Randy Moss starts 49ers workouts, calls them “eye-opening”

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A couple of weeks ago, 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said that he was okay with Randy Moss missing the start of the teams’ workouts because he knew Moss would be there long before anything mandatory got underway.

Baalke was proven correct on Monday when Moss showed up for workouts. It was the first day of what the 49ers are calling “Football School” when they have players focusing on techniques and fundamentals specific to their positions with coaches allowed to work with them on the field. Moss told the 49ers website what it felt like to be back out on the football field after such a long layoff.

“It was eye-opening,” Moss said. “Today was the first day and we were moving so fast. Today felt like we’d been out here for a week or two.”

And as for how Moss looked in his first team workout in more than a year?

“He looked good. He looked really, really good,” tackle Joe Staley said. “Obviously super fast. My first impressions of him are very positive. I think he’s going to be a great addition to the team. I’m excited to work with him. I think he’s got a ton of talent.”

The addition of A.J. Jenkins in the first round of the draft makes the 49ers’ depth chart a bit more crowded at receiver, but if Moss proves he’s in shape and able to make plays downfield there’s a good chance he’ll find a place on the final roster.

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  1. And by “eye-opening” he means he can’t believe he went to a team with Alex Smith as a QB after playing with Tom Brady.

  2. “makes the 49ers’ depth chart a bit more crowded at receiver”
    fyi – crowded depth charts chalk up more than 3 yds receiving in nfc championship games.

  3. Randy Moss is back. Lets see what he’s got…and the Niners have addressed the weakness at receiver (Jenkins, Moss, Manningham). Crabtree had better step it up.

  4. Been following him since drafted, (hard core viking fan) — if you understand the game and love watching the uniquely talented. You will NOT be disappointed in Randy Moss on or off the field……
    I will be watching (DaRealOtisMoss) and the SF49ers games weekly…….

    good luck this season

  5. he got good reviews in minnesota, new england, etc. AT FIRST. Let the buyer beware. He takes plays off. Just ask his buddy CC!

  6. Moss is looking real quick ! But hey I gotta wait to at leats the first preseason game!

  7. Today is his first day, somewhere in mid October will be his last day. Much like every other team he’s played on, he’ll eventually quit.

  8. Good for Randy and the 49ers. Perhaps Randy is finally growing a pair and realizes this is the end of the road for him playing period, let alone for such a quality contender.

    He also knows Harbaugh won’t put up with any BS. The 49ers have enough talent at wide receiver they can dump him if he becomes an issue and Harbaugh wouldn’t hesitate.

    I’ve always admired the talent Randy Moss has. He was a kid in a candy store when he came into the league. Players took him under their wing to show him what is acceptable and notds, and to teach him the techniques of playing wide receiver..

    Randy Moss is most definitely not a slow learner. He has been a very selfish man and player who has made a lot of bad decisions in his pro life. He also knows this is his last hurrah to what could have been an outstanding career. If he can do that and play well for 2-3 years for the 49ers the NFL will really benefit. This can be a huge exclamation point to that career. Good luck to Randy, the 49ers, their fans and supporters and hopefully “in your face” to all the Randy Moss haters.

  9. Moss, Crabtree, Manninwho and Jenkins? Should have invested in a QB! It’s like the Yankees these days, spend all your money on names but don’t having any pitching.
    Remember breaking up with your girl and then getting back together with her? Doesn’t work! I see 5-11 season and drafting a QB next year.

    GO Hawks!!

  10. I believe barring injury Moss will make the team. The 2012 49er WR’s will be Crabtree, Manningham, Jenkins, Moss, Ginn and in a surprise Kyle Williams keeps a spot on the 53 man roster as the 6th wide out beating out Owusu.

  11. There’s a good chance he’ll make the final roster? Haha yeah I’d say so, I predict Randy getting back to probowl status on his way to his first superbowl this year.

  12. He has the wear and tear of someone who has only played a third of the length his career. Then again, he has only tried on a third of his plays.

  13. If I am a 9er’s fan I am really glad to read this. A motivated/engaged Moss, even at his age, can be a real weapon.

    That is if Alex Smith can get him the ball.

