Redskins sign Jonathan Goff

The Redskins added a linebacker with NFC East experience to the mix on Monday.

The team announced that former Giants middle linebacker Jonathan Goff has signed with the team. Goff missed the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL, but he was the Giants’ starter at the position in 2010. Goff, originally a 2008 fifth-round pick, had 52 tackles and a sack that year.

Goff might have had a chance to return to the Giants, but that evaporated when the team traded for Keith Rivers and re-signed Chase Blackburn before the draft. Goff also visited Miami and Cleveland during free agency.

He’ll be competing for snaps as a backup linebacker with the Redskins. London Fletcher and Perry Riley will start with Lorenzo Alexander, Bryan Kehl and 2012 fourth-rounder Keenan Robinson also in the picture.

25 responses to “Redskins sign Jonathan Goff

  1. Just keep using Giants backups instead of drafting some new blood. Dumb Redskins wasting a pick on a backup QB they didn’t need.

  2. Sorry to see him go. If he can stay healthy, the Skins got a solid player. If he’s smart, he’ll learn everything he can from Fletcher.

  3. Cleans up LB for the Giants… Blackburn and Herzlich in the middle, Williams and Boley on the outside, and Kiwi floating between DE and OLB. I think Keith Rivers could be odd-man-out because he doesn’t know Fewell’s defense. The other Giants LBs all play specials.

  4. After the rooks stepped up, and Rivers was traded for (regardless of how much he actually contributes), I knew he was leaving. Surprised he didn’t go to TB though. He will be missed, but we are good to go on both sides of the ball BARRING MAJOR INJURIES.

  5. As a Skins fan I am not sure how I feel about this. I suppose a former Giant is a capable backup, but considering the Skins dominated the Giants in their 2 games last year, outside Manning and a couple other players, I don’t see adding former Giants as a significant upgrade to the Skins roster.

    partially sarcastic.

  6. @themage78 – Just keep using Giants backups instead of drafting some new blood. Dumb Redskins wasting a pick on a backup QB they didn’t need.


    1) The Skins drafted LB Robinson from Texas for depth and to be groomed by Fletcher to take over when he retires. Did you even watch the draft?

    2) This may be the most idiotic comment I have heard. So you are saying the Skins are set at the backup QB position with Beck/Grossman? Wow. I will just leave it at that and hope that your own stupidity sinks in.

    Goff is a solid depth addition to the Skins LB corps, which combined with the DL might rank among the top 5 in the entire league if Jarvis Jenkins lives up to even some of the expectations the fans, coaches, and players have for him.

    Keep hating fool. Your time is running out.


  7. jenniferxxx says:
    Apr 30, 2012 4:02 PM
    Kehl and Goff are both Giants draft picks.


    And another interesting thing, they were both drafted the same year one round after the other.

  8. wethog66 – Just remember those two wins cost you a LOT of draft picks to move up to grab your QB of the future. Had you laid down and lost, like the Skins had done SO many times before, you would kept your picks. Since 2006, Skins are 3-9 against NY and are 63-92 lifetime.

  9. Perry Riley- 4th round draft pick from LSU, 23 years old

    Keenan Robinson- Rookie, 4th round pick out of Texas.

    London Fletcher- ageless, even Chuck Norris respects this guy.

    No one else really matters, Robinson will be the starter next to Riley if when Fletcher decides to retire. Depth is looking better than I can remember.

  10. Can a skins hater please explain something to me?

    How exactly does drafting to fill needs, signing fairly young new starters and adding a tremendous amount of depth to our team equal “same ole skins”….first we get berated and rightfully so for signing every big name on the free agent board..this year and last year name the biggest free agent signs we have inked..garcon? Good name not a huge name…and lets see we trade everything for o true starting qb not so wanna be has been never will be guys (see ohh the last 19 starters) we hedge are bets by taking another capable qb to back the franchise up and some how the moves are still wrong…and can the front office get some love??? 18 mill penalty and they still make great signings..i dont care what anyone says by all measures we had the best offseason..if it translates to the field the rest of the beast is in for it..sure our record has sucked but the games have only been lopsided against us a couple of times..i say the division goes to philly..but 8-8 9-7 is highly possible..with a run to the playoffsmthe season after that…let the hate begin for the new era httr since way back in the day

  11. How many former Skins have the Giants signed?

    Let me see….Lavar Arrington, Brian Mitchell, Antonio Pierce, Devin Thomas. Who’s calling the kettle black?

  12. Let’s see Skins signed Cofield, Goff, & Kehl, I guess if you can’t draft good players sign them from someone who can. In all seriousness he is a good player that would have started last year. Goff & Thomas tore ACL’s last year. Goff a week before the skins game, definitely contributed to our losses to the skins. Giants were ranked 27th defense because of backups, rookie Linebackers(blown coverages) and numerous injuries, I was hoping we kept him he looked like he was going to hold that job. However unlike Terrell Thomas the Giants felt they could replace him. Still gives skins solid depth and a great signing!

  13. Mitchell came here via Philly and Arrington begged out of Washington.

    Nice try.

    Thomas barely sniffed the field as anything other than a returner. You signed away STARTERS.

  14. Arrington begged out of Washington because Greg Williams benched him. understandable. I loved how people look at organizations as consistent. these are constantly changing groups of people, cultures change, and winning comes and goes. I love this rediculous consensus that the ills of an organization are known and easy to rectify. It’s not just the redskins haters here, its a TON of our fanbase. anyone who has ever been charged with decisionmaking within a competative environment understands the perril of simple answers, and false assurance.

    On this matter, Goff is a good guy. he was an engineering student at vanderbilt when I got to know him personally. no other SEC football programs had a single engineering student. not that that makes you a good linebacker, but it does give the young man certain uncommon qualities that may have a decent payoff.

  15. A few things on the Redskins…

    1. If sweeping a season series against the Superbowl champs is enough for you guys to feel like you have even a slight right to brag then that’s a problem in and of itself.

    2. Thumbs down all you want but Goff isn’t a good player. There is a reason Jerry Resse (an excellent judge of talent) let him go even though he plays a position of need for the Giants.

    3. To the moron defending picking a QB in the 4th round after you traded three 1st round picks to draft a QB in the 1st round with the argument, “We need a better back up than Grossman/Beck Duh!!!” Yeah a rookie backing up a rookie is far better than having a back up or two that already know the offense to tutor the rookie 1st round pick and getting a decent player at one of the many glaring holes on your roster. How silly of me.

    You guys should stick to what you know best, dressing up as your wives on game day.

  16. @Angry Orange
    41 sacks of the QB last year. Less than cowgirls, giants, and eagles. So explain to me where all of these “glaring” holes are?? The Skins drafted the best available. Many teams would have taken cousins had the Skins not drafted him. By all accounts of draft nerds except Kiper (who can’t stand the Skins)said it was a good pick. We will see how this all turns out, but don’t act as if you know something more than the guys who do this for a living. Shanny’s drafts have worked out well thus far, and will only continue to get better. I understand you are in the bag for the Giants and congrats on winning the SB. We will all have to wait and see how this all pans out.


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