Ryan, Sanchez take different approaches with media at event

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Jets coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez attended a charity event on Tuesday night.  One had plenty to say.  One had nothing to say.

Though we probably need not say more, we will.

Sanchez, according to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com, declined to answer any football questions from reporters.  Ryan answered plenty, gushing about both of his quarterbacks, but apparently more about his new backup quarterback/punt protector.

Ryan said Tim Tebow looks “outstanding” so far in offseason workouts.  “Same thing with Sanchez,” Ryan wisely added.

Ryan also applauded Tebow for landing in NFL Network’s Top 100 list, even though Sanchez was excluded.

“That’s really saying something about the young man,” Ryan said of Tebow.  “Everybody recognizes the competitiveness. The guy’s a winner, no question.  People get tired of me saying it, but how do you not describe this guy as a football player?

“That’s what he is,” Ryan said.  “He’s got size, he’s got strength, he’s got speed and he can throw the football.”  (Some would say Ryan intentionally omitted the word “accurately.”)

Ryan also thinks Tebow should be included within the assessment of the team’s 2012 draft, given that they got the 2010 first-rounder for a 2012 fourth-round pick.  “Everybody put everybody [in our division] ahead of us, which I think it hilarious, but I think we had a heck of a draft,” Ryan said.  “And when you put Tim Tebow in there as a fourth-round pick, it looks even better.”

It’s not looking better for Sanchez.  And Sanchez knows it.  Otherwise, he would have been happy to answer football questions.

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  1. Interesting assessment Mr. Ryan…..but you might have been able to get someone a little more important than a punt protector if you would have actually had a 4th round pick.

    Instead, you’ve just alienated your mentally fragile QB.

  2. Haha.. ” were gonna win the Superbowl”.. ” I have confidence in Mark” … ” yum toes”.. I am sick of hearing this guy yap. My prediction .. Tebow starts week 6.. Rex gets fired right after week 17 ends.

  3. I remember when everyone was debating who was going to be better, Sanchez or Stafford……hahahaha…..told you so!

  4. Maybe, just maybe, Sanchez was attending a charity event and wanted the attention to be on that instead of him. Just a thought (that Ryan couldn’t even begin to comprehend)

  5. Cryin’ Ryan has no idea what he’s talking about anymore. He makes no sense. He’s just talking to hear himself. He would have better luck putting Jabberjaw under center.

  6. So let me get this right. Jets speak to the media and get ctricized for being too chatty. Jet declined to speak to the media, get criticized for that too.

    I see.

    The guy was as a charity event to help find a bone marrow transplant for a sick fan. Is that really the forum to answer yet another Tebow question? See him at training camp.

  7. I know how people want to bash Tebow and such, but he is a heck of a wing-T throwing fullback. Is Rex a feet loving pimp my wife out fat freak? Maybe so…maybe no….The Jets will win 6 games. Point Balnk.

  8. Noeffinway, not saying that Sanchez is better than Stafford, but be careful. Last year Stafford was thought of as frail and done nothing in this league and Sanchez had 4 playoff wins in the 2 years. Now look.

    It only takes one year (really less than that) before the media take you from a flop to great and vice Vera.
    Case in point. Eli went from a guy not mentioned in the top 100 list to future hall of famer in less than 1 calendar year.

    So don’t claim victory yet.

  9. Leave Sanchez alone. He is gonna have a great year and Tebow will get on the field for 20 snaps and score 15 touchdowns.
    Coples is gonna drill Brady into the turf and the Pats run will be over!
    I guarrantee it!

  10. “Ryan also applauded Tebow for landing in NFL Network’s Top 100 list, even though Sanchez was excluded”

    I didn’t know that. Now that I do I’m laughing.

  11. If in fact the Jets are the circus act most people think they are, what does it say for any teams they may beat this season? Can any fan live with themselves if their team is beaten by a circus act?

  12. I think Rex is schmoozing Tebow; preparing him for that ultimate meeting in Rex’s office.
    “Look,Tim, you are a player. You’re gonna get a chance to throw and a chance to run–you’re just not going to be the starting QB. You are bigger than the QB position, man!
    Then Rex pipes in Sinatra’s New York, New York and sings along:
    “If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere…”
    Then Rex lowers his head and tells Tim to go pray about it.

  13. Rex is serving up a sticking Sanchez. He should’ve listened to Pete and stayed at USC for his senior year maybe he’ll listen to his next coach. Get to work kid!

  14. Some radio personality said it best, although his point was something else entirely that I didn’t agree with:

    Some players get to a certain point and think to themselves, I have to get better, I always have to get better, there is someone out there better than me, and some players get to a certain point and say ehh you know what I’m ok with where I’m at, I’m ok with my current performance, it’s working for me, it’s good enough for me.

    Mark Sanchez is the latter. So honestly at this point, who cares what he has to say. Or doesn’t have to say. No pity for the weak, Millions of $ not enough to motivate you beyond mediocrity? Being on TV? Shaming your family with mediocrity in a position that more than just expects greatness, it proclaims it, that’s not enough? Well what about being an athlete and having competitiveness built-in? No? Nothing? Well screw Mark Sanchez then. Tebow isn’t going to win us any games but I mean come on, screw the guy that’s done “with that whole getting better thing.”

  15. Wow! Shades of Matt Leinart! Sanchez isn’t even going to make it out of preseason as the starter.

  16. The guy was as a charity event to help find a bone marrow transplant for a sick fan. Is that really the forum to answer yet another Tebow question?

    Rex thought it was ok. If Sanchez thought it was wrong then he should have manned up and said so. Since he did not people get to guess why he did not answer questions. My personal guess? He had no good answers.

