Kellen Moore brings a high level of motivation to Motown

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Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, who won 50 games as a starter in college but waited through 253 draft picks without hearing his name called, will get his first NFL opportunity with the Lions.

Signed by the Lions, he’ll settle in as the third quarterback on the depth chart.  But he’ll be driven to rise through the ranks, in Detroit or elsewhere.

“I don’t think there will probably be a more motivated quarterback,” Moore said after being passed over, via the Associated Press.

He’s nevertheless happy with where he is.  “Going into it, you felt very comfortable and confident that you’d get an opportunity to get drafted,” Moore said.  “Bottom line is it didn’t happen.  But it’s kind of funny you end up where you’d love to go in the first place.”

Surely, Moore won’t want to stay for very long, given that Matthew Stafford blossomed last season into one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  That said, Stafford’s unlikely 5,000-yard season has caused many to forget that his first two seasons were marred by injury.

If Stafford gets injured again, and if backup Shaun Hill gets hurt or plays poorly, Moore will get his chance to show that the knocks on his height and his arm strength and his scrambling ability and his level of competition were misplaced, and that he’s the kind of good football player who can play good football at any level, regardless of whether he arrived via the draft.

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  1. College stats/success often don’t equate to the NFL especially at the QB position. Danny Wuerrfel, Eric Zeier, Geno Torreta, David Klingler. That list is long.

  2. Kellen Moore = Colt Brennan minus the sense of entitlement, laziness, and poor work ethic. Regardless, Kellen will be with Colt in the semi-pros in <2 years.

  3. One of the best college QBs I’ve ever seen. I’ve been rooting for him for a couple years.

  4. for some reason i think this guy is gonna be really good 1 day, he is fast at knowing where to go with the ball, understands what defenses are trying to do, surgical with his accuracy & he is a motivated winner with a chip on his shoulder!! dude just kept winning no matter who his supporting cast was, when he plays he never looks rattled or its too much for him handle!! i wish him well unless he is playing the 9ERS!! i think the lions might have found a solid player!!!

  5. The Lions situation was the ideal one for Moore because:

    (1) They were the only team with just 2 QBs on their roster; and

    (2) The Lions didn’t draft a QB.

    Unless the Lions bring in another “camp arm” to compete with Moore, he’s pretty much assured of being the No. 3 QB.

  6. Kellen Moore is like Colt McCoy. I want him to succeed. I want him to blossom. BUT, i know it will be a matter of time before everyone realizes that it just isn’t possible.

  7. He’s 6’1 it’s not that he’s really short it’s that he weighs as much as a cornerback at 180lbs. I’m sure he’ll do fine if he ever gets a shot other than preseason though. His accuracy is ridiculous, something like 74% last year.

  8. I’ve never been impresssed with Hill. Here’s hoping Moore earns the #2 job by next season!

  9. Perfect marriage.

    Stafford is the unquestioned leader of this team and Hill is intrenched as the back-up. That means Moore can learn his craft without pressure, BUT, if guys get hurt (which never happens in the NFL), Moore will get his shot with “sick” WRs everywhere you look.

  10. @spartyon

    Hill is actually one of the best backups in the league, however as a result he also one of the more expensive. He just signed a new 2 year contract, after that he’ll probably be gone and Moore could be the backup. Look for Moore to be the #2 QB in Detroit in 2014

  11. If Stafford gets injured again, and if backup Shaun Hill gets hurt or plays poorly, ……

    Ok. Sure. Third string guys usually come up and light it up.

  12. And yet Teblow went in the 1st and is treated like a future hof… This guy actually sounds perfect for the vikes… Short accurate throws on the run… Oh yeah we got our own teblow in joe webb

  13. Rooting for this guy. If anything were to happen to stafford and hill I think Moore could step in and handle it I.e. t.j. yates in Houston don’t win 50 games in college and break multiple records if there isn’t skill there. Also the lions took bsu star Titus Young in last years second round so look for them to revisit multiple deep passes. Reportedly Moore will get 8 out of 16 quarters of play in the preseason so look for him to shut everyone up.

  14. Kellen Moore will join all those other “winning” college QBs who did nothing in the NFL.

    Kellen Moore= Future CFL QB.

  15. How can the NCAA’s all time winningest QB get so much hate? I’m actually looking forward to the preseason to watch him play now.

