Panthers announce a dozen undrafted free agents

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Add the Panthers to the list of teams who have unveiled their incoming class of undrafted free agents.

Carolina has announced a dozen players.  They are: WR Brenton Bersin (Wofford); G Will Blackwell (Louisiana State); DT Nate Chandler (UCLA); WR Jared Green (Southern); WR Wes Kemp (Missouri); TE Tarren Lloyd (Utah State); RB Princeton McCarty (Idaho); RB Tauren Poole (Tennessee); OT Matt Reynolds (Brigham Young); RB Lyndon Rowells (Humbolt State, Cal.); WR Rico Wallace (Shenandoah).

Four of the new arrivals play receiver, and three are running backs.  Which is good news for quarterback Cam Newton, given that the team drafted a total of one receiver and zero running backs.

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  1. I understand bringing in a bunch of RBs if Tobert is primarily going to play FB like the Panthers have said. If that’s the case, the #3 RB spot is wide open after dealing Goodson to Oakland. The fans love Gettis after a promising rookie season, but he’s coming off of ACL surgery and he was in the doghouse last year before getting hurt.

  2. You guys have to understand

    1. We don’t need more weapons. Smith, Lafell, Geddis, Olsen, Stewart, Williams, Tolbert. Enough said.

    2. All these guys are going to be special teams guys. Chico has been hellbent on getting good special teams players

  3. A lot of these guys are going to be looked at as gunners and contributors on special teams. There has been a huge emphasis on special teams this off season, as their first 4 free agent pickups before the draft were all special team aces on their previous teams.

    First a competent offense in CAR, next a competent special teams? And if everyone returns healthy on D, a more than capable D as well! Good times to be a Panthers fan.

  4. According to the NFL Network, Carolina also picked up Michigan DE Ryan Van Bergen. I’m genuinely shocked that he wasn’t drafted. I will be equally shocked if he doesn’t make the Carolina team, and not just on special teams.

  5. Brenton Bersin (Wofford), since this kid was Jerry’s neighbor he gets an invite to training camp. Not sure if I hate him or worship him, lol. Enjoy yourself dude, it won’t get any better than this year in Spartanburg!

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