Falcons’ 2012 cap number includes $3 million credit from Vick contract

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When the NFL informed the 32 teams of their cap space for 2012, adjusted from the base amount of $120.6 million, the Falcons received another $3 million — thanks to one of their former players.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the NFL gave the Falcons a $3 million credit via bonus money recovered from former starting quarterback Mike Vick via his bankruptcy case.

Vick was suspended by the league during the 2007 preseason, after he was indicted on multiple federal charges relating to dogfighting.  The team did not release his rights, in part to preserve their eventual attempt to recover a significant portion of the bonus money he received.  Vick ultimately owed the Falcons $7.5 million through his bankruptcy repayment plan.

The headline of the item at ESPN.com potentially creates the impression that the Falcons are receiving the credit now.  They’re not.  The Falcons got the credit in March; thus, it was included within our various reports regarding the cap space that the Falcons had.

13 responses to “Falcons’ 2012 cap number includes $3 million credit from Vick contract

  1. Vick would have to get people scheduled to wake him up and drag him to class at Tech. He had so many off the field issues before even participating at the combine.

    The Falcons were stupid enough to trade their franchise for him.

    I feel as much pity for the Falcons as I do for the Redskins signing Haynesworth.

  2. The only player to ever sign 2 100 million dollar contracts, and leave the NFL broke.

    He is done in Philly after 2013. He wont see the majority of the money he signed for.

    Andy Reid will be gone, and the Eagles will be stuck with no QB, and will be building from scratch.

  3. So the falcons are owed $3MM by a player and, instead, the payment they accept is that they can spend an extra $3MM on a player? Isn’t this kind of financial decision-making how the recession began?

  4. Poor Falcant fans.

    They wanted Vick out of Atlanta so bad, so they spent 72 million on a BUST qb that has the arm strength of pop warner qb.

    0-3 in the playoffs.

    0 points in the playoffs last season.

    Having Vick and Mora still the current owners of the last playoff win has to hurt….ha ha.

  5. dogluverssuck:

    You know you’re on the road to nowhere when you have convicts as hero’s.

    Wake up.

  6. the falClowns shouldnt get anything back…it was signing bonus money..atlanta got to keep the money they would have had to pay him if they didnt cut him…end of story..this im gonna go back and get some of the money i paid u 5 years ago crap is b.s….auther blank made plenty of money OFF micheal vick..oh and matt ryan sucks monkey balls..that is all.

  7. Love the name calling from people that are simply jealous and are in worse shape right now than the Falcons.

    Really clever from Saints fans that have been dubbed the aint’s for many years to call the Falcons the falcants. Must of taken many a drunken nights to get that one. Might still be a little drunk if you still think its funny.

  8. I can’t stand what Vick has done… I’ve still got the original Vick bobblehead dolls from his first game and now they’re worth diddley. I got the Ryan bobbleheads too…but the arms fell off.

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