Rams reportedly envision Pead as Jackson’s successor


Rams second-round pick Isaiah Pead looks more like a change-of-pace or third-down back than a feature NFL runner. Pead goes 5-foot-10, 197. Most draftniks characterize Pead as a slashing scatback with punt return value.

The Rams used the 50th overall pick in the draft to land him, however, and they likely wouldn’t have used such a high selection on a guy who might get only five or six offensive touches per game.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on SportsCenter early Monday that Pead is viewed as the “successor” to aging Rams starter Steven Jackson. Per Schefter, Pead was “coveted” around the league and would not have lasted on the draft board much longer after the 50th pick.

Our best guess is that Pead will ultimately need to be paired with a power runner in a multiple-back rotation. But it’s also worth wondering whether Rams coach Jeff Fisher may have spotted some Chris Johnson in Pead’s game. Johnson’s 2008 Combine weigh-in was 5-foot-11, 197, nearly identical to Pead’s. Like Pead, most draft prognosticators pigeonholed Johnson as a scatback coming out of college.

Johnson was Fisher’s first-round pick in the 2008 draft.

12 responses to “Rams reportedly envision Pead as Jackson’s successor

  1. Isaiah Pead? A name every person with a third grade love of toilet humor could appreciate. I suppose it’s better than Isaiah Pooped.

  2. Sorry, don’t see why they took this guy at this point in the draft. They had bigger needs. Doesn’t matter how many draft picks you have, if you don’t know how to use them then it doesn’t mean anything.

  3. I watched him play in the Senior Bowl. He was impressive and showed great quickness but I cannot see him as a feature back. He could return kicks, get some spot carries in a game, and catch out of the backfield. Now is not the time for STL to take Jackson for granted when they have nothing else on offense besides WRs from Wake Forest and App. State.

  4. Kids a stud, very nimble w/ great agility.

    I can see if he adds a little bit of weight to that frame he could be a feature back

  5. As a UC alum and fan, I saw every game he has played. He is a great competitor with above average speed and ability, but I just don’t see him as a workhorse. I enjoyed watching him play and he tore up some college defenses while he was here. He will need to add some weight, speed, strength, and toughness to be a feature back. I saw him as a third down back, but since no NFL franchises have called and asked for my opinion I guess I will just enjoy fantasy football.

    On that note, I guess he will get a shot at some point in the season since Jackson will get hurt. Handcuff.

  6. A poor man’s LeSean McCoy, maybe. But so what if he isn’t a feature back.

    Rams have been married to the one-back system for far too long.

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