Bengals would have taken Kevin Zeitler at 21, got him at 27


The teams that make out the best in draft-day trades are the teams that move down and are still able to draft the same player they would have drafted if they had stayed in place. That’s what the Vikings did early in the first round when they moved from No. 3 to No. 4 and still got Matt Kalil, and that’s what the Bengals say they did late in the first round.

The Bengals moved down from No. 21 to No. 27 in a trade with the Patriots, and according to, when they drafted at No. 27 they took the player they were going to take at No. 21 anyway, Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler.

In trading down from 21 to 27, the Bengals got the Patriots’ third-round pick, No. 93 overall. With that pick they drafted Clemson defensive tackle Brandon Thompson.

The Bengals, who also had an extra first-round pick from the Carson Palmer trade and an extra fifth-round pick from the Chad Ochocinco trade, unquestionably drafted very well last year. It appears that they drafted very well this year, too.

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  1. They’ll always be the Bungals and their fans will always have small dick syndrome.

    No Super Bowls for you.

  2. So they on purpose passed over the best guard prospect in 15 years to move back to take the second best guard in the draft ? I think thats all that needs to be said here lol . DUMB !!!!!!!!

  3. Every team, after trading down, claims the guy they drafted was the one they targeted all along. I am dubious. You simply have no idea how the draft is going to fall. Look how far off even the very best mock drafts were. I think you trade down when the grade between several guys is the same and you figure one of them will be available later.

  4. @ ‘joe toronto’


    small dick syndrone ?? WTF is that……

    From what I’ve read, Bengals safety Robert Sands is not lacking in that department, and probably has more inches than your IQ buddy…….

    ……..and whilst they haven’t won it all yet, they have two SB appearances than any team from Toronto……..

  5. Teams that have extra picks always seem to draft better than teams that don’t.

    The NFL should sponsor a study to find out why. It’s totally baffling.

  6. I agree with all coments in part, accept Joe Joe. Yes the Bengals allowed Decastro to slip through their grasp, they very well may have had Zeitler ranked higher(didn’t allow a sack) because they plan on passing. Decastro was very good at pulling and aspects of the run game. They were probably ranked similar on the Bengals board, but Decastro is just amazing hated to see him go to the steelers, but we’ll see how he blocks Devon Still and Brandon Thompson two games a year. Don’t know how I feel about letting Decastro go, guess I’ll decide in season.

  7. That idiot from Toronto is just pissed cincy fleeced that bunch of cfl castoffs in chokeland for their 1st round pick. He’s crying because his team couldn’t draft another jamarcus russel or dhb.

  8. @ ‘steeltownpride’ ……

    Who said DeCastro was the best guard prospect in years ? Mel Kiper freakin’ Jr ? How often has that guy been right ?

    You should know, how you rate a player depends on your scheme. As a Bengal fan, I was initially very surprised they passed twice on DeCastro and took Zeitler; but the Bengal coaches have said both guys were ranked about the same on their board. Whether you like it or not, you have to respect their decisions a pro-coaches.

    When you watch the Wisconsin tape, nearly every big play Montee Ball ran last year was behind Zeitler, making blocks like a bull; and I now understand why they took him.

    None of us knows whether DeCastro or Zeitler will be ‘better’; but it will be fun watchin’ these two guys sluggin’ it out in the AFCN.

    I hope both these fine players have succesful, healthy careers, but I just hope Zeitlers’ will be slightly better…….

  9. Of course they have to say that when Zeitler is sitting right next to them, but if it’s true, only the Bengals would have Zeitler ranked above David DeCastro.

  10. JoeToronto sure is on our nuts isn’t he? Dude is obsessed with the Bengals. Guess I’d be mad if I was Canadian too. No football team of your own to root for. Meanwhile, I can look out my window and see the stadium of an NFL playoff team. LOL @ JoeToronto.

  11. londonbengal says:
    ……..and whilst they haven’t won it all yet, they have two SB appearances than any team from Toronto……..


    Please refresh my memory: does Toronto have ANY team besides the second-rate Maple Leafs? BTW that nickname = “mulch” in most places.

  12. I’m sorry to say but I think Bengals two 1st round picks will be be average. Kirkpatrick is way too stiff to play CB, I don’t see it. He’ll be a FS and he never makes any plays on the ball. Not to mention that Alabama defense was loaded with talent. This pick will disappoint. And now the fact that they passed on the best OG prospects in 10 years in David DeCastro it makes the pick of Kevin Zeitler an F, I don’t care what they say, we know they were hoping for DeCastro, they dropped the ball.

  13. So they on purpose passed over the best guard prospect in 15 years to move back to take the second best guard in the draft ? I think thats all that needs to be said here lol . DUMB !!!!!!!!

