NFL announces new initiative on non-contract bonuses

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Tucked into the NFL’s full announcement on suspensions for four Saints players for the team’s bounty program is the launching of a new initiative aimed at making it crystal clear to every NFL player and coach that bounties — and all bonuses not included in players’ contracts — are strictly prohibited.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell distributed a memo to all 32 teams today emphasizing that all non-contract bonuses are violations of league rules. He also said that all league personnel will be reminded that bounties are against the rules, and that every head coach will be required to remind all his players and assistants of that during minicamp or training camp.

Every NFL player will also be given information about how to report violations confidentially if they see any evidence that any rules regarding player safety or the integrity of the game are being broken.

Goodell also said he considers ensuring player safety and fair play to be the obligation of everyone involved in the NFL, and he said some Saints employees have already come forward and said they would like to participate in the league’s programs on teaching safe and fair play.

14 responses to “NFL announces new initiative on non-contract bonuses

  1. Waste of time. Goodell did NOTHING about Giants players targeting Kyle Williams’ concussion history just a few months ago.

    This is all just safety “theater.”

  2. GOODELL has nooo idea what to do and is swayed by the media on how to punish. There is no standard of punishment, he’s all over the place like he has a case of DISCIPLINARY TURRETS!

  3. This is a good thing to have. It’s important to have a way a player can anonymously report something like this without endangering their own career and standing with the team they play for. Perhaps that’s why it took so long for the NFL to hand down these fines.

  4. In Goodell we trust. Too many people hate on him because he holds employees accountable for their actions. Don’t see why that’s such a bad ting.

  5. If the NFL really cared about player safety, they would force ALL players to wear FULL pads. In today’s game, receivers and defensive backs wear almost no padding from the chest down. The NFL should also force all players to wear the latest “concussion proof” helmets that cut down greatly on concussions. However, they don’t enforce these rules and instead change the rules so there is less and less contact in the sport. It’s like changing boxing so that you can no longer hit your opponent in the head because there are too many concussions. This is a contact sport.

  6. Donte Stallworth – 1 year suspension for killing a guy driving drunk

    Vilma – 1 year suspension for putting up $10,000 to injure a player.

    hmmm yea that sounds justified.

  7. Massive overreach by the commissioner. It’s common for a probowl RB or QB to reward his O-linemen with anything from dinner at a high end steakhouse to fancy watches to trips to Hawaii. According to the new rule, this practice which hurts nobody is now a league matter.

  8. scrummymustard says:
    May 2, 2012 2:28 PM
    Donte Stallworth – 1 year suspension for killing a guy driving drunk

    Vilma – 1 year suspension for putting up $10,000 to injure a player.

    hmmm yea that sounds justified.


    Go google the word “intent”. That will help you gain a greater understanding of those penalties.

  9. Saints spit on the NFL and now Goodell has to try to clean up the mess. And he’s the bad guy?

    Come on people. Focus your hate on the guys who cheated. Hell the bounty knocked Favre out of the NFC championship for a play and had him hobbling for the remaining two quarters and the Saints won the game by 5 yards basically. That was one of the dirtiest hits anyone has ever seen and the guy came off the field screaming PAY ME MY MONEY!!!

    This is like the most dispicable thing that has happened in sports in my lifetime excluding things individual players have done. This was a team effort with orders coming from the top. A team not only went after the opposing QB, but actually put a bounty on the dude’s head to cover the fine. Then they high-low’d him after a pass.

    Seriously this is like something out of a bad Adam Sandler movie. But no, Saints got an unfair punishment. Everyone is probably doing it. Goodell is evil.

    Seriously, stop defending these swine. They won a superbowl while cheating and playing the game in a cartoonishly villainish style. And we’re trying to defend them and rag on the commish? Not one coach or player from another team has come out and said “yeah, that sounds totally normal to slam 10 grand on the table and say go get after that ACL”.

  10. Theytookourjobs——

    I totally agree with you it’s evident that many of the posters are dedicated see no wrong fans and have never had to run a corporate business. It’s easier to point fingers at everybody including Goodell than it is to admit fault or accept responsibility. They can’t forsee the liability and safety issues, let alone the intervention of Congress or the Senate. They should ask the Cinncy Reds amd Pete Rose how that goes. Not to delve into assault and battery charges or intent to collude and organized crime violations. I can assure you, I would have dealt much more sewiftly and harshly and swiftly with these guys than Goodell did

    They also fail to understand that this IS a business and NOT a criminal law action. Its s business I’n which employees violated the terms of agreement for working I’n the NFL. They are thinking with passion and not with their heads. I’n a mmoment, the twinkle of an eye this entire thing could blow up and escalate to an unprecedented manner because it is the NFL, big money and big names. What the players and coaches did, along with the input of questionable outside monies was stupid and could literally become a grenade. I’n a LOT of ways.

    Lastly, they keep crying for evidence as if confessions are not enough. Release of the results of a two year investigation could bring hammers down on EVERYBODY AND EVER TEAM. That is why Goodell has exercised good judgement in keeping it behind closed doors I’n house. There is too much for common eyes to see. The Saints screwed up, they admitted it and now need to take the punishment and shut up. Period.

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