  14. Would love to see Randy retire a few years from now redeemed, as a Niner, with a few SB rings on his hand.

  15. Will Randy yell at Alex and pout when he isn’t the target enough? He may be more disgruntled as the season goes on if SF plays the “manage the game” type of offense and relies on their quality defense to win games.

  16. Randy Moss will be great for the 49ers.

    And this because he’s been posting the same comment over and over…

    7thlombardiontheway says:

    6 rings > you. Think about it. Jealous?

    I thought about it.

    Packers, 13 rings; Bears, 9; Giants, 8 > Steelers, 6

    Get in line…

  17. Been a Vikings fan since 1968 and I’m a huge Randy Moss fan. I think he’s a first ballot hall of famer without a doubt.

    However, watching Randy Moss play in 1998 and watching him play in 2010 when he returned to the Vikings was night and day.

    In 1998 he was blazing fast and could easily run away from any defensive back, easily beat a double team, and easily out jump any DB.

    In 2010 he couldn’t do any of these things. In reality he was just a shadow of his former self. It wasn’t that he wasn’t trying… his legs just weren’t the same.

    I didn’t like it in 2010 and the 49’ers aren’t going to like it in 2012.

    I wish it wasn’t true because… but it is.

  18. Lots of comments here that are optimistic. Did anyone see what Moss did after he left the Patriots? I was upset to see him go from NE, but once I saw him elsehwhere I was glad he was gone. He may still be fast, but he’s not what he was in 2007 and 2008 and he’s not going to accept being a role player. He can only hurt a team at this point.

  19. tramonisland says:Apr 30, 2012 6:31 PM

    “makes the 49ers’ depth chart a bit more crowded at receiver”
    fyi – crowded depth charts chalk up more than 3 yds receiving in nfc championship games.
    ———————————————————-They must not have broadcasted the NFC champ. game on Tramon island. Only Crab and K. Williams were healthy. Mario, Randy, AJ were not on the team. Ginn was hurt. 6>2 right?

  20. im LAUGHING at all you jealous bums trying to hate on the 9ers!!! one SEACAWK fan says were gonna go 5-11 because we have no quarterback LMAO!! yea & you guys throw millions at green bays 3win back up & you think you have solved your problems…… REALLY?? and it would not be official if TRADER fan did not throw his comment holding on to hope & trying to STILL justify the DHB pick?? as you jealously watch the 9ERS become sb contenders across the bay, deep down inside wondering if its too late to jump on that 9ER band wagon!!!!

  21. 7thlombardiontheway says:
    Apr 30, 2012 6:39 PM
    6 rings > you. Think about it. Jealous?

    Wonder how many years this will be your screen name…I’m betting more than a few…

  22. @ namriverrat69:
    “what could have been an outstanding career”?
    The guy has scored 150+ touchdowns. I think it’s fair to go ahead and call that outstanding.

  23. Every team will report that everyone looks good in camps. This is nothing new. All draft picks were great and are preforming well. Save me all the B.S. We’ll see when the games start.


  24. Here is how he acted with the Patriots:

    As long as Randy got the ball everything is beautiful.

    Randy gets the ball a lot. Other teams decide to double team him.

    Now he used as a decoy, and they stop throwing to him because of double coverage. Mr Moss now pouts, quits on plays. Becomes a raving maniac and blames everyone else.

    Uncle Bill B. says it time for you to leave Randy.

    End of story!

  25. warrenmoon says:Apr 30, 2012 6:53 PM

    He has the wear and tear of someone who has only played a third of the length his career. Then again, he has only tried on a third of his plays.
    Moss tried only a third of the time yet he was able to put up hall of fame numbers??? Wow. 2nd all time receiving touchdowns. 5th all time receiving yards. 4 all pro teams. If he really tried he would have blown our minds away.

  26. The niners are a one year wonder, we saw it in 06′ with the Ravens and that defense, as well as in 08′ with kerry collins and now in 2011 with alex smith. all those teams had a great defense, and a great running game, but fell short in the playoffs. but the following year they didnt do anything. its going to be interesting to see if they keep their momentum.

