Saints, Brees still making no progress

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At a time when Saints fans desperately need some good news, they’re not going to be getting it any time soon from quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees and the team are no closer on a new contract, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Now that the offseason program has entered Phase Two, with something more closely resembling football practice but still no helmets, the Saints are getting closer to the point where it will be critical to have Brees around.  But neither side is blinking, even as the franchise struggles through one of the toughest offseasons any team has endured.

The Saints have applied the exclusive franchise tender to Brees.  He can, if he chooses, hold out for all of training camp and the preseason, sign the tender, and receive the full amount of his salary.

Though Brees surely believes he has the upper hand, he runs the risk of alienating the fan base if something isn’t worked out, at the latest before training camp opens.  As Saints fans settle in to an us-against-the-world bunker mentality, Brees eventually needs to duck into the bunker, or else he’ll risk being lumped in with the rest of “the world.”

That doesn’t mean the Saints should deliberately wait things out until Brees feels compelled to take whatever he can get for fear of alienating his adopted hometown.  The Saints must try to find a middle ground with the man who has been the best quarterback in the NFL over the last six years.

If both sides are committed to being fair, this thing could get done in an afternoon.

102 responses to “Saints, Brees still making no progress

  1. Brees doesn’t give a crap about “alienating” his fan base. He wants a new contract that he feels is fair. If that alienates his fanbase–so what!

  2. It will get done when Tom Benson is ready or everyone who works for the Saints organization will be out of a job.Drew Brees is the New Orleans Saints..Remember at the same time this all just a business.It will get done and then we will win the superbowl in our own city..Who Dat!!Two Dat!!

  3. They will come to a deal. Soon one side will realize they need the other so bad and the will fold. Brees deserves to be the highest paid qb in the league. And this is coming from a panthers fan!

  4. How do Saints fans feel about trading Brees, cleaning house completely, and starting over? I’m not saying they should do this, I just want to know if any Saints fans feel like this current Saints group (Payton/Brees) will ever win another SB.

  5. I hope he waits until training camp, signs then and is healthy the whole season forcing the Saints to either let him walk or spend the insane amount it would take to franchise him again.

    Or they can simply pay the going rate for a franchise Quarterback, I’d bet 25 other teams would if he was available.

  6. bballdad says: May 2, 2012 11:39 PM

    The absolute best quarterback over the last 6 years. Enough said – pay the man!

    Brees is great, no doubt. But best QB in last 6 years???

    I think Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may have something to say about that.

    Only SB Brees has been to is tarnished forever now… Meanwhile Eli Manning has won two in that span and Brady has been to what? Two or three in that span? Hey, I like Brees, but the Saints STILL haven’t signed him. Bree deserves to play for a better organization than the STAINTS!

  7. I expect to hear soon drew brees saying “I 100% deny the report that there is no progress being made. At no point has anyone shown evidence or proof of that fact. I at no point participated in any program that would stall contract talks! I look foward to resolving this issue, defending my reputation. There is no truth to the rumor that I have not signed a new contract because I can still talk to Sean Payton and no one else can because they are under contract”

  8. Easy resolution. Saints offer 18mill. Bree’s wants 23mill. Settle on 20.5mill. That should be enough to put bread and milk on the table.

  9. Saints should pay him whatever he wants, he’s one of the best qbs in the league. I don’t really car one way or another about the Saints, but you have a top 5 qb. He should be making Brady/manning/Rodgers money. And he’s a good guy. Pay him, you’ve made enough mistakes lately

  10. They are 28 other teams that would make him the highest paid quaterback in the league including the NFL champs so WTF is wrong with the Saints. Before the Giants fans get their panties in a bunch keep in mind the last 4 seasons you’ve been calling for Eli’s head at one point or another.

  11. bballdad says:
    May 2, 2012 11:39 PM
    The absolute best quarterback over the last 6 years. Enough said – pay the man!


    absolute???? absolute???

  12. I would be pissed off at Brees if I were a Saints fan. He’s been offered $18 mil/year, and he turned that down. Heck, Eli took a pay cut to keep some players on the team. Eli is only making $9 million this season.

    I thought Brees was one of the good guys that played for the love of the game anyway, not the money. Guess I was wrong.

  13. IMO I think the Saints have been waiting for Goodell to come with the suspensions to finally go all in on the Brees contract situation so something good can be done before mini camps/training camp. Who Dat!

