Jonathan Vilma learned on TV that he’s suspended for 2012


Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is suspended for the entire 2012 season, and his season-long suspension actually begins right now: He’s banished from the team’s facilities effective immediately. But he didn’t find out about that from the NFL. He found out on TV.

That’s the word from Saints quarterback Chase Daniel, who wrote on Twitter that he was there with Vilma when the word came down, and Vilma learned at the same time as millions of NFL fans.

“I was standing right next 2 @jonvilma51 when he found out abt his suspension ON @SportsCenter. Really? He has to find out about it that way?” Daniel wrote.

It is surprising that the NFL wouldn’t inform Vilma (or, presumably, suspended players Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Scott Fujita) personally, and would instead simply issue their statement on the suspensions and let the players find out through the media. The NFL’s plan appears to be to have no contact whatsoever with Vilma, starting now.

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  1. So what? Who cares how he found out. WAAAHHhh…It’s not fair! It’s not fair!

  2. Well, I find it really hard to believe the NFL gave Vilma zero heads up, considering he’s suspended immediately. I know Vilma has an attorney – maybe the NFL sent his attorney a letter or gave a call? Maybe that happened, like, yesterday? Maybe the attorney told Vilma last night that this was coming?

    All of those options seem more likely than Vilma finding out, for the very first time, that he was suspended via TV. However, I think it very likely that Vilma might not have known the exact second the news was gonna break and that he found that out via the TV.

  3. I would much see the players play their best within the ‘rules’ and see who comes out the winner.
    It was wrong to target Favre that playoff game the way they did. He was close to taking Vikings to the SB.

    don’t get me wrong, I want hard hitting.. like Hines Ward… oh there’s a ‘Ward’ rule now?

  4. I don’t agree with the Bounty Program. However, this shows how gutless the NFL is in regards to telling the players in person…If this was the real world, you’d tell your employee face to face…You wouldn’t hide behind the media with a press release…

  5. So PFT, how does the suspension count in terms of cap space?

    At a minimum, Drew Brees just got $1.2M closer to his contact. They can cut Vilma straight out and save $1.2M. He’s 30 and will be sitting a year out. He won’t be worth his scheduled $4.8M + 600k roster bonus.

  6. He took aim at injuring a player. Its battery. Aim with your helmet with intent to injure for money? Conspiracy for hire to hit. Notice? Courtesy? The NFL owes this idiot nothing of the sort. He’s lucky he gets to come back next season.

  7. Why not have no contact with Vilma. He wouldn’t contact the NFL regarding the investigation. And found out on TV? Vilma has known this was coming down for awhile, so who cares. By forcing the NFL to go public with suspensions after trying to keep it in house with notices,they knew the commish was going to come strong.

  8. So the NFL is like Bob and Bob from “Office Space” and what they did to Milton. Fix the glitch. Stop sending him paychecks and hope it “just works itself out naturally”. Avoid confrontation at all costs.

  9. Favre & Rodgers found out on TV they were targeted, why should Vilma had better treatment?

  10. Nevermind, found it….

    Since Vilma’s suspension starts immediately, the Saints suddenly have an extra $4,932,500 in salary-cap space. That’s the cap figure that Vilma’s contract was lowered to when he renegotiated his deal on April 20.

  11. Hold up, we all have to wait and hear which draft picks are selected from the commish, but a player has to hear about a punishment that may end his career from SportsCenter?

    Lucy…you got some splainin’ to do.

  12. So Vilma, along with a bunch of other Saints employees, have been lying for 3 years about the bounty program, and now Vilma says he found out his suspension on TV, and we suddenly accept what he and Daniel say as gospel?

    Forgive me if I don’t seem persuaded…

  13. I love how the Saints are crying foul… in addition to all the NFL’s findings, there is also a documentary which we all heard featuring Gregg Williams describing in detail who to hurt and where to hurt them

  14. dk56 says:
    May 2, 2012 1:42 PM
    Chase Daniel’s 15 minutes of Fame.


    Naw, when Breesus holds out over his contract, it’s going to be “In Chase, we TRUST” in NOLA….lmao.

  15. I am sure Goddell went straight to ESPN and told them first…Come on!!!

    I am sure it was passed on to the teams regarding the suspensions and the teams would be responsible to pass it on to the players. Thats how the Chain Of Command works folks!

  16. If this is indeed true – I would play dumb if I were Vilma – If someone asked me about it, I would say that it must be lie, cuz the NFL hasnt said anything to me.

    If they dont notify him, he should just ask like its business as usual.

  17. they could all get together at James Harrison place and do an interview piece for ESPN.. isn’t that the article where James was pictured with two guns etc…

  18. Chase is just upset because the same news report he’s referring to mentioned him having herpes. He found out from Sportscenter when his sister should’ve told him to his face.

