Will Smith calls the accusations against him “one-hundred percent false”

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Joining Saint linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Saints defensive end Will Smith has issued a statement regarding the suspension imposed on him for involvement in the team’s three-year bounty system.

The league’s announcement of the suspensions says that Smith “assisted Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in establishing and funding the program during a period in which he was a captain and leader of the defensive unit,” and that “[m]ultiple independent sources also confirmed that Smith pledged significant sums to the program pool for ‘cart-offs’ and ‘knockouts’ of opposing players.”

Smith denies any involvement in the bounty program, calling the accusations against him “false.”

“I am disappointed the NFL has punished me with a four game suspension,” Smith said in a statement forwarded to PFT.  “I have never in my career, nor as a Captain asked others, to intentionally target and hurt specific opposing players.  I was in no way involved in establishing or assisting Gregg Williams with implementing a bounty program.  The accusations made against me are completely and one-hundred percent false, and I plan to appeal the decision along with the help of the NFL Players Association.

“Through this entire process, the NFL never notified me of what I was being accused of, nor presented me with any evidence or reasoning for this decision.  I am interested in discovering who is making these specific and false accusations, and as well as why a decision was made without speaking with me and giving me the opportunity to review the facts.  I am going to work with my union to clear my name and returning to the game I love and respect.  Thank you to our fans for the continued support.”

Apart from calling the accusations false, Smith seems to take issue with the league’s position that he was given a chance to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

As with Vilma’s statement, Smith’s denial would have been more convincing in early March than in early May.  But we’ll continue to wait for the evidence to come out before making any conclusions regarding whether the players are or aren’t guilty as charged.

89 responses to “Will Smith calls the accusations against him “one-hundred percent false”

  1. Gotta love the Saints players and fans playing the part of the victim here. The evidence is there and people have confessed. Instead of WHO DAT is should be WHO ME!?


  2. Once, I want someone to come out and admit to an allegation, right off the bat. Before they get cornered into doing it.

    Yes, we had someone spying on opposing teams. Yes, we put a bounty on players.
    Yes, we did PED’s.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Sorry had a Daniel Bryan moment.

  3. It’s getting deep. Scott Shanle instantly disputed the report earlier of players being allowed to visit Goodell.

    Get your popcorn ready!

  4. Im not even mad.We really got off easy because with all the players that were involved only 2 that are still playing for the saints got suspended and the only bad suspension is vilma getting suspended for a year.As for will smith getting suspended for 4 games,thats like a vaction for him.we have are first round pick cameron jordan and good back ups like turk mcbride and greg romeus stepping up until he comes back.An as far as vilma.he didnt do anything last year anyway.His productivity is falling off.WE have curtis lofton,chris chamberlain,david hawthorne and Junior Gallette who all have at least 70 tackles and plus turnovers last year who will take his spot.So dont worry everyone.The Saints will overcome this and wont lie down.We will be even better than last year.Plus the money we save by not paying vilms for a year we can use towards restructuring Drew Brees contract sonce its in the same pool.Who Dat!!

    1 0

  5. With what Ed Werder just stated, it looks like it’s time to get your popcorn ready.

  6. Sounds familiar. Why doesn’t Fujita and Hargrove just say “see Vilma and Smith’s statements”? Talk about being told what to say.

  7. They just pulled your name out of a hat. They said you were either stupid or guilty. Which is it, Mr Smith?

  8. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
    Bill Clinton

    Half the people in prison are “innocent” if you ask them.

  9. I wonder if the NFLPA knows the NFL can’t/won’t make evidence available for fear of reprisals against the whistleblower and is simply using their refusal to disclose evidence to claim a lack of evidence exists to warrant such harsh penalties.

  10. Geez, these guys (Vilma, Smith,anyone who still won’t believe this) are IDIOTS!!! Enough people have already have admitted that this went on and have since been punished. Now backtracking…”I never did that…” What the H! Idiots, total idiots.

    How about those retirees suing the guys putting out bounties on other players? A cage match between the old whiners and the bounty guys…to the death.

  11. sdisme says: May 2, 2012 7:09 PM

    With what Ed Werder just stated, it looks like it’s time to get your popcorn ready.


    Yep, chickens are coming home to roost for Mr. Goodell. Finally.

  12. OJ was 100% innocent also…now he’s getting his butt reamed daily for stealing his own clothes.

  13. Curious, you’re going to let the NFLPA defend you? The same guys that negotiated the crappy Contract that is now making you subservient to the one and only Judge, R Goddell?

    Let me make a suggestion, spend some money and hire an Attorney who actually has your best interests at heart…

  14. Your (former)D coordinator is suspended indefinitely.
    Your H.C. is gone for the year.
    Your G.M. is done for half a season.

    And you weren’t involved….as a captain of the team…on the defensive side of the ball…where all this went down…AND you were offered a chance to meet with the person in charge of meteing out punishment AND YOU DECLINED!

    Horse plop son.

  15. If the glove don’t fit… Look people already confessed to it fatty, you had your cake, you ate it, now you’ve made your bed so lie in it. You are just trying to lie your way out of it instead.

