PFT Live: Jets talk with Manish Mehta and Browns talk with Tony Grossi

The draft is done and we’ll talk with a couple of writers about what it meant for the teams they cover on Monday’s PFT Live.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News will join Mike Florio to talk about how the Jets fared during the draft. Their first two picks — defensive end Quinton Coples and wide receiver Stephen Hill — are both talented, but they come with some question marks that makes it hard to know how much they’ll be able to contribute right from the gate.

We’ll also talk to Tony Grossi of The Browns added running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round and Weeden’s arrival has created a lot of discussion about what the Browns will do with Colt McCoy. We’ll talk to Grossi about that and all the other draft fallout in Cleveland.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

9 responses to “PFT Live: Jets talk with Manish Mehta and Browns talk with Tony Grossi

  1. “What is there to talk about? Both teams had questionable drafts (at best) and both will be drafting very high next year.”

    nothing for you then…bye!

  2. The same stupid comments are made Monday after every draft. The fact is that no one has a clue right now. No clue what-so-ever as to who had a good draft and who did not, or should have traded down, etc.

  3. Cleveland and Seattle made poor decisions.

    Cleveland traded alot to move to 3 to get Richardson, ok I can look past that,because Trent is a great prospect and Tampa has shown they had a RB need by drafting Wilson at the end of 1st. So it is plausible to assume Tampa was talking to the Vikings.

    But Weeden at 22? I am not against Weeden but CLE did not maximize the value of their draft position. The Pats traded up twice at the end of the first round, the Vikes once and the Bucs as well, CLE should have been one the teams to trade with these teams. Instead they stood still, when they could have still gotten Weeden at the end of the first round.

    That is not smart. Look at the draft board who else was going to spend a first round pick on a QB between picks 23 and 32? MIA got Tannehill, SEA got Flynn, no one else was going to choose QB in the first, Weeden would have been there for them in the 2nd round.

    Seattle is in the same boat, I like Irvin, but Pass Rushers were the depth position in this draft, so there is no need to reach for one particular player. They should have traded down again to the mid 20s, Irvin would probably still be there in the mid 20s and if not, Mercilus and Perry would have been there.

    Cleveland and Seattle wasted a lot of value in the early part of this draft, that is why so many other teams had a great draft!

  4. Yeah… starting 3 years for Holmgren, not impressed. How easy is it to forget he rushed to bring in Jake Delhomme for millions mind you, and many weeks before the draft (in a third round for Colt). With Jake, Seneca and Colt and now Weeden, thats maybe ‘1 for 4 in QB selection, which is suppose to be his ‘strength.

    I think with Tampa worst defense their also was not rush to trade up, and Tampa took a ‘Safety’ first. Obviously Vikings were happy and Tampa followed the normal, not taking RB until second round. Think about it, There hasn’t been a first round RB selection since… 2006 Reggie Bush. There is a reason for that in this pass happy league, it is what it is.

    I agree they could have waited to take Weeden in second round. Could have killed two birds with one stone by taking the best offense line guy and stopped the Steelers in their shoes, no pun intended, by taking DeCastro, instead that helped Pittsburgh probably giving Big Ben a split second more to stay in pocket or scramble. Helping the Steelers and hurting our own defense.

    No one has a clue uh? Better read the data on last 10 years on out of the first round draft pickes which GM has the best record. (Rival Pittsburgh is very close)

    NOW lets go to upcoming schedule: Browns play who by game 6: Chance to win with another rookie QB and rookie RB and rookie WR? Eagles, Bengals, Ravens and maybe a win then Giants?

    Just another name on a QB jersey, thats the mission of Lerner… sell more QB jerseys than any other team. Starting QBs will now number 16 and only one playoff under Butch Davis in 2002.

  5. I agree w Max. It was a decent draft but, it should’ve been much better.

    I don’t know how Heckert can think WR is not a problem when the Browns had all of those dropped passes.

    I like the Richardson pick, I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Hardesty.

    I thought they should have taken a play-making WR with #22 (Quick, W.V.) because Weeden would have still been there at #37.

    OT Schwartz is a monster but DT Huges runs hot or cold. He would’ve been there in the 6th or 7th round. (lazy)

    A decent draft but not a great one.

  6. hey ‘geezohman’ at least get your facts straight before spewing out nonsense. NO 1st rd RBs since 2006 and Reggie Bush, oh really….?? Laurence Maroney #21 in ’06, DeAngelo Williams #27 in ’06, Joseph Addai #30 in ’06, Adrian Peterson #7 in ’07, Marshawn Lynch #12 in ’07, Darren McFadden #4 in ’08, Jonathan Stewart #13 in ’08, Felix Jones #22 in ’08, Rashard Mendenhall #23 in ’08, Chris Johnson #24 in ’08, Knowshon Moreno #12 in ’09, Donald Brown #27 in ’09, Beanie Wells #31 in ’09, CJ Spiller #9 in ’10, Ryan Mathews #12 in ’10, Jahvid Best #30 in ’10 and Mark Ingram #28 in ’11.

    Also, Tampa and the New York Giants both took RBs in the 1st round this year. TB at 31 chose Doug Martin and NYG at 32 took David Wilson. Have I made my point about your idiotic comment….

  7. Where exactly did the Jets reach? Coples is a risk, I will concede that. Hill was a great pick. The pick I am most excited about is the seventh rounder Antonio Allen, I believe this kid is going to be an impact player for years to come. I really liked the Jets draft this year, LET’S GO GANG GREEN!!!

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