  27. Randy Moss would have had 3 more TD’s in his short stent with the Vikes in 2010 that he didn’t even try for the ball. They were sure TD’s. He taught Percy Harvin some terrible practice habits to the point Harvin rebelled and threw a weight at Childress. The Vikings had to cut him after his bizarre claim of love for the Patriots. Man, everyone was so excited he was back with the Vikings. If Randy had just tried, given the minimum effort the Vikings would have been able to be way better than 6-10 that year. If the niners get that player he will bring the whole team down.

  28. This is a great example of how randy is always being taken out of context. He’s a smart dude and just because he doesn’t recite the same cli Che bull for every interview like all the other players he gets all this bad press in the media.

    I think he’s a good player and wants to win. He only was “misbehaving” or “not trying” because the teams he was on we’re a joke. That’s not the case in sf… He came there to win. Watch out.

    I personally love the guy ever since he squirted the ref in that game a long time ago. He makes the game fun, isn’t that why we like sports? For fun?

    Don’t take this all too seriously. Go 49ers!

  29. ONE HIT WONDERS???? we went 13 & 3 with a new coaching staff & new systems, in a lockout shortened off season with no OTA’s !!!! this will be the first time in 8 seasons our offense will have the same coordinator from the previous season!! OHH & by the way that so called FLUKE team that went to the NFC title game & lost to the eventual SB champs in OT just drastically improved this off season!! MOSS,CRAB,VD, JENKINS,WALKER,GORE,GINN,MANNINGHAM, HUNTER, LAMICHEAL JAMES & A TOP NOTCH DEFENSE!! nobody saying were going to win the superbowl but, those that think were not going to be in the conversation are just being ignorant & living in denial!!!!

  30. Alex smith did alot better than half of the qbs in the league out there last year. For the first time he has receivers to throw to, a head coach that isnt horrible, the same oc, and moving back to a spread offense. He will be fine. So anyone that thinks the niners will go5-11 or even 8-8 is just a hater. Actually id be surprised if they only got 10 wins. We will all see soon enough come week 1. In lambo. So untill then, just be quiet cause you all sound like a bunch of shwartz’s and carrols mad cause we will run up the score or shake your hand a little hard. whats YOUR deal?

  31. 6 rings > you. Think about it. Jealous?

    The great pyramids once were topped with golden caps that shined over everyone and everything. But they’ve been gone a long time too. Get warmed up to all 6 trophies you were no doubt not alive to witness. Because you won’t be getting another one for long time.

  32. Cometophilly,

    Not understanding how you can call the Ravens one hit wonders. It seems like they make the playoffs every season. Since the year 2000 they are in the top 5 for most NFL wins…..How does that make them a 1 hit wonder?

  33. All im saying you guys kinda punched alex smith in the gut and pulled a stephen ross to go talk to peyton, which i dont blame you for. but this season will be about alex smith, if he can have back to back seasons with productivity. im not rooting against the niners, i like harbuagh and his coaching style, the ravens went 13-3 in 06′ and so did the titans in 08′ again both with solid defenses, and quarterbacks with a solid season(steve mcnair, kerry collins) and they didnt do anything the year after. not trolling, just stating opinion.

  34. Moss doesn’t go over the middle and Smith can’t hit him on a 9 route. Doesn’t add up.

  35. lolb23 says:
    Apr 30, 2012 9:14 PM
    6 rings > you. Think about it. Jealous? ———————————————————————————————————————————————— wow you won 6 rings? you must be amazing! i thought the packers having 13 was impressive, i guess i was wrong….

  36. Moss is going to be a beast in Madden 13, I just hope he can be a beast in real life as well. =) lol

  37. Keeping my comments to myself because honestly, in the NFL world, everything is totally unpredictable and we all know it. I think I speak for the whole Bay Area when I say NO ONE would have predicted the 49ers finishing the 2011 season 13-3 but I do believe Randy Moss is capable of being a big factor in the 2012 season. If not then oh well, nothing lost nothing gained. There are 5 other recievers to fill that void if Moss truly no longer has it.

    Niner Nation!

  38. gmen4life33 says:Apr 30, 2012 6:50 PM

    All of a sudden, the SF WR core isnt looking like a bunch of retards anymore
    Yep, now it’s just the SF fan base looking that way.

