate because they dont know how much he has left in tank. They dont know how the young guys will do.

    Media, chill out. Still too early to be making cuts of this caliber. The Clifton/Collins cuts were medical, this is not that type of situation.

  8. I know Clifton’s health played a role in his release, but the Packers are a lot deeper at WR than they are at left tackle. I love Driver and it’s been fun to watch him emerge from obscurity to become the leading Packers WR of all time. That said, he’s gotta go. Roster spots are precious, and so is playing time. They need to get Randall Cobb more snaps, and they need a place for either Gurley or Borel, the two practice squad WRs who turned down pro contracts to stay w/ Green Bay.

  9. RCALI: Driver averaged 12 ypc last season, and caught as many touchdowns (6) as Vernon Davis, Pierre Garcon, Percy Harvin, and Brandon Marshall. He’s past his prime, sure, but I’m not sure I’d call him “washed up.”

  10. dlindstedt2 says:
    Apr 30, 2012 3:51 PM
    People are making a big deal out of nothing. Its not even the off season yet.
    Not sure what constitutes off season to you but I believe that is already underway. Also, at this point I doubt it has much to do about what’s left in the tank. He is an asset worth keeping around.

  11. I don’t know if you guys watched the Packers playoff game last year, but he was the best WR for Green Bay out there.

    I’m not saying he’s the best WR on the team at this point in his career, but it says a lot that he stepped up and performed when it matter the most. While every other receiver was dropping passes.

    I’d love to see him stay and retire a Packer when he is ready, because he can still play when given the looks.

  12. Driver will play one more year as a Packer. He is too important in that locker room…but I fear (being a Double D fan) that this is gonna be his Green and Gold swan song. No way he retires a Packer at 40.

  13. Football is a business and sentimentality is for people that don’t mind losing.

    Still, I’ll be sad to see the last of Driver, whenever he’s let go. He’s a great player, teammate and human being. He’s what Thompson and McCarthy had in mind when they started talking about “Packer People”.

  14. His catches aren’t down b/c he’s not catching balls; his catches are down b/c A-Rod doesn’t target him as much as he does Finley and Jennings. In previous years the Pack didn’t have as many top-notch targets as they do now, so the ball gets spread around more. Driver may not stretch the field like Jennings, but he’s one smart route-runner and still has the velcro hands.

  15. Dindstedt2, I can’t help wondering when you think the off season starts.

    But I’d keep Driver around. A good, dependable receiver who don’t have to worry about dropping the football.

  16. With Driver it isn’t about the money but about the roster spot. There simply isn’t one right now for him. They had 2 WRs on their practice squad who turned down roster spots because they where promised chances to make the roster this year. I know they weren’t promised a roster spot but they weren’t kept around not to make it this year.

    The other problem is special teams. Driver won’t play them and you can’t have your 4th or 5th WR not playing special teams. Takes a roster spot away and we know TT and MM don’t like that.

    It it was just about money they would have made that happen already. He simply isn’t one of the best 5 WRs the Packers have anymore. Fans won’t like it but they never do.

  17. Packers will come, Packers will go…

    All will realize that NOBODY (football player or not) has a future in Green Bay.

  18. I love DD as much as the next Packer fan, but his time has passed. I am itching to see what Cobb can do provided a bigger role in the passing offense.

    Throw him in the Ring of Honor.

  19. DD dancing don’t mean he’s on the way out. This man is revered in GB. The packers don’t work the way most teams do. As we saw w/ Nick Collins being cut, things aren’t always about putting the most Wins in the column at ANY cost. Doing things the green bay way involves teamwork, integrity, and class. DD will be back, although he’ll probably be making less $, his role will still be as a mentor both on and off the field. The second one guy thinks it’s all about himself–guess what? he’s gone (sent to Southern Mississippi).

  20. Talked to Donald’s agent and he expects he is done in Green Bay but he would like to continue playing somewhere. Thanks for a great career Donald!!!!

  21. Driver was the only GB WR who hung onto passes in that 9-drop playoff debacle vs GMen … For that alone he should “stick.”

  22. i hope the pack keep him for another year. the things Driver does for the community and his charity foundation is a class act. Driver is a good guy not just an awesome talented packer receiver. hey thompson keep him on the team for another year because it’s a no brainer. go pack go

  23. Is Driver better than anybody on the practice squad?

    Answer: Yes.

    Conclusion: Keep him.

    They’ll give him every chance to keep his roster spot, which I think he’ll do.

    But I could definitely see this as Driver’s last season. If the Packers win the Superbowl, I could definitely see him retiring afterwards.