  17. She wasn’t underage. 17 is the age of consent in NY as she told Sanchito.
    Deal with it boys. You wish you were Sanchito instead of sitting in your basement wasting time posting to pathetic blogs!

  18. Sanchez already got Tebowed! My Vikings got Tebowed hard last year…the dudes a winner and yall haters get ready to get Tebowed by the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! But the Jets suck too and will be 6-10….

  19. The only thing wrong with Sanchez is Sanchez himself. The only thing wrong with Tebow is the days of pilling guards and screens are all but over. It’s the 40-50 yard bomb or nothing. 4,000 yards I’n the air means one thing– you have no running game and on defense, you either drop the QB or you’re dead

  20. At first Rex Ryan’s bloviatons were charming and inspiring. A straight talking defensive wizard turning a crappy franchise into Super Bowl contenders.

    Forget about the Super Bowl prognostications. This guy, who came across as a “players’ coach,” was just some dude hanging out shooting commercials while his team was imploding around him. If this team crashes and burns this year he needs to be gone.

    But if Tebow leads them to the promised land I’ll put some thought into the whole Humans Riding Dinosaurs thing.

  21. Ut oh… Marky is ready to cry. Sanchez had a lot to say in prior offseasons & had a lot to say this offseason before Tebow came to town. Mark is starting to realize that his only remaining supporter, Rex Ryan, is switching sides. It might not be a bad move on Rex’s part, however. Rex’s future past this season has been linked to Sanchez’s development as “his guy.” Rex may just be supporting Tebow, trying to buy himself another year once this team goes 4-12 & Sanchez becomes Leinart 2.0. It’s amazing how this team won with Mangini’s guys & once Rex had his guys, normal progression after 2 years on the job, the team fell apart & the inmates ran the asylum. Rex Ryan is the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL & will NEVER be Tom Coughlin. Then again, the Jets will NEVER be the Giants either.

  22. Picking up Tebow for a 4th rounder is a good deal if he doesn’t ruin the team with a QB controversy for the ages.

    It will be an intersting start to the season as the Jets have an overall easy schedule, but it starts tougher then it ends. If Sanchez is going to struggle it will be at the start of the season.

  23. Enough already with the sarcastic comments about Tebow’s accuracy. So old and tired. Then take another look at his OT pass against the Steelers in the Playoffs. None of us know how he’ll do in 2012, but he sure repeatedly beat the odds last season, gave us tons of excitement, plus all those memorable constipated looks on John Elway’s face.

  24. Why is it news when the Jets backup QB doesn’t have anything to say to the media?

  25. Roger brad. Why do you hate tebow. Strong words.

    I do agree with Rex about draft assessment. It should include everything you do with the picks. Any pats draft analysis that excludes welker, moss, for 2006 or unfortunately hayneworth or chad for 2012 is only telling part of the story.

  26. The media hunger for the Jets and the Jets hunger for the media. They feed off each other so nicely. As for Sanchez, if he says something or even nothing at all, he will surely get criticism of some form. Leave the man alone.

  27. Once again, I ask why Tebow’s constantly referred to as a “winner”. Sanchez has more NFL wins, more playoff wins and and an overall winning percentage higher than Tebow.

    Does Tebow really get that label for his one championship as a starter at Florida? If so, please make sure to use the “winner” label for Rex Grossman, Chris Leak, Jessie Palmer, Terry Dean, Danny Wuerffel, Kerwin Bell and every other qb who ever won a championship at Florida.

  28. “Sanchez had 4 playoff wins “… VERY old stale and very tired rehashing of the past.

    How long do you plan to hold on to this fluke of nature? Jet and playoffs wins is an oxymoron.

  29. Marky is still the Yets “leader”, right? I mean, it says so in his new contract, and all.

  30. Running quarterbacks don’t last in this league. The defenses are too fast and big.

    Neither do quarterbacks that can’t throw accurately.

    So the Jets are still 0 for 2 IMO.

    Time for Rex to predict another Superbowl, I could use a good laugh.

  31. The Jets were so close to being relevant….if they don’t turn the corner this year, then it’s not happening now. It’ll be a few more years.

  32. The different approaches were that Rex was interviewed at the buffet table where he set up shop and Sanchez was on the other side chatting up the high school girls who really were more interested in Sanchez introducing them to the Jets new starting QB Tim Tebow.

  33. Rex Ryan to his team” ” We are going out on taht field and rip some heads off!. Then we will use our ‘ground and pound” skills and ram the football down their throuts!. We are going to act like a runaway train. Run over them, run under them. Beat the crap out of them!

    OK…..let’s do it! But before we go out their like wild animals, Tim is going to lead us in prayer’s and pray for humanity, love for our fellow humans and pray for the sick and suffering”!

    Tim, the floor is yours!”

  34. Hack/Hater Florio….just can’t make a comment without “cheapshotting” Tebow….Hey what kind of LAW do you practice in West Virginia???? a great place for you to hide….why no biography about you on the internet???? Empty representing “EMPTY”….could it be the Bruce Randolph School of Law? Hey, did the Jaguars trade for Tebow, yet??


  35. I have one question if Teblow is so “great” why was Denver so desperate to dump him instead of keeping him as a back up to learn from one of the greatest QBs in NFL history.

  36. Elway and the Broncos were smart to dump the clownfest that is Tebow. He’s a sideshow that teams don’t need. Sure, he garners lots of attention and jersey sales, mostly by ultra extremist evangelical fanatics and Skip Bayless, but from a football point of view, he’s a coaching nightmare.

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