Tebow on, Sanchez off NFL players’ Top 100 list


Tim Tebow is better than Mark Sanchez, at least if you believe the ballots submitted by NFL players for NFL Network’s Top 100 show.

Tebow came in at No. 95 on the Top 100 list, as revealed by NFL Network over the weekend. Only players 91-100 have been revealed so far, but Sanchez will not make the list at all, as noted by the New York Daily News.

It’s probably safe to say that Tebow will be the only backup quarterback on the list. He said he’s just honored that some of his fellow players voted for him.

“It truly is an honor for me to be on this list, because there are so many great players in the NFL,” Tebow said on NFL Network. “And for just a few of them to respect me enough to put me on this list, it really means a lot.”

Eli Manning, who recently proclaimed himself New York’s third most talked about quarterback, did not make the Top 100 last year, but NFL Network has confirmed that he is on this year’s list.

38 responses to “Tebow on, Sanchez off NFL players’ Top 100 list

  1. Let me be the first to express how surprised I am that a punt blocker made the list. I can’t help but wonder who the top long snapper in the NFL is, as voted on by his peers.

  2. That list is a joke.

    nfl network is a joke and this just proves it.

    Anything for ratings. Glad to see this failure loosing grip.

  3. That list is a joke. Tebow? Really? At least Sanchez isn’t on there.

    Eli not being on there last year was a joke. So which players are voting for it? I want their heads examined

    Enough lame lists. NFLN should just show more old awesome games.

  4. Listen…I love Tebow. I actually couldn’t be more of a fan. He’s a great guy and he’s a great story, not to mention he has unending passion and motivation to pull out the win…

    But in no way is he one of the 100 best players in the NFL right now. Not a chance

  5. Yes TT is better than MS. Quarterbacking is not just percentage of completion but making the throws when they really matter and making the whole players buy what you do. TT is way better than MS.

  6. “It’s probably safe to say that Tebow will be the only backup quarterback on the list.”


    Tebow is on the list because of what he did on the field last year as a STARTING quarterback. After all, the list is the top 100 players of the 2011-2012 season; the fact that Tebow is now only currently a backup QB has no relevance to your argument.

  7. Tebow actually did something last year and the “sanchize” did nothing. Makes sense to me that he isn’t on the list.

  8. Apparently, NFLN has decided to use the American Idol method of determining who is best, with undertalented/over-hyped candidates as “winners”.

    I don’t get it….the NFL doesn’t need bad players to boost ratings, yet we are bombarded with Tebow ad nauseum even when he is clearly NOT an NFL QB.

    I seriously doubt that NFL players “voted” for Teblow.

  9. slomax10 please tell me what tebum has done. “Sanchize” has won 4 playoff games, including beating Peyton and Brady on the road. What has tebum done, he won one playoff game to hobbled Steelers team. The Denver D-fence, and the incompetent of the Chicago bears were the reason the broncos even made the playoffs.

  10. I’m sure Tebow got the majority of his votes from last years team mates. I’m sure Sanchez got none or little votes from team mates. Tebow did in fact accomplish more then Sanchez last year. That being said. I don’t think either one should be on the list.

  11. Damn, I enjoyed the break from Tebow, when we got to hear some real football news. Now, back to normal, Tebow all the time, every time.

  12. People…McNabb was #100 in this list last year. Players are either no better than us when picking players..or they pick their buddies/favorites and vote against hated rivals…again like us fans.

  13. I’d rather hear about the top 100 Cheerleaders in the League than listen to more crap on Tebow & Sanchez.

    Wake me up when they accomplish something worth reading about. Meanwhile snore, snore.

  14. These top 100 lists are garbage. Romo 91? Not a Cowboys fan, but #4 in the NFL in passer rating with a 102, 31/10 TD/INT ratio. D’qwell Jackson, the NFL leader in tackles at 96. Guess we will have to see the rest of the list, but so far it looks out of order.

  15. NFL network did these rankings last year too. The list is for 1 season and like it or not Tim Tebow was one of the top 100 players of 2011.

    That’s why there is debate if Peyton manning should appear on the list at all. He’s obviously one of the top players but he didn’t play last year.

  16. How many “come from behide”games did Sanchez lead his gifted Jets to? I dont really know or care. Now how many come from behinds did Tebow lead his team to? And how many playoff games ? If Tim gets a WR or two who can run and catch with a good OL along with a QB coach to show Tim the game,,,watch out.

  17. This list is not the 100 best players in the NFL, but rather the 100 best players of the 2012 season. Hard to argue that Tebow didn’t have a better season last year than Sanchez.

  18. The players are stupid. I mean how can a QB, oh I mean RB, be in the top 100 after such a bad season? All he did was take a team that was 7-26 and started 1-4 to the second round of the playoffs. These players are stupid! Don’t they know they are just supposed to say anything the media says about Tebow?

    Then again I am just a “Tebowmaniac” because I think he is a good young QB.

