Witness “flabbergasted” that Deion’s wife was arrested

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A week ago, the Twitterverse got better acquainted with the marital troubles of Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, thanks to the fact that he decided to tweet about it.

Since then, his estranged wife, Pilar, has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.  Deion has been cited, but not arrested, for assault.

Over the weekend, a piano teacher who witnessed part of the interaction told WFAA-TV that Deion, not Pilar, seemed to be the aggressor.

“I heard glass breaking, and Deion was shouting at the top of his lungs, over and over again, ‘Get out of my house, get out of my house!'” Lisa Thomas told WFAA (via Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline.com).

Thomas, who was there to give a piano lesson to one of Deion’s children, left as the police arrived.  She believed that the police were aggressive with Pilar.

“That’s what I found strange,” Thomas said.  “They hadn’t even interviewed them, and they were pushing her out like she was some criminal, and they said, ‘You stay outside,’ and just said, ‘Do not come back in this house.'”

Thomas was surprised to learn that Pilar, not Deion, was arrested.  “I was flabbergasted,” Thomas said. “This can not be right. It’s not right.  It’s so wrong.  Now way she deserved to go to jail.”

The authorities did not take a statement from Thomas, and the Prosper, Texas police department did not respond to a request from WFAA for an explanation.

66 responses to “Witness “flabbergasted” that Deion’s wife was arrested

  1. This just means one more season of “________ was flabbergasted” comments.

  2. One thing we know, it’s doubtful Deion hit her…since he’s never hit an opponent.

  3. Just one of the many reasons so many people can’t stand your average cop: preferential treatment for celebrities.

    Don’t get me wrong… we all understand police officers serve one of the most important functions in society and there are a lot of good people out there who wear the uniform. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. But there are a lot of dicks, too.

  4. No way this is true. Everyone knows Deion has always been scared of physical contact.

  5. So she heard glass breaking and him saying get out of my house but didn’t see anything? For all she knows, that glass breaking could have been Pilar throwing a vase at his head or something.

    Point being, if you didn’t see anything shut up.

  6. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” is probably what you yell at someone who is trying to attack you. I imagine if you’re being attacked, then you listen and try to get away. But the fact she was still there when the police arrived tells me all I need to know. This “witness” doesn’t claim to have seen anything, and what she heard seems more consistent with Deion’s story than his wife’s story.

  7. So this “witness” didn’t see anything? Perhaps Deion was yelling at her after she assaulted him and was throwing glasses at him. I’m not defending him or saying that’s what happened, but the piano teacher was probably in another wing of the Sander’s mansion and therefore not a reliable witness.

  8. Hey Ms. Smith…..welcome to the way it usually goes for every male regardless of what they do. It usually goes “blame the guy, ask questions later”. Nice to see the tables turn and the trespasser arrested.

  9. I’m completely against domestic violence of any kind, but what if Pilar made an aggressive action that caused the glass breaking sound (e.g. throw a vase or a mug), to which Deion responded, “Get out of my house!”

    Furthermore, Thomas only witnessed the aftermath of whatever domestic violence occurred, which was Pilar being taken out of the house by police. She did not see the inciting actions, so her perspective on the events may be a bit skewed…

  10. She heard glass breaking in the other room and Deion telling her to get out…and that is her proof that he was the aggressor, not her? Really?

    If they’re estranged and she’s not the one who is currently staying at the house, it makes it especially likely that she’ll be the one forced to relocate after a report of domestic violence. Either way, one of ’em will have to stay elsewhere for at least 24 hours.

  11. If it was Deion’s house, and they are separated, her failure to leave when Deion told her to leave makes her guilty of criminal trespass, because he CAN order her out of HIS house.

    As far as the rest, if this piano teacher didn’t SEE anything, what’s she doing making a statement at all?

    “Well, I never actually SAW Lee Harvey Oswald shoot the President, but I heard a gunshot, and the police were very rough when they arrested him.”

    Such b******t.

  12. I found Tiki- er, I mean an intruder in my home once. I immediately yelled at the top of my voice, ” GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE” then proceeded to run as fast as I could the other way.
    So I can totally see Deion yelling at her.
    On a side note, I no longer have that ‘running in slow-mo, can’t get away’ dream.

  13. @ donnymacjack

    May I suggest that you investigate a little concept known as “community property”. Better yet, why not just yell at your wife and tell her to get out of the house and see if the cops will arrest her if she doesn’t.

    Long story short, it’s not just Deion’s house. It’s their house and Pilar’s legal residence as well. She had a valid reason to be there.

  14. Deion and Pilar are both effed up, just divorce already and let Pilar have da house and the thousands a month in child support which was the succubus’ plan all along when things ended up not working out with the rich egomaniacal philandering pro athlete in the institution of marriage. Next verse, same as the first.

  15. I sincerely find it hilarious that everyone takes this semi-tragic story and runs with the Tiki jokes. And I find it even funnier that Florio, who is now a bona fide heavy hitter amongst NFL media, couldn’t resist the opportunity to bait everyone into it.


  16. Geesh: First tabloid reporting and now somebody like donnymackjack – who thinks he is an expert on such things as Community Property.

    First Q: What shows up on title? Q2: Did they have a pre-nup? Q 3: How long have they been married, and yada yada – CP 101.

  17. It must have been “Prime Time” when the cops got there. Sanders needs a dose of reality.

  18. This piano woman witnessed Pilar being kicked out the house….She did not witness either party hit each other.

    Again, if the roles were reversed. There would be no questions asked. A male being loud and refusing to leave the premises after his spouse calls the cops on him. He’d be lucky if he doesn’t get tased on the way out.

  19. Looks like she just lost herself a student. I don’t know why she is shocked so much, the police were making the person who doesn’t live in the house, leave it. Easy as that.

  20. Did sapp report i mean anylize the pianist as the whistle blowing rat?

  21. So a glass breaks, Deion begins yelling at his (to be) ex-wife to get out of his house and that makes him the aggressor? Was an agressive physical action witnessed or is this piano teacher saying people in this country can no longer yell at someone to leave their house? The legal system is not known to be friendly to men in this situation and I’m more willing to bet that upon investigation, Pilar was the tresspasser. I only ask people to really think about the story as it was presented, other than yell at his wife, what else could he have done… is yelling at his wife to leave really as bad as it could have gone?

  22. So if she left as the cops arrived ow would she know that Pilar was treated unfairly. Seems like some favoritism, “birds of a feather stick to Vagina”

  23. What did Pilar expect to get when she married Prime… You laydown with dogs, you get fleas. And finally….. Must be the money.

  24. I don’t get it. She heard him yelling at her to get out of the house. Since when does yelling constitute assault? Tiki and I are flabbergasted by this.

  25. This is typical…a mad woman can go crazy on a guy and he can’t do anything about it without being ridiculed.
    It sounds like Deion handled it about as good as one can when there is a nutjob going berserk in your house and she won’t stop screaming or leave the premises until things cool down.
    She was apparently pulled from the scene by the police to separate the 2 parties and you are allowing some female piano teacher to form your opinion.
    There may be some prejudice for celebrities by the authorities, but there also is a mob mentality that will turn on them because YOU are jealous of their talents and money.

  26. The old “Domestic Disturbance” call. Police hate those – as more police are injured during these calls than any other. The ‘aggreived” woman can change in a flash and try to stab the Officers leading away the man she said was just beating the crap out of her.

  27. trying to formulate joke…can’t handle the outburst…. FLABBERGASTED!!!!! It lives!

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