Seahawks think many teams wanted Bruce Irvin, Russell Wilson


The Seahawks had two of the most-discussed picks in this year’s NFL draft, taking pass rusher Bruce Irvin 15th overall and quarterback Russell Wilson 75th overall. Unsurprisingly, they disagree with those who call both picks reaches.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider told Adam Schein of Sirius XM NFL Radio that Irvin was one of the three best defensive players on his board, along with linebacker Luke Kuechly and safety Mark Barron, and that Seattle couldn’t have traded down any lower than No. 15 and felt confident about getting Irvin because there was a good chance that Irvin would have gone to the Jets at No. 16 if the Seahawks didn’t take him.

“We thought there was a good chance the Jets were going to take him at 16,” Schneider said. “If we walked out without him, it would’ve hurt.”

Schneider also said other NFL personnel people were upset when the Seahawks took Wilson, because they were hoping he’d fall to them.

“You can see Russell do everything. It blew me away. There’s nothing he can’t do. He’s just short. But that’s it,” Schneider said. “Two guys I respect called me right after the Wilson pick to cuss me out.”

Some Seahawks fans wanted to cuss Schneider out after the draft, but he’s not second-guessing anything. The Seahawks drafted two players they love, and they don’t think they’re alone in loving Irvin and Wilson.

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  1. Sounds like some spin control for the Irvin reach.
    Spin it like the liberal lefty you are Pete

  2. Nobody knows what he’s gonna be, if he makes it to the Hall of Fame will they not let him in because people didn’t like where he was drafted? Stories like this are moronic.

  3. Right. Every time a team picks a guy way too high they claim 31 other teams had their finger on the trigger. Used to be a Raiders staple.

  4. “He’s the best pass rusher to ever play this game, he’s better than Reggie White and Bruce Smith combined!” Pete carroll said.

  5. The more I read about this the more I respect what they did. I’m getting so sick of the armchair GM’s who apparently are more qualified to run their teams than the men that, ya know, actually do it for a living.

    I know I’m guilty of it as well, its part of being a fan, but come on. Maybe the picks will work out, maybe they won’t, but at least theyve got the balls to stick to their board. I respect that.

  6. I really like that attitude, who cares what everyone else thinks. I remember when people were blasting GMEN for taking JPP in 1st round because he was “raw” and only played football for 2 years (and because we already had DEs). 2 years later, he was the steal of the draft.

    Listening to Mel and the pundits will get you nowhere.

  7. Irvin’s issue for me is his character (lack there of). His atheticism is undeniable, but can he stay out of trouble to make it worth it? As for Wilson, he is def a winner, but did they need to draft a QB at all? Whether in the 3rd or 5th, seems like that wasn’t really a position of need.

  8. It’s funny how people will bash a pick simply because everyone else is bashing it.

    I’ll bet 90% of the folks saying Seattle made a mistake never even saw Irvin play. I have, and he can.

  9. The Seahawks improved their secondary with the selection of Irvin. Their corners like to play press coverage and Irvin speeds up everything if he is successful. Its not just sacks that matter but the general level of pressure the defense puts on the quarterback. Irvin’s outside rush will also help Jones on the inside.

  10. You keep referring to upset Seahawk’s fans. Who? Until Schneider and Carroll prove to be wrong we have faith that they know what they’re doing. I haven’t spoken to anyone that’s upset.

    We wanted Kuechly but if he’s not there I’ll take a chance on Irvin.

  11. People are over-reacting. The Seahawks are the ones game planning, they will know best whom they need. If it doesn’t work out, then fry them

  12. Some of you people are so ignorant. There is a confirmed report today that the Jets called Seattle immediately after the pick to curse them out a bit(jokingly) for taking their guy. Every person who continues to say he could have been had later is only discrediting their own knowledge at this point.

  13. Pete Carroll was also confident there would be wrongdoing found regarding the whole Reggie Bush fiasco.

  14. Pete Carroll was also confident there would be NO wrongdoing found regarding the whole Reggie Bush fiasco.

  15. Aldon Smith only played in passing situations his first year. Only a fool would call that a wasted pick, though. Irvin will immediately become the rush specialist, taking the role Raheem Brock had with the team the last two seasons. A three-down player wasn’t needed, with Red Bryant and Clemons as starting DEs. While it is hoped that Irvin can grow into the LEO role currently held by Clemons, if Irvin can become a sack specialist and put up 10 or so sacks a year, it will be a nice pick. If he grows into the next LEO, then it’s a great pick.