  24. Driver, by the numbers, had a good game against the Giants… However, it was clearly stated and talked about previously, that the Giants covered him with LB’s the whole game. They had no respect for him and basically gave him what he wanted so they could roll coverages everywhere else.

  25. I do believe the Vikings are in need of a still talented but disrespected player from the classiest organization in Football. By the way, if they are so classy why do they continue to let good players go to division rivals?

  26. patriots123456 says: Apr 30, 2012 4:09 PM
    You mean they are going to DRIVE out Driver?
    How sad!
    Kind of ironic, a comment like that coming from a fan of a team that cuts long time veterans (or lets them walk) one right after the next! But you’re right, it is sad, even Willie McGinnis agrees!

  27. Driver will come to camp and fight for a job unless he asks GB for his release.

    Packers have 4 other legit WRs and two guys on the practice squad that they really like. So if DD wants to fight fo a job v. a young ascending player he is going to have to prove he has a future.

    Otherwise I think he asks for his release and ends up where all former Packers greats go – Minnesota where they can get the feel for losing for once.

  28. He’ll be back – probably for less money and I think everyone’s fine with that.

    I know some are concerned about the roster spot and bringing those guys up off the practice squad.

    Also remember, GB carried what, 4 or 5 TE’s last year in anticipation of losing Jermicael? That didn’t happen – I’d think that those WR’s on the practice squad will find roster spots that were previously held warm by some of those TE’s…

  29. Driver doesn’t become a free agent until 2013 and in 2012 is only due $2.6 million salary with a $1.5 million roster bonus, due in late July and a $200,000 workout bonus. That isn’t really too much for the leadership and quality he brings to the field. With the expanded roster numbers it really doesn’t make sense to cut him unless GB feels he won’t play a mentoring roll to the young talent.

    I am not sure how this became a strory, but my guess is that he returns.

  30. I’d say DD is heading out of GB if his contract was up, but it’s not. He’ll take a pay cut, finish out his contract, and retire a Packer.

    If the Packkers are crazy enough to cut him loose he’ll get signed by New England … and Green Bay will regret it.

  31. As a Steelers fan, I enjoyed watching Hines on DWTS but wished he’d waited until after retiring before going on the show. Don’t know if Packers fans feel the same about Driver, but he has proved to be a terrific dancer and seems to be in excellent condition. He’s also a really likeable guy to watch on the program.

  32. TT and MM don’t know how much talent they have for the dollars they’ll have to spend. They won’t know until training camp comes along. It could be decided early or decided late, but it will come down to worth in projected performance for the pay demanded relative to the rest of the receiving corp. And that applies to any team in the league.

    But if Driver is done in GB, I hope that GB fans realize that he’s the leading receiver in the team’s 90+ year history in receptions and yards. Of course that was done slowly and methodically over a 13 year career, but he was certainly a useful tool. Along with Ahman Green (all time leading rusher and scrimmage gainer), Javon Walker (for a few years), and Bubba Franks the Packers had weapons in the early to mid 2000’s. The Packers had the best record in the NFC from 1998-2007 despite some mediocre to poor seasons in the bunch. Elements of the defense were actually fair to good on top of those offensive weapons, the biggest problem was offensive turnovers – both in the regular season and the playoffs. Most of that was due to His Highness, yet he never was given any of the blame when things went wrong, that fell on everyone else. Hence how franchise all time leading rushers and receivers come and, perhaps, go without proper fanfare.

    Driver was a very good player and should have gotten more recognition. But The Shadow cast by He Who Must Always Be Named was/is long and dark. It goes all the back to the beginning when concepts like “Favre turned the Packers around and won the Pack a Super Bowl” diminishes even the Reggie Whites. The last 20 years have been one of the best of a 90+ year old franchise – filled with quality GM’ing, coaching, playing (even spinning off the likes of Brunell and Hasselbeck) -and yet nearly all the credit was narrowly channeled toward You Know Who. Favre certainly is a Foutsian or Moonian HOF but The Legend building got out of control. To sustain the fallacy, the credit that the Drivers’ of the Packers deserved was stripped from them and used to reinforce The Legend. Anything that went right was Favre, anything that went wrong was everybody else’s fault.

  33. Donald Driver is one of the most respected individuals in Wisconsin.

    I’m confident that when the collective wisdom of Donald, the coaching staff, and Mr. Thompson arrives at an answer for this next season, I’m going to cheer that decision … whatever the decision is, it shall be a good decison.

    If it works out that he plays, I’ve already decided to give him a long standing ovation the first time he catches a pass this autumn. Then I’ll explain to my young children (who will be watching the game on TV with me) why Dad gave Mr. Driver a long standing ovation.

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