    Of course, since he’s a Steeler he’s the best prospect in 15 years…

    They had Zeitler rated ahead of him, probably because of scheme. The steelers pull a lot and DeCastro is good at that. The bengals, on the other hand, needed someone to maul in the run game, and they got their guy.

    Also, I love JoeTorontos posts… Dude always rips the Bengals.. Guess he’s just mad he lives in the butthole that they call Toronto!

  14. I am perplexed for many reasons:

    1) Small dick syndrome? That makes no sense in this context.

    2)Robert Sands….. What are you reading??? I would prefer to see him have “I can be the first decent safety for the Bengals in years” syndrome…. or at least “I am better than Chris Crocker syndrome” (which apparently isn’t that hard to catch.)

    Anyways, I am fine with the trade and the pick. Yes, DeCastro looks to be a great prospect. It also sucks that the Steelers drafted him, so that if he is, we have to see him for at least the next 4 years…. that said….. we have to use the term “prospect” for a reason. Zeitler is also a prospect in the same sense of the word

    The more I watch the drafts and follow them more intensely, the more I realize that all fans, myself included, don’t know what the staff knows. It is impossible to evaluate anything for 3 years and maybe the Bengals just liked Zeitler better? There is no accounting for taste, he does something they like that DeCastro didn’t, similarly, DeCastro did something the Steelers liked more…..

    There is no point in debating who is better for years, when we will all be discussing 2014 draft picks and will have forgotten all about this draft. Hopefully, for our sake as Bengals fans, they made the right call. Marvin seems like he knows what he is doing for the past couple years, so I will have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  15. I’m not going to fault them for moving back and grabbing Zeitler & grabbing an extra pick to do it. He’s a good player and the second best at that position in the draft.

    But seriously… not a single person anywhere believes they would have taken him over Decastro if they hadn’t moved down. Absurd.

  16. I know I was looking at DeCastro with the 17th pick, and when I saw the Bengals trade out of the 21st pick I was crestfallen. I had heard of Zeitler, but didn’t know much about him.

    We won’t be able to judge whether or not they passed over the best Guard prospect in 15 years for a few more years, so it is a little premature to state that.

    Londonbengal, please quit feeding the troll.

  17. 1) Joetoronto – Go to a CFL website. This is a website for NFL fans. This is a mans game so go home and get your daddys shoes, boy.

    2) “steeltownpride” – There were many teams who had Zietler over Decastro.

    The film indicated DeCastro is a physical guy who really likes to punish a defender when he gets the chance, but saying that, he gets himself in trouble with his overaggressiveness. DeCastro was on the ground six times during the game, usually from an overaggressive technique, and as the line coach pointed out, “That could wind up being 8-10 times in an NFL game.”

  18. @ ‘joe toronto’

    Someone who sits at the home screen hitting refresh all day so he can be the first poster on every PFT story has no reason to put anyone else down. You need to get out more man.

  19. @MDS – you have more than once deleted comments of mine which were in no way abrasive or rude… why you let this ass-hat joetoronto continually post his drivel is beyond me.

  20. @shaunypoo – i too was clamoring for DeCastro at 17, then at 22. The more I read about Zeitler though, the more content i am with the pick. Granted we won’t know till further down the road, but the guy was a 3 year starter at wisconsin, and never gave up a sack. i think he’ll be good for us for a long time.

  21. I really do believe he Bengals scouting department had Zeitler ahead of DeCastro.

    Their draft history would support that sort of foolishness and complete lack of common sense.

  22. Zeitler is a solid guard, and Thompson is a severely underrated DT and could potentially start next to fellow draft steal Geno Atkins. Like it or not the Bengals have drafted well the past few years.

    As for everything else with the Bengals…

  23. Certain people seem to have a free pass to post whatever they want on here, meanwhile my stuff gets deleted if I say darn.

  24. “They’ll always be the Bungals and their fans will always have small dick syndrome.”

    Something that you’re apparently intimately familiar with.

  25. Last couple of drafts have been pretty solid for the Bengals. WTF is going on over there?!

  26. @mac3333

    That article you point out makes no claim that Zeitler is better than DeCastro, only debates whether he is worthy of a first round draft choice or should go at the top of the second round.

    It also notes that Zeitler, as well as a couple of other guard prospects, will be solid second round choices.

    I’m confident that they’ll both be good players. I like DeCastro’s nasty streak and pulling abilities over the in-line mauler. I know the celebrations in Pittsburgh started the moment DeCastro slipped to the 24th pick and I look forward to the next 10 years of watching he and Adams on the Steelers line.