    Wilson is an awesome guy to have for a backup. He has a starter’s arm, a starter’s mindset, and a starter’s confidence. Probably has a huge chip on his shoulder from being told he’s too short for so many years, and a little extra motivation never hurt. It’s hard to imagine someone better equipped to come off the bench and take over due to injury, or due to having the guy you think may be The Answer (in this case, Flynn) flame out. Probably not a question of IF Wilson gets his shot as WHEN he gets his shot, and when he does, he’s going to be ready to do his best to prove himself.

  16. How about we let the play of Irvin earn his own grade?

    The Schneider/Carroll draft history in the early rounds has spoken for itself:

    In 2010, they hit on Russell Okung, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.

    In 2011, they hit on James Carpenter (he was balling out before he got hurt) and got 9 starts out of their 2nd pick, 3rd rounder G John Moffitt.

  17. well, there were quite a few pundits…and many giants fans….killing reese when he took JPP three years ago. then again, reese sort of knows what he’s doing.

    also….telling people that the jets, led by that imbecile mike tannenbaum….were looking to take irvin doesnt exactly speak well of the kid’s talent.

  18. Don’t put a lot of weight on John Schneider saying lots of teams were interested in Irvin with their 1st rounder. That’s potentially smoke and/or wishful thinking.

    What’s relevant is if some team comes out and says publicly, yes, we would have taken him with our 1st rounder if he was still on the board when we picked. No reason to lie about it now.

  19. “Irvin’s issue for me is his character (lack there of). His atheticism is undeniable, but can he stay out of trouble to make it worth it? As for Wilson, he is def a winner, but did they need to draft a QB at all? Whether in the 3rd or 5th, seems like that wasn’t really a position of need.”

    Yea with Matt Flynn starting 2 games, and Jackson as the backup, SEA has one of the top QB core in the league…..

  20. Seattle should take comfort in the fact that all the draft “experts” that are questioning the pick of Bruce Irvin, are the same guys who said Aaron Curry was a can’t miss LB.

  21. Yes its quite possible teams wanted Irvin, I do recall hearing his name pop up towards the end of the 1st round, but couldn’t trade back any further.

    I think Wilson was a good value pick. They must be thinking about releasing T-Jack or not resigning him after this season.

    They better hope Irvin pans out, because if he flops Carroll and the front office will catch a lot of heat.

  22. The last “safe pick” we made was basically given for free to Oakland. Personally, if they like a guy, I am on board until he proves me otherwise.

  23. “You can see Russell do everything. It blew me away. There’s nothing he can’t do. He’s just short. But that’s it,” Schneider said. “Two guys I respect called me right after the Wilson pick to cuss me out.”
    Was one of them Matt Flynn?

  24. This is the guy that traded how many picks for Charlie Whitehurst and then signed Travaris Jackson and he want’s us to think he has any credibility when it comes to player evaluation???

    BTW after giving up a ridciulous amount for Whitehurst he ultimately ended up back in San Diego after only a couple seasons in Seattle.

    Possible one of the worst trades in NFL history. John Schneider is a clown.

  25. I have spent the past few days contemplating the draft, the UDFA’s signed, the state of the Seahawk’s overall team roster. I am pleased with what appears to be a complete, competitive and dynamic team. I think the NFC West will be much stronger than in years past and the Seattle Seahawks will be making a strong run at the Divisional Championship. Go Hawks!

  26. There was a lot of hate when Mario Williams was picked over Reggie Bush. I think that when coaches and GMs think out of the box that most NFL analysts feel the need to call them crazy because the Coaches did not follow the analyst’s advice.

  27. Only one opinion matters right now, the fan base! Curry was the bust not Irvin. Prove pete right kid

  28. Love how the people who know next to nothing about the Hawks, criticize their picks. Their biggest need was someone to get pressure on the QB, not a three down DE, They got the best pure pass rusher in the draft(according to many of the same talking heads people are quoting to justify their criticism)
    If Irvin is at the top of your wish list and you don’t think he will be there 32 picks later when you pick again(can’t count on being able to trade back up to get him later), then you take him.

