Stephon Gilmore won’t just cover wide receivers

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The selection of Stephon Gilmore with the 10th overall pick seemed designed to help the Bills cut down on the big plays to wide receivers that hurt them last season.

It was, but it was about more than that as well. Playing in the AFC East twice a year means playing against Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez twice a year and the Bills think Gilmore will help them match up with the Patriots’ dynamic tight end duo. In an interview with WGR 550 Radio, via the Bills website, Bills General Manager Buddy Nix talked about how he expects Gilmore to help them do that.

“We would like to be able to match up against those two guys,” said Nix. “Even though you’re not as big as they are these guys with speed and they’re big enough that they can’t knock them around and push them away from them. It’s a lot harder for them against these bigger corners. Yes, we think he can do that.”

Gilmore is 6’0, 190 pounds and the Bills added another big corner last year when they drafted Aaron Williams. That’s still a good bit smaller than Gronkowski and Hernandez, but it is still an approach worth a shot. The new group of tight ends are too much for linebackers and many safeties because of their speed, so using corners who can at least compete physically could make a difference.

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  1. maybe it helps with Hernandez….but his size wont help against Gronkowski. Gronk overpowers safeties that are much bigger than Gilmore.

    Still a great pick by the Bills though.

  2. Stephon Gilmore won’t just cover wide receivers, he’s gunna…. well he’s gunna cover the wide receivers yes. But also the tight-ends… which means linebackers will cover recievers? No no it means… well it means… Well he’s gunna cover the receivers too.

  3. Sorry but chances of him being able to cover gronk are slim to none with slim out of town.

  4. How does a 6’0, 190 lb CB, “compete physically” with a 6’5, 260 lb TE? He may be quicker, but GRONK is going to throw these corners around.

  5. Guys like Gronk, Finley and Graham are wide receivers. They barely ever line up tight to the tackle so they aren’t tight ends. Sorry but these guys don’t run block and line up as TE maybe twice a game if that.

  6. Still don’t like the pick. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Bills overall draft at all. They left players on the board that were better then what they drafted, sometimes even at the same position. If they traded back, they could have taken Kirkpatrick, an even bigger guy who played in a scheme that easily translates to the NFL. Johnathan Martin goes one pick after Glenn, Glenn projects inside at guard, but with some WORK, he can play tackle. Martin could have stepped right in and atleast provided a foundation at LT for the next 10 years. They drafted Roscoe Parrish 2.0 in the third when Nick Toon and Greg Childs were still there. In the fourth, Guys like Jared Crick, Ronell Lewis, Bobbie Massie and Brandon Boykin were passed up for Bradham and Brooks, a backup at LSU! The 5th wasn’t bad, but Bobbie Massie would have made me happier then Sanders. The 6th and 7th were ok, grabbing a kicker and OL depth, but Alfonzo Denard was on the board still and would have made this draft rock. I hate to say it, but Chan and Buddy put their jobs on the line with this draft. No QB in case Fitz struggles (Which I don’t think he will, but is all it takes is another rib injury), no outside WR to help take pressure off of Stevie, no TE depth, and most of all, no DL help. I am not a fan of Troup and if Williams or Dareus go down, there is nothing there. Buddy drafted like this team was a solid winner, and he could take time to develop these guys. Sorry, Buddy, if you don’t crack 8-8 this season, this could have been your last draft for the Buffalo Bills

  7. Water Boy: “Not only will I do it for ya but……… yes yes I’ll do it for ya”

  8. @ Bucky Badger

    Maybe you have Gronk and Hernandez confused?
    Gronk is a real deal dual threat TE – he is a beast when he playing as an in-line blocker as well as an awesome reciever.

    Hernandez is definitely a big bodied WR – maybe he’s been working on his blocking a little too.

  9. @cylondetector, he barely lines up as a TE. He lines up almost exclusively in the slot or in the redzone on the outside. He is used as a possession WR.

