Report: Junior Seau dies in shooting, citing multiple law-enforcement sources, reports that former NFL linebacker Junior Seau has died in a shooting at his home.

The passing of Seau has not been confirmed.  According to, police are indeed at Seau’s home.

Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston tells PFT that the team is in the process of gathering information regarding the situation.

Seau, 43, last played in the NFL in 2009.

Again, the report from TMZ is not confirmed.  We will provide updates as events warrant.

UPDATE 2:33 p.m. ET:  The North County Times, citing an unnamed source, reports that Seau has died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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  1. If is true, what a tragedy!! Jr was a great player.. lets hope this report is false..

  2. Tiaina Baul “Junior” Seau, Jr. ( /ˈseɪ.aʊ/; January 19, 1969 – May 2, 2012[1])

  3. RIP

    Great player but suicide is always a poor mans excuse in my book. You might say, “oh what about those who are terminally ill” well this isn’t the case.

  4. RIP. I hope its not true, but I don’t think any news related company would lie about such a thing.

  5. Death
    On May 2nd, 2012, Oceanside police responded to reports of a shot fired at Seau’s home there. A witness reported hearing from the police that Seau committed suicide.

  6. Fox is reporting it too. TMZ is saying it’s being ruled a suicide…

    After than incident where he drove his car off a cliff maybe we should have seen it coming. Denver fan here, loved watching Seau play even with the chargers.

    I’m really stunned by this.


  7. R.I.P. a true legend

    unforgettably this is what steroids and concussions will do to you…nfl’s worst nightmare

  8. Why does everyone still say “TMZ Claims” … Man, they told the world Michael Jackson was dead an hour before anyone would confirm it… If anyone has sources, they have sources.

  9. They’re now saying it was a suicide. This is just awful if it’s true. RIP Junior. I grew up in Southern California during the 90’s, and I’m a diehard Patriots fan, so you can imagine how much I loved him. This is just awful. So sad.

  10. I read it is likely a suicide.

    He was a warrior at linebacker on the field. But it seems like he doesn’t tackle his demons off the field.


  11. Good lord… that’s horrible to hear. Not a fan of him when he played, but it’s never good to hear of a player’s death.

  12. Reporting it as a suicide.

    Sad, Sad, Sad

    I cant help but think why people commit suicide without reaching out to someone. Please, there is help out there, families need you.
    Do not take such drastic steps without confiding in someone or seeking help.

    I feel sick to my stomach, this hurts every time I hear of such a thing.

  13. shot himself in the chest….i dont suppose he was trying to donate his brain to further research on traumatic brain injuries? not the right time and place to be discussing this, but brings to light the horrific consequences of concussions.

  14. Horrible news for family, friends, and fans of Junior…

    I have to wonder if concussions will be linked to his actions.

  15. Man, this is stunning.

    Was he part of the concussion lawsuits? Is this Dave Duerson II? Many questions come to mind.

    Prayers for his family. RIP

  16. baron30 is spot on; but in addition to steroids and concussions, the guy played linebacker in NFL for 20 years. He was a time bomb.

  17. RIP

    So sad. I’m wondering if maybe this was depression brought on by repeated concussions. He was one of the hardest hitting LB’s for 20 years!

  18. I am sure there is already a lawyer in his family’s ear to get them to sue the NFL. No one will consider that his life was unfulfilled without football. Just look at how long he hung on. When my DJ career was taken from me due to cancer, it took my years to find a fulfilling life. I am sorry his life ended this way. I wish he would have made another choice.

  19. It’s crazy.. I was at the Chargers vs Broncos game in Nov when they retired his number and he was up there very gracious and religious with his speech.. He was 1 of the few Charger legends. RIP

  20. Don’t discount suicide from a chest wound…sometimes this is done intentionally to preserve the brain for studying.

    If this is true, it indicates brain trauma from concussions, possibly steroids, etc.

    Great player, have watched him since he was a rookie. Selfish way to go (if it was suicide), I will be thinking of his wife and children.


  21. I enjoyed watching him play.


    Mike, glad you learned your lesson.

    And as much as you people want to give TMZ credit, it is not a reputable source for news. They get almost as much right as they get wrong. Good on Mike for waiting to hear from a real news outlet.

