Roseman expects to start signing Eagles rookies

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Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman joined PFT Live on Wednesday to touch on so many salient subjects that we saw fit to transcribe the entire session.

Not long before the show began, the Bears had signed receiver Alshon Jeffrey, a second-round pick five days ago, to a four-year contract.  Roseman addressed the question of whether Eagles draft picks would be agreeing to terms soon.

“I think you’ll see a bunch of deals done here, before certainly our minicamp next weekend,” Roseman said.  “Not necessarily only with us but with other teams in the league as well.”

The ease of negotiating rookie contracts, in light of the new rookie wage scale, could be prompting agents to push for rookie contracts to be negotiated sooner rather than later.  “You hear that they’d rather get the money in their pocket now as opposed to waiting a couple months because it’s going to be the same deal they’re going to get anyway and they have the peace of mind of having that before they get on the field,” Roseman said.

Indeed, we think it’s only a matter of time before agents hold rookies out of offseason workouts until their contracts are finalized.  That was the subject of a separate segment from Wednesday’s PFT Live, which wasn’t transcribed.

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7 responses to “Roseman expects to start signing Eagles rookies

  1. Rookie wage scale = Best thing to happen to the NFL since they moved the goal posts out of the end zone

  2. @djaehne – this is an open forum. If you don’t like it then go troll or your team’s individual board, or keep working on exterminating rodents in your grandmother’s basement.

  3. The rookie wage scale is the best (albeit WAYYY overdue) thing to happen to the NFL in a long time. Draft day trades, no holdouts (more or less) no drama… and no rookies making more than future hall of famers. Hell, you can bet the Jets wish they had this when they drafted Sanchez!

  4. This is what I loved about the new CBA.

    An end to the BS holdouts by rookies. No way a 21 year old kid should be holding out of his first camp, specifically because his agent is waiting for some slotting to occur.

    Im really happy that there is a set amount, and the amount of negotiating is at a minimum. Get the kids into camp to learn the darn game.

    Lets see Cox and Kendricks on the field. Im excited to see our defense with 2 real LBs now, and a third good DT

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