    Colts and Bears showed what happens when your back up QB isn’t fit for a high school team. TJack is in last of year of his stop gap tenure in Seattle and will be gone, Flynn is an unknown and all Wilson does is play the game at a high level. He played behind some monsters on the Wisconsin O-Line and height wasn’t an issue. Great player to have on the bench and by all reports a great locker room guy. Wouldn’t be a surprise if he goes to camp and wins the starting job.

  29. Taking a pure pass rusher over the popular Carolina product worked for the niners last year. Wilson is a winner too. But as a 49er fan i hope they both fail…hate hate hate

  30. What he meant to say-” we have incredible buyers remorse from taking a 240 pound DE and a 5-10 QB”

  31. Judging the draft now is like saying your date is the most wonderful/beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, the first week of your relationship.
    Everything is great in the beginning.

    Judge it in a few years, after you’ve broken up, got married, etc. Way too early to tell how this will work out.

  32. Matt Flynn probably should not have put the Dolphins down after he signed with Seattle, he might be trying to play there in the future.

  33. The way things ARE and the way the media wants to be right about how things SHOULD be.

    I’ll take the Seattle front office over the field of media ‘experts’.

  34. @sod61:
    right, just after the Fins used their 1st rounder, 8th overall, on Tannehill, the QB from Texas A&M. Way to stay abreast of the news flow.

  35. I wonder if ex Niners gm Scot McCloughan was sharing some of ‘special cough medicine’ in the war room. So glad Niners droped that drunk.

  36. gmen4life33

    Yea with Matt Flynn starting 2 games, and Jackson as the backup, SEA has one of the top QB core in the league…..
    I wasn’t saying that the QB situation is solid in Seattle, I was saying that adding a rookie mid round QB doesn’t seem like the best move.
    They paid a lot to get Flynn, so are they already admitting that they have their doubts?
    I think they could have found a solid potential starter with a 3rd rd pick and have Jackson (or sign a veteran QB) as the back up this year if Flynn stinks, and continue to develop the 3rd stringer already on the team.

  37. Let’s not forget who draft Curry…it wasn’t PC and Company. They inherited him from the media-clown who coaches the UCLA Bruins now.

    Of all the transactions (300+) that Carroll and Schneider have done, the only one they really missed on was the Charlie Whitehurst trade. Look at the rest and they’ve either been home runs, or solid base hits. Here’s a few to think about…

    Chris Clemons – aquired along with a 4th rounder for Darly Tapp.
    KJ Wright – 4th round pick
    Richard Sherman – 5th round pick
    Kam Chancellor – 5th round pick and Pro Bowler
    Brandon Browner – FA from the CFL and a Pro Bowler

  38. I love how everyone thinks they are an expert because they have read 20 different mock drafts. I dont care what Kiper, Mayock, McShay etc feel about these players. I care about the talent evaluators that are paid by NFL teams to make the pick.

    This pick and the Patriots second round pick are getting killed by ESPN commentators and PFT comments……lets see what happens on the field.

  39. As the geek that i am i new little about irvin other than he was like an LT type pass rusher. as for willson he is a special player and i think the hawks had to take him. he. is the rare real deal. flynn and tjack will be pushed to the limit and my guess is wilson will be the future of the hawks at qb. This guy is to good and will win in the nfl.

  40. “Like that banana someone dropped in the parking lot the other day”, offered Schneider by way of comparison. “Sure, it was bruised and black, with some dirt and oil on it, but the seagulls circling around were locking in on it. I’m sure. Some of the pedestrians too, you could see them looking over when I ran out and grabbed it. Pretty sure they were planning to pick it up for themselves…….”.

  41. Carroll also brought in TJoke as the new franchise quarterback after he apparently ‘got jerked around’ in Minnesota.

    I guess signing an unproven quarterback to a huge contract and then drafting a questionable rookie doesn’t qualify as ‘jerking him around.’

  42. Squared 80…if TJ was meant to be a franchise QB he wouldn’t have been given a short, medium to low salary contract. He was a stop gap measure only. May not even make it out of camp.

  43. Living in the Detroit area; I know all too well what an incompetent GM and an arrogant, clueless coach look like. Either Carroll and Schneider are delusional, or trying to sell the Seattle fans on an experiment that has no chance of working.

  44. I”m a huge USC Fan

    But Pete Carroll is dillusional. Irvin is to small to stop the run and any team that sees him is going to be overjoyed to have their tackle flatten him and run for 7 yards.