  16. Why take a cursory meeting with Roger Goodell, when it’s obvious his mind is already made up? Meeting with him wouldn’t have changed anything, unless your just ready to accept what your being accused of and fall on your sword like Gregg Williams did.

    Gregg Williams met with Goodell, what good did it do him? The only thing the NFL seems to respond to is the threat of legal action. This way these players can put the NFL on trial, and the NFL’s actions or in-action on this issue after decades of doing nothing can be exposed.

  17. All you guys that rag on Goodell… remember.. he has 32 bosses and if he was not doing what they want… he would be gone…

  18. Punished for locker room talk. Tom Benson, if he had any balls, should be in front of this.

    I would never let GODdell run over my franchise the way this is going down.

    Punished for locker room talk.

    Where are all these cartoffs from those seasons? Dat’s right, you can’t find any!


  19. I agree…that defense “one-hundred percent” sucks, even with the bounty program that never happened.

    Why are Saints fans all of a sudden talking about roosting farm animals? Did the crack experts at ESPN dream up a story that favors your side so now it’s true? I would expect nothing less.

  20. In court you have the right to face your accuser…

    I would want to see who was accusing me to.

    I don’t really feel like Greg Williams is a good witness…He either says what the NFL wants him to say, or he stays banned from the NFL for life.

  21. I’m guessing he also just happened to be taking a dump while Williams was giving his famous speech before the San Francisco game?

    Just flat out missed that whole thing.

    And of course, that was the first and only time that Williams ever talked about injuring other players too that year so how could he have known?

  22. cowboyscanada says:May 2, 2012 7:36 PM

    Move this disgrace of a franchise to L.A. as soon as possible!
    L.A. wouldnt want these clowns.

  23. “But we’ll continue to wait for the evidence to come out before making any conclusions regarding whether the players are or aren’t guilty as charged.”

    This statement “would have been more convincing in early March than in early May.”

    Florio, you have been damning the Saints without any evidence for two months now, helping turn the entire fanbase on this forum against NOLA.

    How’s it gonna look if this all ends up being wrong somehow? I doubt you’ll ever apologize for your biased reporting. You sir are no journalist, only a spin artist.

  24. It’s amazing at the amount of assumptions being made here by both people for and against the Saints in this issue. I love it when people can express their opinions anonymously.

  25. When pressed by reporters again about whether he was involved he responded: ALL HELL NAW!

    When an Extraterrestrial reporter asked him about it, he punched him in the face and said: WELCOME TO EARF!

    Finally, when asked what he’ll be doing while waiting on an appeal he said: I’m moving with my auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

  26. You people just need to shut up with these comment because most of them are pretty stupid and uneducated. Talk behind an Internet yet if you see anyone of them you would want a autograph and shake their hand. One someone provide me some proof with Vilma giving money ie a picture or tape the I will listen.

  27. It’s a really bad move to deny it this strongly in public. They are going to cause a legal investigation. Keeping quiet and fighting it would have been smarter.

  28. All of these people had and turned down a chance to meet their accuser and face the accusations against them but on advise of the union choose not to do so.

    Now they think they can dely the punishment from the league via union first, courts and law suits later.
    Hopefully the ruling means that the punishment stands until they prove themselves innocent.

  29. …hate, hate, hate – enjoy watching LOMBARDI GRAS II – SUCKERS!

  30. Will Smith knows his math. At least he didnt claim it to be 1000% or a million % false.

  31. This saints organization is disgusting. They keep trying to play the victim and it’s a disgrace. I would love for the players that appeal to be suspended for the season. I used to have respect for the Saints but the constant denial after the fact is embarrassing. I would hate to be a saints fan right now.

  32. How stupid do these guys think everyone is. Goodall would not suspend someone for a minute without hard evidence. Stupid he isn’t.
    Second there were hearings and people fessed up and named names. I can’t believe someone would accuse a totally innocent person of this, its just insane to believe that.
    These guys are guilty as hell and they know it. They also are suspended without pay. Ouch!

  33. I think Smith, Vilma and others have the right to “face their accuser”. This is their reputation and livelihood on the line here. If they are innocent (because there is a presumption of innocence in this country), they have a right to know who’s saying they aren’t and what proof are they submitting to back it up.

    Its basic Discovery….

  34. “Now this is the story all about how the Saints got flipped turned upside down, Now I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and hear me out cuz this sh*t ain’t fair” -Will Smith, DE, New Orleans Saints

  35. All criminals are innocent. Don’t believe that? Just ask them, they’ll tell you. The lost art of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

  36. The same guy who created more Thursday night games this year and has been pushing an 18 game schedule, is all about player safety? I would think any fan of the game, no matter what team you pull for, would want to see proof, see the evidence. It reminds me of when a prosecuting attorney asks the witness to read a sentence so as to get the jury to convict, then the defense lawyer gets up and asks that same witness to finish reading the entire sentence or paragraph. You can make a conviction on what you want the jury to see or hear. It reminds me of you so called fans on this blog, you only want to see or hear things against the Saints because you hate them, you don’t want the full story.

    As a fan of the NFL, when you buy team merchandise with the NFL logo on it, you are giving money to the NFL. I think I would want to them to show burden of proof before I give them one more cent, no matter what team I root for.

