Jerry Reese has no hard feelings for Osi Umenyiora


Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora says that General Manager Jerry Reese is trying to make him “look like a greedy pig” for turning down the team’s contract offers. But Reese says he has no hard feelings toward Umenyiora.

I don’t carry grudges. That is the offseason, that is part of the job,” Reese said on 98.7 ESPN Radio, via the Star-Ledger. “In the offseason there is always some controversy about contracts. It is not just one person, it can be several different people with contract situations. That is part of my job, it is never personal, I don’t think it is personal with respect to players and it definitely is not personal with respect to me. It is just part of the business. We will get through this and we will see what happens moving forward. It is part of the business. It is not a big problem for me to have guys say some things. I think sometimes some people say things that they obviously really don’t mean. Everybody is trying to make as much money as they can for themselves and their families and everybody understands that and it is not personal.”

Reese also reiterated what he said before Umenyiora offered his most recent complaint, saying that the Giants believe they’ll be a better team if they have Umenyiora on the roster this season. But they’re also not ruling out trading him.

“I’m not going to discuss Osi’s contract situation with you guys. I can say this to you, though: the New York Giants are a better football team with Osi Umenyiora on our team,” Reese said. “We respect him as a football player. Our goal is to have Osi play football with the New York Giants and retire as a Giant. That is what we would like to do first. All of our options are open as I have said before but Osi makes us a better football team, I do know that.”

At the moment it appears that Umenyiora will play out the final year of the seven-year contract he signed in 2005, which gives him a base salary this season of $3.975 million. That would allow Umenyiora to test free agency in a year, at the age of 31, and see if any team will make him happier than the Giants.

38 responses to “Jerry Reese has no hard feelings for Osi Umenyiora

  1. Osi is the fool here. He should have asked for more money when he was going to the pro bowls instead of waiting until his contract was about to expire. And does he not realize that Jerry Reese is a draft God?

    Giants need to cut ties with this guy.

  2. So what if he sulks all season, hardly ever making it onto the field because of attitude issues and faked injuries . . . and then returns post season for another SB run. Win/Win Baby!!!

  3. Even assuming it’s all true … as long as Osi thinks he should get a Mario Williams contract there’s no resolution.

  4. I can’t stand the Giants, but for the love of sanity, do not give that d-bag, Osi, anymore money. He got paid, it was front loaded and he isa “greedy pig.”

  5. Soft and overrated. Osi, shut up and be happy to be on the Super Bowl champions bein covered up for by the very good players around you.

  6. Jerry Reese is right we are a better team with Osi on it. Between JPP, Tuck, and Osi we are a match up nightmare. It would be foolish to let him go at 3.97 million. Make Osi play out his contract and see what happens next year may franchise him, never know Cruz, Nicks may get new contracts before the end of the year.

  7. Hey. It’s a business. Everybody from owners to players trying to make money. *shrug* The sideshows about it mean little and are ever so slightly annoying.

    It’s not like football is there to altruistically provide us with entertainment.

  8. As a Giants’ fan, I love Osi. However, the Giants have him by the short and curlies. Even if he holds out, the Giants have enough pass rushers to get by. If Osi plays and has a great year, the Giants can always franchise him in 2013 for something likely less than the 10M he’s looking for. Osi’s best bet is to ask for around 7M per. That could actually make sense for the Giants (presuming they have the cap room).

  9. Who cares. We just signed a DE who is a UFA out of La Tech. Going to be another Reese gem whose a hard-nosed high motor team player. Let Osi walk–in the mud with the pigs….

  10. i love the giants and the way i see it is osi has to know how lucky he is to be with this team. all the perks that go along with being a world champion in nyc not to mention the very comfortable living he makes. why not just throw him a bone of a mil or two and see if he goes for it? if not then say later dude. he knows he has got it good.

  11. I don’t see any team offering him a big money contract in free agency knowing he is just going to complain about it for the last few seasons that he’s under contract.

  12. philahitman says:
    May 1, 2012 3:46 PM
    Soft and overrated. Osi, shut up and be happy to be on the Super Bowl champions bein covered up for by the very good players around you.

    Covered up? He was clutch in nearly every game he was in this year. Soft and overrated is YOUR team.

  13. when all is said and done, both reese and Osi have been tremendous assets to the Giants and both have been pretty well paid for their work

  14. I hope j Reese’s. trades this winey punk. to worst team in the NFL dude. take the money the. gaints are offering. and shut your damn. mouff.

  15. Osi better be careful. If he keeps up with this attitude, the GIANTS could do to him what Jon Gruden and Tampa Bay did to Keyshawn Johnson. (suspend him for the year without pay)

  16. You know how, when you’re having one of those conversations, and someone inevitably says, “Hey, it could be worse, it could be _____ ____.”

    So here goes, “Hey, it could be worse. It could be Albert Haynesworth.”

  17. JR should try to trade him to Jacksonville. According to quite a few Jag fans here, they were only a punter away, since it is a game of “inches”, and they picked him up in the third round in a brilliant, well thought out, football move.

    Man, am I grateful for JR.

  18. * I hope Osi & Jerry actually read this post*

    Osi, you’re the freakin man! When you came back from your injuries, you made game changing plays that was evident in almost every game, especially towards the end of the season. You deserve to be paid accordingly, but your durability at times has to be taken into account as well bro. But, with all due respect, shut up & let your agent do the talking. Look @ Kiwi…u never, EVER, hear him complain and look what happened! They’re throwing money on top of money at him! Maybe your mouth is a big factor in the front office. Look at T.O. . Who cares if you start, just play.