    I think with this dumb selection, Pete Carroll has put himself on the clock for dismissal. He continues to act like he’s in college with his methods and it’s going to cost him his job. I like Pete of course but he clearly doesn’t get the personell part of his job.

  45. Remember the back slash Seahawks faced when they drafted tatupu? I guess three straight pro bowls shut up the experts. That’s what’s gonna happen with Irvin. Maybe not right away but he will be his career!

  46. vahawker…

    That’s exactly my point. Pete Carroll said exactly otherwise. He was asked directly about TJack, and said he was the quarterback they were going to build around. I hate the hypocricy and BS, especially from a guy who has only had success when he cheated.

  47. When you’re not a playoff team and you can take a guy who will be your inactive, emergency QB at #75 overall, you gotta do it.

  48. Pete Carroll has been nothing short of fantastic since he was hired by the Seahawks. Not to mention he’s taken teams to the playoffs in 60% of his 5 NFL seasons. The Seahawks’ roster was god awful when he arrived and he’s done nothing, but pull excellent, productive talent out of thin air every offseason. Not only is his job nowhere near “in Jeopardy”, he’s become beloved in Seattle.

    Haters gonna hate. Everyone around the NFL knows the Seahawks are on the rise.

  49. I think a lot of people don’t have a clue what kind of defense is in place in Seattle. This isn’t your normal 4:3 or 3:4 – it’s a hybrid. Irvin will play LEO and all that position is built for is rushing the passer. Not defending the run, not dropping back into coverage, but rushing the QB. Look at guys like Chris Chambers and Raheem Brock. Those two guys were basically doing nothing before they got to Seattle but now are putting up double digit sack numbers. Why? LEO. Now drop in someone that’s naturally gifted at rushing the passer like Irvin and see what happens. I think he’s going to make everyone look pretty freaking silly for complaining about this pic in a couple years.

  50. realdealsteel,

    Where did you get your coaching diploma. First, Carrol’s not the GM and before you say it of course he has say in the draft. Any coach who doesn’t has a fool for a GM.

    Having said that just because you can read negative reviews of his size doesn’t mean a thing.

    Look at other teams rosters over the last 15 years and see how many great rush ends / linebackers were just about the same size.

    Clay Mathews 6′ 3″, 255 lbs. He seems to get past the tackles.

  51. How can anyone say “they’re paying Flynn a ton of money”, etc.? He’s due like $6 million this year, TJack is due about $5 million. There’s not a huge discrepancy in pay here.

    Also, Chris Clemons is the same height and only 10 lbs heavier than Irvin and plays the position he is being groomed for, on a defense that has been very tough against the run. So….let’s stop being stupid here.

  52. 4evrnyt says:
    Apr 30, 2012 2:20 PM
    This is the guy that traded how many picks for Charlie Whitehurst and then signed Travaris Jackson and he want’s us to think he has any credibility when it comes to player evaluation???

    BTW after giving up a ridciulous amount for Whitehurst he ultimately ended up back in San Diego after only a couple seasons in Seattle.

    Possible one of the worst trades in NFL history.

    Yeah, swapping 2nd rounders and giving up a 3rd is one of the dumbest trades of all time lol.

    They signed Jackson as a stop-gap because the OL was a joke (Hass would have been killed), and the lack of a regular offseason. Paying Jackson 4mil a year is not saying he is your franchise QB.

    You’re out of your element Donnie.

  53. Schneider doesn’t need to explain to ANYBODY why he chose Irvin! If you think “experts” like Kiper and McShay say holds more substance than NFL execs and coaches then you truly are ignorant and wouldnt know what a good player was if they sacked you! The past 2 drafts should have proven doubters wrong with the talent emmased in the early and later rounds, Schneider and Carroll don’t need to justify this to anyone except their owner who has 100% faith in these guys. First 2 drafts by PC and JS they’ve drafted 18 players, 16 are still on the team 8 are starters and 2 have made the pro bowl already. In 2 years they’ve also signed and/or traded for 4 pro bowlers. In just 2 years! There are other players on the verge of making the pro bowl also.

    Pete Carroll and John Schneider don’t need to explain their picks to anyone, especially the ones who will ALWAYS dislike them and/or the Seahawks! While times change peoples opinions usually never do. Hate hate hate hate on Pete Carroll and/or the Seahawks all you want because what really matters is the bottom line, not your baseless opinions!