  14. I love Brees the QB, can’t stand him when he starts flapping those gums. His lockout and bounty investigation comments made my skin crawl. I don’t understand how anyone can stand up for something that is on tape. He sure is good though.

  15. Brees is still waiting to see the evidence that their offer is worth signing.

  16. Brees is a great QB and he as had the most consistent six years, this notion he’s been the best is not accurate. Brady has two MVP years, Rodgers has one, Peyton the other( Bree’s should have won it that year). To say the best quarterback the last six years I just don’t agree. He is one of the best the last six years.

  17. Without the mole the aints are crap. Without the aints the mole is crap. Last contract and looking for long term. Someone is getting screwed, WhatdoUdo?

  18. But… but… isn’t he “Breesus”? Wouldn’t Breesus play for a very small amount? Or even for free? I’m just SO confused!

    Apparently, some folks need to wake up the smell the jambalaya. No player is bigger than his team. “Brees IS the New Orleans Saints.” Please. Hillbilly wasn’t bigger than the Packers; Manning wasn’t bigger than the Colts; and Creepy certainly isn’t bigger than the Saints. That’s the way things are. If you don’t like the way the Saints are handling your precious “Breesus,” root for a different team.

  19. Brees wants to leave Nawlins. He’s going to play for ________________.

  20. Note to florio: the fan base is not “alienated” or shaken. These suspensions will free up TONS of cap space which will allows Brees and Loomis to get closer to that 23mil/yr number for this season.

    Brees has earned the right to negotiate this deal the way he wants and not one true saints fan will hold anything against #9 or the team!

  21. “If both sides are committed to being fair, this thing could get done in an afternoon.”

    And if everyone in the world would love, there’d be no war. See, I can get my sayings from bumper stickers too.

  22. Why would Brees care about what the fan base thinks? PFT is over-analyzing it. First of all, Brees is paid by the club, not the fan base. The club is paid by the fan base, therefore the club cares about what the fab base thinks (hellooooo potential season ticket buyers) but Brees doesn’t. Second, once he signs, as long as it before the season begins, all is forgiven.

  23. “Brees eventually needs to duck into the bunker, or else he’ll risk being lumped in with the rest of ‘the world.'”

    No he doesn’t because without him leading the Saints they are not even a playoff team and the fans won’t even show their faces. Time to pay the guy who has been one of the best QBs the last 4 or 5 years.

  24. Uh huh. That’s right. THE BEST QB IN THE NFL. Period.

    Ok, you got that right. But you failed to understand the football sophistication of the Saints fan base. We understand this is a business. We certainly won’t think any less of the face of the franchise because he’s trying to get paid. He deserves it. He will get it. We all know it.

    It’s a tight locker room. They’re all doing their jobs. That’s what’s expected. That’s what they’ll do. Next man up to lead the men.

    We are not worried. The New Orleans Saints will win at least 10 games this season behind the leadership and THE BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE. Pity the teams which have to play them this season, ESPECIALLY in our dome. Better bring your ear plugs.


  25. Brees outplayed the 6 year $60 million deal he signed in 2006 with no holdouts or threats.

    Brees deserves to be paid Brady & Manning money at this point. The Saints need to step up if they want to preserve what little credibility they have right now.

  26. For all the great things that I’ve heard about Brees doing in and for the community of New Orleans they would be wise to make the man a reasonable offer. With all the bad PR the Saints have going for them it could really help to rehab their image if they could give a little good news to the fans by offering a fair market contract to their team and community leader, plus he deserves it. Sincerely, A Vikings Fan.

  27. Unbelievable how greedy Brees is being in this situation. I guess you can’t support a family on $15m these days. I can’t imagine the Saints are trying to low ball him on a long term deal either. Similar to Manning a couple years ago with the Colts, these guys are portrayed as good guys but at the end of the day, they’re just as greedy as everyone else. There are cases where guy’s deserve raises i.e. Desean Jackson, Fred Jackson….but in the case of Brees, he’s just trying to squeeze every dime out of the Saints.