    However, speaking of the front office, they have definitely got the better end of your current deal. Period!
    Stop being so damn cheap and give him a raise like he weighs. He’s earned it. Business is business, but do u want to show the current young guys whats in store for them in a few years??? Atleast give them a glimmer of hope that their hard work will be taken into consideration and could pay off. Offer him a 2 year extension, in addition to this year, with a nice base & some incentives. Osi, as proved before, you will earn them.

    Bottom line, Osi, just Shut up…you’re only hurting yourself. Front office, you are winning and that equals $$$. So share a little bit of that, with the people who have definitely helped you win.


  19. To be fair, I am a Jets fan, but I don’t know why Jerry Reese gets so much credit. I think he does a fair/average job. I think he gets so much credit because the team keeps winning. My Gaints fans friends bashed him last year for making no free agent moves. Not much of the Giants winning had anything to do with his drafts.

    2011’s draft did not produce anything (although Prince was hurt);

    2010: only JPP; (more than half of this draft never plays)

    2009; only Hakeen Nicks (nobody else from this draft plays)

    2008: Only Kenny Philips played last year;

    2007: (Reese’s First Draft) #1 Pick Aaron Ross never shined and was released (Bradshaw in Round 7 was the only good get)

    Let’s not forget, last year, against Gilbride’s wishes, Reese went and got Brandon Stokley. If Stokley didn’t hurt himself, nobody would have ever heard of Victor Cruz and the Giants don’t even make the playoffs, let alone win the Super Bowl.

  20. When this year did the Giants do anything to insinuate Osi as a greedy pig? All theyve done since the Super Bowl is say that want Osi in blue, with the sidebar of keeping options open. I like Osi as a player, I really do, but he’s turning into a real headache, and they need to trade him while they can get something for him.

  21. Osi, Bud, you agreed to the contract u gotta play it out. The giants have held up their end of the deal. Plus he’s an absolute game changer and wouldn’t want him on any other team.
    A saw your place on cribs and it’s hard to feel bad for a guy with and elevator and a bathroom bigger than most apartments I’ve lived in.

  22. philahitman says:
    May 1, 2012 3:46 PM
    Soft and overrated. Osi, shut up and be happy to be on the Super Bowl champions bein covered up for by the very good players around you.


    No Eagle fan should be calling anyone soft.

    Your QB is soft.
    Your WRs are soft.
    Your DBs are soft.


  23. As I Giants fan I have to agree with the assessment by some in here that Osi is soft and overrated. That doesn’t mean he isn’t good; he is. Specifically, he is very good at rushing the quarterback. However, he’s just not worth what he thinks he is. He is injury prone and is very weak/non-existent against the run. Watch the game films. Opposing teams run the ball right at Osi’s side. Handing a one dimensional/injury prone/ 31 year old defensive end a long-term extension for big money would be foolish and obviously Reese knows this.

  24. BtowngetsDown may have just posted one of the most ignorant posts I’ve seen. Don’t look at just the first round. Look at thesis history in the draft and his undrafted free agents since he’s been at the helm. Names off the top of the head. Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas, Kevin boss, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kenny Philips, johnathan Goff, jake Ballard, jpp, victor Cruz, Hakeem nicks, linval Joseph, Marvin Austin, prince amukamora, jacquian Williams, will Beatty and Mario manningham. Please bro. Do your homework before you say something silly.

  25. Osi is the best strip sack artist in the league. Move Kiwanuka back to DE rotation with JPP, Tuck, & Osi – no better unit in the league. See those pigeons in Filthadelphia trying to copy the recipe with their draft. Need to keep Osi for his last year then let him walk after, do we can draft a DE higher next year. Also I think I read a Jests fan criticize Reese on the board. Really? Tannenbaum is a joke just like your franchise and the results speak for themselves.

  26. When Osi read this on PFT, he quickly printed it, crumpled it up and threw it on the ground and then stomped on it………accidently.

  27. I would say come to the skins but we already have two great defensive ends…..

  28. “To be fair, I am a Jets fan, but I don’t know why Jerry Reese gets so much credit. My Gaints fans friends bashed him last year for making no free agent moves.”

    Your “Gaints” fans friends know as little about the Giants as you do. The Giants were over the cap last off season because the new CBA lowered the cap. They couldn’t afford to make many “free agent moves”. They had to cut guys.

  29. If I was Osi I would hold out until the very last day you can show up and get paid.

  30. n0hopeleft. You’re soft! If the stinking jets had beat giants they wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Typical giants fans, no class or humility. Always spouting off we, like they’re a part of the team. Most of y’all are fakeass front runners anyway! That’s right I said it.

  31. n0hopeleft says: May 1, 2012 5:30 PM

    philahitman says:
    May 1, 2012 3:46 PM
    Soft and overrated. Osi, shut up and be happy to be on the Super Bowl champions bein covered up for by the very good players around you.


    No Eagle fan should be calling anyone soft.

    Your QB is soft.
    Your WRs are soft.
    Your DBs are soft.


    I’ll say it as many times as I need to say it until morons understand: The truth or quality of a post is not affected by the team affiliation of the poster. The fact that the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl has ZERO bearing on whether Osi is soft. The softest thing here is the brain of one who thinks otherwise.

    Also, note to Osi: Jerry Reese is not making you look like a greedy pig. Being a greedy pig is making you look like a greedy pig.

  32. Osi looks like a greedy pig because he IS a greedy pig. But I also think that he suffers from acute massive inflated ego syndrome and it causes him to not only need constant affirmation of his greatness….. but it also makes him to “look” like an A-hole. Osi now seems to be upset that the public perception of him is that he is a greedy pig, he thinks it’s unfair, and he doesn’t like that very much. Osi needs to understand that when you let an inflated and self centered ego run your life, it not only makes you “look” like an A-hole…. it means you truly ARE an A-hole.

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