  39. 13-3 because like always nobody pays any attention to the 9urs! This year D coord’s are going to eat Smith alive! Smith is not an anwser to your success!
    How many games did you win by dominating the game…few. A lot of luck.
    It was fun to hear from the Bay area again but see ya in another 10 years!!

  40. So funny, last year it was they would suck becuase of no offseason now its they will suck becuase they brought in randy moss and the usual alex smith banter. Last i check Alex was 13-3 and was two bad plays away from a superbowl. I digress if I was hawks fans or any other fan that hates the niners, Id be nervous to becuase if Alex only improves a little bit they will be just as good if not better. Harbaugh and Balke are real deal.

  41. Man Moss Is Lookin Fasssst….Wit The Threat Of Beeing Burned deep By Moss,Manningham,Or Crabby,The Run Game Should Be Lethal….And For All U Crabtree Haters He Never Had Another WR On The Otherside To Take The Covarge Off Of Him So Now That We Have A Few Viable And Proven WR’s Its Finna Be Crabby’s Best Season For TD’s Bet That!!!!!!!!

  42. 1st it was they will fade later in the season, then it was they have not played anybody, then it was they will be one and done in the playoffs, now its it was a fluke season!! GEEZ will you idiots ever run out of excuses????

  43. kolby says… “should have invested in a QB…”

    Oh you mean like Tavaris Jackson? o_Omf’nlord you’re retarded.

    Name the last 13-3 QB your team fielded? I can name 3 that our team did. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    What a freakin Seagal chump.

  44. Oh and didn’t the 9ers beat that loser team up in Washington State? What’s your excuse? Your DC was asleep at the switch or something? Carroll too worried about breaking a 15 game streak?

    Smith played lights out compared to that Tavaris Jackson chump you guys got at QB who can only throw when he’s outside the pocket.

    Go ahead an talk your trash cause it takes points to Win and we got the best Defense in the NFCWest an one that is top 5 in the entire league. Carroll is now 0-2 against Harbs at the Pro Level. Wahahahahahaha!!!

  45. Wow I can’t believe the number of haters from other fan bases claiming one hit wonder. Unless your a giants or patriots fan shut up cuz your team couldn’t make it as far as the niners. Oh and by the way I believe the niners have made moves this year to fill in the gaps we needed so go troll somewhere else. Can’t lie it feels good to be envied again 🙂

  46. “peternorth1 says:

    You can put out a 25 year old Randy Moss and a 25 year old Jerry Rice out there catchin passes your QB is still ALEX SMITH.”

    Look Mr. Pornking North. Smith put up a career year for himself in his first full season since ’06. He’s only gotten BETTER when he has a full season thus far. Yeah it’s only two years but in his first season after rehabbing his shoulder Dude lit it up pretty well. You can hate on him all day, I don’t give a 7vck. But you’re an absolute retard if you don’t see that Manningham and Moss give Smith credible targets to throw to.

    Unless of course you seem to think that Morgan, Swain and Williams are Hall of Fame material? Do you think that? Jury is still out on #15, but I think that guy isn’t even a number 4 Receiver on teams like the Packer, Saints, Giants, Cowturds or even the Lions. But you’re blaming the QB. Give Smith the Receivers that any of those team have and see if you like his numbers then. 5hi7 you could throw jump balls to half of the Receivers in that list and look like a Hall of Fame QB. An I’m pretty sure we can all agree that you don’t even have JUCO talent at the position. So hate on ignant fool hate on.

  47. I love Moss and hope he does well. But this is still a bottom-10 receiving corps at best. Adding up 3 okay receivers does not equal one good one (I’m looking at Manningham, Ginn, Crabtree, unproven rookie). Crowded, yes.

    That can’t come close to competing with the corps of other good NFC contenders: Nicks/Cruz, Austin/Bryant, Jackson/Maclin, Jennings/Nelson, Colston/Moore, Johnson/whoever, Marshall/Jeffery

  48. People sure do love to hate on the Niners. Probably has something to do with those five Superbowl wins.

    And they love to hate on Alex Smith. Well, this is the year. There are no more excuses this year. He’ll have a full off-season, a second year in a cohesive, quarterback-friendly offense with good coaching and lots of targets. Those of you who think he can’t throw a long ball are just flat-out wrong. But, talk is cheap. He was part of a team that came a couple of bonehead mistakes away from going to the Superbowl last year – and that was with almost no help at wide receiver. Alex Smith doesn’t do a lot of talking. I expect him to shut the haters up this year.