  22. Suicide is a national epidemic, and doesn’t discriminate based on income, race or social status.

    Men – especially those worried about the stigma of appearing “weak” if they ask for help – are often most at risk. People will talk all day about all other health ailments – yet when it comes to talking about chemical imbalances of the brain, this topic is taboo.

    3 times more people die of suicide each year than in drunk driving accidents – yet the former doesn’t get a fraction of attention that the latter does.

    Let’s hope this is a wake up call to all – especially men. It takes courage to ask for help. Be courageous.

  23. Wow. Just, wow. What a sad end for arguably the greatest linebacker of all time. If it was related to brain damage caused by concussions, I hope the NFL pays out the nose to take care of his family, and Dave Duerson’s, and Mike Webster’s, and any other former player who’s unknowingly given their life up for the game.

  24. He shot himself in the chest just like Duerson so they could examine his brain….
    He must have believed that all of the hits caused his mental illness.

  25. I see many wondering about concussions or whatever, which may have been the case, but the truth is people commit suicide every day and most have never been anywhere near a football field. What is often forgotten players have the pressures of life just like anyone else and are not always able to handle it. Really now isn’t the time to try to find the reason, the fact is a young father is dead. That is the only relevant issue at the moment in my opinion.

  26. Goodell…….why don’t you suspend Junior for not informing you prior to this sad outcome!

    RIP Junior…

  27. Looks like the NFL will have to get that lawsuit settled now for about $1 billion before we see more suicides. Sad but I’m sure head injuries does play at least a small role and will most likely be argued that way.

  28. He drove off a road 2 years ago….but denied it was suicide attempt.

    He’ll go down as one of the best to ever play LB but it’s absolutely tragic.

    Who knows how many concussions he suffered during his playing days.

  29. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    May 2, 2012 2:37 PM
    baron30 is spot on; but in addition to steroids and concussions, the guy played linebacker in NFL for 20 years. He was a time bomb.

    Having used steroids in my younger days for many years I don’t think that that would have played a role at all. You get depressed right after a cycle while your testosterone is recovering but it passes quickly……Unless he was still juicing then all bet are off the table.

  30. This is awful. He was having trouble with his ex. I’m sure she will be investigated in this. Reports say he was shot in the chest. Most people committing suicide with a gun shoot themselves in the head. It just seems fishy. But, either way, it’s terribly sad that he is no longer with us. I always respected him on and off the field.

  31. It always amazes me that as fans, we think they have the greatest life’s in the world. But so many times, after the cheering stops, they end up in very dark places. After being the center of attention for so long, it’s sad that they do not have someone around them that could have helped them… RIP Jr- hope the next journey is as exciting as the past.

  32. Right at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, and Seau commits suicide. Tragic.

  33. I know he’s walking onto the field right now being welcomed by Derrick Thomas, Walter Peyton, and Reggie White for a competitive
    pick-up game with all the other greats.

  34. Junior was a great player for many, many years. Just a beast on the field. But you have to be a real pu$$y to kill yourself. Just a selfish action. Gutless. He must have really loved his kids.

  35. Sad news…hate to hear it. One of the legendary players this game as seen. He was crazy off the field too as one of my buddy knows his ex-wife.

  36. Sad to hear. It makes you thing when people who seemingly had such a great career and life can live such a tortured life in private.

  37. For what it’s worth, my friend played in a celebrity golf game with him on Monday and said he seemed distant and uninterested in the event.

  38. self inflicted in the chest? definitely sounds like duerson 2.0.

    These guys know they are signing up for a life of pain, but it doesn’t make a case like this any less shocking or sad. Hopefully changes to equipment and rules, etc have made football safer today and in the future than it was during Junior’s time.

  39. Shooting yourself in the chest is extremely rare in suicide cases; don’t be surprised if this turns into something a little more sinister.

    It’s just not physically practical to shoot yourself in the chest vs. the head.

