Titans call Taylor Thompson an “uncanny” receiver


Before the draft, MDS told you about SMU defensive end Taylor Thompson’s attempt to transition to tight end as an NFL draft pick.

The Titans are believers in what Thompson is doing. They took him with the 145th overall pick on Saturday and then started gushing about his potential as a receiver.

“I’d say his growth will have to come in the technique of blocking, but as far as being a receiving tight end, I think he’s uncanny,” offensive coordinator Chris Palmer said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “He’s got outstanding speed. He’s got outstanding size and hands.”

Thompson was a highly-regarded tight end coming out of high school but switched to defensive end because SMU’s offense doesn’t have much of a role for tight ends. He has compared himself to Rob Gronkowski as an athlete, so it makes sense for Thompson to try to become part of the league’s trend toward athletic receiving tight ends.

The Titans have Jared Cook as their starter at tight end with veterans Craig Stewart and Daniel Graham in reserve.

8 responses to “Titans call Taylor Thompson an “uncanny” receiver

  1. Maybe this pick will finally light a fire under Cook’s rearend. Time to fulfill the potential we’ve been waiting three years for.

  2. I don’t know how this will work out, but the way people have been reaching for not just positions, but athletes, It seems more than apparent that drafting is a 90% crap shoot. Each team has their favorites, which probably spawns from their own unique way of evaluating talent, but I bet it counts little more than 10%. This dude played DE, he is NOW making a transition to TE and the Titans actually used a pick on him? Look at Poe, he screams Haynesworth, shows up for the possible pay check, but not for actual games, still drafted in the first round. The whole thing just seems like a joke… good luck to these guys, but my opinion on how the draft works has been shatterred for the future.

  3. Tight end conversions are so much more difficult than simply the ability to run and catch…… Aside from learning how to block effectively ( assuming they want him as a true TE and not just a flex or H – back type), one of the biggest stumbling blocks is learning how to get away from grasping, grabbing linebackers at the line of scrimmage……great hands and speed don’t help much if you can’t release and get into the pattern. It will be interesting to see if this kid will make it……

  4. “Canny” is good. Strangely enough, “uncanny” is also usually good. Annoying.

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