  10. you’re really gonna try to match him up on gronk? this kid will get dragged down the field hanging on to one of gronk’s legs

  11. Not sure where the negative “votes” are coming from on my above post, I mean, I’m pretty sure i want to see the Bills win, and make the Playoffs, and then eventually win a Superbowl, can anybody please explain what I wrote above doesn’t signify that? Here’s my problem with it all, if Buddy and Chan are right, they look like geniouses because they made the “Out-of-the-box” choices, however, if they fail, or if those other players go on to be household names across the nation, where’s the logic in that? The only thing the Gilmore pick shows is that McGee can’t be trusted to stay healthy, and McKelvin can’t be trusted to play consitently, thats all. If you really think that this one pick will help shut down the TE’s in NE, your all wrong. Pressure and sticking to your coverage guns is the only way to slow them down. The teams with the most defensive success against the Pats are the ones that say “Hey, atleast one guy is going to run open, but if we can put the pressure on and make him miss that read or sack him, then were good.” There is no stopping that offense, you can only slow it down, and playing coverage is not the way to do it.

  12. rabidbillsfan –

    Where did you hear that the Bills had an opportunity to trade back? If so, was it from a team that would have picked before Cincinnati selected Kirkpatrick? As for Martin, I have read many reports that stated that he was not very strong and did not show a passion for the game and at best projected to right tackle in the NFL. What makes you think he would have been a better selection than Glenn if this were the case? Brooks didn’t start over the #5 selection last year, the #6 selection this year and what is predicted to the be a top 5 selection next year (not to mention a Heisman finalist). He would have started for pretty much any other squad and when he did start due to injury, he dominated. Did Toon or Childs have the same speed that Graham possesses? I also have heard that Graham is built more like Lee Evans than Roscoe Parrish. I haven’t seen anyone indicate that many of these players were going to be sitting. In fact, from most analysis I have read, nearly all of these guys will be contributing THIS year. Please support your gripes with something other than speculation.

  13. Do you follow the Bills? Do you watch their games? Do you know of the players they currently have on their roster? If so, then you will know that this team is talent dry at the majority of the skill positions. What little talent we have is inconsistent. In a situation the Bills are in, I woulld have been making calls shopping the 10 pick, trying to get the best deal I could. The Bills need depth, and almost every position they drafted is a spot where we have plenty of it. The Bills are not to the point to replace the depth they have with “better” depth, we still have a hole at DT, Saftey and backup QB. What I’m saying is that the guys they drafted could of been had with more manipulation of their picks. And, speaking of speculation, you say these guys will contribute THIS year, my question is where? ST? All rookies do that. Outside of Gilmore, all of the other Rookies will be fighting for playing time. Don’t look for Hariston, Roosevelt, Jones, Nelson, Morrison, McKelvin, McGee, Florence or any other guy whose positon was drafted to just roll over to a rookie. You could make the case that their presence will make this team better. Sure, if their talent levels are equal, but there not. Martin has better technique than Glenn, something that is much harder to teach then adding a few pounds and hitting the weights. Brooks primarily played Nickel, which is where he would have to line up on the likes of Dustin Keller, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, and Davone Bess. 3 career starts and you would take him over the other corners on the board to play those guys? You’re nuts! I know, I have my opinion, and you have yours, but don’t tell me that mine is just some drivel that I came up with while watching saturday morning cartoons. At the end of the year, I guaruntee half the guys I mentioned that wern’t picked will have better seasons then this whole draft class the Bills put together.

  14. “The Bills are not to the point to replace the depth they have with “better” depth”

    I watched this team go 5-1 last year until injuries routed their team. Lack of depth is exactly what has been holding this team back. To a point a few key injuries could again. We are now fairly deep at LB, DE, and OT; 3 big areas of need. Cornerback is always a huge need when you start to look at our aging CB’s.

    I find it funny that you rip the Bills for taking the 3rd best CB from LSU , a team with a history of producing NFL ready CB’s, but want us to draft the 3rd best Arkansas WR. Brooks will play nickle here as well. He’s a 4th round pick, not a top 15 one.

    As far as your back up QB concerns, while valid, there are other places to grab a backup than in rounds 4-7…and by the way the Bills draft class is 10 players, so of course you’re going to be able to find at least that number that the Bills passed on producing elsewhere.. there are 250+ picks!

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