  40. @ dawkinseffect

    “suicide is always a poor mans excuse in my book.”

    youre entitled to your opinion, but its kinda a dick thing to say… unless you have actually talked to retired pro football players with regard to their head trauma and physical injuries sustained during their career…. i have… these guys play through multiple concussions each game just to entertain the millions of fans out there…. you cant imagine the after effects, especially with someone like Seau who enjoyed such a long career…

    condolences out to his family and those who love him and will miss his presence in their lives…

  41. I always feel like suicides are one of the most tragic forms of death because they always feel preventable.

    I really feel bad for his family and close friends. I imagine we are all experiencing one millionth of the shock they are.

  42. Of a far less significance side note, Jr Seau was the 8th member of the 1994 SD Chargers to die.
    That’s just insane….roughly 10% of a single team dying early.

  43. The NFL is going to have to pay alot of money for these lawsuits as we have another case of brain damage with someone I think.

  44. RIP. Shot himself in the chest. He knew he had problems and left his brain for one last test… Usually happens to these players after the NFL. just shows why these players make the amount of money they do and how scary and dangerous the game of Football is. But, Junior was a great player and man. He helped out his community of oceanside and san diego in every way he could and set up a foundation which has donated 4 million to help kids in abusive living situations. He was a great player who obviously lost touch with himself the past few years and just hope the NFL and doctors can help this players moving forward.

  45. R.I.P to one of the great ones. Very sad news coming out of Oceanside California today. My condolences to his family, friends & former co-workers.

  46. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    May 2, 2012 2:37 PM
    baron30 is spot on; but in addition to steroids and concussions, the guy played linebacker in NFL for 20 years. He was a time bomb.

    Not to mention the tremendous guilt that he carried as a member of the Patriots team that got caught cheating in 2007. It must have been a tremendous burden. RIP Junior Seau.

  47. Not even a Chargers fan, but this is stunning news. Junior Seau was a freaking legend. Loved watching him on TV back in the day.

    RIP Mr. Seau.

  48. did he have a history of concussions? based on his style of play, I would expect so.

  49. Seau was clearly lost in life without football. He went from training and competing every day for 20+ years to…. what? Football wasn’t a job for Seau. It was his life. It was all he cared about. And it was taken from him by father time. Very, very sad. RIP Junior!

  50. I think we will look back in 20 years on how these men played the game and wonder, what do we think would happen? NFL network is still showing highlight film in their commercials that have players trying to hurt the heads of other players. They still have it as a selling point of their sport. Mooch still says “get a hat on a hat” during his broadcasts. Concussing the opposition is still a core tactic of the sport.
    He almost certainly chose to protect his brain for science.

  51. I can’t believe it…I just read that Seau died after suffering a gun shot wound to the chest.

    RIP Junior …one of the best ever.

  52. I met Junior when I was 14 years old, having lunch at his restaurant in SD. He stopped by our table, spent a few minutes chatting, shook our hands. Was the highlight of our trip.


  53. One of the best I watched growing up. RIP and God be with you & your family, Junior.

  54. My condolences to Junior and his loved ones. I saw him compete against the Broncos so many times.

    And please, everybody just ignore the trolls and the heartless individuals commenting on this thread. As always, they’re just looking to generate a reaction.

  55. Very sad to hear. I just hope he can finally be at peace and not suffer anymore. RIP

  56. Why hasn’t the league made those anti-concussion helmets mandatory? The ones that Desean Jackson and Aaron Rodgers wear. I like to think football had nothing to do with this but this isn’t the first time a former player committed suicide.

  57. bozos you really are a complete and total scumbag…a guy kills himself here and you work your hatred for the patriots in just to be an idiot? i’d tell you what you could go do but the admins would just delete my comment

  58. When the spotlight is turned off, life becomes very dark indeed. Junior’s family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  59. R.I.P Junior, I remember meeting you once at your Restaurant, Seau”s!! What ever demons your were battling may you be at peace!

  60. A guy like Junior, with his style of play and determined mindset to stay on the field, with those old riddell helmets and chin straps, literally, I kid you not, probably had 1-200 undiagnosed concussions in his career. This is more detrimental for the NFL than bounty, pats, etc everything combined. This stuff has to stop. Kills me as an San Diego/USC guy

  61. It seems like back in his prime concussions were only publicized with quarterbacks….Aikman, Steve Young, Favre, his teammate Stan Humphries, etc…

  62. I remember being in 3rd grade, seeing him on TV and fell in love with football and sports in general from that day forward. He always came across as such a humble, hard working individual, infamous for his community work.

