Lions expect Jahvid Best to get cleared for contact in June

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When last we checked in on Lions running back Jahvid Best, he was working out with the team but his status for football work was still a little unclear.

General Manager Martin Mayhew cleared things up during a radio interview, passed along by Tim Twentymen of the Lions’ website. Mayhew said that the expectation is that doctors will clear Best for contact in June. Mayhew explained why the timetable has been set up that way.

“Those doctors felt like it just made sense to do that in June,” Mayhew said. “It gives him the most time. We are not doing anything that involves any contact and he’s been cleared to do everything that we’re doing right now and he’ll be officially cleared for contact in June.”

The Lions didn’t select a back in the draft despite the questions about the health of Best and Mikel Leshoure, who is attempting to come back from an Achilles injury. They also have Kevin Smith, Joique Bell, Keiland Williams and undrafted rookie Stephfon Green at running back.

Best was limited to six games by a pair of concussions last season and had concussion issues while at Cal. Best’s history, along with those of other players with several head injuries, likely contributed to Stanford wide receiver Chris Owusu going undrafted after suffering multiple concussions in college.

22 responses to “Lions expect Jahvid Best to get cleared for contact in June

  1. He’s one concussion away from retirement If I am Detroit I have to consider this in the day and age we live in..

    With as many lawsuits as there is on this topic I am shocked that the NFL as a hole would not intervene and say no way will we clear him for field duty ever again.

  2. Best, Leshoure and Smith. They ought to just Frankenstein those MF’ers up.

    I am pretty sure you can com up with enough working parts from all three to make one RB.

  3. His 99 acceleration in Madden will go great with CJ’s 99 in spectacular catch

  4. You mean cleared for his next concussion? I’m a lions fan and I love watching best play, but honestly I’m scared for him. Really hoping this doesn’t backfire for him and his family…..

  5. I love to tweak Lions fans, but seriously, no rational person, nor any team truly looking out for the best long term health of its player, would allow this guy to play again. Best should retire, collect on his applicable insurance policies and enjoy all the cognitive years he can before the long-term effects of his concusssions kick in.

  6. I’m just glad that this site has so many neurologists that have seen Bests medical file. I understand the severity of Bests college concussion, and I understand the issues with the NFL and there concussion lawsuit, but none of us knows how bad this kid really is, so if doctors clear the kid I say it’s on them if he has permanent brain problems.

  7. Just hang ’em up man.

    You are a very good player, but there is life after football.

  8. He didnt have any concussions his rookie year, and had 171 attempts, more than 2x as many as 2011……..explain that experts………

  9. We should just save him for the Bears,cause they damn sure wont give him a concussion,hell I think they are still chasing him from the Monday Night game.

  10. He needs to wear one of those huge helmets like that guy from buffalo used to wear!

  11. If Javid Best is healthy, his return is welcome. When teams ignored the run, he made them pay.

    But yeah – like everyone else I’m a little worried about his long term health.

    With the size and speed of modern players, the NFL needs to completely rethink and reengineer all of their the head and body armor.

  12. dewalt2990 says:

    He didnt have any concussions his rookie year, and had 171 attempts, more than 2x as many as 2011……..explain that experts………


    Turf toe.

    He averaged under 11 attempts a game. That isn’t a good thing for where they drafted him.

  13. There are more important things than football. I Think its time to think about the quality of the rest of your life.

  14. @arlingtonsynn…….Everyone knows he had turf toe’s. Knowing that, he couldn’t really even juke to get out of the way of big hits. He may have only averaged 11 runs per game, but that’s twice as much as 2011, and two concussions less. (2x as many rec too, so 4x the hits taken)

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