  19. No way would Goodell suspend players and not give them or their agents a heads up before the media–unless someone in the NFL office leaked it to the media. Let’s remember, Goodell is a lawyer and knows where he stands on legall grounds.

    Plus, before we here the tired argument of “no person should have that much power”–the NLFPA AGREED to that procedure.

    I find it disgusting that the union is fighting so hard in the corner of those who instigated and bankrolled the bounty system, yet are doing nothing about the players–Cam Newton and Aaron Rogers–who were targeted.

  20. ‘I was standing next to ‘@jonvilma51’? This moron refers to him using his twitter name? Is that to prove he actually is friends with him on twitter?

  21. Just shows where the NFL has come. Players are upset when they get suspended when they are willing to take another player out with no regard to that players career. Just for the sake of more MONEY.

  22. No one should have sympathy for any player who intentionally tried to harm or possibly end the career of a fellow player!

  23. Where to start

    A defensive player trying to hit a quarterback and knock him out of the game is just called football. It’s not battery or any of your other scary fantasies.


    It’s customary to use somebody’s Twitter handle on Twitter instead of their real name because it makes it easier to gain new followers. Get it together, old timer.

    Did anybody flippantly suggest jail time for Vilma and the others? I hope I didn’t miss it. I have strong expectations for PFT commenters.

  24. The NFL is claiming they DID contact everyone before the statement was issued. I’m willing to bet they attempted to contact him and for whatever reason he either missed it or ignored it.

  25. I guess Goodell can violate his own policy of not “tipping” the media when it comes to NFL news.

    I’m getting tired of Goodell setting NFL punishment based on the winds of public opinion.

    Maybe the NFLPA will seek a suspension of Goodell – after all, it’s his injury reporting policy that puts gambling interests ahead of player safety and made it possible for Bounty-gate to happen in the first place.

  26. Look at the bright side Vilma- you, Payton and Williams now have plenty of time to go fishing, golfing etc.
    I you insist on working, then maybe Favre will show some compassion to you and pay you to cut the grass at his place in Mississippi…

  27. Drew Breese and Chase Daniel must be good buddies. They’re both clueless and sound a lot smarter when they don’t talk or tweet. Keep those thoughts to yourself guys your better off.

  28. This morning Vilma put a new avy on his Twitter from a magazine cover of the bounty story and when questioned he shot back that he did it because “JV can” (yeah he went 3rd person). At the time I figured he knew he was suspended and figured what the heck, why not act arrogant about it. So much for that..he’s just a DB.

  29. It was definitely tactless of the NFL to let these guys find out about their suspensions via TV, but … on the other hand … that’s pretty much how corporations treat everyone.

    Regular working stiffs get the plug pulled on their jobs permanently (not just for 12 months) in ways equally as tactless, and actually worse.

    Obviously I’m not saying that a corporation workers badly is okay, I’m just saying it’s not shocking.

  30. People who use twitter are dumb. Hence all these athletes on it. Twitter isn’t news and this is probably not true. The saints could use any sympathy they can get right now. Stop turning twitter BS into headlines

  31. I agree with the suspensions of Vilma, Hargrove, Smith, and Fujita. However, this was a classless move by Goodell and the NFL to not inform them in writing or in a phone conversation that they would be suspended. In a way, it’s like a university making an announcement of a program getting cut without informing the coaches or student-athletes.

  32. The NFLPA is so contradictory its funny, go and say we protect our players then protect the ones that are purposely inflicting injuries on the players they are supposed to be protecting LMFAO!!!! GO GET BENT NFLPA

  33. Good. Now all they need to do is take away their Lombardi!

  34. If these guys were playing so dirty why didn’t anybody notice? It should have been obvious.

  35. I’m calling BS on this one…I can almost guarantee the NFL informed the players’ agents. If they didn’t notify their clients, then tough luck.

  36. The other details are irrelevant, the NFL should inform players who are suspended themselves, as opposed to simply issuing a statement.

  37. Poor Vilma, offering 10K behind Favres back and the nerve of the NFL not to send Western Union out to get him despicable, just totally despicable. They should have sent Sheriffs with warrants for conspiracy to do bodily harm. The Saints are gonna be the trash can of the NFL for the fove years. And yet not one fan is angered bt the embarrassment or humiliation the Saints have brought upon N.O,L.A. The Browns suck, Miami and Minny suck, but the Saints are more than losers. Slumdogs. Below sea level swamp rat slumdogs. New Orleans, Saints. Home of Loomis, Payton, and Vilma PLUS many other tasteless, classless, losing slumdogs. Could be a freak side show at a circus. Americas finest, largest, group of lying, cheating, finger pointing, tuck tail and run loser sumdog backstabbets. Come one, come all and see show. Don’t miss out! Hold your wallets, guard your purses and hide your watch. See the greatest assembly of slumdogs ever assembled together all I’n one place. NOLA!!!

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