    It’s a sad reminder that no matter how much money you make or how much fame you acquire, at the end of the day, we’re all human and carry demons with us.


  63. Dear God, NO!!!!!!

    This is awful. Junior seemed to be such a happy person …… one never knows.


  64. Depression is a mutha. We all have had bad times hit us. All of us. Many of us have thought, for only a quarter of a second or slightly longer about ending the pain for good. Most of us let the thought pass…some of us aren’t as strong.

    There are all sorts of causes. Divorce, loneliness, constant pain, recent separation are the most common. The truth of it is that this act is the single most selfish thing a person can do, and the battle the person is fighting is so very temporary but they just cannot see it.

    May he rest in peace.

  65. Everybody needs to throw away the AFC west rivalries for a second and remember that Seau was one of the best to ever play his position.

    I for one, as a Raiders fan, was thrilled to see him leave the division. Same goes for Rodney Harrison (even though we all wanted him in silver and black).


  66. Condolences to the family, it’s a shame what his kids now have to go through.

  67. R.I.P. Junior 😦 prayers going out to your family. May God give them the strength to understand and get through this tragic time.

  68. If this is another case of concussions syndrome then Junior may be making an even bigger impact after passing then when playing. Either Way it’s a shame & a sad day.

  69. dawkinseffect says:
    May 2, 2012 2:27 PM

    Great player but suicide is always a poor mans excuse in my book. You might say, “oh what about those who are terminally ill” well this isn’t the case.


    I agree it’s a terrible thing but suicide is not the answer. Do you have that little respect for your children? Junior Seau was an awesome NFL player and will be missed but I can’t feel sorry for someone who does this. It’s just sad he thought there was no other way.

  70. I hated Seau when he was with the Chargers because he was so good. Everyone had respect for a player of Seau’s caliber and intensity. Never took a play off, always gave 100%, and would fight you to every last whistle. RIP


  71. reports are saying it was a suicide,man i hope it wasnt.if it was,i wonder what brought it on?

  72. RIP to a great…sad day in the NFL family.

    Before we all go nutty with the moral convictions we have no idea what state of mind he was in.

    Condolences to his family and his kids…just a sad day.

    Thoughts and Prayers

  73. tinkletinkleonyourstar says:
    May 2, 2012 2:45 PM
    I have to say that there was no one on the Pats’ I was happier to see walk away a loser from SB42. I guess he took it harder than he should have.
    Nice going there, DB. Appropriate place for your hatred (insert eyeroll here).

    RIP Junior. Just saw his mother on OTL begging for it to be her instead of him. Heartbreaking. 😦

  74. So very heartbreaking. Please pray as I will
    for his family, and children. God Bless , Jr.; May Angels guide you to thy rest.

  75. anybody giving thumbs down on a R.I.P. comment is a garbage human being. watching Jr terrorize my Raiders for years was hard but at the end of the day he was football through and through. pain killers and concussions strike again. screw all of you disrespectful retards. probably saint and eagle fans.

  76. who are all the people giving thumbs down to people leaving their condolences. The man died, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t like him as a football player. He was likely suffering for a long time which caused him to go to this extreme. Have some respect you inconsiderate trash.

  77. Oh man. A great Trojan, Charger, and Patriot. Revered here in San Diego. His car accident last year seemed like THAT may have been a suicide attempt, or at least a call for help. He drove his car off a cliff at the beach. Who knows what he’s been going through since then.

    In my time, the 4 LB’s in their prime that I think most affected the game, and had to be accounted for, are LT, DT, Junior, and Ray. Look at that list, now… they’ve all had their troubles. He surfed with people around here, very laid back guy, it seemed. He will be missed.

    Condolences to his family and friends. This is a sad day. Rest in Peace, Junior.

  78. Sucks. So sad. R.I.P Jr. Players and coaches need to start looking a lot more closely at the lives that are suffering from the game. Gone too soon.

  79. says: May 2, 2012 2:57 PM

    1972wasalongtimeago says:
    May 2, 2012 2:37 PM
    baron30 is spot on; but in addition to steroids and concussions, the guy played linebacker in NFL for 20 years. He was a time bomb.