  54. I’m a Seahawks fan, so I want this to work out — and frankly, think draft grades are totally pointless.

    But we heard about “the line waiting” to acquire Charlie Whitehurst after we gave the moon to get him, and everyone was stunned the Seahawks moved down 20 picks in round 2 AND gave a 3rd round pick for a 3rd sting QB with no film.

    This feels a lot like this.

  55. Clay Matthews Jr measureables pre draft, 6′ 3″ 240 lbs. 4.67 in 40, anyone questioning how good he is? Bruce Irvin will be a beast as long as he sets his mind to it.

  56. Tannehill was a much bigger reach. He was a second round talent that went in the first round because Miami is absolutely desperate at QB. Everyone had Tannehill in the second or third round until Barkley and Jones went back to school. But because Kiper or any blind dog could see Miami had to draft him, Tannehill going #8 to Miami is fully as expected and not a reach.

  57. My issue with Irvin is he is too light and will only rush the QB. He can’t stop the run. If he doesn’t stay out of trouble he won’t be getting any sacks. I like the Wilson pick a lot just in case Flynn doesn’t pan out. Fletcher Cox would have been a better choice. We traded down twice and got four extra draft picks. We should keep track of Irvin and our 2nd round pick and the four extra guys we picked. If those 6 players make contributions, then to heck with Mel Kiper.

  58. I love PFT and the writers who write on this site but it simply amazes me how stupid and close-minded the commenters are.. It blows me away on a daily basis..

    Ive been covering the NFL for the last 5 yrs — with a focus on the Seahawks/Bills. Most people who have all this carroll hate clearly aren’t watching the games and that bothers me as someone who does follow every team.

    The consistent Carroll hate is extremely laughable.. OK he blew it on Whitehurst — but that was a swap of 2nds where they got golden tate anyway who they graded in the high 2nd…

    So lets go through the rest of the moves, shall we…

    Chris Clemons for Tapp — This moved was ripped at the time– well , clemons has 20 sacks in 2 yrs under PC and tapp is barely in the league.. HMMM — oh but pete sucks

    okk next… moving red bryant from DT to DE.. ohhhh that was a fluke.. but the mighty bill belichick wanted to sign him to a 5-35 deal.. oh yeah, pete sucks

    Draft: (note : pete specializes in db coaching)
    Earl Thomas – Pro Bowler
    Kam Chancellor – Pro Bowler
    Richard Sherman — Showed huge potential in rookie season
    Browner- Pro Bowl
    Doug Baldwin – broken several rookie records
    KJ Wright – -rock solid LB in round 4

    The Tjack stuff is pathetic analysis… he was brought in a short-term stopgap and he played above expectations and actually went 7-7 this year, including wins over the Ravens, Eagles — clearly flynn/wilson moves show tjack was just a stopgap driven by bevell/lockout..

    Again– seahawks trade for troubled back marshawn lynch… umm, who led the league in rushing in the second half of the season this year? oh yah.. pete sucks, right?

    when you watched the holmgren team in 08, mora team in 09.. all you saw was a team with no future, a sinking ship and if you watched the balt, philly, sf games last year– you saw a team with speed, size, clear direction and won 7 games with a pretty weak qb… so they upgraded QB, added pass rush (easily biggest hole last yr) in Irvin + interior rusher in Jason Jones.. but pete sucks right? it truly amazes me that people can still think way

    this team was top 9 in d without any pass rush.. imagine what they can do now if irvin pans out… and i think he will in the leo role — i bet no one in this board even knows with that is… and size-wise.. he’s identical to von miller + clay mathews.. please do your research and not sound like a baffoon like espn;s colin cowherd

  59. Pete Carroll amd GM Schneider got a two year honeymoon extension by winning their division with a 7-9 record in 2010. It doesn’t mean they are a top FO duo in the NFL. It just means the local fans aren’t calling for their heads – yet. They get forgiveness from the locals for puzzling drafts two years in a row. Meanwhile, the rest of the NFC West is strengthening themselves with solid picks – not reaches. Soon ‘Sleeping in Seattle’ with be replaced by ‘Reaching in Seattle’ as the colloqialism we remember.

  60. “Hate hate hate hate on Pete Carroll and/or the Seahawks all you want because what really matters is the bottom line, not your baseless opinions!”

