Here comes Judge Sapp

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Yes, it’s true.  Various reports over the last couple of days have indicated that Warren Sapp will be involved in a new show that features Sapp as a judge.

Sapp tells PFT via text that, indeed, the show is happening.

It’s a series for The NOC, a YouTube channel with more than 11,000 subscribers.  “Dishing out a little blind justice!” Sapp said.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.  Sapp can be very funny, and he has good comedic instincts and timing.  The fact that he rubs plenty of people the wrong way could also prompt some of them to check it out, too, if only because people sometimes like to watch shows involving people they don’t like.

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  1. Sapp is a funny guy. He is abrasive, but as you said he does have good comedic instincts and timing. I won’t watch mainly because have abstained from all reality shows (the first season of ESPN’s Dream Job is the only exception) but I wish him the best. He has a lot of money to recoup – good luck, Sapp.

    I never like to hear of rich people going broke, but with his candid mouth and personality he can make at least some of it back.

  2. Might as well, based on the pic, the pro surfing thing didn’t work, tough to ride a wave when your board is submerged 3 feet underwater from his barrell arse.

  3. Judge Sapp how do find the plaintiff Jeremy Shockey?

    Sapp: Guilty as charged for being the snitch……

  4. This could be good for the league. He has not alignment with the NFL. I can see him taking shots at Goodell. PS his is bankrupt so what would happen to him?

    PS isn’t Sapp a snitch for calling Shockey a snitch?

  5. “if only because people sometimes like to watch shows involving people they don’t like.”


    People also like to watch train wrecks and pile ups on the freeway.
    Gigaddy, gigaddy, gig-ga-dy

  6. If only you could have had the foresight to write in the story about his bankruptcy:

    “If the NFL Network doesn’t renew his contract then with his talent he’ll have to sign up for some quasi reality show on a YouTube channel”

  7. I assume with his new TV show and other gigs that will pay him well, he will be withdrawing his bankruptcy claim, stop the proceedings, and pay back all of his creditors and catch up with his child support. Then, find his rings under his pillow.

  8. I know who watches shows of people they don’t like…LOSERS! Sapp is vastly overrated. He has no talent for TV work. As soon as he comes on the screen, I change the channel. As we say in North Jersey, he gives me “douche chills”

  9. Just goes to show you not paying your bills and filing bankruptcy does pay.

  10. Jeeeez. Why does this guy keep showing up in the public eye. It reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell. Both fat, rotten, onoxious human beings that just won’t go away. Both are human waste.

  11. pft says: if only because people sometimes like to watch shows involving people they don’t like.

    thats the reason I read pft

  12. I guess brain surgery and rocket science were off the table for his next career.

  13. Got to pay off the creditors from the bankruptcy somehow. Heck, I’m sure for a couple bucks you could probably get him to play a clown at your kids birthday party, actually, he already is a clown, he just needs to show up…

  14. I can only imagine the sentences he hands out.

    ” Tape him to the goal post for 48 hours.” BANG!

    “Snitches get stitches” BANG!

    ” You all are f****ing up the taping, 20 laps for everyone in the courtroom, NOW!” BANG!

    Pretty predictable that he’ll always find in favor of the defense.

  15. Much like gotampabay52, Sapp is a cheapshot artist of epic proportions. That’s OK, enjoy your one Super Bowl. Clifton has as many and comes from an organization with 13 World Championships. By the way, Clifton also has never been arrested for beating his wife or ever filed for bankruptcy. Real classy, Warren. I give your new TV show 2 months, at best. You need a job where you can sit, though….you backside must still hurt from Favre and the Pack kicking it year after year, back in the day.

  16. If all 11,000 subscribers tune in – and I get the impression they have literally nothing else to do with their time – this show will have twice as many viewers as “Around the Horn”.

  17. I’m obviously no expert, but don’t you need some type of…oh, i don’t know…law degree/background in order to be a judge? Or is he going to be a “judge?”

  18. Who thought this was a good idea?? Ochocinco = cancelled, TO Show = cancelled with Sapp soon to follow. My castaway island of players that need to disappear forever is getting full with Favre, McNabb and Leaf but I guess it could use a Dfensive player. And who is he to judge anyone? Man keep his life in order or be a man and provide for his family! Get lost Sapp

  19. So what exactly does a YouTube channel with 11,000 subscribers pay for a reality show gig? A ham sandwich a day?

  20. A walrus sunbathing on the beach is more amusing than this blowhard. PFT should hire him.

  21. Totally agree with Florio. Sapp, love him or hate him, brings wit, edge and style – and no shortage of large beanbag.

    Sounds intriguing.

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