    Not to mention the tremendous guilt that he carried as a member of the Patriots team that got caught cheating in 2007. It must have been a tremendous burden. RIP Junior Seau.


    I’ll translate Bozo-the4thgrader’s post for the uninitiated:
    Loosely translated, his post says:

    “I am a complete and total classless idiot, void of any sense of appropriateness, tact, compassion or intelligence.
    Bozosforall “

  80. infectorman says:
    May 2, 2012 5:12 PM
    says: May 2, 2012 2:57 PM

    1972wasalongtimeago says:
    May 2, 2012 2:37 PM
    baron30 is spot on; but in addition to steroids and concussions, the guy played linebacker in NFL for 20 years. He was a time bomb.

    Not to mention the tremendous guilt that he carried as a member of the Patriots team that got caught cheating in 2007. It must have been a tremendous burden. RIP Junior Seau.


    I’ll translate Bozo-the4thgrader’s post for the uninitiated:
    Loosely translated, his post says:

    “I am a complete and total classless idiot, void of any sense of appropriateness, tact, compassion or intelligence.
    Bozosforall “

    I’ll translate AIDSinfectedman’s response:

    “I am a typical insecure Pats fan, full of the hypocrisy that makes New England sports fans the whiniest posters on the Internet.”

    Read my entire post…Junior Seau gets a RIP from me, so there is no lack of respect for the man himself. However, I do feel particularly sorry that he has to be associated at all with the cheating Pats. It is unfortunate but if he had stayed retired the first time, maybe he would have gotten to actually be at his HOF induction ceremony instead of being honored posthumously.

  81. Gobills…the guy doesn’t deserve respect. You just don’t kill yourself and leave your family to deal with the grief and pain than apparently you couldn’t handle. It’s selfish to leave you children without their father, it’s selfish to leave you mother just to make her bury her child. It’s unacceptable period no excuses. He was a great football player but I don’t feel sorry for him at all, I do feel sorry for his family who’s left with a void in their life without any kind of reasoning why. It was a coward move seau…truly bad form

  82. Rest in peace brother may the Almighty Allah open the gates of dzenet for you ..lost my cousin to suicide last year and nobody ever saw it coming either that’s why you should always be nice to people around you and treat them with respect you never know what could tick people off .RIP junior .

  83. Why would anybody shoot themselves in the chest?; he probably wanted his brain to get into that concussion research. A note would have been nice though.

  84. Just when I thought clownboy had hit rock bottom and had been exposed for the piece of sh!t he truly is… he sinks to a new low. I blew him up for being a liar on the last thread and when he had no response, he moved on like a toxic disease to this one. Don’t bother.

  85. I always thought that Seau was overrated, with no subtance, just a dancing fool after a sack, like Merriman. Then he went to the Pats, out of retirement, off his surfboard, to get a ring. Played tremendously. Great teamate. Great speech in Foxboro before the got on the plane for the SB 2007. Laid on the field for 30 secs when the Giants completed the pass to Burress to win the SB. Sad story. Something was up with this guy. The cliff accident was the first indication. Too bad he couldn’t get the support he needed, whether it was due to injuries or other issues. 43 yrs old. Wow.

  86. This is why I don’t play football professionally (that, and being only 5′ 3″ and never have played the game at any level). Mother said go, go outside and play football but I always said, no, mother, it’s not worth my life. She said yes but I said no and that is why I went undrafted — yet again! — this year and I don’t play football. But I digress. What was the question?

  87. @ BOZO-the-4th Grader: again….

    “I am a complete and total classless idiot, void of any sense of appropriateness, tact, compassion or intelligence.
    Bozosforall “

  88. No one knows what Seau was going thru or what was in his head that he thought he couldnt deal with. What becomes of NFL players AFTER the glory? Apparently not alot. This man was apparently in trouble and its a shame he didnt confide in someone who mightve been able to help him some other way,to cope. R.I.P. Thoughts go out to his gf who found his body. The TMZ audio tape is quite heartwrenching indeed.

    Studying his brain is prob an excellent way to find out what happens to players who are concussion prone or hurt. Maybe shine some light on things a bit.

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