Joe Webb says it’s a positive to focus only on quarterback

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Back in February, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said that the team was going to have Joe Webb work only as a quarterback this season.

With offseason workouts in full swing, the plan is being put into place. Webb is only working as a quarterback and the team has scrapped the packages they used to get him on the field as a receiver or runner last season. While Webb said that he’s happy to play whatever role the team wants him to play, he’s also happy to be focusing on only one thing this year.

“It’s a great role to have,” said Webb, via Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press. “Any time you can concentrate on one position, that’s always a positive.”

Right now, the plan is for Webb to back up Christian Ponder. If Ponder doesn’t show improvement in the early part of the season, however, it’s fair to wonder if the Vikings will want to find a way to get Webb on the field. Whether he’s at quarterback or elsewhere, Webb is one of the most athletic players Minnesota has on offense and his best use probably isn’t carrying a clipboard all year.

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  1. Webb has shown flashes of promise but really never been given a fair chance to show what he can do. Doubt Vikings would (admit their mistake) and start him in front of Ponder but it would be interesting if he is allowed to seriously compete.

  2. For people who don’t know who Joe Webb is, he is THEE most athletic player in the NFL. I don’t care what you have to say about calvin johnson, cam newtwon yadda yadda. I dont know why everyone was trying to pick Tebow up over this offseason. Joe is more athletic, can literally through the ball 80 yards, and is much, much faster.

  3. For those fans from other teams who don’t know who Webb is….you will know who he is in two or three years from now when he is a huge breakout star for some other team than our own.

    The guy is honestly faster than Peterson, throws further and harder than Ponder, has a vertical higher than almost any WR in the entire league and our soon to by former (next year) coaches will have him sit on the sidelines. Ugggg…..

    I don’t hate Ponder…I actually like him as a developing QB. BUT…

    Webb will be a star in the NFL…..I just wish it was with the Vikings and not in two years when he’s leading another team and everyone is talking about him.

    Either use him as a WR or start him at QB….but have him on the field as many plays as possible!!!!!!

  4. Don’t be naive, mnomalley. Teams don’t want Tebow because he’s good, or better than Webb. Teams want Tebow because he sells a ton of tickets and merchandise to ignorant fans who know nothing about football.

  5. I have been saying this from the day they drafted Joe Webb. They need to give this guy a shot. I think the drafting of Ponder is getting in the way of him shining. Remember when he almost took the vikings to a huge comeback against the Lions but lost in the last seconds at the goal line due to a uncalled facemask that caused him to fumble?

    The guy is so athletic and he is starting to get the hang of the NFL level.

  6. Vikings version of RG3 imagine if Webb played against RG3 that would be a must watch right there both are fast strong arm but Webb has 2inch height advantage Webb is a beast am glad he backing up ponder cause there really wouldnt be a talent dropoff Webb in opinion is a better playmaker then ponder

  7. Joe Webb is a good change-of-pace backup quarterback. People who think he would be a breakout star if he would only get the chance don’t know anything about football. The NFL is full of great athletes who aren’t stars, and the world is full of great athletes who could never make it in the NFL. If he’s such a great quarterback, why did no NFL team recognize his potential when he was coming out of college? He was drafted in the sixth round as a wide receiver, a position he never played. Fans think he’s great because he’s come into a few games and looked good, but he’s never looked that good when the opponent had a week to prepare for him.

  8. Joe Webb deserves a shot at the starting position. He outplayed Ponder when given the chance last to actually play QB last year.

    Those who think Webb behind center is nothing more than a gimmick haven’t spent time watching him. Yes, he is a great athlete, but he is also a good passer, and a beast to try to sack. In the few games he has had a chance to play in his two years, he has been impressive.

    Give the man a shot.

  9. Webb vs RgIII october 14th fed ex field .. I will be there front row 2 watch Webb put the beat down on the Foreskins again for the third year in a row.

  10. Wtf vikes… Make him a wr or a slash and get our limited talent on the field… Done and done!!!

  11. Obviously none of you guys have actually seen Webb play when an opposing defense can gameplan against him. He doesn’t make fast enough reads and gets confused by defenses pretty easily. His athleticism can only account for so much, he’s not that good of a QB. He’s not accurate enough and he won’t stay in the pocket. Those are 2 things that are paramount to being a successful QB in the NFL.

  12. Now while Ponder is trying to fit into the NFL and WILL make plenty of mistakes Vikings fans will be calling for Webb. This will undermine the team trying to get better.

    I really like Webb, but Ponder has been given the role. The common knowledge is a quarterback takes around 25 games to develop into what kind of player they are. I don’t think Vikings fans have that kind of patients though…

  13. I like Webb, but he doesn’t have what it takes at QB and for Fraiser to stubbornly insist on only letting him play QB, the Vikings are wasting his considerable athletic abilities and wasting a roster spot.

    As it stands, te Vikings only have two competent QB’s on the roster… Christian Ponder and Sage Rosenfels.

  14. Joe Webb has the talent and ability to be a good, perhaps even great, starting QB in the NFL- as does Christian Ponder. The difference between the two is the same as between Andrew Luck and RGIII.

    With Ponder given the starting role (to lose), I think he will take root and have a great year at QB because:

    1) He is the starter, unlike last year under McNabb and will get that attention from the coaching staff and 1st team reps in practice and offseason;

    2) He will actually have an off-season to learn the offense and develop some rhythm/timing with WRs, unlike last year;

    3) He will actually have some WRs this year that can get open and stretch the field, unlike last year;

    4) He will actually have a offensive line that can do a descent job of protecting him, unlike last year.

    That being the case, the Vikings will have a luxury for a back-up QB that could be traded for another weapon or all-pro player. In order to make that happen, the Vikings need to groom Webb for a starting QB position, and (at some point) give him some playing time to show his ability with a descent team around him. Then they can trade him. To a team in the AFC, preferably.

    But to anyone who’s actually seen him play, and knows something about him, Joe Webb has every bit the promise of RGIII to be a great QB in the NFL.

  15. whodat2 says:May 2, 2012 5:54 PM

    Great article! We need more in depth on irrelevant players…..


    A $aint fan crawls out from the woodwork to try and say something witty… fail!

  16. Webb is an amazing athlete and has showed flashes of absolute brilliance. I am not sure he can be a Michael Vick, Elway or RG3.

    Drafting Ponder cemented his short-term fate. He should’ve instantly been moved to WR or given a shot to compete to start. Preferably to WR…..where the Vikes need playmakers. Only the Vikes would let a highly talented player at a much needed position age on their bench.


  17. Joe Webb doesn’t have the making of a good QB. He doesn’t make good reads, doesn’t have good touch on the football, and for someone who supposedly has a rocket arm he sure does leave a lot of passes underthown. Not to mention how off target his throws have been as often as not.

    Sure he makes amazing plays from time to time. He is afterall a great athlete as everyone loves to say. But it takes much more than that to be a successful QB.

    Any for those of you who think he has every bit the promise of RGIII… that’s absurd.

  18. Dude RG3 havent played a down yet in the NFL yet so of course we can compare him to Webb dont ride RG3 nuts to much he might be a bust! Lol

  19. Obviously Webb looked better than Ponder last year. He is better suited to run for his life because of the historically bad offensive line, especially after Ponder hurt his hip and lost his mobility.

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