  28. from bobby hebert and jim everett…the was danny weufferl..heath shuler..kerry collins..billy joe hobert..billy joe tolliver..todd ok jeff blake..a decent aaron brooks then DREW BREES…WHAT R U WAITIN 4 TOMMY…THE HORNETS NOT GETTING YOU A CHAMPIONSHIP…HORNETS B4 DREW….WOW

  29. Come on Brees, in this economy take the 100 mil and run. We all know Peyton’s pass-happy system is 50% of your success anyway. You don’t go from being a game manager in SD to the most statistically phenomenal QB in the NFL just by changing jerseys…

    Greed is a terrible thing =^(

  30. No way…Brees can’t alienate that fan base; Saints fans aren’t going to turn on Brees unless he ends up actually holding out. I would sign it at the last second too if they don’t come with a better offer, most people get that.

    Say what you will about Saints fans, but the one thing they are is loyal. They won’t hate him over business.

    (Where is that pic?)

  31. People who hate the Saints should be overjoyed. If Tom Condon gets his way, the Saints will be a totally one dimensional team just like the Colts were with Payton Manning for the last few years.

    Watching a one-man team is boring as hell. I love the Saints, but I don’t want a one dimensional passing team that’s one and done in the playoffs every year because we decided to overpay Brees. Mickey Loomis is no fool. He will probably wind up overpaying for Brees, but maybe he won’t get screwed as bad as the Colts did.

  32. You don’t want to pay the man who own the record for most passing yards in a season? Poor choice if you want to keep him in black and gold. If he doesn’t stay, every NFL fan is going to be talking about the Saints by saying, “Who’s that?”

  33. Agree100% with Big Al. So what if he ‘alienates’ the ‘fan base.’ In the unlikely

  34. As odd as it sounds, I think Benson’s gonna let him walk, and just brace for an Indy type year, this season. Complete rebuilding mode by this time next off-season. Maybe a new HC and franchise QB, Barkley or Jones?

    I REALLY hope I’m wrong, because these are some Frightening thoughts for us in WhoDat Nation.

  35. The Saints are their own worst enemy. They didn’t HAVE to head-hunt. They didn’t HAVE to eavesdrop. They didn’t HAVE to get cheap with the most important player (largely due to Payton’s inability to share credit…he clearly hated that Brees got so much of it).

    All these are self-inflicted wounds.

  36. Now that the so-called bounty penalties have been meted out – clarifying cap space, etc. – this will get done – probably over the next couple of weeks.

  37. Don’t wait too long Brees, the Taints are already preparing Chase Daniel for success:
    When Vilma heard of his suspension on ESPN, Daniel was with him & in his own words demanded an explanation via Twitter.

  38. Just a reminder of why the Saints have traditionally stunk up the NFL. They’re on the way back there and we’ll probably never see them in the playoffs again post Brees…

  39. As things are spinning out of control for the Saints, it just keeps getting worst. This team is on the brink of a train wreak.
    Saints fans are in for a rude awakening, if they think they can just plug in rookies\FAs into those suspended positions and everything will be fine and dandy.

  40. Brees holds out, until the very end, signs, starts playing and gets injured because of his conditioning. If you thoughts the Colts had a horrible year without Peyton Manning, without Brees, the paper bag Aints will be back in full force.

  41. Gaining the trust/respect of the fans (south not included), will take at least three years, no matter how many wins, so just Brees go.

  42. Anyone that thinks Brees could alienating the fan base in New Orleans, doesn’t understand the Saints’ fans. The man is KING!

  43. Brees SHOULD hold out. Ignoring how well he’s played, the man is probably going to be the target of opposing defenses this year (moreso than usual) looking to get revenge for the whole bounty program mess. No one will say it, but you know it will happen. He should get every penny possible before committing himself to the possibility of that kind of targeting.

  44. He’ll sell his bulletproof vest and armored Audi and move to a safer place like Detroit.

  45. Brees has already been injured and cut from a team once because of the injury. I don’t blame him for wanting a long-term contract. In his position, I wouldn’t sign a one year deal, either.

  46. Goodell gave the Saints the extra CAP space needed yesterday, the remaining issue is not money.

  47. Saints fans need to turn up the heat on the franchise. Drew Brees is the best thing to happen to that city in a long long time.

  48. Brees wants Manning in his prime money… It’s not gonna happen.

  49. It appears that the owner, Benson, has written off this next year and is trying to squeeze Drew, as if all of this mess was his fault.

    It also seems like Benson jealous of Drew being the face, heart and soul of the Saints. Nobody has done more for the team and the town than Drew and this is no way to treat someone who had given so much.