    You see, you have to be a Tebow Lover and crazy right wing fanatic, to think he is good. Not the greatest QB to ever live, with no room for improvement. Just good. You are a crazy Tebowmaniac unless you call him a fullback and say every throw he makes hits the dirt.

    Most of us “Tebowmaniacs” just see him as a young QB who took a really bad team to the playoffs and don’t really understand why people hate him. Does he need to get better and improve his completion %? Absolutely! But you cannot do what he did last year, while breaking records and be as horrible as everyone makes him out to be.

  19. I don’t think Tebow should be ahead of Sanchez. Let’s look at a few comparisons.

    1. Both the Jets and Broncos went 8-8. The only reason Denver made the playoffs was because of a weak division. Obviously 8-8 isn’t going to win the AFC East.
    2. Of those 8 wins, Sanchez played all the games. Tebow didn’t even start until halfway through the season.
    3. Sanchez – 308-543, 3474 yds, 56.7% comp, 26-18 TD/INT, 78.2 rating.
    4. Tebow – 126/271, 1729 yds, 46.5% comp, 12-6 TD/INT, 72.9 rating.

    I’m a Pats fan and dislike Sanchez, but definitely believe he is a better QB than Tebow.

  20. @chrisjohnston10

    Of those 8 wins the broncos had, Tebow started 7 of them. They were 1-4 when he took over. You also forgot the 800 yards rushing and rushing TD’s. Nice try though

  21. @broncos81

    Well if we are going to look at the players as running backs. During the season, both players scored 6 rushing TDs. Tebow ran for 660 yds with 13 fumbles. Sanchez had 103 yds with 10 fumbles. So with your logic, Tebow is the better player because he had more rushing yards than Sanchez.

  22. @chrisjohnston10

    Tebow had 6 lost fumbles. I never said Tebow was a better player because of rush yards. I said you chose to use stats without using all of them. My logic is this is the top 100 players from last season. Sanchez led a team that had just gone to the AFC championship, starting out 0-0, to an 8-8 record. Tebow led a team that had the number 2 overall pick, started out 1-4 and was 7-26 to a 7-5 record and a win over the number 1 rated defense. That is my Logic and that is all. Thank you.

  23. @broncos81

    You forgot to mention one game. As a Patriots fan, I watched every second of it. You must remember it. It was quite possibly the worst QB playoff performance of all time. Against the 31st ranked defense. If you are going to use playoff performance in your argument. At least use his whole playoff performance.

  24. @chrisjohnston10

    How did Sanchez do in the playoffs? That is my point. What Tebow did against the number 1 defense, breaking records, is far more important to the argument than playing bad against the 31st ranked defense. Tebow didn’t allow 6 touchdowns to Brady did he? The fact that you think his 9-26 136 yard no int performance is the worst in post season is laughable and shows you just will not give him credit. You really think it was worse than Flaccos 13-30 141 yards and 3 picks? Is it worse than Delhommes 5 ints? Worse than Mcnabbs 10-22 100 yards and 3 picks? How about Morton’s 4-15 39 yards and 4 picks? The only difference is those guys weren’t in their 16th start.

  25. Yeah, those games where he had to come from behind to score 10 and 13 points… Top 100 stuff.

    He’s on the list to promote outrage within anyone possessing a functioning brain, and to validate the beliefs of the people without one.

  26. It was the worst post season performance. Those 9-26 136 yds were accumulated in garbage time. There is a reason Dan Marino said at halftime, “The only way Denver wins this game is if Tom Brady plays for them.” Tom Brady had more TD’s than Tebow had completions at halftime. Sanchez made it to the AFC Conference finals in his first two seasons so I don’t see why you are trying to give Tebow slack in his first season as a starter. The fact of the matter is, there is a reason Denver jumped at the chance to pick up Manning and traded Tebow for nothing. And there is a reason Sanchez is the starter and Tebow is going to play on the punt team. Tebow isn’t a good QB.

  27. Every example I gave was a post season performance that was far worse than Tebows genius! You are right about Sanchez however the argument here is LAST YEAR!!!!! Not 2 seasons ago or 5 seasons ago or 10 seasons ago! Last year!!!! The fact that you are too stupid to think that a young qb taking a 1-4 team to the second round of the playoffs doesn’t deserve the 95th spot on the top 100 players of LAST YEAR is moronic. I do find it funny how such a “horrible” QB has so many NFL records already. You hate Tebows I get it but at least make some sense.

  28. @broncos81

    The QB’s you mentioned can actually throw the football. You mentioned Tebow not having any INT’s. It’s hard for defenders to get INT’s when the ball is thrown out of bounds or 20 yds away from the receiver they are covering. Tom Brady took a 1-4 team to the Superbowl and won in his first year as a starter so Tebow’s accomplishment is nothing. TJ Yates led the Texans to the second round as well. Why isn’t he 95 on the list? Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben went one and out in the playoffs. They are still a lot better than Tebow.

    As for “all the records” he has. He has a bunch of single game records for throwing deep balls against a beat up Steelers secondary. He also has a game winning drive record. A really good QB ensures his team isn’t in a situation to have to get game winning drives.

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