Patriots expected to re-sign Gerard Warren

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The draft came and went without the Patriots picking up any interior defensive linemen.

That seems to have pushed them back in the direction of Gerard Warren. Mary Paoletti of is reporting that the Patriots will re-sign the veteran defensive tackle. Warren, the third overall pick of the 2001 draft, has spent the last two seasons with the Patriots.

Warren started 10 games in 2010, but moved into a smaller role last season and finished with 12 tackles and one sack. His size and experience should be useful in sub packages again this year, which will be Warren’s 12th as an NFL player.

The Patriots addressed other parts of the front seven by drafting Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower and Jake Bequette.

17 responses to “Patriots expected to re-sign Gerard Warren

  1. Glad to be bringing Warren back.
    With all the injuries they’ve had at DT the past couple seasons this guy just lined up every week and did an above-serviceable job. A respected teammate and a quality locker room guy.
    If nothing else a big-bodied veteran who know what he’s doing out there.

  2. Warren has always been a quality contributor, and he knows how to play with Wilfork. Let’s see if he makes it through camp.

    Hey Brian Waters… you’re next. Sign the dotted line and come back for another run at the trophy, please.

  3. Warren plays his heart out for the Pats. There’s no doubt about that. He just doens’t make a ton of plays. For that reason I’m pretty disappointed that the Pats couldn’t find any DT help in the draft.

  4. Teams will be cutting DT’s,CB’s,DE’s,etc. before the
    season starts so plenty of time to go dumpster

  5. happy to see him signed already so he’ll be ready for training camp when it rolls around…good rotational player that can play all over the line and he’s a guy who wants to win while not creating any problems

    still waiting to see what will happen with andre carter…i liked him a lot last year and hopefully he can rebound well from the quad tear and the patriots can get him signed for another year or two

  6. Stick Brady on the DT line in Q4. Brady will be in a better position for a few more game-changing roughing calls when he takes his dives.

  7. Belicheat hanging onto another Al Davis rescue project. The pats also signed Trevor Scott this offseason, a Davis draft pick. Bill has a history of bringing exRAIDERS into the fold, consistently. Bill understood what a genius Al Davis was, what a legend he was. Bill knows, it’s a shame that many pats fans/ nfl fans have no clue. A little NFL history lesson can’t hurt simpletons, look into it.

  8. So mullman, you are saying BB understood Davis and respects him but you call BB an epithet? Whatevs….nice “logic”.

    When Warren was in Cle, his nickname was “Big Money”. Now that he’s many years down the road, I affectionately call him “Old Money”.

  9. .

    @ mullman7675

    “,Bill understood what a genius Al Davis was…”


    Belichick always referred to him as Mr. Davis. ….for obvious reasons.


  10. @CKL: The comparison was in regards to the draft and player evaluation, not filming hand signals of opposing teams. Don’t be so defensive, you guys got off easy. It’s just a shame the pats have not been able to win another SB without that extra “edge”.

  11. @6ball: Addressing Mr. Davis as Mr. Davis is a sign of respect. Are you not aware of this? Stand down pats fan and enjoy the twilight of your false “dynasty”.

  12. Warren in, Ellis out, and Deaderick, Love and Brace with more snaps. That’s an upgrade.

  13. Since the Pats stopped filming the other teams’ D hand signals, they lost their last 2 SBs when their D couldn’t hold the lead in the final minutes of each game.

    Yup, they sure miss filming the other teams’ D signals

    keep jerking it Mullman – you might get some pleasure in something someday.

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