  50. I find it funny everyone is saying, “He deserves to be paid Brady/Rodgers money…” Uuuhhh… What the hell do you think $18M/yrs is??? Before Peyton’s contract, that was one of the highest figures for a QB per year!!

    Fans. That’s why they’re fans and not coaches, players or GMs.

  51. “if they think they can just plug in rookies\FAs into those suspended positions and everything will be fine and dandy.”

    Lol what? It’s TWO spots man. Lofton is a significantly better player than Vilma at this point in their respective careers…anybody who actually watches football will tell you that. Vilma has been living off is early career reputation the past 2 seasons and has missed a ton of games. There is no debating that losing Smith for 4 games will hurt but they were without him for 4 last year as well and did quite alright. You do realize that the other 2 suspended players DO NOT still play for the saints right?

  52. bballdad says: May 2, 2012 11:39 PM

    The absolute best quarterback over the last 6 years. Enough said – pay the man
    ———————————————————-Ummm…… no, he’s not.

    As much as it pains me to say it, Eli Manning has led the Giants to two Super Bowl Titles in the last five seasons.

    That makes HIM the best quarterback over the last 6 seasons, better even than his runner-up; two-time opponent, Tom Brady.

  53. Brees is a dome qb and that’s it, he pads his stats and could care less about his team. for some reason he feels privileged and is making all kinds of demands needing explanayi lately just proving why no one should have respect for him, I lost mine last season.

  54. I am suprised at how long this is taking. Look at the Brady negotiations. He actually took less money than what the Pats were offering in order to allow them to sign other players. Two years ago the Colt’s told Peyton they were going to give him Brady money and they did. When you have a franchise QB you lock him up. As a Miami fan I know how hard it is to find them. Brees is stll in his prime and he deserves top three money but he needs to be careful and not be too greedy or else the Saints will be too cap strapped to sign talent around him. 18 mil per year ….Get it done.

  55. As long as Bree’s is unsigned he’s not a Saints employee so he can talk to Payton as much as he wants.

  56. nflovercollegefb says:
    May 3, 2012 12:56 AM
    Brees outplayed the 6 year $60 million deal he signed in 2006 with no holdouts or threats.

    What’s your point? Aaron Rodgers has outplayed the 6 year, $65 million deal he signed in 2009 with no holdouts or threats.

  57. Another factor if Brees is trying to up the $ is that it sets the bar for all the other QB’s out there, franchise tag formulas or not. He’s a player rep so if he doesn’t protract his own deal he will be labeled a sell out. He has cred to maintain.

  58. This is REALLY a no brainer here. I mean come on now with Brees the Saints despite all of the turmoil so far this season are a Super Bowl contender, without him they are an average team. It is what it is.

  59. I am curious about points raised by others here. Brees, while not having signed his tender yet, is technically not under contract with any team, and therefor can speak with sean payton. Perhaps they are using this for Payton to plan as much as possible to have Brees then either sign a long term contract or his tender and relay that information to the rest of the team? Sounds like a plan to me.

  60. nflovercollegefb says: May 3, 2012 12:56 AM

    Brees outplayed the 6 year $60 million deal he signed in 2006 with no holdouts or threats.

    He outplayed a 60 million dollar deal? Think about that for a minute.

  61. geo1113 says:
    May 3, 2012 8:58 AM
    nflovercollegefb says:
    May 3, 2012 12:56 AM
    Brees outplayed the 6 year $60 million deal he signed in 2006 with no holdouts or threats.

    What’s your point? Aaron Rodgers has outplayed the 6 year, $65 million deal he signed in 2009 with no holdouts or threats.
    Aaron Rodgers has not played ALL 6 years of his deal as Brees did (Rodgers has played 4 of the 6 years). After winning a Super Bowl after his 4th year, the Saints should have re-upped Brees then but he never complained, and played out his deal, for which the last two years he was paid grossly under market value.

    Does Rodgers deserve more money? of course he does but his situation is apples and oranges compared to Brees.

    That’s my point!

  62. abninf says:
    May 3, 2012 10:02 AM
    nflovercollegefb says: May 3, 2012 12:56 AM

    Brees outplayed the 6 year $60 million deal he signed in 2006 with no holdouts or threats.

    He outplayed a 60 million dollar deal? Think about that for a minute.

    Relatively speaking of course.

  63. Yeah, Brees is such a good guy…what a “saint”.

    He’ll probably get his huge contract, get hurt, and be out for the rest of the season anyway.

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