    Would you be referring to the two 7-9 seasons since Pete and John took the Seattle reins as ‘the bottom line’?

  61. @hawkapalooza

    They dropped in the second round and gave away a very valuable third round pick for another teams THRID string QB that was returned to the same team for free after two years in free agency. yes, that is one of the worst trades ever, you gave away draft picks to rent a third string qb for two seasons.

  62. Let’s recap:

    Whitehurst was the third QB on the Chargers depth chart but Schneider thinks that he’s worth two picks in the top 3. What kind of return did you get on those picks you gave up?? Whitehurst is back in San Diego and what exactly did they have to give up to get Charlie back? Nothing because the Seahawks didn’t feel he was worth resigning but he was worth giving up two draft picks for.

    Did I mention that they traded away a third round pick for a third string QB that is now back with the same team for free…

    So what do you follow that up with, well let’s sign Tavaris Jackson because he’s really proven that he’s a viable starting QB in the league right? First we’ll give away our draft picks for a third stringer that we wont bother to re-sgin in two years and then we’ll sign another teams bust to come in and be our starter.

    Good luck with Flynn, giving the recent acquisitions I’m sure he’ll be great.

  63. 4evrnyt says:May 1, 2012 2:28 AM

    Let’s recap:

    Thank you for confirming that the Whitehurst trade was a bad move. Did you know all front offices sometimes make bad moves? Bill Belichick once thought that Chad Jackson and Laurence Maroney were worthy of first-round picks. That was the worst move they’ve made so far, but, had Whitehurst turned into a decent starter, it would have been cheap.

    Regarding the Jackson signing, it was made last July, with the start of training camp only days away, thanks to the lockout. The team had three options:

    1) Re-sign Hasselbeck and commit 3-4 more years, at $7 million a year, to a guy who’s 34-35 years old. The rest of the roster is being flipped, why hold on to the guy who was the last regime’s QB? And why hold on to a guy who is that age, with a history of injuries, to play behind a very young, very raw offensive line?

    2) Pay Kevin Kolb over $60 million for five years. Now, the jury is still out on Kolb, since he didn’t have a full camp last year, but so far, that’s what a “big time bust” QB acquisistion looks like: Giving up a second rounder, a Pro Bowl CB, and $62 million for a guy who’s going to get pushed by John Skelton.

    3) Sign a younger free agent who may still have some upside. Among players in that category were Jackson, Matt Leinart (who was allegedly invited to try for a place on the team), and Vince Young.

    The third option was clearly the best one for the team. Bring in a guy who won’t command franchise pay, but is still young and may have something yet to prove. If he’s able to turn the corner, you just got a long-term starting QB for next to nothing. If he doesn’t pan out, you try it against next year – hence, the Flynn signing.

    To point the finger at the Jackson signing without acknowledging the state of the QB market at the time is asinine.

  64. I love it how all the haters can only bring up Whitehurst as a “mistake”. I’ll take the mistake if most of the other decisions are right, which they have been! Tjack was ALWAYS just gonna be a stop gap QB! He was a bandaid on a tough offseason last year! Now the Seahawks have 4 QB’s and out of the 4 I’m betting that at least 1 develops!

    And to the guy that questioned my “all that matters is the bottom line” comment. YES. The bottom line! Making an expansion team into a 7 win team with a playoff win was amazing considering the rookies and 2nd year guys playing! Is 7-9 always acceptable? Of course not! But theres a light at the end of the tunnel. Its called DEVELOPING PLAYERS! Rookies and 2nd year guys dont go 19-0 with a Super Bowl win! I’m going to laugh at all the haters when the Seahawks are winning 10+ games a year. Even with 10+ wins the haters will still grasp for straws! While good moves continually are being made the haters will bring up Whitehurst as their only ammunition! This team especially on defense is gonna be special! You east coasters don’t watch Seahawks games, know nothing about whats going on in Seattle besides the occasional ESPN comment then you trash talk? If I’m going to be criticle of a teams moves, I’d sure as hell wanna make sure that I know what I’m talking about. The Seahawks are going to be a big threat starting next year and it scares the hell out of people! Of course you don’t want the Seahawks to be good, because they’ll beat your team and hurt you while doing it with their big, fast, and physical style. Fear the Seahawks if you play us! I would!

    How many more straws are people gonna grasp for?

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