  16. I can’t believe this guy didn’t get drafted. I guess it means the teams spend much more time with the combine “measurables” than the actual games the guy played in college , which for him worked out to 50-3 and passing for almost 15,000 yards and 142 TD vs 28 INTs. Sometimes I think these so called experts outsmart themselves. I usually couldn’t care less which UDFAs make teams, but I’ll be rooting for this guy.

  17. The good news for him is that being left handed, he doesn’t have Screendoor Backus protecting his blind side. The bad news is he has Gosder Cherilus.

  18. Now c it’s guys like this that come in with a huge chip and prove everybody wrong and I can’t wait. And for god sake please stop comparing him to colt McCoy last time I checked his name was Kellen!!

  19. It’s not as if Moore ran a gimmick offense at Boise St like other system QBs like Klingler, Graham Harrell, Alex Smith, etc. He actually had to make reads and his receivers weren’t wide open or having all day to throw.

  20. Kellen Moore is a better Football Player than Athlete, and that’s not a bad thing.

    To the doubters, just watch the Gruden QB Camp episode with him.

    That is all.

  21. The one thing he had above all other college QB’s was the fact that he was always calm under pressure. He may not be the prototypical superstar, but never getting rattled is a HUGE quality to have at his position. For evidence see Montana, Joe.

  22. People are gonna dismiss his talent over a couple of inches? That’s obsurd. Of course two inches less, I woulda been a chic…so who knows..:)

  23. Hey linedrivehit maybe you should check out Boise States schedule before you make such an assanine statement. Boise played good competition but all you probably know is Big Ten football. There are other teams out there.

  24. Here’s the perfect litmus test as to whether you even have a small shot to make it as an NFL starter or not:

    Can you beat out Shaun Hill for a backup QB spot?

    If the answer is yes, proceed to step 2: Put enough on tape in the preseason or whenever you get on the field that someone trades for you in a year or two.

    If the answer is no, proceed immediately to graduate assistant/quality control coach position back at Boise, where whatever happens in Detroit, you’ll never have to buy your own drinks again.

  25. nflovercollegefb says:
    May 1, 2012 12:05 PM
    Kellen Moore is a better Football Player than Athlete, and that’s not a bad thing.

    To the doubters, just watch the Gruden QB Camp episode with him.

    That is all.

    That’s good Goobs, perhaps that means Kellen Moore can get on with his coaching career because he certainly isn’t an NFL QB. Maybe a CFL one.

  26. So many pro qb experts on here. Have any of you that have posted negative about Kellon Moore even watched him play more then a couple highlights?

    I don’t know if he is going to make it in the NFL but I have watched him play. I have watched him in person from the time he was in high school through his college years. I have watch on tv as well and more then just highlights.

    This kid excelled everywhere he played but that’s no automatic NFL resume. From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t rule KM out until he proves that he can’t make the grade.

    This kid has forgotten more about the qb position then Danny Wuerrfel, Eric Zeier, Geno Torreta, David Klingler combined have ever known. I could add 30 more names to this list of no goes and none of them have or had what KM has.

    This kid knows where the ball is going and who it’s going to and where the defense will be long before the ball is snapped. When he gets the speed of the NFL down I suspect that talent to continue.

    His accuracy is uncanny, freakish.

    No qb that I’ve ever seen has his calm demeaner.

    His small size means nothing if you never get to hit him.

    Two of his college losses were because of two makeable missed field goals. KM never threw the kickers under the bus nor did pitch a fit. That’s leadership. That’s the kind of leadership that holds locker rooms together.

    So all you experts keep showing us why your not coaches or GM’s and when KM does start and win a game I will be Laughing at You Out Loud!

    And to the poster that wrote about the lack of competition at Boise State. You are utterly insane.
    You know nothing of college football. No, you just know nothing.

  27. World’s biggest Lions fan here and I have one huge thing to say about this … meh.

  28. Kellen M. has all the skills to be an NFL QB. A first year in the gym and getting acclimated to the expectations and requirements of his employer will be a good test for him.

    KM will be a contributing member of the Detroit Lions Professional Football Team. He’s got a future in the NFL that most folks, including the armchair critics, only dream about.

    Good luck Kellen. Go “Big Red”, Go BSU, Go Lions!

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