  49. Face reality. He would have played last year if he didn’t suck. Another year older isn’t going to make him not suck.

  50. kolbydoerge says:
    Apr 30, 2012 6:49 PM
    Moss, Crabtree, Manninwho and Jenkins? Should have invested in a QB! It’s like the Yankees these days, spend all your money on names but don’t having any pitching.
    Remember breaking up with your girl and then getting back together with her? Doesn’t work! I see 5-11 season and drafting a QB next year.

    GO Hawks!!

    A hawk fan squawking…Who exactly do you have as a QB on your roster…

    With stinky pete as your “coach” and sad sack history of your team, shouldn’t you be wearing a bag over your head…

    Come back when you have at least *one* lombardi trophy…

  51. Moss is a ticking time bomb. They way he has finished up with the last few NFL teams, he’s just going through the motions. Wait until Alex Smith misses on those plays where Moss felt he should have gotten him the ball. Over\Under, it won’t last pass 8 games.

  52. As a Niner fan for 32 years, I have seen the great, the good and the bad before. Now I am just trying to enjoy these amazing times like I used to when I was younger. My faith never waivered in them though. I endured countless amounts of years where we were ridiculed and I was happy if we won 5 games at least. Years where everyone said “They have enough talent on their team but they just can’t seem to get it together” or and I love this one “They don’t have the right coaching staff” “Alex Smith would be a very good QB if he could keep the same coaches more than one year” and etc. BUT I knew after we made some “adjustments” to our FO that we would be back in contention. Now that we have one of the nastiest D’s in the NFL, have improved on offense, are not only consistent on coaches but have some amazing ones, its “They’re a fluke, one hit wonder, the QB sucks, still not going to be able to pass that much, throw precise”…blah blah blah. With that…here’s my question to the haters that are either in our divison or just around the NFL…Due to the fact that we really didn’t have an offseason due to the lockout last year and all the changes although necessary, we still went 13-3 in the regular season and 1 playoff win, 1 game from the Superbowl mind you..you know that BIG GAME which of the exception of NY and NE can actually talk crap about and will be excused…When we prove all of you wrong this year and finish the season as well or better than we did last year will that be enough for you? I just wonder….probably not but never hurts to ask anyway…lol #ninerfaithful baby

  53. sj39 says:
    May 1, 2012 9:48 AM
    psst, hey Niner fans who think you have a QB, Peyton signed with Denver.

    hey LAMBS fan who think you will be a contender?? kurt warner,faulk,bruce & holt are retired!!!!

  54. The fact is Moss quit on or got the boot from every team he’s ever played for. Yes he was one of the best to ever play the position…..5 years ago. He has never elevated other players or teams around him. He only elevates himself.

    Good Randy will say all the right things for now. But as soon as he feels he’s not the centerpiece of the offense Bad Randy will show up like the San Fran fog. Before you know it….there it is.

  55. Pete Carroll is Jim Harbaugh’s bit-h. It goes all the way back to college when Carroll was at U$C and Hairball at Stanfurd.

  56. I know people are skeptical of Moss’ ability to contribute.

    But he doesn’t actually have to do much except run deep and catch a couple.

    Watch what happens when D’s have to account for the deep ball every time he’s in. Gore will be opened up w/ those Safeties occupied elsewhere.

  57. @peachyc: “When we prove all of you wrong…will that be enough for you?” Allow me to give you the honest answer that “they” won’t – “No” – it will not be enough for them. Like you, I go back to sitting up on the top row with my Dad at Kezar and watching the Niners one end and seagulls on the other. Old, new and in between, Niner fans are among the very best at being loayal. Let them knock Alex, our record, team potential for this and future seasons, and Randy all they want. We have too much class and conviction to care. And “they” know it. Pity them – like I do.
    Hey brother, enjoy our upcoming triumphant season. It’s gonna be one for the ages. Watch!

  58. Alex…just throw it up and they will go get it. If not, the defense has your back. This is going to be and exciting year with creative runs and passes. WHO HAS IT BETTER THAN US? NOBODY.

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