  27. Yeah, the Bengals got such a chump that he’s considered a mauler in the run, had pretty much the same stats from the combine as the draft board #1 guy and “never” gave up a sack in college. All I know is when an outside Bengal analyst and formal OL guy in Dave Lapham had him as #1 on the board for guards and the Bengals get him, I’m a happy camper.

    Who Dey!

  28. @steeltownpride.
    im not gonna sit here and argue with an ignorant and obnoxious steelers fan.. because everyone knows thats like talking to a wall… an extremely obnoxious and annoying wall. but i will say this.. just because the steelers took Decastro DOES NOT automatically make him the best guard in the draft. it just makes him instantly the best offensive lineman- ON YOUR TEAM. if u actually opened your mind u would realize that just because draft analysts say someone is top player doesnt mean that it is instantly true. they are analysts… not scouts for teams. AND if you truly knew something you would know that about 50% of teams had Zeitler ranked higher than Decastro… as well as several draft sights (i say that too because i know you think that stuff is the bible). only ignrant ppl like yourself go around saying the things you do. in 5 years you will be able to tell everyone who is the better guard. not now you dummy… they havent even played a single nfl snap. besides i see alot of sources saying that ALL Decastro has is elite initial quickness and thst he lacks lower body power. which is why alot of teams had Zeitler higher, because while he lacks elite initial quickness he is all around good and has extreme power to block stronger defender at the Nfl level… which Decastro will struggle to do. and that’s not my opinion… that is NFL scouts saying that. THINK before you open that mouth

  29. How could the colts pass on such an amazing talent like Ryan Leaf, for the second best qb of the draft in 98′? Oh thats right because the analyst are just guessing and saying the “best” is whoever their boss tells them it needs to be. In this case Luck was the best qb prospect coming into the draft therefore his guard must be better than other teams. Not to mention the steelers drafted him so he must be the best because well hey its the steelers. WAKE UP PEOPLE no one will know who the best is for a few years and when those “big boards” are created it doesnt take into consideration a teams offensive philosophy or blocking schemes of each team. Zeitler comes from wisconsin who run a very similar blocking scheme to what cincinnati runs so yeah i believe they did have him rated higher and i wish both players the best in their careers.

  30. Implied in some comments but not explicit, and maybe a major reason for Bengals to prefer Zeitler over DeCastro:
    Zeitler has experience at center.

  31. Yay…more Bengal haters. I love how you hate us but we drive you crazy enough to make you have the SAME comments on a daily basis…what other team? Love it.

  32. I thought this was a good draft. I still think Mike Brown is the worst owner in all of sports (when it comes to building a competitive team). But I do believe they had a good draft.

  33. @ ‘shaunypoo’……

    “stop feeding the troll”…. I hear ya man
    @ ‘howiehandles’…….

    “Last couple of drafts have been pretty solid for the Bengals. WTF is goin’ on over there ?….”

    Let me help you there with that one buddy……

    Mike Brown taking more of a back-seat and letting his coaches make the decisions = better drafts…….

  34. joethimbledicktoronto=moron, He’s just mad because his d*ck is smaller than ours…that’s why everytime a Bengals fan hears the words”little prick” they imediately think of joe

  35. Zeitler translates better to the zone blocking concepts the Bengals feature, plus he’s an inline mauler, generally regarded as the specific place (short yardage & goal line) where der Bingles fell down this year. Wisconsin scheme is VERY similar to what the Bengals use, so KZ projects to an immediate plug & play starter, plus he nailed the Wonderlic with a reported 40 so he’s going to fit right in as your typical rocket scientist OLman (& possible C candidate down the road, particularly if last year’s rookie Gs Clint Boling and/or Otis Hudson should develop well) . KZ is also reportedly quite the high-character individual.

    DeCastro seems to me something along the lines of the 2nd coming of Eric Steinbach (same OL coach now, Paul Alexander, who fashioned specific packages for ES’s specific traits so he has the previous experience in that to base his evaluations), whom they let walk at the end of his rookie deal for clearly insane money offered up from Cleveland (& proved to NOT be worth it).

    Marvin also wants to play ground & pound/field position offense/Parcells ball & go for it on 4th down inside the 50 (with a brutalizing DL rotation to back him up on this tack) & he prefers the mauler for this (as does Alexander).

    DeCastro seemingly was ‘annointed’ by the draft ‘experts’ (many of who wouldn’t even bother to look at reams of OL footage, much less credibly evaluate) early & so was apparently not subject to as much scrutiny as many other 1st round prospects … nor do they evaluate all that much specific to scheme on a team by team basis.

  36. i am very sceptical about not taking decastro but ill trust in what was selected it was a solid draft and its hard to find any red flags

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