  37. According to Will and Jon, neither were invited by the NFL to speak their side of the issue. Looks like the league lies again.

  38. Have any of these Aints clowns thought at all about being contrite and showing an ounce of remorse for something they’ve now been found guilty of in the NFL’s view? Especially now that they’re going to appeal to the Commish? I’m sure Goodell is going to be really open to the idea of reducing the penalty for someone he knows is lying to his face. He already got burned by Vick.

  39. So the players say there weren’t invited to speak to Goodell. He says they were. Which side do you think has documentation to prove it? It’s pitiful how the players are acting and sickening that some of you idiots are supporting them in it.

  40. sdisme says: May 2, 2012 7:09 PM

    With what Ed Werder just stated, it looks like it’s time to get your popcorn ready.

    Come on Florio…be a reporter for once…how about an article on the sources that show Goodell made up everything after the NFCCG…and it was GW that put up the cash that was never paid out!!

  41. I don’t buy that suspected players were not given a chance to explain their participation or actions prior to discipline being handed down. They may have denied the charges to the Commissioner’s Office, but that is not the same as not having a chance to explain your actions.

    Unfortunately for us in PFT land, this is between the NFL Commissioner’s Office and the player/NFLPA and we won’t see a public trial to hear the evidence ourselves.

    Innocent until proven guilty is for the courts and criminal action. Here we have accusations that were followed up with findings against a player(s) by a perponderance of evidence standards. Based on what we know is out there, I think that burden has been met.

  42. contra74 says:
    May 2, 2012 7:40 PM
    cowboyscanada says:May 2, 2012 7:36 PM

    Move this disgrace of a franchise to L.A. as soon as possible!
    L.A. wouldnt want these clowns.

    its kind of hypocritical for you to get involved in LA jokes. soon you will be contra90120

  43. As much as the NFL should be doing their due diligence, the fans must too before you ignorantly make comments.

    These players are not denying a bounty went on, they are denying they contributed financially to the bounties.

    It’s one thing if coach puts an envelope in your pocket and another if “your funding” the bounty as a player.

    You call the players stupid and idiots for defending themselves, what you do, let Goodall Hitler just throw you in a camp without defending yourself?

    Be reasonable and a fan of the sport, stop being Tony cornblower, Howsher or whatever that commentator hack was!

    And I’m out, until PFT runs more non-sense!

  44. Just show us some evidence and all the 2nd guessing goes away!?!? Why can’t Goodell provide evidence?? Instead he wants to use this to keep bounty talk in the media, so it looks like he cares about the players’ health when he is really just trying to cover his a$$ from all the concussion law-suits that have popped up.

  45. It’s sad that the majority of NFL fans are letting their hatred of one particular team blind them to the absurd and frankly disturbing trend our commissioner is steering this league. Oh, it’s all fun and games to hate on the Saints and believe me, that’s okay cause we’ve been kicking your arse for 5 years and we’ll keep on keeping on… but wait to this is your team, your player that is being wronged and see the turn of the table.

    Fact is there are no facts here and its the agenda is being grinded every day. All I hear from you people (yeah, you people) is a “baaaaaa’ahhh” like a damn sheep cause that’s what Roger is treating the NFLPA, the coaches, the organizations, the owners, the fans, and the puppies. Oh yes, the Puppies are next.

  46. Smith, you be less concerned about Goodell and what he’s done to you….and MUCH more concerned about what Patrick Willis and Co. are going to do to you boys this season after the Gregg Williams(pre-Niners playoff game) audio was released…just sayin, kid.

  47. “As with Vilma’s statement, Smith’s denial would have been more convincing in early March than in early May. But we’ll continue to wait for the evidence to come out before making any conclusions regarding whether the players are or aren’t guilty as charged.”


    I sure hope you posted this with your fingers crossed behind your back.

    You have been “on” this non-story since the 2009 NFC Championship Game when your poor interception career leader tossed just one more to get the Saints in the Super Bowl.

    Just remember one thing:

    Over a three year period, the entire Saints Defense had ZERO “cart-offs” and ZERO “knock-outs” of opposing players as a result of an illegal hit on the field.

    That would be ZERO.

    Which is the same as your objectivity regarding this issue.

  48. dude put on some weight from when he lived in beverly hills, The saints have officially taken over as the most dysfunctional team in the nfl, sorry steelers 2nd place is first losers..

  49. Where is the Player Association defense in these situations for the players? Roger GOD-dell is the judge, jury, and executioner and the one to whom the players must go to appeal. That is insane! He supposedly was in this to protect the players, but sat on it for years, not protecting any players, what a liar and hypocrite! This is a bunch of public relations and puke. No evidence that any Saints player ever took a cheap shot which injured an opponent. GOD-dell is protecting his owners’ a$$e$. If there was any evidence that a Saints player did bring an illegal or obvious injuring hit to an opponent based on a bounty promise, there would be law suits up the ying-yang.

    The saints were prepared for Vilma’s loss, but losing their coach, their replacement coach, Vilma with Peyton for a year, then Will Smith, that last one will hurt.

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